FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 19)



Swara comes back to her class room from principal’s office.. The students immediately turns as soon as she entered the class.. Evryone were eagerly waiting for her .. As there was a teacher already,evryone kept quite and kept themself busy in revising. Mishtan pulls swara n were whispering her to say wat happened..
Teacher: tannu again u started talking huh..
Tannu : maam.. Woh.. Actually..
Teacher: u come n sit in front of me..
Tannu frowns.. She makes faces to go their.. Mishti was giggling seeing her..
Teacher : mishti,do u wanna sit with tannu..
Choti : no maam..
Tannu:: s maam.. She is the main reason for my punishment,
turns n wink at mishti.. Mishti’s eyes widened..
Choti : maam.. Lying maam..
They both keep on fighting like tom n jerry.. While everyone in the class were enjoying. They dint not gave the teacher a chance to speak, n kept on pulling eachothers leg..
Swara(monologue): this two are big dramebaaz.. How openly fooling the teacher.. They will never change..
Teacher: will u both stop it(shouts)
Finally the bell rings, the two devil winks at eachother..
Teacher : u both are really impossible. .. Swara too is ur frnd, see the difference between u guys n her…
The girls form a O n widened there eyes.. They remember tat it was her plan to start this act to irritate the teacher.. Tannu thinks..
Tannu: angel kya kaha princi ne.
Swara was abt to say but teacher interpret between, n swara gives her the idea to irritate her by naming mishti, n tells mishti to name tannu..
Tannu comes out of her flashback n gives a look to swara, who was just blinking innocently like nothing happened.. ..
Tannu(in mind) : maam how will i say tat she is the root cause of all the things..
Mishtan : but maam
Teacher: (signs) u go back to ur seats..
The teacher leaves n swara burst out laughing.. Mishtan gives her a death glare.
Swara: wat happened guys.. Im innocent u know..
They were abt to beat her but laughed on the statement of innocent..
Tannu: u will never change..
Swara: ok guys listen.. I wanna make a announcement..
She tell everyone abt the excursion n the condition abt the princi. Everyone gets shocked.. But swara encourages them. She tells them to work hard just for one more month n they all will be benefited with double happiness. Happiness of achieving the victory as well as a golden chance to enjoy there school life even after the exams.. After hearing her soothing words, every one was confident..
Swara: so guys , are u all ready to do it..
Students: s.. Of course..
They were happy but on the other side they were sad, as she reminded tat, it will there last moments in school.. They all share some emotional moments.. Then swara cheers everyone.. Then she goes to her place n sits with mishtan..
Swara: ok.. Tell who is interested in spell bee competition..
Tannu: wat.. Spell bee.. Is tat the same competition which we participated n won last yr.. But tat time they named differently na..
Swara: ya tannu, but we went to school tat time,but this competition is held in clg
Tannu : which clg..
Swara: sweetus clg..
Choti : oh my god. Bhai’s clg.. I wanna go..
Tannu: but i too wanna go..
Swara: guys guys.. Decide among urself..( Thinks for sometime) Orelse u both go, i will tell princi to erase my name..
Choti : no no.. U r going.. N tats final.. N we both wil decide among ourself.. Well wen is the competition..?
Swara bites her tongue..
Swara: sorry.. I dint ask her..
Tannu: its ok.. U both go.. Last yr i was there with u, so this time u go with mishti..
Mistan argues among themself tat she will go n she will not..
Swara: stop it yaar.. I will first ask the date n confirm..
While the teacher comes n informs swara to give the names as she have to submit it right now.. The teacher also informs her tat the competition is going to be held after two days.. Swara says she will give it in five mins.. Swara then ask mishtan, mishti excuses herself tat she have record work.. But tannu insist her.
Choti : if i go.. Who will finish my record.. U both know tat i have joined late.. So try to understand.. Actualy i was interested but its after two days, where we have five free periods.. So sory guys.. If there were class, i would have definitely gone..
Swatan understands her problem..
Swara: its ok mishti..
Tannu: i will miss u.. (starts her drama)
Choti : oh hello.. U r not going for any world tour.. Its just for one day. I will go but u have to finish my record..
Tannu boggles
Tannu: oh ho.. Madam who are u??
Swamish shocked n burst out laughing.. The trio then have some quality time.. Swara gives the names to the teacher. Then she plans to give surprise to sweetu n ask mishtan to hide abt the competition from sanvee..
A day passes n today is the Day where swara was excited to meet veer.. This excitement was not only for veer but also somewhere she was grinning to break sankys words.. She recalls him saying “if Tats Wat u want then u won’t see me from now on.”..
Swara: now let me see how u keep ur words..
Saying this she goes to school where tannu n some juniors were standing. The teacher comes n accompany them to the clg.. They all entered the clg. Swatan were excited to see the clg. They were laughing, smiling n enjoying.. Swara searches someone.. She keeps on searching. Then the teacher informs them tat their competition will start within two hours.. As someother competitions are going on. Till then she ask them to stay in guest area arranged for all students. Swatan gets excuses from the teacher to see the clg, the teacher denies at first but swara convince her sweetly by blackmailing her tat this will be their last yr an all.. finally they go and get freed from her. Swatan enquires abt veers department n gets to know tat they are in basketball court.. Swatan goes there happily. Swara comes near the basketball team where she saw some boys playing. She saw him. Saw him playing.. Her eyes fixed.. He puts the ball in the basket n everyone cheers for him.. He was again leading but he stopped.. He feels something stopping him.. Then he saw her.. Saw her seeing him.. He said shit… This time he missed the basket as his eyes were fixed on her.. Veer noticed him, where is he lost.. Then he saw swara, he was shocked as well as happy.. Sanskar excused himself n was trying to escape but she came in front of him.. He turned around.. Just then veer comes
Veer: angel… Wat a surprice.. ( hugs her)
Swara: hi veer..
Tannu: hello mr.. How r u..?
Veer: tannu tum bhi..
Tannu: s veer.. We came here for competition. Bhai im feelimg hungry.. N hi sanky. U played well. Turn around n face us..
He dint turn around.. He was abt to leave but veer catched his wrist.
Veer: sanky u be here, i will take tannu to canteen..
Tannu : come angel. Lets go.
Veer: tannu, who will stay with sanky.. We will bring something for her too
Saying this, they both left.. Sanky was abt to leave but swara pinches him in anger..
Sanky: ouch..
Swara: wat the hell do u think..
Sanky: (murmers) u..
Swara: wat..
Sanky was abt to leave.
Swara: enough sanskar. Y r u doing this..
Sanky: u wanted this right..
Swara: i dint told u to stay away from all.. I just told u to stay away from me..
Someone was hearing all this hiding from a distance..
Sanky stays silent..
Swara: are u gonna speak or not.. Y cant v be just like before.. Y r u doing this
Sanky: u r the one who told me to stop loving which i cant do, n moreover u told me to go away, tats wat im going.. Now wats your problem honey (with a naughty smile)
Swara:honey. Stamps his foot.. My problem is ,u r doing this because of me.. The reason is me.. Which i dont want.. (gets teary eyes)
Sanky gets sad as he is hurting her in both way. He was abt to console her but At tat time mishvee comes to them . Sanky sees them n greets where as swara compose herself.
Sanky: hi guys
Veer: have this swara..
Swara: thanks..
Sanky: ok guys im leaving.. I have some work..
Veer: wait sanky.. I will join you.. Just two mins
They all talk for Sometime.. Where as swasan were just staring at eachother.. Then sanvee leaves.. After tat swatan meets mishti on the way,while they talk for sometime. Then later swatan goes for the competition, veer comes and cheers for them.. While swara was searching for sanky and not concentrating on the game.. Sanky was also seeing her hiding.. But soon he comes in her front n she smiles.. Then she gives her best n they grab the first place(dont bash me for always making them win.. Wat to do they are tat much talented??) swatan jumps in excitement.. Sanvee comes n joins them in their jashan.. Veer gives swara a big chocolate.. Swara sees sanky, she knows tat it is given by him.. But she cant say no to veer, as he will ask her the reason..
Swara: thanku.. (looks at sanvee)
Tannu pouts n go from there.. But sanky catches her n gives her another chocolate.. She hugs him in excitement..
Tannu: thanku sanky.. (smiles) .
Swara frowns seeing her hugging him. Sanky notices this n smiles naughtily.. He hugs her back..
Swara: lets go tannu..
Releases the hug..
Tannu: ya angel.. Lets go..
They both leave from there, while sanvee goes behind them n bids bye.. But some girls from sanvee class come n surround them which is noticed by swara. She was looking worried n goes back to them again..
Girl:sanky congrats.. (hugs sanky )
Sanky: wait wat happened.. (parts the girl)
Girls together (shouts) :u guys have been selected for playing basketball ball in state level..
Sanvee: wow.. They both hug eachother.
Swatan saw this n were happy but swara saw the girls who were so close to sanvee.. Swara being possessive abt both comes to them..
Veer: u both dint go..
Swara: leave all this.. Congrats (saying this she hugs him.)
Sanky smiles seeing at her. He was waiting for her to wish but she was just staring him. Tannu comes n hugs both sanvee together n congrats them. Swara turns back feeling restless.. Sanky chuckles.. Then tannu ask treat from them. They four go to canteen n spends sometime. At tat time swara notices someone n goes n pats on his shoulder.. He turns
Swara: hii..
Akshay: swara.. ( side hugs her)
Sanveetan comes to them. Sanky gives him a forced smile n ask swatan to leave as they are getting late.. But swara talks with akshay for sometime.. Sanky feels to kill him but controls himself, veer was enjoying the scenerio.. Atlas swatan decides to leaves n sanky signs a big relief n smiles happily n bids bye..

Precap: surprise
How was the epi.. I know it was little boring.. Sorry for tat.. Hope u all enjoyed.. But in upcoming epi there is a big dhamaka.. Thank u for ur valuable comments.. N guys this is of course a swasan ff with no vamps in the beginning but u will see in some upcoming track.. Not so much vamps drama , after all I like peace so much,? i wont disturb u guys like this serial writers.. ? Just fun and entertainment.. Keep commenting guys, it encourages me alot. Im seeing less comments than previous epi.. Hope im conveying u all my views..
@dharsha.. Sorry dr.. For irregular updates.. I will surely try to update asap.. Thanku for reading
N thanku to all my awesome readers: kriya, madhu, kittu, anu ann, bhargavi, dhara, shan, bresh, pooja, subi, jaf, dharsha, charming, ishu, jwala, anusha, needhi, dheemahee, ayesha, rhythm, shagun, esha, musku, ridhima,riya,lata,ns,ankita,turaifa shafenaz, sravs, shruthi, musu, tapasya, reethi, natasha, ruhi, divya shankar, rosey, honey, anjani, angel, renu, newbie, pretty80,arati,suba,shagun,aafrin,haru,petra,thilo,payal mehra, nilam, darsh, heena, xxx, harshita,petra,,jwala, priya,hope,kaira…
Thanks alot guys. Hope i have mentioned everyone’s name who all commented on my ff.. Sorry if i have missed anyone.. So sorry.. (by catching my ears?)lol

Credit to: Sha

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