FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 13)



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Swara running from sanky , collides with someone n gets shocked..
Swara: Sorry.. (pause) mam
Mam:(angry) look before u go.. N dont run..
Swara: (smiling) im really sorry mam.
Mam : its ok
Someone from back tells the teacher something n she gets angry, while swara was abt to go, she stops her..

Mam: wait.. So u r ms.khanna
Swara:(smiling) s maam.. My full name is
Mam: no need.. I heard a lot abt u. N concentrate on ur studies first rather than boys.
Swara gets shocked n puzzled.. She doesn’t know wat she is talking abt..
Swara: maam
Vanita: dont speak when vanita speaks.. Let me comeplete..
Swara just nods..

In staff room
Student:may i come in maam
Vanita: s come in..
Student: mam here is the notes which u asked me to prepare.
Vanita : thank u dear
Student: my pleasure maam.
Vanita: so how is ur mom (actually student is her relative)
student:she is good mam.. (gets upset)
Vanita:y r u upset dear
Student: huh nothing mam.. Its just tat.. Nothing
Vanita:it’s ok tell me
Student : actually, in our clas a girl is there, due to her, i guess evryone will get spoiled.
Vanita:wat do u mean
Student: u know maam, she always talks with boys n now she always use to be close with our principal son, im just afraid tat, seeing her other students should not get spoiled ..
Fills her ears against swara naming her as miss khanna
Vanita: ya right.. U just show me who she is. I will bring her to the right path..
Thanks her n leaves the staff room..

Vanita: though im new here but i have kept some students from each class to maintain discipline.. But u r spoiling other students by ur free nature.. This is a school, so stop ur free nature to our principals son and other student…
Swara gets teary eyed listening her taunt.. She was on the top level of anger. She wants to shout at her but was just listening her taunt as she is elder. Swara use to play prank to take revenge from teachers but only for her frnds ,not a single time for Her,as no one have done this to her.. No one.. Cause everyone knows abt her nature. But swara keeps quite as the teacher is new here and didn’t want to create any scene.. The teacher taunts her so much, rahul who heard her taunts from back ,tries to speak but the teacher stops him in interfering n taunt him too for supporting her. The teacher leaves after some taunts n swara goes running to her class followed by rahul.. Where as sanky searching her in ground, feeling restless without her.. Swara ask rahul to not tell anything to sanky. Rahul assures her n tries to console her but she asks him to leave. Rahul leaves sadly. Where as sanky reaches swara’s class n sees her lying on desk .
Sanky: hi swara.. I was searching from long back, see u r here. Come lets go down n enjoy.
Swara after hearing sankys voice gets more tears but she wipes it before sanky could notice n composes herself to face him.. But someone saw both of them alone n thought a plan n smiles evilly.
Swara: i was not feeling well sanky.
Sanky see swara’s swollen eyes n ask
Sanky: why did u cry
Swara: wat.. I dint cry stupid.. Its due to tiredness..
She tries to leave but sanky catches her hand n turn her around..
Sanky: (shouts) tell me damn it. Y did u cry..
Swara after seeing him angry gets scared n taken a back. She hears some foot steps n peeks out of the room n sees miss vanita n gets scared. As swasan are alone in the class n she may Taunt her more.. So swara pushes sanky behind the door n asks him to keep quite for a while. Where as vanita sees swara n eyes her angrily
Vanita: wat are u doing here.. Don’t u have March past practice.
Swara: s maam im leaving
Vanita : u have only time for chit chatting n laughing with boys. Go fast ..
Saying this she leaves n sanskar was abt to shout at the teacher hearing her but swara close his mouth with one hand while facing the teacher until she leaves, as she was leaning on the door. She gets relieved after the teacher leaves but sanky was burning in anger n his face turned red due to anger. He understood the reason behind swaras tears.. Swara takes her hand from his mouth. Sanky comes out.
Sanky: i know wat happened.. But i want u to tell me everything.. If u deny, i will go n ask her directly..
Swara knows sanky will not listen to any of her excuse n tells him everything n gets teary eyes.. Sanky seeing her tears cups her face n wipes her tears with his thumb.
Sanky: I’m sorry swara.. I’m really sorry. It’s all because of me.. But how dare she to judge someone like this.. I will not leave her. See wat i will do now..
Swara was abt to stop him but he kiss her forhead leaving her shocked n leaves the room. Swara feels overwhelmed with his care n her lips form a small curve.
whereas sanky goes to his mom n narates swara’s incident without mentioning her name..
Sanky: so tell me mom, is there any fault of her. N how can a teacher talk with a student in this manner.
Princi: i will look after this sanky. U don’t worry. Tell me who is she..
Sanky: mom its non other than swara..
Princi gets up from her seat in utter shock n gets angry .
Princi(angry n shouts) : who the hell is the teacher.. Ask her to come n meet me now..
Sannky is taken a back to see his mom’s new avatar. He rushes n brings the teacher in princi room. N princi ask him to leave. Sanky leaves
Vanita: hello maam
Princi: Its been long time since we talked. I gues last time i saw u in the party with ur family ..so miss vanita, how is ur daughter..
Vanita: s maam.. She is fine..
Princi: i saw her with a boy sterday, dont u think u should keep her within home.. Coz nowadays ,u know wat i mean..
Vanita: no maam, i think u saw her with karan.. He is her childhood frnd.. So i know him very well. U r thinking wrong abt them..
Princi: (rude) is tat so, then how can u think wrong abt swara..
Vanita: swara.. School spl. ??
Princi: s of course.. (angrily)
Vanita :sorry maam.. I haven’t seen her.
Princi: if so then, dint u shout anyone at school today.
Vanita thinks for a while
Vanita: oh ya.. Miss khanna.. Actually ,she is really spoiled brat, i guess.
Princi: (gets hyper)stop it right there.. How can u judge someone like this.. Once u r saying ,u dont know Swara n then u r saying her spoiled brat.. R u in ur sense.. She is swara khanna..
Vanita gets shocked..
Vanita: sorry maam, i really dont know she is same swara who is discussed by teachers in the staff room. but i got some info regarding her
Before she could complete.
Princi: stop right there. I dont want any of ur explanation. A teacher who cant respect a student, will never respect the profession.. Take this n leave right now.
The principal fired her at spot with two months salary. The teacher was feeling guilty as well as angry.. She doesn’t know wat to do n silently leaves the room.. On the way she finds swara. Swara seeing her gets teary eyes n turns to leave but vanita stops her and apologizes for her mistake. Swara gets shocked by her sudden behavior.before swara could say something, vanita leaves. Someone noticing this stamp there foot n says “is baar bhi bach gayi” and leaves from there.

Sanky comes to her
Sanky : hi swara
Swara: so u did this..
Sanky: wat
Swara : dont act too much.. Vanita mam apologize to me..
Sanky: watever.. But pls dont take the topic again, im will really get frustrated if i hear her name again..
Swara: acha baba sorry.. So did u see the events.
Sanky: no..
Swara: y
Sanky: u were not there.. So i missed u.. I mean ,u were not there to irritate na.. .. How can i enjoy without my chuvvi.. N u know u were looking like a baby with swollen eyes.. Like how baby cries mummy mummy. U know only to shout at me like tigress.. But in front of others u r a real life chuvvi.. Lol..
Swara pulls his leg using her leg n sanky falls down with a thud.. Swara starts laughing n runs from there..
Sanky: swara ki bachi.. Wait..
Swasan enjoys in the ground playing where as mishtan joins them.. They all play for sometime. Now the event is for swara’s class.. The game given for them was to wear a shirt. Who ever wears the shirt first wins the game.. Swara doesnt participate. But sanky insists her. She forgot the shirt at home in hurry .
Sanky: u take my shirt..
Swara: waat(opens her mouth)..
Sanky: so wat.. I have a T-shirt in my car.. I will wear tat.. Wat do u say..
Swara: but sanky..
Sanky: wat.. I want u to participate..
Tannu: haan angel.. Every yr u participate n u win.. But this time i will win ..
Swara: is tat so..
Tannu: s
Sanky: hery guys don’t forget this time my mishu too is there.. She is also a champ..
Swatan: ok lets participate..
Sanky goes n changes his shirt into his T-shirt. He comes n gives his shirt to swara.. Swara feels littles awkward.. But she takes it.. Swamishtan practice wearing the shirt. Swara feels something different wearing sankys shirt. She inhales the perfume n her heart beat raises .she feels some difference but ignores it as the teacher calls them. She immediately removes the shirt .The girls wish eachother n goes to play..

The game starts with 15 students given 1 min to wear the shirt, n 10students get selected. Swamishtan gets selcted n they jumps in excitement. Later the 10selected students participate n 5 is to be selected. Mishti, tannu, kamya and priya gets selected. Swara was still struggling with sanky’s shirt, as it was quite long for her. Sanky was littles nervous seing swara struggling. But she completes at the nick of time n gets selected as fifth finalist. Now the final round goes on.. Now swara was little nervous as she completed last in the second round..
The final round begins n the teacher says
Everyone starts wearing the shirt. Then the round completes with
Third being kamya
Second being swara
And finally first place goes to tannu and mishti
The three girls jumps n dance in excitement still wearing the shirt. . Sanky comes and congratulate the girls. He slowly whispers to swara
Sanky: u r looking hot…
Swara turned red due to his compliment n widened her eyes where as sanky was smiling naughtily. Swara looks down herself as she was wearing sankys shirt above her skirt which was really looking good on her. She slightly smiled, sanky notice her smiling n stares at her lovingly. Swara comes to senses n was abt to shout at sanky but sanky changes the topic n ask for treat..
Sanky: so girls where is the treat..
Tannu: of course sanky..
Mishti: ya bhai.. We will go out somewhere. After school.. .wat say..
Swara: ya guys..
Sanky: so lets inform veer..
Sanky was abt to call veer but tannu grabs the mob from him,
Tannu: i wanna show some attitude tat i won..
Runs from there followed by mishti.. Swasan alone. Sanky staring at swara who was wearing his shirt. Swara feels awkward
Swara: i will be back after changing
Sanky: no swara.. Be here.. U have to give me double treat..
Swara: why??
Sanky: u won becoz of my shirt only na.
Swara (stares at him angrily): becoz of ur shirt im second. I use to get first place every year in different events. Due to your long shirt i struot. (pouts)
Sanky: atleast u won na.. So credit goes to my shirt.
Swara: ok k.. So wat u want .. Tell me..
Sanky(in Mind) : i want u swara…
Swara shakes him n waves hand in front of him
Swara: hello..
Sanky comes to his sense
Sanky: hmm anything.. Or something which is close to u..
Swara thinks for a while.. She removes a ring from her finger n gives him.
Sanky: wats this
Swara: somthing close to me.. This was gifted by my dad, as i was school first in tenth. From then i have been wearing this
Sanky: wow.. No i dont need this.. Its one of ur dad gift.. I dont want it..
Swara: no. U have to take it. Wat if it is with me or with u.. U will be with me everytime.. So i will see it when ever i wish to..
Saying this she makes him wear the ring, but the ring was tight, sanky laughs seeing her struggling n trying to break his finger in order to insert the ring n he shouts
Sanky: ouch.. Swara.. U wanna break my finger huh.. .
Swara: sorry.. U r not tat much lucky to get my ring.. Better luck next time.. N laughs.
Sanky: s (pout)
Swara: wat.. (confused)
Sanky: nothing.
Meanwhile mishtan comes n they all leave to their house n gets ready to go to a restaurant for dinner.. They make a theme and ask everyone to wear something pink. The boys denied first but these devil girls dint leave them n black mail them to wear it. As there was no choice sanvee wore the theme colour n they all went to the restaurant. They asusual enjoyed eachothers company with full of masti. A girl comes n hugs sanvee,but sanky moves back. She started flirting with sanky. Seeing Her clothes, swara gets angry. She was wearing red strapless dress, in which she was looking hot. She was one of their clg student. As sanvee were talking to her, swara being possessive abt both signals tannu. Swara takes pin n starts to pierce sanky’s leg,where as tannu does same with veer.. both of them jumps at a time.. Where as mishti chuckles…. They see both swatan down the table n understood they are upto something n bids bye to the girl before swatan do somthing with her..
Sanky: wat is this swara
Swara: u r asking me.. How mean.. We are here to enjoy among ourself, no outsiders.. Got tat.. N u sweetu, how can u do tat.. I know sanky is duffer but u.. I dint ecpect this from u.. (pouts)
Sanky(opens his mouth) : swaraaaaa. . . U r calling me duffer..
Swara: u r!!!
He was abt to grab the juice glass n pour on her
Swara: no sanky noooo.. Sorryyy..
But sanky stops thinking tat she will get wet n she will not be able to change as they are out.
Sanky : leaving u this ti
Befkre he completes swara pours water on his pant, as if he has done susu(lol)…
Sanky: swaraaaa
Everyone in the restaurant turns, where as swara starts to run, sanky was abt to follow her n stands up, but seeing his state he sits down.. Mishtanvee breaks out into fits of laughter at sanky’s state.. Swara stand at a distance n laughss at him. Sanky pouts seeing his own state. Swara melts seeing his face n moves towards him..
Swara: sorry sanky(with a cuty puppy eyes)
Seeing this sanky melts but he doesn’t tak to her n turns his face. Swara goes near him n turns his face to face her. Before she could say sanky grabs her by waist n makes her stand in front of him. Swara’s back was facing sanky’s chest. Swara gets puzzled n her hearts starts beating fast… Sankys hand was encircled on swara’s waist.
Sanky: now ur punishment is to take me till the car by covering me
Swara: no sanky.. Plz leave me..
Sanky: no.. Take me to the car.. Or else do something else.
Then swara gets a idea n ask him to leave her n turns to him n frees his shirt from pant which is inned.. Now the shirt was covering the water on his pant n sanky gets relieved.. Then he goes to washroon to dry his pant n comes out. Then the gang enjoys for some more time teasing each other. After tat they all leave to their respective homes.

Sports day..
Today was the day for which swara have been working from a week. Alarm is been ringing from two hours. But our angel is still sleeping.. Due to so many alarms, her parents woke up but swara kept sleeping as she was tired of sterdays party. Then finally mishti comes to wake her and says the time swara immediately wakes up. As today she have lot more to do than usual. She gets ready wearing the saree. It was one of the school customs that the leaders have to wear saree.mishti helps her wearing the saree n pins it perfectly. Then swara leaves to school with shekar.

At school
Swara is little late to school, though she kept alarm at 4 and got up at 6..was litlle late as she was struggling with saree for long.. Everyone in the school have come. Her frnds were too waiting. Today veer to joined with mishtanvee.. Swara enters the school.. Everyone in the school see her n widened there eyes. S she was looking beautiful. Sanskar who saw her at the entrance loose his heartbeat for seconds. He was awestruck seeing her. Swara was wearing a white saree with golden border in a traditional way. Sanky gets mesmerised. Veer gets happy seing swara in this look for the first-time. While he notices sankys open jaws, he close it. But again sanky opens his mouth. Veer pinches him n sanky comes to his senses.. While mishtan goes to meet swara leaving sanvee.
Sanky: wat the hell veer.. Y did u do tat
Veer: i was saving u
Sanky :wat
Veer: ya.. Due to ur open mouth, all mosquitoes were planning to shift in ur mouth (laughs)
Sanky:(makes faces) huh watever.. Come leta go to swara
Veer: ah ha. Someone is eager to meet my angel..
Sanky: (blushes) nothing like tat.. She will be searching for us..
Veer: i dont see her searching.. But today i saw u blushing.. Arei wah sanky.. U r looking cute..
Swatanmish comes to them where veer was pulling sankys leg. At last he stops seeing the the three devils.
Swara: hi sweetu n hi sanky
Veer:hi angel.. Looking hot huh..
Swara : sweetu..
Sanky was lost in his own world, swara looks at him
Swara: sanky
Veer shakes him n he comes to his sense..
Choti mishti : bhai were are u lost..
Tannu: ya.. Now adays someone is lost in their own world. Who is the girl sanky..
Sanky: stop it yaar.. Tum log bhi na.. U all will never change. N swara u r looking damn beautiful n cute..
Swara: really. Aww. But this idiot sweetu told me hot..
Sanky(murmurs): he was right..
Swara: wat
Sanky: nothing..
They all talk for sometime n swara goes to meet princi as evrything is going coreectly. Now it’s just the cheif guest to arrive. Princi looked at swara lovingly n compliments her. Then the guest arrives, swara with other students welcome them with a bouquet of flowers.. Sanky was feeling bored without swara. He goes to meet her, while she was giving the bouquet to the chief guest which were full of red roses, he imagines himself in the guest place n goes into his dresm world
Swara: welcome sir. it’s honour to welcome u
Sanky: so sweet of u miss swara (pulls her cheeks)
Swara: thank u sir.. (gives the bouquet to him)
Sanky: thank u..
He takes one rose n gives to swara
Sanky: a beautiful rose for a beautiful lady..
Swara:(blushes) thank u sir..
He was abt to hug her, but someone pushes him.. S he was doing this with veer..
Veer: wat the hell Sanky.. Wat were u saying. Im i beautiful lady. Wait wait.. U were dreaming abt swara..
Sanky feels embarrassed n keeps quite where as veer starts teasing him like hell.. Sanky with no options left kept quite n was smiling inside. The march past began with swara being in front holding a school flag, as a school spl. Rahul was at the back of swara taking aspls place as aspl was unable to reach school from his tour. Sanky was feeling jealous seeing rahul close to swara. He kept on asking veer, tat when will this march past gets over.. Veer understood his restlessness n starts to tease him.. The march past gets over n sanky goes to swara n smiles at her. Veer joins swasan n the trio spend sometime where as mishtan were involved in drill. Swara was tired, sanky notuces it n goes out. He brings some ice cream n cold drinks n gives it to swara.
Swara: thank u so much sanky
Veer: yaar hamei bhi toh khayaal kiya kar..
Sanky: no.. U r just sittling n watching but she is working from morning.. I mean i will go n give some cold drinks to mishtan . As they Will also be tired..
Saying this he goes n gives cold drinks to mishtan and comes back..
Swara shares with sanvee.. Sanky refuses but swara insists him n tried to feed him but being in school , she stops herself. Veer gets happy seeing them and the trio enjoys for sometime. While veer goes to meet tannu leaving swasan alone in the ground. Sanky takes a big chocolate n gives itto swara..
Sanky: this is for u..
Swara:(on cloud nine) thank u sanky(snatches from him)
She starts eating.. Sanky stares at her eating like a Child.. Swara shares with him, sanky refuses first but swara puts the chocolate in his mouth. They both goes to mishtanvee. Swara teasea mishtanvee showing chocolate . As mishtan were doing drill , they were unable to snatch the chocolate from swara, For which they were disappointed . Swasanvee eats the chocolate making them jealous showing n eating it.. They share some light moments. They finish their chocolate before the drill, leaving mishtan burning in anger…..

A car and a truck is coming ,opposite to each other….
Sanky: swaraaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
Swara: saanskaaaaaaaaaaarr!!!!!!!
Veer: ( shocked )

Hi guys.. Thanks alot for ur precious comments.. Thanks for supporting me.. I have wrote this much, its only becoz of ur comments. Keep commenting.. Tell me how was the episode.. I hope u guys enjoyed it n im not making u bored. I really enjoy writing this as some of the incidents are from my school days,which i really miss now.. So who ever is in school, enjoy ur school life as much as u can.. Thank u..
@jaff yaar she is in school na, moreover she is an impossible thing.. Thoda shock lagega toh hi, she will realise… So stay tuned. Hope im not boring u all..

Credit to: Sha

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