Fallen apart – shot four


Hello guys. I am back with the next shot. Woaaah thank u everyone who commented on my last shot. I am sorry guys i cannot reply back personally. Lack of time u see?????????
So guys u all said that twinkle shouldnt forgive kunj easily but that isn’t possible bcz then it will turn into ff and i cannot write ff anymore. Hope u all understand. Hope u like this shot. It only has twinj scenes.


A new day, a new sunshine. This day brought many hopes for kunj. He was continusally trying to talk to twinkle but always got sucked up , because some or the other came to twinkle and took her with them. He decided o go to her room and talk to her.
At night he went to her room tiptoeed. Twinkle just finished her bath at that time and came out rapping her towel. She came out twirling and dancing. She didnt notice kunj and was moving her hands and shaking her butts. Suddenly she banged herself in something and when she saw it was kunj, she was completely shocked.

What are u doing in my room??? Asked twinkle with a questioning look. Kunj grabbbed her by her waist. She turned dark pink due to shyness and closed her eyes as his other hand touched her shoulder. Twinkle go wear your clothes then we will talk said kunj. She quickly rushed to the bathroom and came back wearing her nightsuit. Kunj was sitting on her bed and was looking at her. What do u want kunj???asked twinkle.

Twinkle i just want to talk to you. Please can we talk said kunj. What do you want to talk about kunj??? Its been 2 years we are separated. You left me kunj. Wat do you think??? You will do anything you want. I am all alone kunj. You came back to India and i didnt had any idea. I saw you , i know how i felt. I wanted to hug you but what you did u ignored me. I heard what your family said about me. Now suddenly you want to talk to me. You know how much bad it feels, axtu you dont know anything. I am tired of all this kunj and the best part is i am going to die soon said twinkle.
Before she could proceed she felt two soft lips entangled with hers. Kunj was kissing her and stopping her to speak. She tried hard to control herself but her heart took over her brain and she to responded. The kiss was full of passion, love , care, pain amd what not. The kiss lasted for 10 mins. Twinkle was blushing like hell and kunj also had a wide grin on his face.

Twinkle why didnt you come to airport???? Twinkle looked at him with teary eyes. She couldnt stop her tears, her tears started flowing from those cheeks that were dark pink due to blush dome time back and now are red due to crying. Mom met with an accident. I rushed to the hospital. She was critical. I called u many times but you didnt pick my call and then yuvi rushed to airport and he came to know that you went. You left me. I was completely heart broken kunj. You left me. You didnt came back. You were gone forever. I didnt had you other number. I was in depression. I even tried to commit suicide but maa , mahi and yuvi stopped me. Soon everything was fine between yuvi and mahi. They married again. Anita auntie also realised her mistake. It was like a happy family for them but not for me. I used to cry every night. Now also i cry every night. I was alone kunj. All alone. I wanted you badly but you didnt return. I was and i am dieing kunj said twinkle with sobs.

Kunj immediately hugged twinkle. I am sorry please forgive me. Please twinkle. I know i did bad. Its all my fault please forgive me twinkle. I thought you didnt wanted to come with me , you wanted to live with yuvii. I was heartbroken, so i left you. Please forgive me said kunj crying vigorously.

Kunj its not your fault. Its all my fault. I am not angry from you. I am angry from my fate and my life. Its fine kunj said twinkle with ting harshness in her voice. Twinkle please one chance please twinkle for me said kunj begging her.
Kunj i am going to die…. before twinkle could speak more kunj kissed her again. He was stopping her from speaking the word “die”. He wanted to live with her.
Soon the atmosphere changed and they became wild. Kunj started kissing her, all over her body. He undressed her and she also reciprocated. They kissed each other. They loved each others embrace. They were showering all their love on each other. Soon kunj entered in her and they made love. It was a perfect night for them. No more cries, only love and love. Only happiness and care. Perfect for the two souls that wanted each other badly.

Hope its not boring. Please do comment. Your comment means alot to me. Hope u like it. I tried my beat to twinj scenes and their love.
Plzz do comment and show ur support.
Love u all????

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  1. Kanchi

    Chikku di plzzzz post asap
    apne to mere neend hi uda di hehehe
    Plzzzz post asap

  2. Hey chiku this episode is freaking hot ?????TwiNj kiss they getting wild was on other level of hotness…wish u could have showed Kunj doing some stuffs to seek forgiveness from twinkle…but it’s okay I can understand you have a tight schedule…I so loved this shot…waiting for last shot…

    #XOXO ❤?

  3. SarahKhan

    Chiku, it was really so good. Like seriously, I was missing your ff. And, pls post a bit longer episodes pleeeaase. If possible!
    Keep writing, and post the next part soon. God bless!

  4. Please post ASAP I was literally dying for your update???

  5. Guess ke me konnn huuu…hint du???
    Okkayy pehli comment kar deti hu…this shot was awesome atlast twinj milgaye phewwww um sooooo happyy…the way u showed everthing was Fantastic,Mindblowing,outstanding…loved it to the core and the kiss hayee sharam ati he mujhe…but the epi was fabulous..

    Hint chahiye?? Chalo de hi deti hu…one word LAZY…

    Muaahhh love you and ur ff
    Do cont soon

    1. Chiku

      Are u ayu

      1. Sooo bad…wrng btw…nop i aint ayu..

        guessss kar chikuuuuuu

      2. Ayu

        Lazy kahiki! Guess kar?

  6. Adya

    Omg chiku di ….
    Soo romantic…I’m in love with it… I really fell for this one…
    I Donno how to appreciate your writing…I’m jst in love with it…
    Di post the next one soon…plss di plsss.. I can’t wait for the next one…
    Plzzz post soon…
    Love u…mummy se chup chup ke likte rho..

  7. Paavu

    Oooo wow chiku nic chalo koi nahi agar maaf kar dia apne likha toh sahi par sachi ek baat poochun to be bday girl ki why u dont wanna write more pls tell wen u ll continue pls tell dear

  8. SidMin

    Loved it soooooooooooooooo romantic Loved the way each time Twinkle said she was dying UV Kissed her 🙂 Loved it 🙂
    I just want you to post soon can’t wait 🙂 Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  9. Roshini125

    So nice

  10. SidMin23

    It’s beautiful and twinj scene were on fired and their kissed everything was perfect. Keep posting

  11. Chiku…it’s me again…it’s good to know that the story won’t be a sad one….
    Love the story….And I wanted to say one more thing that is your name is really Sweet…This update was nice….

  12. Kruti

    Chiku that was sizzling hot????…..loved d twinj romance
    Waiting for d nxt part
    Continue soon

    Loads of Love ???

  13. Simiyy

    I really enjlyed it Chiku
    Now poat the next one soon

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute emotional epi

  15. Ramya

    Awesome chiku it’s amazing
    N twinkle forgived kunj so easily
    Bt episode was superb amazing fabulous loveed it n love u

  16. Ayu

    Meri pumpkin! Kya likha hai yaar??? Ab kya bolu ?? It was fantastic!!!!
    N last mein to….dirty mind ko ye daalna hi tha…do saal baad…sab kareinge..?
    Par sachchi…mein hoti to kunj ko kisses ni joote padte…par phir bhi reading that they are united…padke mann ko achcha laga!
    Romance mein tu meri maa hai! Like seriously babe u nailed it!
    Love u!!!❤️

  17. Aanya_pandey

    Frst of all sorry for this late commemt.. but anyways.. aesome episode yrr..jst lived ir

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