FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 18)



Swatanvee reaches ice cream parlour. They take their seat. Swara’s eyes were fixed at the entrance door..
Veer: is mishti coming tannu?
Tannu: s veer.. They are on the way..
Swara: they?
Tannu: ya sanky n mishti
Swara’s face brightens hearing it.. Her lips form a small curve on her face. Then veer was abt to order but
Swara: sweetu let them come, we will place order along with them..
Veer: hmm ok..
The trio talks for sometime.. Later mishti enters into the parlour.. Swara sees her n looks at her back but she gets disappointed..
Swara: (in mind) why the hell do i care.. But because of me, he is not enjoying with his frnds.. Tats the only reason im worried.. Nothing else. Nothing else swara.. Nothing else….
Choti: hi guys
Swatanvee: hi..
Tannu: why r u so late..
Choti: due to traffic re..
Veer: where is sanky..
Choti: he is parking the car..
Listening to mishti, swara who was playing with her bracelet till now, suddenly raises head with her answer n a tiny smily flashes on her face. May be some evil smile..
Swara(in mind) : now he will face me.. So now u loose mr sanskar (smirks.. )
Choti : u guys dint order still..
Veer: we were to but angel said to wait till u guys join us.. Anyway Sanky will be here anytime, i will just go n place the order..
Veer comes back after placing the order. They all talk for sometime,after tat they receive their order, while talking swara looks at the door simultaneously.. They start eating. Now she is irritated n angry now.. She was just playing with the ice cream.. Veer was continuously noticing her behaviour.. But whenever he tries to talk she just make some excuses.. He even tried to talk with sanky, but sanky made him busy in their classes and made excuses for assignment. . Its been 30mins. . Tats it, swara’s patience got over. When she was abt to get up, she herd a familiar voice.. N her anger build up more.. A voice from behind.. Hi guys…
Swara saw him with a death glare.. Guess who????

Non other than our junior artist rahul.. ?
Swara looked at him with a question look.. He dint meet her after holi.. Coz tannu told him Everything, wat he did on holi.. Rahul was not ready to face her, so he has been hiding from her. But till wen he will hide.. So he composed himself n came in front of swara, to face the reality..
Rahul: swara im really sorry…
Where as mishtan were giggling and laughing..
Tannu : he is over today..
Choti: but feeling bad for himm..
Swara was just quite, but all of a sudden she took the ice cream n smash at his face.. Mishtan burst out laughing seeing rahuls face. She was removing all her anger on him.. Though she was angry on him.. But she was totally frustrated due to sanky. So Sankys share too was been taken by rahul.. Watever she gets in her hand she puts it on his face.. Poor rahul.. Was just standing and enjoying along, since after this he can come in front of her without any fear.. . Someone was watching this all with a smirk n naughty smile on his face.. He knows tat its due to him, she is behaving like this.. He just touched his face n imagined in place of rahul.. He says to himself ,Thank god sankskar, u r safe.. Ya its non other than our sanky.. Veer stops swara n ask rahul to go from there. Rahul did same..
Swara: tats it im leaving..
Veer: angel wat happened..
Tannu: ya angel.. U know right, he was just not in his sense..
Tannu explain everything to veer, he started to laugh but swara gave him a kill u look, n he stops..
Veer: he is innocent angel.. Just forgive him..
Swara: i know.. I just got frustrated, after recalling evrything.. I wanna go home..
Veer: but angel.. Sanky wiil be coming na..
She was now really on the verge of busting.. But she managed herself..
Swara: no he wont.. (shouts) he wont come until im there..
The trio were shocked.. Coz no one had any idea tat something happened between them. They all just thought tatt, they all were busy in thier respective studies.. (who knows something is cooking between swasan?. though veer had some doubt but now he is confirmed)
Mishtan (together) : so u guys fought again..
Swara realised wat she said n she thinks to change the topic..
Swara : guys.. Its not tat.. I was just joking.. We dint fought.. Actually i was angry on rahul so i made tat statement, i was referring to rahul.. anyways revision exams are going to start, so i just wanna complete the portion on time, tats it.. .
Choti : but swara, there is long time in it.. Nyways i guess u dont wanna spent time with us..
Swara : it’s not like tat mishu.. I mean mishti.. Actually i have head ache.
While she took her hand near her head, mishti noticed the bracelet( dont ask me why she dint notice in school.. She might have not seen guys.. Ok back to the story)
Choti: hey its bhai’s bracelet right..
Swara: ya.. Actually he gifted me on holi..
Choti : wow swara u r lucky.. He doesn’t allow me to touch this, as it was specially gifted by my mom.. But he gave u this..
Veer:(in mind) its lovers matter.. Sab mei taang ladaati hai.. Huh..
Veer: miss mishti aka sweeetu.. He just thanked her in his way..
Swara to change the topic: sweetu, i rarely call her sweetu but i could notice tat u always refer her as sweetu, anything special..
She pulls his leg n winks at him.. Tannu laughs. Mishti remembers wat he did on holi n mishvee foght for sometime..swara somehow excuses herself n left the area. After she went sanky entered..
Sanky: hi guys..
Veer: sanky.. Where were u..
Choti : ha bhai.. Because of u, we dint enjoy .. N does parking take this much time..
Sanky: arei mishu , first i dint got the place to park n then i got moms call.. N moreover after tat while i was coming, on the way their was some problem on the road.. So tats it..
choti: its ok.. But swara left..
Sanky(acts): oh.. Why.. I thought to enjoy this weekend, as last time too i dint come..
Tannu: she had head ache. So tats y..
Sanky(in mind) : Was it her acting or she was serious..
Sanky: wat?? Well Let her take some rest.. Nyways where is my ice creame..
Choti : on rahuls face.. (laughs)
Sanky: wat.
She tells him everything . He was angry aa he doesnt know he proposed her but he laughs for swaras behavior and was dancing inside…
Sanky:(in mind) poor rahul.. Nyways he deserves it. (smirks) How can he propose my girl…?
They all talk for sometime . Sanvee discuss abt their clg assignment n mishtan discuss abt their upcoming revision. Veer teases tannu as he saw her worried for exams.. They enjoy for sometime n leave to their respective homes..
Another fresh morning with suns rays falling in swara’s room.. Mishti wakes her up. Swara as usual gets ready to school with Little hardwork of mishti as our swara is growing up(?) from day by day..
At dining table
Swara: morning dad
Shekar : morning angel
Swara kisses him where as mishti gives her angry look.. Shemish nok-jhok starts and at las swara stops them n kisses mishti along n bids bye.. Shekar drops swara to school.. Swatanmish greets eachother n have a group hug. They all go to class after assembly.
At class
Teacher: students next week revision exams going to start. So starts preparing from now on.
Students gets little irritated hearing the word exam.. Since tannu being big dramebaaz starts her drama n cries..
Teacher: stop all ur drama students.. Puclic exams are gettong nearer. We thought to start revision from this week, but principal told me to start from next week..
One of the student: but maam.. Wat abt our excursion.. This yr we dint go any where.
Teacher: if tat so, wat abt ur exams.. U guys better talk to principal..
Students : but maam..
Teachers: i cant do anything.. Actually i reminded princi abt this.. She asked same question which i asked u.. She told me, wat abt the revisions.. So better forget abt the excursion..
Saying this, the teacher leaves. Everyone gets sad..
Tannu: angel do something..
Swara: arei wat will i do..
Tannu: u r princis pet na..
Swara: wat..
Tannu: ya.. U r the one who talk so freely with her..
Choti : ya angel..
Swara: if i tell u the same sweetu..
Choti : ok i will try to talk..
Swatan: no..
Swara and tannu both smile at eachother..
Swara: no mishti .. If u talk, it will be like, we r using u.. N i dont want tat..
Choti : but i too wanna go to excursion right..
Tannu: s mishti but we will find another way.. N we dont want u to do this.. We both feel it wrong..
Choti : ok.. I respect ur decision.. (gets teary eyes) thanku for being a wonderful frnds..
Swatan: aww mishti.. They share a group hug
Later some time everyone in the class comes to them n they all get puzzled..
Swara: Wat happiness guys..
One of the student : swara, u r d one who will get the permission for excursion..
Swara: (shocked) guys.. We all will go together n talk..
Students : noo
Swara: but guys.. Don’t u think u all r making me face the hitler..
Choti (whispers) : my mom is a hitler huh.. Will see u later..
Swara:(whispers) sorry mishu adjust karna..
Tannu chuckles..
Students all together : plsss swara…
Mishtan joins.. : s plsssss.
Swara gives them a angry glare..
Mishtan: s guys swara is ready now.. See she have accepted..
Swara: hey hello..
Tannu: thanku angel.. Thanks alot..
All students : thanku swara..
Swara: arei guys.. Isnt too much..
Everyone frowns..
Swara: Acha ok.. I will go n talk..
Everyone gets happy. The classes goes on.. There were no classes actually, every teacher has completed their portion, so all teacheds revise n clear the doubts of the students.

In college
Veer was disturbed. The classes goes on. Whiles sanky notices veer n asked him, he said nothing. After some classes, sanky again ask the reason from veer .sanky was now angry n was abt to leave , But veer stops sanky
Veer: so u wanna know y im worried right.
Veer: Tell me wats going on between u both
Sanky : wat do u mean veer
Veer: sanky.. Tell me soon..
Sanky: arei veer nothing like tat.
Veer:(in mind) i know he is hiding something.. I don’t wanna force him..
Sanky: (monologue) im sorry veer, i dont wanna make u worry..
Veer: ok Sanky.. Im not gonna force u, but u can tell me any time,i will be waiting..
Sanky: thanks for understanding veer.. ( hugs him)
Veer: i know u very well( reciprocate the hug)
They both leave to the canteen. On the way they meet mishti and greet her.. Sanky was smiling seeing her, as so many thoughts were in his mind.. Naughty sanky , he was imagining mishti as her sasuma(MIL)?

At school
It’s lunch time where swara is gong to princis office.. On the way someone collides with her.
Someone : sorry
She looks up n n widened her eyes. Where as someone gets shocked
Rahul: sorry swara.
Swara: its ok.. N n (stammers)
Rahul: its ok swara, i dont need any sorry for sterday..
Swara’s ego hurts
Swara: (with attitude) who said im gonna ask u sorry.. Huh. Nyways u desrved tat..
Rahul(pouts): sorry swara.. Pls dont talk like before.. I cant see u like this..
Swara: oh ho.. someone told me, if i shout like this, its like im singing for them..
Rahul: its tat so.. N i was saying right ah(blushing)
Now swara was boiling in anger, she stamps her foot on his foot n goes, where as rahul shouting in pain.
At princi room
Swara: may i come on maam
Princi: s.
Swara comes in n smiles.. Princi smiles back. She was standing simply n smiling, as she doesn’t know how to start..
Princi: tell me swara..
Swara: o maam.. O.. Actually.. I mean..
Princi : wat happened swara..
Swara’s heart was beating fast, she always be bold but this time she has something in heart, which is stopping her.. May be she is thinking her as sankys mom instead of pricipal.. She jerks all her thought n thinks abt her classmate who has hope in her. So she
Swara: mam.. Actually..
Princi: actually.. Dont be nervous swara.. I know u very well.. Think me as one of u..
Swara: is there any chance of excursion for us..? (completes in one go)
Princi smiles a little..
Princi: so u guys dont want ur revisions..
Swara: its not like tat maam.. Actually, this will be our last yr in school n we want to make some memories..
Princi: s dr, i can understand ,i too thought abt it, but we have shortage of time. As a spl, u will understand i gues.. There are two more functions going to be held n
She cuts off n says
Swara: its ok maam(pouts)i understand..
Princi gets little upset seeing her frown.. Swara was abt to leave but princi stpps her..
Princi: but i have another idea.. If u all agree, then i don’t have any problem..
Swara’s face brightens..
Swara: s maam.. Wats tat
Princi : we will go to excursion.. But after ur public exams..
Swara gets really happy
Swara: thank u maam. Thanks alot..
Princi: but i have one condition..
Swara:(confused n tensed) condition?
Princi: s.. I want a 100% result.. Hope u all try ur best.. N i will arrange ur trip for two days..
Swara was first shocked abt the condition but hearing the trip to be for two days, she gets happy ..
Swara: good idea maam.. But first i want to discuss with my classmates..
Princi: take ur time dr..
Swara: thanku maam.. She was abt to leave..
Princi: swara
Swara: s maam..
Princi: there is spell bee competition held in abc college. All clg students n school students are participating.. I got names from other classes.. I want two students from ur class.. Y dont u participate as one of them..
Swara remembers tat its sanvee clg, n gets happy ..
Swara: wow maam.. I would love too..
Swara(in mind) i haven’t been to sweetus clg.. It will be a surprise for him.. N sanky
Princi: ok then, i need one more name..
Swara: ok maam.. I will get u..
Swara leaves with a new smile on her face..

Precap: confrontation &

So how was the epi.. Hope u enjoyed.. .. Whose confrontation it will be.. Will it be swasan or im planning something else.. Stay tuned guys.. Thanks for ur valuable comments..

Credit to: Sha

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