Swara: it’s following me.. Points at something n ??cries
The boy follows her finger direction and gets shocked

Boy:wat was tat???? ?

Swara: cant u seee…?? Are u blind!!!

Boy: ek cockroach ki wajah se itna bada hungama

Swara : bas maar sakte ho to maaro… Darpok ..

Before boy could say something, swara shouts “Aaaahhhhh” .. And pulls the boy and make him face the cockroach as it was flying n coming in swara’s direction.. (s guys it waa a flying cockroach?) swara hides behind him and digs her head in his back by closing eyes. The boy quickly grabs record from swara’s hand n beats the cockroach and stamps the foot on cockroachn n kills it.. And turn towards swara

Boy: romance khatam togaya toh climax pe chale.

Swara after seeing the dead cockroach gives a tight smile to the boy and he just blinks at her cuteness and smiles a little but doesn’t show off.

Swara: thanks alot..

The boy gets a evil idea and smirks. He takes the record from the floor n keeps the dead cockroach on the record n hands over to swara.. Swara smiles and takes it without noticing, when she was abt to take it fully, hey eyes falls on the cockroach n she shouts and leaves the record on floor n runs from there crying.
Boy: hey wait…

He simply grabs the record the record and follows her with a smile..

Swara enters the class room crying n goes n huff tannu..

Tannu:angel kya hua… Princi ne kuch kaha..

Swara keeps on crying . . Before she could say the boy comes n gives the record to her. He sees choti mishti n gets surprised n gives a smile.. Choti mishti smiles back..

Swara: YOU!!!!

Tannu: wat happen angel????

Boy: wait wait!! M sorryyy…

He keeps one hand on his one ear and asks sorry in a cute puppy way… Tannu gets laddu in her stomach n smiles at him.. But seeing swara crying, gets to know tat he is behind her tears n confronts him..

Tannu: so mr. U r d one for my angels tears..

Boy:i dint do anything

Swara :jhoot..

Swara then potray whole incident and gives angry wala look to him.. Tannu n mishti cant control their laughter but tries to hold n also gives a angry look to him… Tannu knows tat swara is really afraid of cockroach n she gets tear as soon as she see it

Boy:arei kya yaar ek toh help ki aur ulta mujhpe toot padrahe ho..

Tannu: thanks for helping but badle mei jo kiya, uska kya???

Boy: kya karu aadat se majboor hu..

Tannu: u know she is really afraid of cockroach, if she sees any cockroach in bathroom, she doesn’t go to bathroom for three days..
After saying it tannu bites her tongue.. Swara gives her a “”wat the hell look””.. The boy controls his laghter n says

Boy : toh chuvvi cockroach se itna darti hai…

Swara: wat the… ….. Kisko kaha chuvvi… Tum tum tumm.. Tum chuvve, tum bamdar, tum kabutar(pigeon)… Haaaaa kabutar… Gore kabutar(white pigeon) yeh naam theek hai..

Swatanmis breaks out into laughter.. The boy gives her a angry look…

Boy: chuvvi


Boy: chuvvi


Tannu: arei enough… Kitna lad rahe ho.. Jaise ek married couple..

Swara n the boy gets little embarrassed.. Then the boy hands over the record to her n leaves..

Swara:tannu y did u said like tat???

Tannu: toh kya karu.. This is the way to stop u both from quarelling..

Before swara could confront her the teacher comes for another class and they all get seated. Mishti n tannu keeps n laughing in whole class by remembering the cockroach incident..
Swara :pata hai tum dono kyu itna smile kar rahe ho.. Ek din tumpe bhi eisi naubat aayegi…

Mishti n tannu giggles..

Later after the teacher leaves swara gives them a “”im gonna kill u”” look.. N mishtan runs from there.. N swara starts chasing the with the record. N starts beating them..

In princi room

The boy enters the room and starts blabbering

Boy : mom kaisi school hai app ki, huh.. The students here are kiddod.. Behaving like kids..

Princi: ab kya hua Sanskaar?????

Sanskar: mom yeh 12th ke bache na.. Uff

Princi: kya tumne usei dekha??

Sanskar : haa.. Usei bhi dekha aur usei bhi dekha!!!!

Princi: ab aur ek ” usse” kaun hai

Before he could say something there is a knock on the door..

Girl: may i come in maam

Princi: s come in

Sanskar was facing opposite so swara doesnt see him

Swara: maam here’s the record. Actually vice princi is been out with a work, so tats y i got late, n these are the cupboard keys.. Can u just give her back..

Princi: thank u swara.. N ya i will give back the keys to her.. N wat abt the list of names..

Swara: s maam i will give u it by evening..

Princi: ok..

Swara and sanskar turns simultaneously and face eachother n shouts..

Swara & sanskar : “TUM”

swara: gore kabuter(silently murmuring)

Sanskar: chuvvi (silently murmuring)

Princi: so u both know each other

Swara : no maam.. Actually woh

She was abt to tell her everything but interrupted

Sanskar: mom.. No mom.. Actually chuvvi.. I mean while i went to see classes i saw miss angel struggling with a elephant, n i helped her.. Tats it..

Swara gave him a wat the hell look.. N she

Swara: no maaam…

Princi: arie sanskar kya elephant, wat is tat…???

Sanskar: haan mom elephant, waise chaliye im hungry lets grab something to eat..

Princi: hmm ya ok sanskar..

Swara : no maam listen to me first and tells her everything.. Yeh sab is kabutar ki wajah se hua n points at sanskar..

Princi: wat is this sanskar???!

Sanskar: mom i asked her sorry n see she is calling me kabutar..

Princi controlled her laugh by hearing tat name but was laughing inside..

Princi:wat is this swara(in fake anger)

Swara : no maam.. I dint call him kabutar.. He himself is addressing as kabutar.. I just showed the real kabutar.. See

Swara points near the window n at tat time there was a white pigeon.. N she laughs herself inside.. Sanskar have her a angry look, n murmurs chuvvi…

Swara: maam see ur son is calling me chuvvi..

Sanskar: mom i dint do it..

Princi: ok will u both stop now.. Acha ok leave.. Sanskar ask sorry

Sanskar : mom i did it already

Princi: sanskaaaar

Sanskar: ok sorry..

Swara : (in firm voice n cutely) its ok..

Princi: so now no more fights..

They both stares for sometime n then

Swara: ok maam i will leave now.. I will give u the list before 3:30..

Princi: om swara.. Go to ur class..

Swara leaves from there n gives a cute n funny look at sanskar,when he see tat gets out of the world in her cuteness..

Sanskar:( in mind) oh god this girl is driving me crazy.. Kitna attitude.. But her cute smile making me crazy ..

His thought interupted by his mom

Princi:pata hai kaun hai vo

Sanskar: kya

Princi thinks: this is not the right time i guess..


Sanskar: kaun mom

Princi : kuch nahi chodo.. Baat ki kya usse

Sanskar: no mom.. Chuvvi se ladne mei hi time barabar tha..

Princi laughs says
Princi: so she was saying truth.. U r calling her chuvvi..

Sanskar: no mom.. Acha chado na yeh sab..

Sanskar starts thinking abt swara n her name n gets a small smile on his face

So guys how was the episode.. How u all like it.. N thanks for your valuable comments. It means allot to me.. Keep commenting, it encourages me to write more.. N guys some of u guessed correctly.. So hip hip hurrey for the guessing winners??????

So guys how is the story going..

Wats the secret between swara n princi

Wats the secret between sanskar n choti mishti

Are they all are connected.. Hope u all solve the puzzle.. The secrets will be revealed accordind to the time.. N guys i feel hard to write sanskar full name, so can u give me small name to refer him.. It would be better.. I thought to write sanky.. But will see ur options too.. So refer me some short name for sanky.. N how was tat kabutar name for sanky.. Is it good..?? Hope to get ur valuabke comments.. Keep commenting!!! Sorry for this lonng pravachan!!!!!!!

Credit to: Sha

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