FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 10)



The episode begins with sanky thinking how to convince swara. Where as swatanmishvee were enjoying ice cream..
Veer: sanky, come n have ice cream yaar.. Its home made.. Mom’s special..
Sanky looks at him angrily (thinks in mind) yeh kaisa dost hai.. Instead of helping me, he is enjoying ice cream.. Ufff.. N stamps his foot.
Veer understood his restlessness n goes near him..
Veer: wat happened dude
Sanky: is tat a question..
Veer: i know.. But cant help u, coz it was ur fault..
Sanky: wat the.. U said its wasn’t my fault before n now seeing angel,u changed ur statement..
Veer rolls his eyes n ignores him n excuses as if his mom is calling..
Veer: sanky i guess mom is calling.. Excuse me
Sanky: but i dint hear anyone(veer leaves) huh.. He will never change .. Sab ke sab dramebaaz.
Sanky (thinks )now i should only do something.. Uff.. He gets an idea n goes out.

Veer comes to swara after sanky left
Veer :angel i need to talk
Swara:i know sweetu wat u wanna talk
Tannu : then y dont u forgive him
Choti mishti :ya swaru, he was just worried abt me… U know he really cares a log abt his loved once
Swara: guys (interupted by tannu)
Tannu: s angel
Swara: guys (interupted by veer)
Veer: ya angel just imagine,if he care for his sister this much, how will he treat his lover .
Swara: will u guys let me finish(shouts)
Everyone keeps finger on their lips n shake their head
Swar: tats good.. Actually mishti, im not angry with him
Everyone forms a O shape in their mouths
Swara: well i was angry in the beginning, but knowing tat he is ur brother, i know how a brother will react seeing her sister hurt.. So its quite fair.. Now im just teasing him as he made me cry.. . Guys u don’t tell him anything. N makes a cute puppy face
Veer: (smiles) i will tell him.. He is my close buddy yaar.. I cant hide it from him..
Swara: if u ever open ur mouth, u will see the real me
Rahul understood her warning, but there was another person who heard their convo.. Ya sanky heard everything..
Veer: ok angel.. I wont..

Swara: tats like my sweetu..
And they all starts their chit chatting n teasing. Swara calls mishti as sweetu n veer angrily glares at mishty..
Just then sanky enters into the house. Sanky goes near swara, swara gets up n informs her chachi tat she wanna leave. Chachi ask her to have dinner n then leave. Her chachi also tells her tat, now she is going with her in-laws to a function, so u stay here n enjoy with the kids.. before she could refuse,sanky comes n drops a glass of water on her head.. Swara fumes.. But she doesn’t say anything.. Mishtan were shocked
Tannu thinks now sanky is gone, but to her surprise, there is no response from swara..
Sanky: tannu, now i can do watever i want.. ( N lifts one eye brow.. ) n i will be safe( with a naughty smile)

Mishtan laughs seeing swara’s state. Veer comes in Front to see swara n gets shocked n controls his laugh. Swara gave a death glare to mishtanvee who tries to stop their laugh.. Then again sanky takes the ice cream from the bowl and applies on swara’s face with his hands.. Swara looks at him in shock, coz no one have dared to do this. Everyone burst out laughing.. Can swara hold anymore. Even sanky laughs seeing her.. Swara was just standing like a statue.. Then he starts drawing on her face with the ice cream ,a big mustache and a beard.. Seeing it everone were laughing, but were little tensed abt swara’s reaction.. But as swara dint react first so they thought now too, swara will be quite but was she….. Will she.. I guess

Its a


Impossible thing

Swara back to her avatar .. Shouts “sanskaaaaaaaaaaaaaar”
Everyone closed their ears n ran from there as they know wat comes next.. Sanky gets happy seeing old swara back but was scared for the outcome.. He went n hided in the balcony, as mishtanvee have locked the room leaving sanky to face the devil..

Swara searched them everywhere.. N found the room lock from inside..

Swara: sweetu open the door( shouts)
Veer: sorry angel..
Swara: i wont do anything.. Just tell , where is tat duffer pumpkin..
Sanky is shocked. Me n duffer.. N moreover duffer pumpkin. . God more how many names she will keep.. My parents kept a nice name but this girl is impossible.. Prays tat mishtanvee doesn’t side with swara.. (But will it happen,no right)
Tannu: angel he is not with us..
Swara: if so open the door
Veer: angel.. Im not lying..
Swara looks hear n there, n keep distracting to show tat she is talking to them. There she found him, in the next room.. She saw his shadow.. She quickly goes to kitchen n makes a recipe out of noodles, ketchup n watever she gets in hand.. She makes a mixture out of it n slowly peeks in the room.. Where as sanky was hiding behind a big flower pot in the balcony his face digged in his legs.. She pours the mixture …. Sanky is frozen,looks at swara in ” wat did u do” look..
Swara gaves him an winning smile..
Swara : never challenge me..

Sanky: oh atlas miss bak bak, opened her mouth..
Swara: dont talk to me.. (pouts)
Then she starts laughing looking at his state.. Sanky was just mesmerised seeing her laughing..( Guys wanna imagine sankys state i will say,.. ) there were noodles hanging on his head just like girls long hair?.. Sanky goes near swara, but she moves back.. He again moves fwd n catches her wrist n caresses her hand n takes the water bottle which was her next plan to irritate him.. Swara was little scared by his behavior . He poured the water n cleaned himself.. Again he froze.. She have added ice cubes in the bottle.. He cleaned himself with the water n shook his head, the water droplets from his hair fall on swara face. Swara was abt to leave but sanky quickly pulled her ,which made swara to fall on sankys chest.. Their heart beat began to race.. Both of them hearts were beating in same rythm. They share an eyelock. Sanky leans towards swara’s lips,they both were looking into each other, sanky was so close, it’s just an inch between there lips, swara was just lost in his eyes, which were full of desire n there was some guilt which can be seen openly…
( will he kiss her)

(no he cant., its not the right time)

then he took a left turn and whispers in her ears
Swara came back to senses
She recalled him shouting at her unnecessaryly n jerks him back.
Sanky : swara im really sorry..
Swara:no need sanky.. Whom am i to forgive u. N im not angry with u.. N starts to leave
Again sanky pulls her
Sanky: i know u r angry n i will do anything to make u talk to me.. Anything.. Just imagine.. Annyythhiing…

Swara: do wat ever u want i don’t care
Sanky :so, is tat a challenge.. U would have seen how i irritated u to speak but this time i will do something else
Swara was little tensed but she ignores his talk n was abt to leave but sanky catches her hand n pulls her toward him.. Then he cleans the ice cream mark from cheeks n caresses it. Then he takes her hand in his other hand and kisses sofly on it..
Swara is shocked by his gesture..
Swara: duffer (jerks him and pulls her hand back)
Sanky gives her naughty smile where as swara looks at him angrily..
Sanky: sweet heart, i told u, i will make u talk.. Well duffer is a small word but its a stepping stone to success( smikes naughtily)
Swara: wat.. Dont call me sweet heart..
Sanky : oh.. Then u r not sweet at heart huh..

Swara: wat
Sanky: ya.. I thought u r sweet at heart.. Tats y i called u sweet heart in short(with naughty smile)
Swara: wat the fu
Sanky: no bad words swara..
Swara: y did u kiss me
Sanky: u only challenged me( innocently)
Swara: when
Sanky: u told me to do watever i want.. So i wanted this..
Swara fumes in anger m punches him in stomach..
Sanky: ouch..
Swara smiles winningly
Swara : Dont dare to do it again..
Then sanky moves fwd to swara, n swara gets back being scared, he pulls her by waist n takes out a big chocolate from his back. His one hand on her waist n other hand with a chocolate. He smiles n gives to her sayimg sorry..
Sanky: this is for u.. Im sorry..

Swara gets happy seeing the chocolate n snatches from him
Sanky: so, u r not angry
SwarA: im angry
Sanky: then give it back
Swara: how mean
Sanky: wat..
Swara: this is a sorry chocolate right
Swara: then , ur one sorry is accepted..
Sanky (confused):wat do u mean
Swara: i accepted ur apology for shouting at me. But u againg made me angry by kissing me
Before he could say somthing mishtanvee comes in
Veer: wat happened angel
Swara: veer u know wat he did
Before she could say something sanky closes her mouth using his hand and he changes the topic
Sanky: dude u know wat she did..
Swara: mmm mmm mmm
Sanky : she made an disgusting mixture of noodles look, im smelling like cow dung(pouts)
Everyone laughs out loud. Just then swara stamp on his foot n frees herself

Swara: its true, u r smelling really bad.. N veer listen
Veer folds his hand : now both of u stop, n go get freshen up.. U both are smelling..
Swara is taken back, as she too was smelling as she fall on sanky’s chest. then swasan gave a look at each other n goes to fresh up..

After sometime everyone enjoys each other company , where swasan were just giving each other glares. Sanky winks at her with a naughty smile and swara gets shock n widened her eyes. Then the gang plan for their weekend for ice cream parlour and a movie with family.

The next day everyone got ready including swara’s parents n tanveers parents n wemt to ice cream parlour after their lunch. They all enjoy alot with full of masti, sanky irritates swara to the hell . Sanmish were happy n mingles with swatan family very well. Mishti recalls someone seeing choti mishti n eyes her lovingly.. When swara ask her wat happened, she tells everyone to get ready for the movie.

They all come to a movie(think any movie, or else imagine 3idiots-no romantic movie due to parents) . Sanky went to buy tickets accompanied by veer. Where as shekar n harish(tanveer dad) goes to buy snacks along with their beautiful wife’s. Swatanmish left alone. Tannu sees someone n smiles naughtily. Swara sees her
Swara: wat happen..
Tannu: (still smiling) nothing
Choti mishti too sees the person n understood y she is smiling. Where as swara was facing them n the person was behind her. Looking at them smiling at her back, she turns and find?????

Swara(taken a back) as he was closer
Swara: U
Rahul :hi swara
Mishtan giggles n murmurs wat a love.. Swara gave them an angry glare
Swara: hi rahul.. U here
Tannu: swara y r u here
Swara: to watch movie
Choti mishti : then how can u question him
Swara: are u both my frnds or his…
Both giggles… Just then sanvee comes n sanky gets irritated seeing him..
Sanky: come let’s leave. Movie is gonna begin
Rahul: i too have got the same movie tickets.. Shall i join you guys
Veer:of course yaar. Wat say my angel
Swara: hm u can
Sanky gets more irritated n everyone gets into the theater n takes their seat, where as sanky catches swara n pulls her..
Swara: wat r u doing
Sanky:sit with me

Swara: Wat
Sanky: i mean, i will feel bored without irritating u
Where as rahul looks at swasan from a distance n waits for her. Sanky looks at him n gets angry
Sanky: y the hell he is here
Sanky: ur so called rahul
Swara: i dont know.. N wats ur problem with him
Sanky: i dont know but i don’t like him
Swara: y????
Sanky (changes the topic) See movie is gonna begin come
Swara: im not gonna sit with u
Sanky: u will…
Swara goes towards her family, followed by sanky where as rahul sees her n smiles. He goes n sit next to veer leaving two seat. He thinks to sit next to swara, .. as she was about to sit next to him, sanky pulls her by waist n sits next to rahul, n smirks at her.. With no choice left swara sit next to him n gets an evil idea n smirks

Sanky: so, i made u sit.. N i won..
Swara takes a safety pin n takes the pin near his waist.. Sanky jumps n gave her a angry look.. Where as swara pulls him by chance n sit next to rahul to irritate him.. Rahul goes on cloud nine.. Veer noticing all their mischiefs smiles, as he turned ,he saw choti mishti next to him
Veer:why r u sitting here
Choti mishti : tannu only told me to sit, as she was uncomfortable.. Any problem
Veer:(with fake smile) no nothing. (in mind) tannu u r dead today..
Where as tannu was smiling seeing her brother reaction. Where as swasan nok-jhok continues.
Sanky: don’t talk with him
Swara:i will
She talk with rahul to irritate him.. Then sanky pulls her towards him n whispers
Sanky: enough. I will do somthing, which u will regret later..
Swara thinks for a while n recalls how he kissed her palms n get tensed.

Sanky: so understood my warning. I’m impressed..
Listening to his appreciation by himself she gets irked n watches the movie totally ignoring him. Rahul was enjoying the movie n was also starting swara in between, but when he startes swara, sanky notices n gives him a angry look. Rahul gets afraid n turns to watch the movie again. Swara again starts talking during the interval forgetting sankys warning. When rahul went to bring ice cream, sanky pulls swara to his side n lie on her shoulder ,so tat no one gets doubt n give a peck on her neck. Swara gets shocked..
Swara: wat the hell
Sanky: i warned u..
Swara gets up from there n sits next to veer . Sanky too gets up n goes next to swara, leaving rahul at last (Poor boy)
Swara: sweetu
Veer: haan angel
Sanky gets tensed.. Swara feels awkward to tell him n decides to tell tannnu abt this.
Swara: so both sweetu enjoying huh.. (pointing towards mishti)
Sanky gets relieved n acts casual.
Veer: shut up angel. N dare not to tease with her name. This tannu made me sit.. She is dead now.. (says slowly)
Swara: this time i will support tannu.
Veer: how mean
The movie goes on n swasanvee were just disturbing eachother. When the hero kissed the heroine, sanky looks at swara with a naughty smile n swara notices him n gives him a angry look.. The movie gets over n everyone moves to their respective houses and bids bye.

The next morning swara gets ready to school, as sports practice starts from today n she has lots of work pending.. After the usual break fast, shekar drops swara to school n leaves to his office..

After the assembly swara submits the list of student in different avtivities in the principal office . Princi ask her to starts the practice from afternoon, n morning everyone will have asusual classes. Just then sanky enters Princi room, n swara gets shocked . Sanky gives her a smile n lifts one of his eyebrow.. When swara was abt to leave princi ask her to collect the group banners from the record room n bring it down. Swara leaves from there followed by sanky..
Sanky:hi sweet heart..
Swara:sanky pls.. Atleast in school, dont call me like tat.. If anyone hears it, they mighy think wrong
Sanky: ok sweet heart..
Swara gives him an angry look n goes to rahuls class to take aspl from there. Sanky waited ouside As she entered, everone started calling rahul, sanky gets irked n gets inside the class with angry look, evryone shut their mouth seeing him. Then later when she enquired, she gets to know suraj(aspl) is on leave n gets irritated. She thinks Wat to do, n calls rahul, as he is surajs best frnd n will give her required info.
Swara: rahul do u know y suraj is absent
Rahul: s swara, actually, he is out of station.
Rahul: actually, he was abt to inform u on last day of exam but he dint see u.. Sterday to i was going to tell but u sat with veer.
Swara: huh watever.. But wen he will return
Rahul: he will come after two days
Swara: wat two days. Who will do his work
Rahul: swara if u dont mind i will do his work n he told me before to manage his work in his absence.
Swara: ok.. I just came to takes suraj to bring banners from record room.. So u accompany me..
Rahul: ok
Sanky(in mind) why he is in different class. I thought he is swara’s classmate but.. Pata lagaana padega.. I will ask her later..
Sanky: no need rahul, u go to ur class.. I will accompany swara
Swara: wat.. (whispers) will u keep quite
Rahul: no bro tats not a problem..
Swara: u come rahul..
They proceeded towards the record room, followed by sanky
(Conversation while walking-)
Sanky: then i will also come with u
Swara: sanky, there is no work for u
Sanky: i will tell my mom tat u guys are not letting me see the school
Swara: wat

Sanky: ya.. (whispers in her ears) n dont worry, i will not let the cockroach come Near u, as i will always be next to u..
Swara gave him a angry look n pinched him in his waist
Sanky: ouch.. ( whispers) swara its school.. Dont touch me like this, wat will others think.
Swara: wat the hell.. Repeating my dialogue..
Sanky : s swara.. This is wat is called HISTORY REPEATS.. N winks at her..
Swara : u t troubling me more then a cockroach..
Sanky: oh really
At tat time they reached the record room.. Swara searche the group banners n finally find it. She ask rahull to carry one by one n she will help him to carry down.
Sanky: no need i will help him
Swara: no need.. Wat if u complaint to ur mom
Sanky: stop it swara.. U just wait here, we will carry
Rahul: u both dont argue.. U both stay here. I will get one of my class mate to help me(swara se itna pyaar?)
Swara: but rahul
Rahul: pls swara
Swara: ok
Sanky gets happy, as he got some alone time with her. But he doesn’t know y he is feeling happy. A smile appears on his face n he is lost in his own world
Swara: wat happened.. U r smiling.. Are u planning anything against me..
Come to his sense
Sanky: im not like u to make stupid plans..
Swara: oh my plans are stupid for u.. N hits on his knees with her knees..
Sanky: arrei yaar, u r thinking to break my leg ah.. N how u think of beating me in different ways..
Swara:very funny

Sanky: ok leave all this.. Rahul is not ur class mate ah
Swara: y u wanna know tat
Sanky: just for general knowledge (making faces)
Swara: oh.. But this question doesnt come in gk.. ( lifting her eye brows)
Sanky: ufff.. If i irritate u, u irritate me, if i talk to u politely, cant u talk to me politely(starts shouting at her in fake angry tone)
Swara: ok ok.. Stop ur drama.. Sach mei, if anyone joins our gang, they become draamebaaz..
Sanky: so tell me now
Swara: ya rahul is not my class mate
Sanky: then
Swara: wat
Sanky: duffer, which class is he
Swara: hey, tats ur name ok.. (pointing finger towards him.) n dont call me duffer
Sanky: u r really a duffer, u cant answer my question straightly..
Swara: he in class 10th
Sanky: wat
Swara: wat wat??
Sanky: i mean is he ur junior
Swara: duffer, u r a duffer..
Sanky: wat
Swara: of course.. If im in 12th n im saying he is not my class mate, then of course he will be my junior right..
Sanky:( smiles a lot) oh wow,, he is ur junior.. With a very happy mood,

(U know wat he did )

(As he was on cloud nine)

(Wat he would have done )

He quickly places his lips on



Ya he kissed her cheeks tightly.. Expressing his happy mood.. As if kissing a child showing so much love towards them…

Swara shocks!!!!!!!!!
Sanky rocks!!!!!!!!!!


So guys how was the epi.. Hope u enjoyed it.. Dont u think, sanky rocked in this whole episode, shocking swara. Waiting for ur feedback n suggestion.. N thanks alot alllloooooottttt for ur valuable comments.. N sorry for not updating sterday, i just completed half epi, tats y i dint post it.. My sisters marriage preparation is going on guys tats y I’m late..

@dharsha: actually i used to post two epi in one day, as i got little busy , later on i started posting one epi per day yaar….

N all the commentators thanks alot for ur support which encouraged me to write.. If u have any suggestions, u r free to express ur views.. Im waiting for it. I will try to post holi epi, after sports day .. I mean swara’s school sports day. .. hope u dont mind..

Credit to: Sha

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