FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 12)


Hi guys back with the next chapter.

Swara: s sanky.. Mishti said tat, u just treat me like my sweeto. But ur name is sanky na.. So i will call u “BHAI”
sanky( shocked) : WAAAAT
Swara: s sanky , sorry bhai.. Are u happy..
Sanky:(very angry) just shut up.. Never ever cal me bhai.. Did u get tat..
Swara: but y
Just then tannu enters, veer stopping her from back
Veer: tannu wait kar
Tannu: swara, have this juice
Swara: thank u darling
Veer enters n see sanky in angry mood..
Sanky: ok guys im leaving..
Swara : but bha
Sanky: shut up swara..
Tanvee were shocked to see sanky’s angry side. Swara gets teary eyes. Sanky leaves from there. Where as veer follows sanky. N tannu talks with swara.

In hall
Veer: sanky wait
Sanky doesn’t listen him but veer grabs his hand n stops him
Veer: wat happened sanky.. Did she (thought swara rejected him ,poor veer , doesn’t know swara have done more than a rejection. Lol)
Sanky: Arei yaar, if she did tat, i would be happy n will try to win her.. But
Veer: but wat
Sanky : this mishti have said swara i just care her like u do..
Veer: ya she is right.. So wats in tat
Sanky: wat right.. U know how swara took her words
Veer: how
Sanky: ok u tell me one thing, y swara call u veer..
Veer: its my name..
Sanky:(frustrated) u dont know y she calls u veer..
Veer: kya bolna chahte ho tum.. Its my name so she will call me by name only na
Sanky gets Little happy tat she have shared something with him tat veer doesnt know and gets a smile on his face but the smile soon disappeared when he recalls her saying BHAI
Veer: hello sanky(shakes him) will u tell me now, if u r out of your dream world
Sanky: veer refers to brother in punjab.. So tats y she calls u veer..
After hearing tat veer was very happy n had tears in his eyes n hugged sanky tightly..
Veer: really sanky.. Did she said tat
Sanky: ya..
Veer: then
Sanky: (pout face) then kya.. She said as im caring her like u, i mean like veer, she will call me bhai..
Breaks the hug
Veer: (shocked) KYAAAA (eyes widened, opens his mouth fully, we can insert a big bottle inside his mouth)
sanky:(closes his mouth and pouts)
Veer starts laughing hahahahahah…
Sanky:(gives him an angry look) stop it veer
Veer: hahaha sanky.. Omg omg..hahaha Shit shit.. Hahaha i just missed it..
Sanky: stop laughing veer.. I Will kill u.. Wat did u miss
Veer: (controls his laugh) shit.. Sanky i should have seen ur face at tat time.. Cha i missed it yaar.(. Laughs)
Sanky (angryly) : veer and starts throwing thinks at him..
Veer: sorry sorry.. Sanky soory
Sanky: yeh le.. Yeh bhi le..
(throws things one by one and veer starts catching it, some things he catches but some hits him)
Veer: sanky im sorry.. (with a pout face)
Sanky: I’m leaving(as he is tired of beating him)
Veer 🙁 becomes serious) wait sanky.. Im really sorry. This is all due to this mishti n tannu.. They only would have brain washed my angel..
Sanky: arei yaar, is she a kid to brain wash.. She is just a one yr younger to be a major..

Where as in veer’s room
Tannu : angel, wat happened to sanky
Swara: i too don’t no re.. I asked sorry even then he is scolding me.. . I think he is angry on me as i shouted in school.. (pouts)
Tannu: oh ok.. Don’t worry we will convince him at school..
Swara: hmm good idea
Tannu: come lets enjoy our snacks..
While swatan enjoyed their snacks n discussed abt some school stuff .

In hall
Veer: hey dont say anything abt my angel.. I will not spare u..
Sanky: huh.. Tum sudroge nahi.. Always angel angel angel..
Veer: oh now someone is jealous of me too..
Before he could say something swatan comes out
Tannu: sanky u dint go still
Swara: ya.. N im (interupted)
Sanky(angry looking at swara) : ok veer im leaving..
Swara: but wait, i need to tell u something..
Sanky: i dont want to hear ur non sense
Veer was controlling his laugh seeing sanky’s state.. Where as tannu wasn’t aware of anything. Veeer took Tannu inside making an excuse.
Swara: but sanky
Sanky gets happy hearing his name
Sanky:ok tell me
Swara(confused) : I’m sorry sanky.. I won’t repeat it again as now i can call u bh
Sanky: stop it right there.. N im not like ur veer.. Got it.. N i dint kiss u as i kiss mishti.. Tat is different n this is different.. I mean i was excited but i dont think u as mishti.. N stop calling me tat so called bhai(feeling irritated) Is tat clear??
Swara: (understood something something) oh.. U mean u cant think me like mishti, no problem.. But u think me as swara.
Sanky(more irritated and thinks this is the best way) : stop it right there swara.. I cant give my mishti’s place to any other girl.. So u r not gonaa call me tatt.. If u ever call me one more time, tat will be the last day, u will see me,i will never come in front of u..
Swara(is not aware abt his behavior n confused) : but sanky
Sanky (thinks) : how should i change her mind.. Hmmmmmmm idea
Sanky : swara, listen to me carefully (takes a deep breath) i dont see u as my sis.. I want u to be as my frnd. Not just frnd but like bestie, when i saw ur bond with veer, i was literally happy n i want to feel it.. But i don’t know, u think veer in tat way.. But i want u to be my bestie, with whom i can irritate, play pranks,encourage in difficult times n disturb them in any sort of way..i enjoy to irritate u.. So will u be my bestie, partner to irritate, partner to care, partner to love(realised wat he said) i mean partner in difficult times…?? Will u??

Swara was overwhelmed with his gesture.. She doesn’t know, he thinks abt her in this way.. She thought he only knows to irritate her,but she remembers how sometimes he helped her during her exams..
Sanky :(monologue) swara watever i told is true.. But i want to tell u one more thing tat i love u.. But this is not the right time.. I want u to feel my love by my actions,not by my words..
Swara: s of course.. I love to irritate u..
They both shake hands..
Sanky(in mind) :soon u will love me than irritating.. (smiles)
Then sanky calls tanvee n they all enjoyed their evening by talking, irritating and playing.. Swara comes back to her avatar. Veer was little confused as he doesn’t know wat happened between swasan but he enjoyed the evening as both of his besties were happy.
Tannu: veer u r soo sweet…
Veer looks at angel in utter shock as he knows this tannu is planning something.
Swara: hey tannu, dare not to do anything..
Before she could do something , tannu places cake on veers face.. swara was shocked to see veer.. But she was more angry tat tannu wasted her black forest cake..
Swara: tannnnnnuuuuuuuu… How dare you to do tat..???
Veer:(angry) s angel dont leave her, take my cake too n apply on her i will catch her..
Swara: dont u dare veer
Veer was shocked while tannu was laughing, as she knows y swara is angry..
Swara: tannu u r dead today .. How dare u to waste my fav cake.. (pouts)
Sanky burst out laughing… While swara chased tannu n veer was literally shock..
Veer : how can she yaar
Sanky: hahaha veer.. I never expected this.. Hahaha..
Falls on couch n starts laughing while veer hits with pillow n takes juice on pour on him. Sanky freezed, veer burst out laughing.. After sometime they composed themself, when they turn they see swatan n started laughing again..
Sanky:hahah… oh my god.. My stomach is hurting. Hahaha
Veer: hahaha.. Omg, tannu.. Ur face.. Rofl..
Sanky n veer uses lipstick n decorated swatan face..
Sanky: now u both are perfect.. Just like joker..
Swatan were full of flour all over their body. Then swara got angry on them n poured the cold water on both of them.. They enjoyed their time n finally sanky left..

After sometime veer drops swara to her house. He thinks of speakimg abt sanky, but he just want, sanky to be the first one to tell her.

Next day:
As usual morning with sun rising, swara sleeping, mishti waking her… After a long hard work of Mishti, swara gets ready to school. Swara leaves with shekar after her good bye kiss.
At school
Swara reaches school n goes to office room to take some print out. While coming out from office room she notices princis room, which is still locked. She thinks Princi has not yet come. Swara then meets mishtan n gossip for sometime, while mishti gets angry on them for leaving her n enjoying alone.. Swatan then tickles her n says they missed her too n then rahul enters.
Swara :rahul u
Mishtan: hi raaahuul (winks at eachother )
Swara gives them a angry glare n they both giggles ,whereas rahul blushes
Rahul: hi girls.. Actually swara i came to get the list of programs.. Sunita maam asked me to get it from u..
Swara: ya rahul, wait a min. ( takes a list from bag) here it is..
Rahul : thank u..
Mishtan: ahem ahem..
Tannu: im angry on u rahul..
Choti Mishti: ya me too
Rahul: wat happened.. (tensed)
Tannu: u always come here to meet angel but not us(pouts)
Rahul gets little embarrassed ..
Rahul:no tannu, its not like tat..
Mishtan breaks out in laughing
They tease him for sometime n rahul ask swara abt yesterdays incident but she covers it. Then after so much of hardword rahul frees himself from those teasing devils. after he leaves swara starts beating mishtan with books.. The classes goes on an on.. In afternoon the sports practice starts, sanky comes n joins swara n her gang.. Sanky helps swara in carrying some stuffs where as rahul Joins them.
Sanky: (with fake smile) hi rahul..
Rahul: hi.. Shall i help u swara
Sanky: ya of course
Hands over him the props bags n also takes swara bags n gives it to him. Swara gives him “why are u doing this” look.. But sanky just winks at her n smiles naughtily.. Where as rahul was loaded with bags n headed towards record room..
Swara: sanky this is too much..
sanky laugh after he goes.. N thinks “because of u, i have been so much irritated.. Now i will irritate u.. Bach ke rehna rahul”
Sanky: so u r supporting him huh..
Mishtan who saw this were laughing n joined swasan..
Tannu : s sanky.. Angel ko, rahul ko dekkar kuch kuch hota hai..
Swara: tannu ki bachi.. Now adays u r so much involved in rahull.. Hm hmm.. Kya baat hai
Tannu: arei angel dont get jealous.. I wont cheat u.. Prromise..
Swara : u u.. ( starts beating her..)
Sanky gets little jealous but smiles and starts teasing her
Sanky: so u love him swara
Swara: waaaatt
Sanky questions her by lifting his one eyebrow,mishtan laughs in his question where as swara starts beating him. Someone was seeing this gets little angry n leaves from there stamping the foot on floor. They all enjoy eachother company. Where as sanky gets a call from veer ,who informs him to come to collage to sign some paper
Phone convo
Sanky: ok i will be there
Veer: where r u man.. Hmm let me guess.. R u at school? ?
Sanky: s yaar
Veer: ah ha.. Enjoying with angel ah… Hmm. Hmmmmmmm
Sanky blushes n swara sees him blushing for the first time n ask
Swara: sanky u r blushing.. Wow.. Who is on call..
Sanky: stop it swara
Veer: arei yaar.. U always do things in my absence.. U r blushing n i cant see it.. Oh ho sanky.. Blushing ha.. Ab toh har roz blush karte rahoge.. Angel jo saath hai..
Sanky blushes even more.. N swara takes the phone frim him n sees veers call
Swara: hello veer
Veer taken a back..
Veer: angel tum..
Swara: s sweetu.. Wat did u tell him tat he is blushing this much..
Sanky snatches the phone from her n inform him tat he will reach soon n hangs up..
Swara: sanky this is not fair..
Mishtan: ya.. Who is the girl??
Swara gets shocked.. Sanky too looks in astonishment..
Swara: girl??
Tannu: ya angel, dont u know rahul blushes only when we take ur name.. Now sanky is blushing so something something..
Sanky: nothing.. Ok.. Now im leaving to clg..
Swara : but sanky, who is tat girl..
Sanky: stop it guys.. veer was saying some joke, tats y.. Ok.. Now im leaving..

At college
Veer n sanky meet each other n goes to office room n completes their work . They both come out n veer ask sanky abt yesterdays incident.. Sanky tells him everything. The duo enjoy in clg for sometime. Later they leave. But somebody from back calls them.
Boy: hi..
Sanky: hello..
Boy: im sahil, im new to this clg, next yr im going to be transferred here,actually can u guide me to room no. 220
Sanky gets shocked n gets angry hearing his name n gives a angry look to veer.. Where as veer shakes his head in Big noo..
Sanky: i dont know any room number 220..
N starts leaving, veer tries to answer but sanky takes him by force and goes to parking area..
Sanky: veer this is too much
Veer: sanky relax
Sanky: wat the hell veer.. How dare he to come in front of me.. I would have punched him
Veer: stop it sanky.. ( starts laughing)
Sanky: wat
Veer: then wat.. Sterday i was just lying .. I just created a imaginary character but who knows this will happen n starts laughing..
Sanky gets littles embarrassed..
Sanky: watever.. I don’t like him.. N dont dare to talk to him..
Veer: sanky… (laughs).. This is too much.. Lol..
Sanky: ok lets leave

The days passes like this.. Where as swasan starts enjoying each other company and creates a gr8 bond.. Sanky came to know more abt swara in these days.. Sanky was always with swara during the practice but someone was noticing them daily and gets angry.

A day before sports day
A pleasant morning, with hot sun disturbing the sleep of a beautiful angel. She wakes from her sleep without her moms help n gets frenshen up.. When mishti comes to swara’s room, gets shocked.. Swara was all ready..
Mishti: who are u??
Swara(puzzled): mom!!!!! Wat happened
Mishti : where is my daughter?
Swara: mom… Its me.. Now stop teasing me..
Mishti : angel is tat u.. I cant believe.. (widened her eyes n touches swara face, whether she has fever or wat)
Swara: mom stop.. I know u r surprised, actually today i have to conduct some events in school, tats y going early..
Mishti : all the best.. Come down n have ur break fast n leave..
Swara: thank u mom.. Will come in 5mins..

Mishti leaves, while swara packs her bag n comes down for bf(break fast) . Then the trio completes thier bf n leaves for their respective works. Shekar drops swara to school.. Swara bids bye n goes in..

She finds mishtan, as she informed them to come early to help her out.. She runs n share a group hug. They break the hug n starts their chit chat. Two strong hands close swara eyes from back n swara hits her elbow in his stomach n shouts sanskar.. Where as sanky was shouting in pain
Sanky: ahhhhh. Swara… Kya ladki ho tumm..
Swara gaves him a devil smile . Swamishtan burst out laughing seeing his state. N then swara gives them some work n all starts their respective works . Evryone started arranging things for events. Sanky feela thirsty n ask some water, swara asks him to get it from her bag, as she was feeling lazy to take it out.. Sanky give her a glare n move towards her. He drinks some water n place it back in her bag. While going ,due to oil papee on floor, he was abt to fall but two soft hands catches him from back n saves him from falling. Sanky was just staring her.. S it was our swara
[moral:eevrytime only hero cant save heroine.. Think different,live different.. Lol]
Swara: sanky u r so heavy.. U try to stand, i cant make u stand
Where as sanky was just lost in her, but swara slowly leaves sanky down, so tat he will not get hurt, n finally sanky falls on the floor and hits his bum..
Sanky: ouch. Swara how can u do this..
Swara: sorry… wat will i do.. U were so lost. I cant hold u tat much long.. N u r not same as u look..
Sanky: wat do u mean
Swara: ya.. U r heavy man.. N starts laughing..
Sanky gives her a angry glare n puls her n she too sits down with a “thud” and hits her bum..
Swara: ouch sanky.. U idiot.. Dragulla, tube light, dinosaur, drumstick,dahi handi, deer,
She was going to say more but sanky closed her mouth keeping his hands. Mishtan, who were seeing their cat fight were laughing at them but hearing sanky’s name they were rolling on the floor n laughing..
Sanky: swara… How can u think of calling me these names.. ?
He sees some school students entering n takes his hands off her n prays tat no one should have listened his names.. Later he composes himself n they both got up.

Today their were no class for students, as this whole day will be a practice section. Swara distributed the work amongs some students. Sanky was passing by n heared students gossiping abt his names n gets embarrassed n leaves from their immediately to princis room.

In princi room
Sanky(think): due to this swara, my name is flying high.. Now whole school will be discussing abt me.. Oh god..
Just then swara enters in princi room with some students. Princi givea her some invitation to pass among some teachers. Where as sanky was giving her death glares n swara was confused with his look.. She goes out followed by sanky.. Swara was busy in work as the students events have started
[events are some games played from class lkg to 12th, and three prizes is awarded for each class on sports day]
Sanky calls her by his action n swara comes to him
Swara: wat happened? Y r u giving me angry looks..
Sanky: is tat a question. Becoz of u, all have started gossiping abt my different names kept by u..
Swara (controled her laugh) :so wat..
Sanky: so wat.. ???(exclaimed)
Sanky: dare not to keep me new names.. Or else
Swara: or else?? (lifting eyebrows)
Sanky : or else
He pinches her on waist n swara eyes widened n she feels something by his sudden behavior but someone notices it and goes up.

Swara: wat the hell.. U are an alien
Sanky: waaaat
Swara: s i will call u alien..
Saying this swara runs n sanky pouts thinking, how many names he will get in this life.. If he marries her, it is said tat, we will be together for seven lifes but in one life, if i gets this much names, wat abt seven lifes and gets worried n shook his head.. N smiles..
Sanky: no problem.. But i love any name which comes from her mouth.. It has some magic..

Where as swara who was running strikes with someone.and gets shock
Swara: SORRY(Shocked with wide eyes)

Precap: swara crying and sanky angry..

So sorry for not updating sterday.. N tell ur reviews abt todays epi.. N thank u all for ur valuable comments.. It really means a lot to me… Sorry guys u know im little lazy ,not little but so lazy. ?? Tats y i dont reply to ur comments.???. hope u dont mind. I dont think this epi is upto the expectation.. Insha allah i will try to give my best . Hope u all enjoyed.. Comment n let me know my mistakes. Hope so u r not bored..

@shruthi.. U r right in ur point tat they are young but not tat much young yaar.. She is in 12th n he is in clg. N moreover their love wont blossom so soon.. Much more to face in coming track.. Hope u enyoy..n dont get me wrong. Its just my side of opinion.. Thanku

Guys let me know ur feedback n suggestions..

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