FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 16)



Swara pulls the blanket with her full power n throws color n shouts
Swara : ahhhhhhhhh
Hearing her shout,,the person jumps on the bed n closes her mouth.. It was none otherthan sanskar..
Sanky: shhhhh.. Kyu chilla rahi ho… Dont shout… (shocked and Then smiles looking at her)
He was so happy seeing her in his room.. It was like his dream..
Swara: mmmmm mmm. (struggling as her mouth is shut)
Sanky: ok i will leave but dont shout..
Swara nods.. Sanky takes off his hand from her mouth slowly.. Again she scans him n shouts
Swara: ahhhhhh
Again he close her mouth..
Sanky: arei swara… Plssssss… Dont shout.. Mom will think wrong.. Wats wrong with u..
She ask him to look at himself through her eyes.. Sanky looks down n jumps n covers himself with blanket. Swara gets relieved a little..
He was embarrassed.. He dint thought tat swara will encounter in his room leaving him embarrassed. He had some dream of bringing her in his room with surprise or something which will make her happy but now(his thoughts interupted) .
Swara: ..(shocked) . How can you sleep like this ? (shouts) dont u have shame.. Wat if someone see u
(cutt off..)
Sanky: oh hello stop… Who asked u to enter into a boys room, tat too while he is sleeping.. (covers his chest with his hands) boys too have dignity, so u go .. I will change n come.. I too feel shy..
Hearing it swara starts laughing… Seeing her laughing , he gets relieved. He too smiles being shy.
(before u all come to any conclusions, sanky was wearing only a short n sleeping)

Swara: sanky, u r really a duffer…
Sanky: huh watever… See, u have coloured my whole body.. No one dare to colour me this much.. U will pay for this..
He gets up from bed leaving the blanket, swara closes her eyes with her hands.
Swara: sanky.. Wat are u doing..
He immediately grabs a cloth n cleans himself a little n wear a T-shirt immediately, swara was still closing her eyes. Sanky moves towards her n puts his hands on her shoulders. Swara geta shocked.
Swara: idiot
Saying this she tries to push him, while she feels her hands on his T-shirt, opens her eyes immediately n looks at him from top to bottom.. Sanky gives her naughty smile with a smirk lifting his eyebrows..
Swara: idiot
Sanky (frowns) : wat yaar.. Everytime idiot.. Say something new… N first u said idiot as i was not wearing my shirt but again idiot. U want me to wear my shirt or not… Answer me.. (with a little smirk on his face)
Swara taking this as a chance, applies colour to sankys face fully leaving sanky shocked , push him n runs.. Sanky gets irritated ..
Sanky: swara ki bachi.. U coloured me twice…
He runs as quickly as possible and stand in front of the door blocking her way..
Sanky: wat u will do now.. (smirks)…
Swara: hahahha sanky.. U cant do anything.. U dont have holi in ur hand.. ( starts laughing.. )
Sanky : is tat so (lifting one of his eye brow)
He goes towards her saying tat..
Swara: s..
She runs again but sanky pulls her through her wrist and she falls on his chest.. Their heart beat raises.. She raises her head and looks into his eyes, sanky applies holi to swara through his cheeks to her cheeks and whispers “happy holi my jungli chuvvi” in a husky voice. Swara gets goosebumps by his behavior n was lost in his eyes but all of a sudden she jerks him of..
Swara: arei sanky, wat the hell.. Just now i cleaned myself n came.. Again u…
they again start their nok-jhok ..
Hearing loud noises from sanky’s room, mishtanvee enters n finds swasan arguing..
Veer : guys stop it… Wat happen..
Swara n sanky both started telling him at a time..
Veer: arei yaar…. Stop…… (shouts)
They both shut their mouth..
Veer: sanky tell me wat happened..
Swara: sweetu, u r so mean(pouts)
Veer: wat happened angel..
Swara : then Wat.. Instead of asking me, u r asking him to tell..
Veer: ok u say..
Sanky : no i will say
Swara: no i will..
Sanky: i will
Veer: again started.. If it goes like this,u both will never say.
Choti mishti : i know wat would have happened..
Swara: mishti.. (shocked)
Choti mishti : ya i warned u already..
Swara: u could have told me clearly na..
Choti mishti : but swara
Tanvee: oh hello… Wat happened..
Sanky cuts of mishti n says nothing like tat n says only abt his embarrassed situation and shows the colour applied by swara.. Tanvee gets shocked.. Even mishti gets shocked seeing sanky being coloured all over.. All burst out laughing.. Swara was abt to tell them how he colored her but sanky know her very well so he cut her off saying
Sanky: u all go, till then i will freshenup n join u all.
Swara: oh hello.. Everyone will keep on puttimg holi, so u will keep on cleaning it huh.. ( starts laughing.) just shut up n come with us..
Sanky: but where..
Veer: to swara’s apartment. Every yr, grand holi is celebrated in her colony.. We celebrate there only.. So u better hurry up fast…
Saying this he grabs his hand n take him..
Sanky: no way guys.. Their will be too much of noise n more over everyone will apply holi… I dont wanna go..
Choti: bhai pls come na… (i will refer mishu as choti)
Sanky : u go mishu.. I dont have any problem.. I will inform mom too..
Saying this he looks at swara who was in verge of bursting her anger out but she remains silent and doesnt look at him, where sanky was just staring her. He wants her to call him again but swara became stubborn and
Swara: lets go guys.. Let him stay here n play with his room..
Saying this she left without looking at him.. Mishtan followed her..
Sanky: hey wat happened to her..
Veer: she came all way here to irritate u.. N take u there..
Sanky: did she came here for me..
Veer: ya but ..
Sanky: but…??
Swara comes in n takes veer from there leaving sanky.. Sanky smiles at her Childish behavior..
Sanky: (saying to himself) so miss swara khanna is FALLING FOR ME… ( smiles) but wat was veer going to say… Hmmm. Lets find out later.. First i should convince my sweety chocopie… Well nice name sanky.. Being with swara, u have started keeping new names.. (pats on his shoulder)
He quickly gets ready n leaves to swara’s house.. He entered in her colony n saw many ppl playing with water, throwing colours and enjoying to the fullest.. On the way someone throwed color on him wishing him happy holi but His eyes were searching for his sweet heart.. I mean sweet chocopie ?.. He was angry but There he saw her jumping, throwing colors on veer n irritating evryone.. His anger faded away seeing her laughing.. He was going towards her but suddenly he saw someone applying color on her cheeks from back and shouting happy holi…. Sanky gets angry seeing him n goes towards him and gives him a death glare moving him away from swara. Swara turns n shouts
Swara: akshay….(smiles n again shouts ) happy holi to u tooo..
She jumps n applies color on him. Sanky gets shocked..
Sanky: u know him
She ignores sanky . veer comes n greets akshay applying colors.
Akshay: hi sanky.. Kaise ho.. Anyways happy holi
Akshay goes to apply holi but sanky catches his hand, looks at swara n leaves him to apply holi on him.. Sanky too wish him back with a fake smile..
Sanky: hi AK.. Tum yaha..
Swavee looks at eachother puzzled..
Veer : sanky, u know him..
Sanky: s veer.. But
Veer: he was our Neighbour… From childhood we play holi together. Two yrs ago they shifted but he always comes here in every function as one of us..
Swara: he enjoys holi not like others (giving sanky a angry look)
Swavee notices him.. While veer chuckles..
Veer: but sanky how u know him..
Akshay: tat i will answer.. He is my cousin..
Swara: oh watever .. Come akshay lets go to tannu.. I will introduce u to one more frnd..
Akshay: ya ok..
They leave sanvee.. .
Sanky gets sad.. Thinks: was rahul not enough to irritate me, now this akshay.. N moreover swara is angry on me.. (pouts)
Veer : sanky.. Dont worry u know very well wat to do.. Then..
Sanky : s dude.. (smiles) i will..
He leaves determined n plans something evilly n smirks.. There akswamishtan were enjoying by throwing colour water.. Sanky comes to swara from back pours a bucket of colour water on her from head, she freezes and turns towards him. Before she could say, he puts a plate full of holi on her n gives a devilish smile..
Sanky : happy holi swara.. Im sorry…
Mishtan laughs seeing her face n akshay supports swara
Akshay: sanky.. Wat have u done.. This is not fair..
Veer comes n says everything is fair in love n war akshay.. Saying this starts throwing water on akmishtan while they run away from him..
Sanky: sorry swara..
He takes a chocolate n gives her. But she doesn’t take it. He starts unwrapping the chocolate n was abt to eat. Swara looks at him in shock.. He ask her in action, whether she wants but she keeps quite n goes from there but sanky pulls her.
Sanky: if u want u can take it..
Swara doesnt reply him n turns around while sanky acts like eating it
Sanky: mmmmm yummmy.
Swara turns to face him with mouth open ,as he ate her chocolate but sanky takes a piece of it and puts it in her open mouth..
Sanky: i dint eat..
Swara finally smiles.. Sanky was just mesmerised seeing her smile after long back which she gives him everytime , which was faded due to him..
Sanky: thank god.. Swara.. U r really impossible.. Pls never get angry on me.. U know wat, i actually dont know how to convince others.. I haven’t convinced anyone till i met u.. But u always make me convince u.

Swara:u r a real duffer.. U always convince me very soon.. How come u dont k ow to convince others.. Ya i was angry on u, as u made fun of my fav festival.. But wen u came here , i forgave u already.. I was just acting..
Sanky: swara, u will never change.. Then y were u behaving with me like a stranger..
Swara: so tat u can convince me.. U know wat i really like if someone keeps on doing Things to make u happy. If i had talked to u wen u came, would u have given me this chocolate n irritated me buy putting colour.. No na.. I was literalky enjoying by seeing u like tat..
Sanky: (thinks) oh my god.. She is making me crazy day by day.. She wants me to convince her if she is angry. I will do anything for tat smile swara.. Anything.
Sanky: next time, i wont do anything like tat.. Got it. (with attitude)
Swara: oh is tat so.. Lets c next time..
Saying this she winks at someone n tats it…
Sanky shocked. He is fully drenched.. . Turns around to find mishtanvee laughing.. Swara starts jumping.. They were literally enjoying.. They started dancing on the song rang barse Whenever sanky finds akshay close to swara, he pulls her towards him n dances with her.. Their comes n join our little super star(???) (guess who) raaahull.. He joins swatan gang n starts dancong along with him.. (oh god, sanky have to save his devil from two demons ? lol) sanky signs n says ab yehi baaki tha.. The song ends n tannu sees rahul n shouts..
Tannu: raaahhuuull.. (winks at him)
Rahul blushes..

Akshay: so rahul.. How are u..
They talk with each other formally for sometimes as they all know each other.. Rahul then goes towards swara, who was playing with sanvee..
Rahul: hi swara (applies holi on her cheeks) happy holi(smiles)
Swara: happy holi rahul..
Sanky gets angry seeing him, veer laughs seeing his state.. Sanky gives him a side look where as veer chuckles.. Where as other side mishtan came with some drinks n serves evryone, simply giggling with eachother.. The boys take the drinks where as swara doubts seeing them continuously gigling, so she denies them. But these two devils force her to drink, so swara confirms something wrong n takes in order to divert them.. AksRaveesan drinks it in one go.. There it goes , the devils plan executed.. Where as swara throws n chases mishtan as she got to know tat they have mixed bhang in it.. They trio shares some quality time pulling eachothers leg.. Then they come back to the boys n see their funny acts.. Rahul was dancing in air imagining holding someone.. The girls laugh on seeing him.. He turn around n see swara..
Rahul : ( in cute tone) swaruuuu…. I . .i. i. lo . .love. uuuuuu
Mishtan burst out laughing n starts teasing swara.. Swara gives him death glare n rahul starts laughing seeing tat..
Rahul: swaru u look sooooo cute.. Keep see….ing me li….ke. tat….. I love u more in tat way….
Swara changes her expression immediately.. She just stand still..
Rahul: hahahahha (starts laughing) i know u lo….. ve meeeeee… Seee how u r seeeeing me lovely…
Mishtan were laughing like hell.. They were rolling on floor n laughing seeing swara’s changing expression and again rahuls comment on it.. This continues where as swara leaves angrily. While she was going she notices akshays pole dancing and starts laughing..
Swara: oh my god.. Hahhaa.. Its really true tat evryone opens their heart out when they are not in their senses. Hahaha… Well let me check sweetu..
She searches veer in the area n finds him talking loudly in serious tone.. She is at the back of him..
Swara :to whom veer is talking.. Tat too this much serious.. Let me check..
She goes towards him n gets shocked.. He was talking to a
Broom stick..
Swara starts laughing n goes in front of him..
Swara: sweetu wats this…
Veer: see, she came to support u again..
Swara:(shocked) wat..
Veer: stop calling her sweetu..
Swara: im calling u sweetu.. Wat r u talking..
Veer: no.. U alwaaayysss call her sweetu in front of me..
Swara realises wat he is talking abt n burst out laughing . She quickly goes n brings mishtan, where as veer was continuously yelling at the broom stick.. Mishti gets shocked n tannu burst out laughing.. Swatan teases her. Mishti says let him come to his sense, see wat will i do. Veer continued scolding, mishti couldn’t hold anymore n she grabs the broom from his hand n starts bearing him.. He tries to stop her but she doesn’t stop n he starts to run followed by mishtan..
Swara: where is sanky.. Im really excited to see, what will he be doing now..
She searches him evrywhere but doesn’t find him.. While searching,she collides with someone n juice fals on her dress, she goes to clean it with some water.. There she saw him.. There is our sanky.. He was standing outside the washroom holding a phenyl bottle.. Swara gets shocked.. He was abt to put tat phenyl in a glas.. Swara goes towards him n stops him..
Swara: sanky.. Wats this??
Sanky: sweet heart(tight smile) u wannnna have a… Drink…
Swara gets shocked..
Swara: waatt.. Sanky r u in sense.. Oh ho.. Ya u r not in sense.. U non sense.. Come..
Sanky: sweet heart(pouts) u always scold me.. (pours the phenyl in glass ) drink this.. Mishu gave this drink..
Swara: wat.. Sanky.. Tat drink is different n this is different..
Sanky: but same colour.. No.. This is the correct drink.. Come on baby drink it.
Swara:(shouts) stop it sanky..
Sanky: ok i will drink it..
But swara stops him n takes him away throwing the glass ..
Sanky: baby, this is not fair.. U always scold me, shout at me, ir ritate me, g et angry ….on me, beat me, but.. . . . When. . Wil u. . . Lo. . . Ve. . . . Me..
Swara’s eyes gets widened..
Swara: wat..
Sanky keeps his finger on her lips…
Sanky: shhhhhhhhhhh… U know how much i love u… This much(opens his hand in air) these much(widens his hands more) no no more than than than this much(widens his hand tat he was abt to fall but swara makes him stand)
Swara was just listening him with teary eyes..
Sanky: see u care for me even when i irritate u.. U know when u said ur heart beat skipped when the truck was nearing me.. I dint slept the whole night,tats y today i woke up little late(winks at her)
Swara: sanky pls stop.
Sanky: no… I wont.. I want to tell u this.. I want to give u immense happiness.. I wanna love u like a father, mother, brother, sister, frnd, lover and (smiles brightly) as a husband .. I want to give u the love of a every relation.. If i forgot to mention any relation ,dont mind ok(pouts)… So tell me baby will u allow me to shower this love on u.. If u wont allow, i will keep on doing tat(smirks)
Tears roll down on her cheeks along with rain..
Sanky: baby, y r u crying..
(As it’s started raining sanky was slowly coming to his senses.. )
Swara: sanky, i dont know wat to say.. I really dont believe in love.. I really dont know, u feel abt me in this way.. Im sorry sanky.. I dont know wat is love..
Sanky: (with some sense) u will realise it swara.. Feel me..
Swara: no never.. I dont believe in tat.. It is suited only in movies in reel life.. Not in real life.. So sanky pls stop it.. Stop loving me.. This all is just bakwaas..
Sanky : (in sense) u cant stop me from doing tat
Swara: if tat so.. Go away sanky.. Go away from me..
Sanky: if tats wat u want, then u wont see me from now on..

Dun dun dun.. Wats next..
How was the epi.. Let me know plsss..

Credit to: Sha

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