Fallen apart – shot five (last shot)


Hello guys i am back. Hope u all liked it. I know its boring but thank u for supporting me always. Thank uu sooo much???????????????????


Next day it was a joyful day for twinj. They were happy. They were together. Everything was set. Chinki and aditya got married the same day. Everyone was happy. Ridhabhi was heartbroken. He thought he will propose twinkle and marry her. Kunj asked for forgiveness from full taneja family. He did everything to make them believe him. Soon they forgave him. Chinki and aditya wemt for their honeymoon to Singapore.

Full family was back to Amritsar. Kunj consulted every doctor for twinkle operation. Soon doctors from London landed to Amritsar for twinkles operation.

Twinkle and kunj were sitting in their room. Kunj please dont do this. I dont want to get operated. Please kunj. Kunj looked at her with tears in his eyes. Shh twinkle dont say this. Everything will be fine. We will be together forever and ever. Are u sure about it kunj asked twinkle?? Yes offcourse said kunj with a wide smile. I love u baby. I love u too siyapa queen said kunj and hugged her tightly. Twinkle by the way i am longing for one thing. U promised me for it yesterday. Mmm okay amd twinkle kissed kunj passionately. It was a passionate kiss with lots of love, care, pain of lossing. Kunj was kissing twinkles lower lip and she was kissing his upper lip. Soon he started tracing his fingers on her jaw line and started planting kisses. It was heaven for twinkle. He started kissing her on her collar bone too. Twinkle was playing with his fingers and giggling softly. Kunj again kissed her passionately and started undressing her. Soon they both captured each other and made love once again.

Next morning twinkle was taken to the hospital. She was wearing the hospital dress. Kunj if something wents wrong asked twinkle. Nothing is going to be wrong. U and me will be together forever he said and kissed on her forehead. Twinkle fave a huge smile and then she was taken for the operation. Operation lasted for six hours. It was a win for everyone. It was a successful operation. A new success was added to doctors dairy as this type of operations are very difficult ones. Everyone was happy. Twinkle was sifted to the normal ward. Everyone was waiting impatiently for her to gain back her consciousness. Doctors told them to wait for one day as she was under the effect of anaesthesia.

Next day kunj was the first one to meet twinkle. Twinkle opened her eyes and the only thing tha tescaped from her mouth was i am dead???? This made kunj laugh whole heartedly and he told her everything. How everything took place. How doctors were for their victory. How they were waiting impatiently for her to wake up. Twinkle was very happy after listening to all this. She was happy to see her family back together. She wanted to live her life whole heartedly now. She wanted to enjoy. She wanted to laugh, she wanted to love. She had a unknown desire for living. She knew it was going to be a happy ending for her. A perfect fairy tale ending that every girl desires for. A perfect princess movie coming true, with the princess and prince living together happily ever and after.

After one week twinkle was back home. Full mansion was decorated with white orchids. It was looking like a palace. A princesses palace. It was dream coming true for twinkle. Everyone took extra care of twinkle specially kunj. He never used to leave her side. Always looking after her every need, entertaining her, making her laugh, loving her. In short all those things which she was longing for. A perfect life.


A room full of toys is shown. A cute one month baby is shown sleeping. Some whispers are heard from next room. The next room is of twinj. Kunj what do u want??? A kiss said kunj with a wink. Shut up and lets go to out princess room. I dont know y she wanted to sleep their today. She wasnt sleeping in our room. It is because she came to know that her dad wants to spend time, with her mom said kunj grabbing twinkle by her waist. Kunj leave me said Twinkle. No first one kiss. Okay said twinkle and they kissed each other with same passion, woth same love that was two years back. Nothing changed but their love increased day by day. Everything was perfect.

Now lets go said kunj. They both went to their daughter paris room. Pari wake up look mummas here said twinkle. Twinkle took pari in her lap amd was amazed to see pari smilling. She knew everything was turning good. Kunj was clicking their pictures in his dslr. Twinkle started feeding pari as she was of only one month. She was a very cute, bubbly, never crying wala baby. Golo molou sa baby, cuttie of all. Always smiling baby.

Kunj then kissed twinkle and pari on their forehead and enjoyed themsleves. They are seen with their happy faces and then the moon, the stars are shown in the sky. Their story turns out to be an amazing journey and as we say……………..


Hope u liked it. It had been an amazing journey with this five shots. Seriously guys thank u for supporting me. Thank u soo much?????????
This is last piece of my writing maybe. Ill not write shots or ffs. Ill try writing os.
Love u all???????
Thank u for supporting me???

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  1. Angel20

    It was very good!! Seriously loved it! Come up with something new soon!

    With Love

  2. Ramya

    Awwwwww chiku it was awesome cute lovely j loved it to core
    Plss come back with blast it was short cute n lovely journey
    N belated happy birthday dear
    Loved it n love u

  3. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂 Hope to see more of your works soon 🙂
    Loved the end it was so sweet Hope TEI could end this way 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  4. Purvi128

    Chiku dear … tu to chaa gayi …. loved it …!! Amazing …

    Plss come back soon …!,

    Loads of love ..❤❤❤❤

  5. Amazing story… i became a fan of urs chiku… all things in an os… sad,emotinal,lovely,entertaining etc…
    Love u chiku… do continue writting….

  6. hayeeeeitni cute story masadkai

  7. Woww such a amazing episode…… sooo cute and swttttt and beautiful journey…….luv it very much…..
    Plssss come back with ur os…
    Will be waiting…..

  8. Roshini125

    Nice ending….loved it….so nice…come back soon will be waiting

  9. SidMin23

    Chiku it was happy and nice ending and twinj with pari and waiting for your os or short ff.

  10. Simiyy

    Chiku it was really good but i am sad you ended it
    please try to come up with something new if possible
    take care & loads of love

  11. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing epispde yrr jst loved it.. so good?

  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome chico… the epi was cute one… I really enjoyed the epi… Will miss it… plz come back soon with again new ideas

    love you

  13. Kruti

    Amazing chiku…loved it
    Hoping to see u back soon with more of such
    Loads of love??

  14. Hey chiku pehle bahut bahut sorry for late comment… Was not well so dint comment… Such a cute and lovely shot… TwiNj scenes were bliss as always ???? I so loved TwiNj cute bubbly never craying baby pari ??

    Chiku do come back soon with OSs like this…

    Love You re ??

  15. An Extremely beautiful story.A story with amazing & happy ending…I don’t think I’ll be able forget the story any time soon…better say I won’t forget it ever…And wish you a very very Happy Birthday Chiku…? ??

  16. Hi Chiku,how are you? yaar this episode was awesome mindblowing sooooo sweet and cute…. loved twinjs bond n chotu sa golu molu sa always happy Pari she is too cute yar…I want to hug her kiss her… loved whole episode

    N I’m really very sorry for not commenting on previous episode…. actually I’m ill since few days… so rarely visiting TU…. please yaar don’t be angry…. soooorrrryyyyy….

    Love you…


  17. Baby

    Fallen apart – shot 1 2 3 4 5

    Ohhhhh chiku dear…….it was sooo painful……whenever I try to come out of this something stops me…….seriously amazing loved it sooo much and happy to see you writing atleast this for us 😀 love you lods and missing you♥♥♥♥♥yeh kya hogya kunj ko sad for both 😀

    Ohhhhhh my chiku such a pinful episode stomach cancer and alcoholic seriously am like almost crying very painful and as always amazing piece of writing chupkke likha tab bhi vahi wali chiku bas tera voh ek phele ka cute sa poem the few lines were missing vahi swag and vahi tarika which I love 😀 love you lods♥♥♥♥♥

    Wow chiku darling………..sach mein you stole away my heart with this touching part yaar kunj feeling guilty and everything was amazing but what’s next is the thing……. 😀 amazing seriously too emotional and loved it to eternity…….♥♥♥♥♥♥♥love you lods♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Ohhhhh god bas tu mujhse ohhh god hi nikavate rhe munh se hey bhagwaan…….i mean the episode spectacular fabulous uff…..romantic finally the two met……but last part kaisa hai heee nervous well I will read it know…..yaar seriously such a lovely one twinj were sooo emotional……. 😀 love you lods♥♥♥♥♥♥♥and missing you…… 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    ohhhhh my goodness yaar soooo sweet i thot to cmnt for all on dis as if u dont get my cmnts soooooooo bt srsly yr chiku my dear u nailed it i luvd it sooooo mch finally evrything was set perfect….. 😀 m sooooo happy luvd it it was an amazing end ufff ye kunj bhi naa baby too wants us to do romance 1 month ki baby hai usko kya pata uske samne krlo hahahaaa………..sry sry mein bhi naaa 😀 well will miss u bt happy i cn talk wid u wenevr i feel like♥♥ it was osm acha surely tell me kya meri iss bevkoofi se tujhe hassi ayi or aayi toh m happ dat u smile coz of me 😀 love u lods♥♥♥♥

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