FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 17)



Its been two weeks since holi. Swara never saw sanky. But sanky always keeps an eye on her and helped her indirectly . Whenever swara goes to princi’s room, her eyes always search for him. But never spot him anywhere as she knows tat he is the one who helps her indirectly in her works but never comes in front which upsets her but she doesn’t show it.
At swara’s room
She gets a call from veer
Swara : hello sweetu..
Veer: angel, im coming there in five minutes to pick u.. Be ready..
Swara: but for wat
Veer: duffer, weekend today..
Swara:(remembers sanky as she calls him duffer n smiles a little) but sweetu ,im not interested..
She remembers how sanky dint come to ice cream parlour n excused leaving veer sad.. So she thinks because of her, sanvee frndship should not get affected. So she starts making excuses to veer.. But veer doesn’t listen her. Their convo continues.. Whereas

At sankys room
Sanky is sitting in his room.. He smiles looking at the ring in his finger n recalls swara..

In holi party, After dancing on the song, swasanvee were enjoying. Suddenly swara stops n remembers something.
Swara : sanky
Sanky: s swara
Swara: close ur eyes na
Veer: ah ha wat special angel.. Any planning
Swara : nothing like tat sweetu.. Just something which im due to sanky.. So sanky close ur eyes.
Sanky closes his eyes after so many questions . Swara takes his hand n puts a ring on his finger n smiles.. She asks him to open his eyes.. Sanky opens his eyes n gets shocked as well as happy..
Veer: angel.. Wat is this(shocked but happy inside)
Swara: nothing sweetu, its just token of thanks from me. In sports event, he helped me by giving his shirt and he asked for a treat. when i ask him Wat he want, he said something which is close to me..
Sanky : but swara..
Swara: ya ya i know, wat question is next.. This is my dads ring.. I always like this ring from childhood.. I ask my dad to give, but due to size problem, he laughs at me and says when i grow up he will give me, but im grown up now,still his ring is not at all fitting.. But i somehow got this ring from him last yr and kept it safe.. So this is my thank u gift.. Did u like it..
Sanky: i loved it.. But its ur fav.. So i cant take it.
Swara: offo sanky, where will u go, u will be with us only na.. If i need to wear, i will come n get it from u..
Veer: but angel.. Sweetu is angry on u.. (pouts) u never gift me..
Swara: arei lier.. I gift u evry yr.. Dont lie..
Sanky: thanku swara.. Thanks alot.. I too wanna
His thought was interupted by a knock on the door..he ask to come in
Choti: bhai.. Come lets leave
Sanky: but where..
Choti : is tat a question bhai
Sanky: but no.. Im not in the mood..
Choti: this time no but wut.. Just shut n accompany us.. Last week we all missed u. N this swara was also not enjoying. As there was no one to irritate..
Saying this she takes him from bed..

In swara’s room
After the phone call, she looks at her hand.. She smiled looking at the bracelet.. Their she remembers..
Sanky: thanku swara.. Thanks alot.. I too wanna give u something..
Swara was confused.. Meanwhile sanky takes out a bracelet from his pocket with a initial S which was elegant n shining.. She was just surprised n loved it..
Swara: but sanky..
Sanky: ya swara.. I know u might be thinking for wat..
Swara: ya
Sanky: remember, u saved me from tat truck.. So i thought to thank u in this way.. But i dint thought u will also surprise me.. . U know this is my bracelet, its my fav.. I just need one promise from u..
Swara: wat
Sanky: u will not remove this at any cost..
Swara promises him n sanky makes her wear. But all of a sudden swara pouts..
Sanky: wat happened now.. Dint u like it..
Swara: i love it but..
Sanky: but wat
Swara: u too saved me na.. I dint give u any thanku gift..
Veer: arei yaar.. Stop it… Both of u big draamebaaz.. Dont u think this too much.. I dint got anything n still im not complaining, it doesn’t mean tat u guys can take advantage of me.. N kya chal raha hai.. (gives a naughty look to sanky)
Sanky: stop it veer..
Veer : dont talk to me.. U both are really bad.. (pouts)
Swara: sweetu, who said , there is nothing for u
saying this she takes out a wrist band and makes him wear it..
Veer: angel this is
Swara: ya the one which u liked tat day..
Veer: but angel it has cartoon designs
Swara: so wat sweetu. We r not grown up still.U liked it na,ever think of society in front of ur smile..
Veer gets really happy n hug her meanwhile her thoughts are jerked by the sudden storm at the door and tanvee enters
Swara: guys..
Tannu: come lets go..
Swara: but where
Tannu: do u want me to tell u?
Swara: no re tannu..
Veer: are u coming by urself or shall i pick u n go..
Saying this Tanvee takes swara from the bed

Where will they go?
will they able to meet ??.

Comment n let me know… Hope u enjoyed it.. How was the masti in holi epi. ?? .. U guys dint let me know abt it.. Everyone commented only abt the cliff hanger..
Ok guys no more bak bak.. Just let me know how many of u read my ff by ur precious comments..

Credit to: Sha

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  1. Awesome as always sweet heart
    Plss make them meet and Also make swara confess her feelings soon
    I am aa silent reader of ur ff today u made me comment
    And how did sanky ,s hangover went and how he remembered that incident
    And also does mishtanvee know abt swasan’s feelings and that incident which happened on holi

  2. the flashback scene is before mishtan served bhang, if u remember in sterdays epi i wrote swasanvee playing otherside,i dint describe wat were they doing in previous epi..
    and sankys hangover went during rain.. i have written side by side in previous epi in brackets (in sense)(in half sense),,
    hope u got ur answers..
    and abt mishtanvee knowing abt swasan feelings, u will know it in upcoming epi..
    thanku for reading..

    1. @tapasya

  3. Superb awesome.

  4. very nice….

  5. Superb but feeling sad for swasan. Plz unite them ASAP.plz continue

  6. dear its awsm…….
    swasan reallyyyyyy missed dem in dis epi…….
    in hili. best part wen veer talking to broomstick…… realy funny………lol!!!!!!

  7. holi…

  8. Awesome……pls make swara confess her felling for sanskar…..pls….pls……pls..dear…….luv ya duh?????❤?

  9. Awesome yaar….waiting for next part yaar…

  10. Awsm yr

  11. It’s beautiful dr u always rocks then can you update 2 parts daily then happy new year dr

  12. It was just fab….and holi masti….was just mind blowing and magical…..but wen is next part

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