Fallen Tear (Letter of a daughter to a father)


Today its your birthday as a father of a girl,whom you never wanted to bring in,never wanted to embrace,never wanted to do the publicity of being a father of.You always were so down to yourself that your head once crushed with your fate cursing it to be so corrosive upon you.The raged inside your realm of fatherhood were always closed for me or did you never try to disclose it?I was never the chrysanthemums in your spring,you like it,right?But could never hold or never bear my presence in your life.A garden that you always dreamt of with your queen,you find your princess repugnant there.I never wanted to be that encumbrance princess that never got your torrid cuddling.

Few leaf bud of your vindicated garden is laughing at me,Baba,won’t you stop them?They are piercing my conceal to let go the last chance of hiding under your shrouded hood.They are giggling at my birth to add your agony and you are so supposedly in boast.You could have been so imbecile by loving me,you were great enough to reify it and live on it.

I never got your back,daddy,yet,but I wanted to get at least one glance of your remorseful eyes at my first parent meeting day.It wouldn’t have mattered much to me if you could just explained once to me.I wouldn’t mind if you call me a serpent for not understand your shame on me.I waited till the end you could Make it up oblivious of the fact that you were never interested in.An epilogue of your life was me,That girl who never can give you the name to feel proud to associate with.After all,who is that magnanimous king hat has ever coped up with his princess name,who herself is his queen’s murderer?I am sorry I forget I could never be that princess, as this princess has taken your queen from you.You still don’t love spring,right?
My hand is shivering,Daddy.Won’t you hold them like you do this with your queen,with your panika?I,for once want to lie down at you.For once want to hear your sleeping stories.For once want to make you love The Spring.If not really,then simulate it for once, daddy as you know I won’t Demand anything from you more than once.
THEN,for Once do it for me.Spring is going,Baba..please hold it for me.Spring is pulling me,Baba.Won’t you stop them,yell at them?Are you thinking that the commencement of your agony has come?Is that so,daddy?
I am not liking the ventilator anymore,Baba.Please pull it off.I want to breathe so heavily that the blow reaches to you and you get the smell of Spring..I want to,daddy.But I am loosing it, I am loosing the breath.Can you hold it,Baba?

Your spring and your queen’s princess


I know its a lil bit complicated but just keep the story in mind and guess why shivya hate his daughter,shivika..I will pull down a end in the next chapter.


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  1. Kavya347

    It is just so so beautifully written. It’s great Farin. I loved it. Waiting for you to continue it further….

  2. amazing…soooooo heart touching….lkng 4wrd 2 knw d rsn behind his hateret 4 Shivika….& d reasone why Annika died….updt it soon…

  3. Akshaya

    Wow beautiful letter by a daughter. Loved it. Waiting for the next

  4. SamSun

    I was soooo emotional and awesome. I have a guess in my mind so I am eagerly waiting for the next epi.

  5. Awsm dear…
    Update soon…

  6. Ruksy

    Amazing ?
    Shivika could be the reason something happened to anika.

  7. Emotional episode… Waiting for the next update…

  8. Priyali

    wow,,, just wow,,

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