“I have fallen for my besti ? (Twinj OS)


Hello guys here I am with a cute os hope u all like it ?????
Actually today that is 11 sep it’s my best friend bday we r not in touch with eo so I thought to dedicate it to my best friend????
“Happy birthday to you……
……… Happy birthday to you??
May God bless u ……..
……….may god bless u
Happy birthday to you ……
…….happy birthday to you?????
Many many happy returns of the day…….
May u get all the happiness where ever u are
I am missing u very badly ???
Once again happy birthday smile always n enjoy ur bday ?????
Hope this day brings all the happiness in ur life
“I HAVE FALLEN FOR MY BESTI ” yes I have fallen for my best friends a cute handsome boy is shown shouting happily ??????
“I AM IN LOVE…….” I AM IN LOVE woah yes kunj sarna u r in love with ur best friends n it is the best feeling ever (so the guys is revealed to be kunj )
I am coming twinkle to Confess my feeling he says n takes out twinkle pic from pocket n smiles looking at it ?????
Kunj packs his stuff to meet his lady love n was smiling while travelling ….. aftersome time he stops at Amritsar bus stop n says so Amritsar here I am after so many years ……
He takes a cab n went directly to taneja mansion ??????

At taneja mansion….
A big mansion is shown having many people …
Leela comes there n calls out Rt Raman pinni …
They r discussing about something when kunj comes there n blindfolds leela ….
L : kunj u have come ?
K: that’s not done maa u have identified me …
L : oye u r like my twinkle n mahi so how can I not identify you
K : point to be noted he touches leela feet n takes her blessing n meets others too …
L : u r going to get beaten now …
K : y maa ???
L: just go to your siyappa queen room n U’ll get to know
K : okay maa ..
He smiles n went towards twinkle room ……

At twinkle room
A cute comes out of the after freshen up n stands in front of mirror saying
G : omg Babaji did I gain wait again ….why I am looking fat she was speaking to herself when she sees someone standing behind her giggling
She turns n looks at kunj n says u came now u r dead ……she takes pillow from bed n hits kunj with that
K : oye twinkle I have came just now n u …huh
(Yeah yeah the girl was our Punjabi pathaka twinkle )
T : kunj u r soo bad u know how much I miss u
K : I know my siyappa queen i miss u too but bdw u r looking so fat says kunj
T : hawww u r really bad I’ll not talk to u now
K : really u won’t talk ??
T : yeah I won’t talk …
K : okay then I am leaving ….
T : oh hello don’t dare to move out of the room or else ….
Kunj comes n holds her n says or else what siyappa queen…..
T : or else I’ll really kill u …..
They both say on the bed n was busy with talking with eo ……

A voice came from behind kunj we r here too
Twinj turns n looks at chinki bubbly mahi
K: yeah chinki I know that
He meets all of them n they all have a talk …
C: do u know kunj about ur best friend engagement
Kunj gets shocked n says what ????he turns n looks at twinkle ….
K : u got engaged ???
T : yeah kunj I called u so many times but u were bzy with ur meetings …..
Kunj gets sad but puts a fake smile on his face n says with whom ??
B : I’ll tell u kunj Bhaiya actually na we all went to luthras funcyion there leela bua n twinkle to be mil have fixed their alliance with yuvraj Bhaiya ….
K: yuvraj luthra that idiot ????
All laughs n twinkle gets angry n says hey kunj don’t call him idiot ….
K : siyappa queen is going to be married with idiot luthra how is it guys
Mahi chinki n bubbly laughs n twinkle runs to beat kunj ….
After sometime kunj comes on terrace n says that’s not done twinkle is getting married after 1 week no kunj u can’t loose u have to make her realise that u love her alot I can’t accept defeat from that idiot luthra ???

Next day :::::::
Kunj was staying in tm only as sarnas n tanejas were best friends n leela thinks kunj as her own son …..
Kunj was sleeping peacefully when twinkle comes there n says get up Mr sarna …she picks up water bottle n pours on kunj he gets up with a jerk …
K : what the hell ??twinkle is this the way to wake up someone
T : not someone my best friend kunj n pulls his nose …
K : if u wake up ur to be hubby like this he will run from his house that idiot luthra …
T : u again called him idiot luthra huh …
K : okay so u love him ???
T : hmm I don’t know ….
K : then y r getting married ??
T : just becoz of ma n papa she replies with a cute pout ….oh bdw yuvi is coming today
K : okay I’ll get ready to meet ur idiot luthra janeman he passes a flying kiss while twinkle makes haww wala expression…

After sometime kunj comes down n greets everyone while luthras also come there ….
Yuvi greets leela n touches her feet while kunj was just making faces ……
He come towards kunj n says u r kunj right ???
K : no I am amitab bachan he says …
Twinkle hits him with elbow n says kunj has habit of cracking jokes yuvi ….
Y: oh it’s okay baby doll
K : baby doll whose babu doll …
B : actually yuvi Bhaiya calls twinkle di baby doll
K : ohh hmm nice name he says pressing his teeths ….
They all went upstairs to talk n yuvi pushes kunj aside

K : hey yuvi I am not that type of guy ??
Y : oye kunj I wanted to ask u about twinkle as I didny knew very well about her can u plz help me
K : this is the right time kunj (thinks) n smirks yeah afcourse …
Y : so what she likes ???
K : if u wanna give her something don’t gift her soft toys or chocolates as she didn’t like it at all she thinks that it’s common is every story …. give her books or something which is rare
Y : weird ??ok I wanna ask her for date …
K : date le leke jayega meri siyappa queen ko he hits yuvi on his face (imagination )oh that’s nice
But don’t do special thinks as pulling chair or completing her she completely doesn’t like that all
Y : thanks bro for the help ….
K: my pleasure
Yuvi goes from there while kunj smirks now u r gone Mr idiot luthra siyappa queen is only mine

At night ::::
Twinkle excitedly tells everyone that she was going on a date …
C: best of luck twinkle ??
K: oh nice siyappa queen go get ready …..
Twinkle went to get ready while kunj ask chinki bubbly n mahi to get ready too as they r going for dinner as well …
They all get excited n went to get ready…
Twiraj comes to some restaurant as kunj said kunj hasn’t done any special arrangements…while twinkle looks on shocked
They gets inside n yuvi sits on the chair n ask Twi to sit too ….
Kunj comes there along with others n sat on the other tables n kunj was enjoying seeing yuvi madness ???
Twiraj eats dinner n yuvi gives twinkle a books
T : book?? Is yuvi mad or he doesn’t know how to impress girls (thinks)
Y : u liked it twinkle ??
T : yeah yeah twinkle says while kunj was smiling from far …..
Kunj n ithers had done their dinner too n comes to twiraj table …
B : di and yuvi Bhaiya u r here ??
T : u all r here also ….
K : actually we were feeling bored so came for dinner here
T : ohh ????
Yuvi looks at mahi who was looking beautiful he gets mesmerized n kunj notices his expression
K : now it will help me too n smirks so let’s eat ice cream what say guys ?
All nod n twinj went together leaving yuhi alone
Y : let’s go …
M : yeah ??
K : which flavour siyappa queen
T : butter scotch
They have a cute moment while eating ice cream kunj buys bouquet of roses n a cute teddy n gifts twinkle n says it’s ur wedding gift 10%
T : wow kunj it’s so nice bdw where is others
K : actually they have tired so went home with yuvi
T : hmm ohh?
K : so how was ur date ???
T : nice says twinkle n they left from there ….
Days passes kunj does several attempts to make twinkle realise how much he loves her …

Wedding day ::::
Twinkle along with others went to gurudwara for taking blessings while kunj thinks I have done everything but still failed I think its written in my destiny to be away from my siyappa queen (mar jaaayen plays in bg )
Kash wo pal paidal hi na ho
Jis pal me nazar tu na aaye
Agr kahi aisa pal ho
To is pal me mar jayeen ….
Kunj sees twinkle praying n smiles n thinks Babaji don’t ever fade her smile I will go away from u twinkle today but I’ll love u always n its ur besti promise …..twinkle turns n looks at kunj teard eyes ….n ask what happen???
K : nothing siyappa queen something went in my eyes ….
Twinkle was not satisfied with his answer n kunj left from there n twi thinks whats this happening Babaji today is the most beautiful day of my life but I am not happy but y is kunj crying …..wait does he ….love me no he is my bf do I love him …..how to know about it …she says Babaji if I love kunj then I’ll close my eyes if his face comes then she closes his eyes n sees kunj n smiles yes I love him I love him …
She runs from there in search of kunj (meherbaan plays in bg ) kunj kunj shouts twinkle she collides with someone n sees it yuvraj ….

T : yuvi I wanna say something…
Y : yeah tell twinkle …
T : I can’t marry u yuvi bcoz I love kunj …
Y : what u love him he too loves u so he lied to me about u
T : what u r talking about ???
Yuvi tells her the whole incident how kunj asked him to to that …
Y : go twinkle he loves u alott it’s good that u realised it now ….
T : I am so sorry yuvi …
Y : its ok twinkle just go n stop kunj now
Twinkle runs from there to taneja mansion n sees kunj letter in which he wrote always stay happy twinkle I am going now I have work n can’t attain ur wedding also …twinkle cries n tells leela n everyone about it
They take her to bus stop n searches for kunj n finally twinkle spots kunj
Kunj turns n looks at twinkle who was in tears she comes n slaps him hard on his face …
K : ouch what happen twinkle
T : idiot why u didn’t confess ur feelings
K : bcoz twinkel wo umm u r happy with this marriage so I ….
T : I love u idiot kunj ….
K : yeah I know what asked kunj being shocked
T : yes ur siyappa queen loves u alott
K : I love u too twinkle he puts his bags down n hugs twinkle ….

Leela along with other family members comes there n says u both R so idiot
Usha : yeah i always wanted to make Twi my dil
Man : yeah ….
L : but twinkle today is ur wedding u have to get married today itself
Twinj gets shocked n says what ???? We love eo
L : yeah I know today u both will get married what say usha g
U : yeah
Twinj hugs them n they get married peacefully..

This is not the end it’s beginning of their new life …?????
So guys how was the os ??
Hope u will like this too
Love u all ???
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Happy bday once again my idiot ????

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  1. Kruti

    Amazing sam…..it was so damn cute
    Loved it

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aaawwww sameera di !!!!!!! It was such a cute os ……..the concept was amazing
    n best part when kunj was miss guiding uv ????……loved it to the core di ???Keep posting like this my darlo ??

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    Sam kya bolu,….so fulfilling os
    Luved it

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    Woh ho sam what an os I loved it so much nic and u know today only I watched movie “mere yaar ki shadi hai and it has just same concept”

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous marvelous cute os…..loved it

  6. Roshini125

    Nice dear

  7. Shatakshi

    A happiest b day to ur friend Sam
    N the os was Awesome
    Loved it to the core
    Love u ??

  8. Tara

    hahaha superb cute one..
    loved it

  9. Meeta

    Cuteness overloaded.
    Hbd to ur best friend.
    She/He is lucky to have a best friend like you.
    Write more.?

  10. Ranabulbul

    Awww samu di
    It was sho sho cute os
    Sorry for not cmnting on ur ff
    U know that reason and this os is now one of my fav os

    Plz plz post ur ff soon

    And keep writing these cute os
    And a big happy wala bday to ur bff

  11. Baby

    ohhh my god sameera di amazing os srsly luvd it 2 d core
    wowowowoowowww beautiful n happy birthday to ur bestiee
    luvd it di 2 very cute hahhaaa kunjs cute sa smirks and tactics wowowow
    luv u di u r fabulous………………………….

  12. SidMin

    Loved it Sameera and Happy Birthday to your Best Friend
    Loved the OS it was so sweet especially the part where Kunj Gave UV bad ideas for the date 🙂 Loved it Keep posting such stories 🙂

  13. twinjfan (tamanna)

    It was so cute os sameera loved it…n love u..

  14. Anchali

    wow sameera di it was so cute.I just loved it.its making me remember my frnds in Mumbai.missing them badly.plzz do post such sweet ffs if u get time.

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    Wow…lovely sameera loved it to the core…

  16. Romaisha

    Sameera diiiiii
    Sorry i no im hell late ??
    This os was damn superbbbbb epic!!!!
    Loved it to the core yaar
    And one more thing… Yeh os was also VERY FUNNNYYY!!! ???????????❤❤❤❤❤❤ i loved it too muchhh dii
    And happy birthday to ur friend also ?
    Love you ❤

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