FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 14)



Hi guys back with the next chapter.. Hope u like this..

Mishtan comes to swasanvee after the drill n starts beating swara playfully..
Tannu: angel,how can u do this.. U ate chocolate without us..
Choti Mishti : s angel, this is not fair..
Swara: ahh.. Leave me.. Sorry guys, next time i will not show n eat u. Promise… . (Murmurs) instead i will eat it hiding from u all..
Tannu hears her murmuring n get more shocked and shouts angel, i will not leave u today…
Sanky: mishu stop beating her..
Choti mishti : bhai u dont talk.. U too joined with her n forgot me(pouts)
Sanky: awww. How can i forget u..
Just then he takes a chocolate n gives it to her
Choti mishti : so swwet of u bhai.. (hugs him)

Tannu: sanky, for me..
Choti mishti : dont worry tannu, we will share this n bye swara..
Swara: how mean guys.. I dint do tat intentionally.. Its all becoz of sanky n veer.. They only made the plan..
Sanvee r shocked n looks at eachother..
Swara: i will not support them now on.. Im on ur team..
Tannu: angel,i know u r a big drama queen.. So no need to act in front of me..
Listening this sanvee starts laughing, swara pouts.. mishtan leaves while veer tells to angel tat he will bring her share and leaves.. Swara was abt to follow veer but sanky catches her hand n pulles her towards him n givess her another chocolate..
Sanky : swara wait.. (takes the chocolate) take this..
Swara eyes widened with excitement n she was abt to hug him but stops
Swara: thank u sanky.. Thanku.. U r so sweet… (pulls his cheek)
Sanky smiles seeing her childish behavior.. Swara them starts checking his pockets.. Sanky confused
Sanky: wat happened..

Swara: if u have some more, u can give me (with a cute pupoy smile.. )
Sanky : no swara. I brought all tat for u, but seeing mishti sad, i gave her..
Swara : aww so sweet of u..
She starts eating her chocolate where as veer brings mishtan, after so much difficulty. Sanky sees them coming n signals swara, when sanky was abt to open his mouth to tell her,swarra puts chocolate in his mouth n shuts him.. Mishtan sees swara having chocolate n gets shocked… They come to her.. Swara gets shocked seeing them
Swara: tannu… Mishti.. ( gives them a smile.. ) ok dont get angry have this..
She gives her chocolate to them n convince them in her Childish behavior n the three devils were back to their nature.

Soon the prize distribution starts n swamishtan gets their prize. Swara gets two more prize in running n kho-kho.. Where as tannu gets another prize in kho-kho, as she belongs to the swara team. mishti haven’t participated, as she have been joined recently.. Sanky gets happy as her partner being a all rounder. Veer teases sanky as he is keeping on smiling looking at swara.. Sanky blushes n rolls his eyes avoiding eye contact with him.. Sanvee congratulate Swamistan. They all decide to go out after school. Everyone informs their parents. As its easy for their parents to agree.. Mishti agree as tanvee is there n princi agrees as swasan is there and tannu parents agrees as swavee is there.

They all sits in car n decides to go for a long ride. On the way their car suddenly stops, with a suddent break.. The girls hits their head in the front seat due to sudden break, as they were sitying at the back..

The girls looks at sanky with full anger eyes, sanvee laughed seeing their state..
Swara: sanky.. U idiot.. See its hurting..
Sanky stops laughing as they are really little hurt and ask sorry to the girls and gets down to see ngets shocked..
Swamish : wat happened..
Sanky : puncher
S the car is punchered.. All gets down n are shocked . Veer assures them not to panic. He golgles, how too change the tyre as he has an extra tyre. Veer tries to change the tyre. Where as swara runs seeing a puppy on the road. Sanky tries to stop her, as its a main road n goes towards her..
Sanky :swara wait..

.swara goes to other side of the road n sits down n pick the puppy. Sanky on opposite side.. He see a car coming towards and gets shocked. At the same time swara gets up taking the puppy n turns around to see a truck coming towards sanky,she too geta shocked..
Both at a time
Sanky : swaraaaaaaaaaa
Swara: saanskaaaaaaaaaaarr
Veer gets shocked..
He gets up from his place n looks for them. Later mishtanvee notices the truck n the car n gets more shocked.. Swara knows abt the truck n sanky knows abt the car.. They both run towards each other in order to save one amother .. Sanky cups swaras faces n was relieved seeing her with him.. They both are relived and says at a time
Swasan: thank god u r safe. I just missed my heart beat for a second.. .
They both gets shocked by wat they said to each other n they were lost in eachother eyes.. Veer comes ruuning to them n takes them to the side .
Veer: thanks alot sanky, for saving my angel.. N angel thanku u too… For saving my close buddy..
Swasan dont know wat he is talking abt.. Then veer hugs sanky while mishtan hugs swara. They told them wat happened.. Swasan starts laughing loking at eachother.. As they have saved themself in order to save each other..

Then theey all enjoy their evening with full of masti, and its time for their weekend. As this week was full of sorts practice n they were so exhausted. But this weekend is special as it holi tomorrow.. After a long hardworking week, finally swamishtan gets some time to enjoy.. Though they enjoy daily but holi is different. But they were sad.. (Wanna know y) they were sad becoz holi came during their weekend holidays instead of School working days.. If it is in school working days their masti wouldnhave been double.. Anyhow thses devils will never change n stop their drama.

So wat will happen during holi, so wait till next chapter guys.. Hope u enjoyed the twist in the tale of the accident scene.. Do comment n let me know how was the twist. I was laughing, while writing tat scene.. Sorry for the short update.. Im little busy n tired.. Will post next chapter with a twist, n give some suggestions for the holi epi.. Thanks alot for ur valuable comments. It really means a lot to me.. Keep commenting..

Credit to: Sha

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