FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 11)



Hi guys. Back with the next chapter.

The episode starts with swara being shocked n keeps her hand on her cheeks where sanky kissed. She was looking blank. She doesn’t know how to react,as it all happened all of a sudden. She silently leaves the room. Where as sanky who lost in his own world, come back to his sense n realised wat he did. He sees swara going out n goes towards her where as rahul enters and talk to swara but she doesn’t respond him n leaves the room silently.
Rahul: wat happened bhai..
Sanky : nothing

Rahul :y swara went like this.. I think she is disturbed, i will go n check her
Sanky:(got angry) no..
Sanky: i mean, u take the banners down, as march past practice may start.. I will go n get her
Rahul: ya ok
Then Sanky leaves the room
Sanky(in mind) : arei yaar, wat have i done.. I dont know how to face her now.. Wat will she think abt me.. Sanky this time u have crossed all ur limits..
He goes to swara’s class and see mishtan

Sanky: hi tannu.. Hi mishti
Mish/tan: hi bhai/sanky
Sanky: (searches swara n doesn’t find her) so wats up.. N where is swara
Tannu: i dint saw her from morning, may be busy with her preparation n she totally forgot me(making a pout)
Just then swara enters
Swara: aww tannu.. How will i forget my devil.. Is it possible..
Tannu goes m hugs swara followed by mishti.
Sanky: hi swara
Doesn’t reply him
Swara: so tannu, did any maam came to class..?
Tannu : s angel, pakau maam came to give notes..
Sanky who heard her laughed but his smile faded away thinking wat swara will think abt him..
Swara: ok tannu, now march past practice will start, u just bring everyone doen in the play ground. I will leave now..
Sanky: swara listen.. Im sorry
Mishtan: (shocked) now wat happened.. U guys fought in school too????
Swara: guys i have some work, i will be back
Sanky: swara.. Im really sorry… I was just excited n i did tat(facing the floor)
Swara :(angry n shouts) wat the hell !! Excitement

Students in her class turns around listening her voice.. Swara changes the topic n announces to all
Swara: guys from today March past practice is gonna begin, i want u all to Assembly down in the past ground. U all may leave now.
The students starts leaving the class n sanky was sad n thinkss abt swara n leaves from there. Swara notices him sadlyleaving but ignores him. Evryone left except swamishtan. Swarawas abt to leave bit mishti catches her hand n stops her
Choti mishti : wait swara
Tannu: angel tell me wat happened..

Mean while sanky leaves from the school..

Swara: nothing guys..
Tannu:angel dont lie
Choti mishti : swara, y did u shout at my bhai in front of all
Swara: im sorry mishti ,i dont know wat got into me
Tannu: u first tell us wat happened actually
Swara becomes sad and stays silent

Where as sanky drives his car to veer’s house and knocks. Veer opens the dooe
Veer: sanky tum yaha..
Sanky: s yaar
Veer notices sanky sad n asks him to get in.. They both go to veer’s room n gets settled on the couch..
Veer: so now tell me wats the problem
Sanky: (sad) nothing yaar
Veer: i know u very well than urself.. So stop ur thoughts n tell me wats wrong..
Sanky remains silent

At school:
Choti mishti : swara,, tell us
Tannu:(now angry) swara will u open ur mouth

At veer’s house
Veer: sanky wats wrong.. Wait wait did u fight with swara again??
Sanky looks at him in shock..
Veer: so now tell me, Wat happened.. If u r sad abt shouting her on tat day, dont worry she have forgiven u.. She is just acting..
Sanky: its not tat
Veer: then u guys again fighted huh.. Will u tell me or shouls i ask swara
Sanky: no no wait.. I will tell u

At school
Tannu: angel , u gonna say or not
Choti mishti : or shall i ask bhai directly
Swara: no.. No need.. I will say

Both swara n sanky tell their frnds abt the recent incidents to mishtanvee..

At veers house:
Veer: kya?? U kissed her????????? (shocked)

At school
Mishtan:waaaat???? ( eyes widened)
Swara : so tell me, is tat weong i shouted at him..
Choti mishti : you are right in your place swara.. Im sorry on behalf of my bhai.. But to be true, my bhai kiss me like tat, if he is excited.. And one more thing to remind u tat, my bhai haven’t kissed any girls other than me n ma.
Tannu: wat
Choti mishti : s tannu.. Im really shocked by his gesture. But swara to be true my bhai irritates only one girl, that is u.. Though he has many girls in clg, but there are no girls name in his mobile.. May be, as u r veers bestie, so he treats u in differ way..
Swara: wat
Tannu: s swara, may be mishti is right.. Veer would have told him abt u. Tats y he is so free with u.
Choti mishti : im sorry swara

Swara: stop asking sorry mishti
Choti mishti : n u r the only girl whom he irritates a lot. U know he don’t irritate me as much as he irritates u.. May be he would have kissed u to irritate.. So dont think him wrong

At veers house
Sanky: im really sorry veer..i should have not done tat.. I really dont know y i got happy hearing rahul is her junior..
Veer still smiles
Sanky: stupid, sorry not stupid.. Im talking seriously over here n u r smiling at my state. Tell me something.. Shout at me, scold me..
Veer: y should i
Sanky: waaat
Veer: ya.. I know u like swara from the beginning.. But i dont know tat, u like her this much..
Sanky: stop it yaar.. I dont like her tat way.
Veer: oh.. Are u telling me to believe tat
Sanky: of course
Veer: ok i believe u.. Then i will introduce her to sahil
Sanky: watt… (shocked)
Veer: kya??
Sanky: now who is sahil?????? (rude way)
Veer: oh ho.. Relax dude..
Sanky: tell me..

Veer: nothing, u just leave abt tat.. I will talk to swara n will tell her tat u were just did tat in friendly way.. ( Thinks for a while..) but u guys are not frnds too na.. Ufff
Sanky : stop it veer. Tell me who is sahil, n y r u ginna introduce him to swara
Veer: y u r so cared..
Sanky: i dont care.. Im. Just asking simply..
Veer(in mind) simply bachu.. Wait , how i will make u confess

At school
Choti mishti : swara.. Wat are u thinking
Swara: (smiles) its ok mishti.. I will not think wrong abt him.. Nyways thanks alot for understanding my situation n explaining in a sweet way..
Swara hugs mishti
Tannu: angel.. U r so mean.. U forgot me
Breaks the hug..
Swara: awwww… No my badi ma ki chamchi.. Who told u..
Tannu: angel.. N starts beating her playfully..
Swara: acha baba come..
The trio shares a group hug.
Swara: ok girls, lets move down. Practice is gonna begin after lunch..
Tannu: im going to canteen
Swara: y.?
Tannu: i forgot my lunchat home
Swamish: so wat we will share..
Swamish said in unison n the trio breaks out in laughter.

At veer’s house
Sanky: now wat u r thinking.. Veer, u dont hide anything from me na. Now wats tat u r hiding(in sweet way)
Veer: (controlling his laugh n little seriously) nothing sanky.. Its just tat, someone named sahil came in the morning n told me tat he loves swara n he have been following her from five years. He haven’t met her a single time. He was just waiting for her till now.. As she is going to clg next yr, he asked me to make her join in the same clg which he is studying
Sanky: wat.. Is he mad..? N wat did u said?
Veer: (smiling) ya he is mad.. Mad in swara’s love. He knows very well tat she will join in his clg..
Sanky: how come..
Veer: (tells with a naughty smuile)yaar, he is in our clg only.. Being my bestie, she will join my clg na.. He knows abt her very well. Not only her, but he knows evryone in our house.. He asked me to help him in his love..
Sanky: (boiling in anger) how can u trust anyone like this veer.. R u nuts.. Someone came to u n talked abt swara n u left him. If i would be there, i would have punched him right away, how can he think abt her..

Veer(chuckles slowly) i was angry at first but i melted seeing his love towards her.. Then i told him, if swara is ok with it, i will introduce him..
Sankg:(angrily) u will not do tat.. N swara, if she listen abt him, she will say no to him..
Veer: but i will not tell her tat he loves her, but i will introduce him as my frnd, then slowly slowly , swara will see his love n care n fall for him.. Wat u say
Sanky : total bakwas..
Veer: oh come on sanky.. I need ur help in this..
Sanky got frustrated n got up from couch where as veer was smiling seeing his state.
Veer: wat happen sanky.. Will u help me.. U know he is good looking, n moreover he is good at heart..
Sanky: enough veer
Veer: wat happened sanky(innocently)
Sanky: (composes himself) nothing..
Veer: y r u angry, if i talk abt swahil..

Sanky: swahil???
Veer: ya swara n sahil.. I shorten their names.. Nice na
Sanky: disgusting..
Veer: kya sanky.. Y u r getting angry? This is too much.. First i thought u like her.. U only said u don’t like her, tats y i thought to give sahil a chance but seeing u angry, i dont understand, wats ur problem..
Sanky: i too dont get it veer(sadly)
Veer(in mind) : oh.. So u dont know tat u r in love with my angel.. Dont worry.. Never fear when veer is here… i will make u realize..

At School :
Swatanmish finished their lunch..
Swara: girls should i ask sorry to sanky
Mishtan sees eachother.. Tannu thinks to tease her n smiles..
Tannu: s angel.. Wat u did is wrong.. Not only wrong.. But a big crime..
Swamish were shocked especially mishti.. Mishti was abt to speak but tannu pinches her to keep quite, where as swara was looking down, so she doesn’t know its tannus acting..
Swara: but tannu, it was his mistake too right
Tannu: i agree he did mistake but, wat u did, u scolded him in front of all(says it with over emotions)
Swara: ok.. I will ask sorry..

Tannu: ha tats like my angel(n giggles.. )
Swara: u r u giggling (with a doubt)
Tannu: nothing.. U go..
Swara leaves , Where as mishti was trying to say but tannu takes her..
Choti mishti : hey tannu, y u did tat..
Tannu: lol.. Dont worry mishti.. Well i was teasing her, but dont u think wat i told is right..
Choti mishti :ya but, bhai too was wrong, so i dont think she should be sorry..
Tannu: acha maate.. Dont start ur lecture like swara..
Choti mishti : ok ok(giggles)
They both leave for the practice.

At veer’s house
Veer: i got to know wats ur problem..
Sanky:(excited) really.. Tell me veer i just dont know y. Y im behaving this way.. Sometimes i get angry but sometimes im very happy..
Veer: u r affected by a virus
Sanky(shocked) : wat
Veer: s sanky.. Its a very deadly virus..
Sanky: how u know.. Until i know u, u r not doing any medicine course but
Veer: sanky, this virus can be identified by anyone.. Its like slow poison.. If it doesn’t get cured on time, it may be harmful..
Sanky: wat(shocked)
Veer: s yaar (chuckles)
Sanky:(identified he is upto something) : stop it veer.. I thought u r serious
Veer: hey im serious yaar

Sanky: if so ,can u tell the virus name
Veer: ya.. I can
Sanky: oh really.. Then proceed
Veer: u r affected by a virus called (stops)
Sanky(interestingly) :called
Veer: called
Sanky: called
Veer: called
Sanky: (irritated) bas im leaving
Veer: ok k.. Wait..
Sanky: wat
Veer: u r affected by a virus called
Sanky: aage bhi badega ya nahi
Veer: LOVE
Sanky: wat..
Veer: s dude.. U r in love..
Sanky: non sense..

Veer: u dont believe me..
Sanky: no
Veer: how mean (pouts)
Sanky: Arei yaar.. How can u say tat im in love..?
Veer:ok listen.. Y u got angry wen rahul gave rose to swara n y u bahaves rudely with him.. Wen u got to know tat he is junior, y were u so happy.. N moreover u haven’t seen sahil, n how can u judge him n not allow him to meet swara..
Sanky: is this related to love.. ? .. Noo.. So stop here itself..
Veer : its not realted to love
Sanky: then y r u saying this
Veer: becoz this ia related to jealousy.. Jelousy leads to love.. U r jealous seeing angel with someone else..
Sanky: i dont know wat u r saying but, its true tat i dont like swara being with them.. N tat sahill.. Hiw can u think of introducing him to swara..
Veer: relax dude.. Ok u just closeur eyes n think abt swara.. Just swara..
Meanwhile sanky does same n a smile appears on his face. He imagines swara near him, he thinks of her smile, her prank, his first kiss on her hand,, his jealousy his on her neck, his excitement kiss.. He smiles thinking abt it.. And then he shouts
Sanky: IM IN LOVE… IM IN LOVE.. N starts jumping ,punvhes his hand in air.. Im in LOVE with u SWARA… I love u swara..

Veer gets happy seeing him smiling for a girl firat time.. He knows abt sanky, how he ignores girls at clg.. But seeing Swara,how he have changed..
Veer: I’m very happy for u buddy.. Angel is lucky to get u..
Sanky: no veer in lucky to get her

At school :
Swara after leaving mishtan goes to princi room to give some list, their she searches sanky n doesnt find him.. She gets little upset..
Mean while the match past practice, drill practice goes on till the bell rings. N after school the trio leaves to house

At veers house
Veer: ok ok.. Im lucky to get u both.. So then wats next
Sanky: i want to tell her, how muvmch she means to me.. But im afraid of her reaction
Veer: dont worry dude, i will call her here,n u both can patch up.. First let us see wats her reaction for the kiss..
Sanky: arei yaar.. I saw her, u know how she shouted at me.. Im really scared..
Veer: dont worry, we will face it..

Evening passes n veer calls swara to his house.swara agrees to come. Sanveer gets happy..
At 7 swara reaches veers house.. Sanky opens the door n he gets awestruck seeing her wearing a knee length skirt n a top which makes her beautiful and amazing. He was just staring at her.. Swara waves hand in front of him n he comes to his sense. Swara gets inside n goes to veer room..their tannu n veers nok-jhok was going on.. Swara joins them along with sanky.. Veer takes tannu with an excuse to get snacks leaving swasan alone..
Sanky: (littke tensed) hi swara
Swara: hi sanky
Sanky: swara im
Swara: sanky im sorry..

Sanky shocked
Swara: sanky.. Im sorry.. I shoukd haven’t shouted in front of all. Mishti told me tat u think me like how veer think abt me..
Sanky: wat (cobfused)
Swara: im happy to get another veer..
Sanky: u mean
Swara: u know in punjabi veer refers to brother.. So i call veer with his name
Sanky:(littles tensed) so
Swara: s sanky.. Mishti said tat, u just treat me like my sweeto. But ur name is sanky na.. So i will call u “BHAI”
sanky( shocked) : WAAAAT

So guys..
Sanky ahocked
Swara rocked


Guys how was the epi.. Hope u enjoyed.. I wrote it in hurry.. Sorry for the mistakes.. Dont forget to comment guys.. N thanks alot for ur comments.. If u have any suggestions, pls give.. Byee

Credit to: Sha

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