Hi guys hw are u all..
So anyone remember this worst writer…
Sorry guys for coming vack actually I wasnt intended to come back but on swtrequests of baby my cuppy
Preshu and sweet ramya I m here……
Love u all and guys my bday was not on 13 april it was a misunderstanding bt thank u sooo much for all ur wishes which showed ur live and ty purvi my oreo baby my cuppy ramya for sweet stories as a bday gift which actually was not a bday….

Ok so I dun have much time so I m giving summary of my one ff and others I ll proceed later…

U guys need to decide that should I post my ff or not….

The story starts with the sight of a beautiful innocent girl who is crying and writing something on a beautiful diary….
She is writing about her past nearly four five years ago….
She was 22 and in her bday night as her property got transferred to her step mom she threw out her on cold night of december….

Twinkle with her eyes filled with tears walked unsteadily on lonely roads of amritsar…
A goon started misbehaving with her when a person saves her and runs from der holding her hand…
He is kunj sarna and he asks her to come with him as he is alone and need some friend too she refuses bt he forced and took her….
They reach his big luxurious bungalow… She was resisting but he didnt agreed… They became friends .. That night at his home twinkle was shocked to see his and his room’s state…. It was messed and kunj was crying like anything holding a photo saying pls LOVE come back nd many things..

Wen twi entered he hid that pic.. Twinkle consoled him making their friendship stronger….. I WAS ABOUT TO FALL IN LOVE was in heaet if twinkle….
Twinkle didnt asked about his LOVE…

At night light went she was scared so kunj slept in her room on couch……

Twinkle saw him without blanket so she put her blanket over him….
And then in morning kunj woke up nd saw she was shivering he didnt noticed glass pieces on fliir and hurt himself bt he didnt cared.. Twi woke up n saw blood on his foot she was so tensed….
She lied him on bed called for doctor cared for him…
This way their bonding was getting stronger..

Twi was feeling smthing fr him nt he was talking abt his LOVE only…
One day he took her with him in office and der smone spoke bad words to twinkle and kunj was so angry he fired that employee…
His office cabin was fully black and twi said why this black colour its not g…… And then kunj angered on her and hurted on her arms by his hands saying his LOVE loved this colour.. Then he come to his senses and said srry she said its ok…..
Then he took her to airport as his native place was goa and his work was settled there…

They went to airport in aeroplane they spend some unknown love feeling moments……
It was his private jet..
When they landed on goa airport a crowd vovered them..
Twinkle was shocked to know that kunj was biggest bussinessman of asia..
They went from back gate surtounded by heap of guards..
Twinkle was shocked to see seven to ten cars all bmw of black colour….
They sat in one car and other followed them….
She said to kunj in car to leaver her somewhere as he is rich and she is nothing..
He said friendship does not know momey..
She felt so happy and lucky…

They reached his bungalow in country side… Away from city’s tiredness…

It was very big bungalow as big as one could not even imagine…
It had very large spreaded park with each and every colour flower…..

Kunj pov
MY LOVE I reached ur dream place please come back please…

Twinkle was shocked she saw a fountain and ran towards it…
The water in it had water lillies(my fav flowers)
She dipped her feet in it…

Kunj came running towards herand jerked her so that she came out from that fountain water….
He got angered on her and held her arms toghtly givin her pain..
She was sobbing..
Kunj talked abouthis LOVE that she liked these flowers fountain and all..
She said nothing less than a sorry and went inside…
He ran towards ger and asked apology she said that she understand him…
He then showed her the room…
She was going to her room bt saw kunj in his room crying….
She went towards him and he hugged her tightly ..

She didnt resisted as she knew he was crying for his LOVE
Her name was revealed to be jasmin bt not her look revealed…
Kunh was crying and burbing words and twinkle’s too was getting wet by his tears…
He was hugging her by wrapping his hands on her waist and in his sorrow he dun came to knw that he digged his nils in her waiset and bled her…
It was paining her bt she dun said anything…

Kunj noticed and said srry..
They departed she said her she understand and asks hm if he assumes her hus friend then he should share his story he said ok and told that he ll tell her story aftr smtime..
He saw her bleeding and said pls twinkle srry she said its ok bt he resisted and lied her on Bed to apply ointment they share a moment…
Then again he remembers some moments of him with his Love…

Huh a very short summary guys pls guys if u remember d stry its ok bt ic u dun then I advice to read all parts…

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  1. Hey nice story n I was waiting for ur story too actually I don’t know ur name so I would only remember the plot so I can’t msg u… sorry for forgetting ur name ?????

  2. Ishuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..!!!!!!!!!! MY BUTTER CUP…..!!!!! ??❤❤❤❤?????????????❤?
    Kya bola tu ne… maregi mere haathon???????… worst writer.. tu jaanti nhii how much I love ur writings.. yarr plsssss for god sake aesa na bola ker… ??????bht hurt hoti hun jab koi mera fav writer aesy bolta hai.???. I m warning u not to say this again..??????? don’t u dare to say My ISHU MY BUTTER CUP A worst writer.. okk? U get that. U better get that?????????
    Ohh teri bday jab nhii thi.. chal its ok.. no prob… I thought.. leave that..
    Or tujhe seriously summary dene ki zaroorat nhi thi…. apni baat lar rahi hun or sab ka nhi pataaa..! Seriously i remember the whole story… kaash tu aj epi de deti to I would be more happier… but koi nhii.. tu wapis uski khushi bhtttt ziyada hai….
    Itna khush aaj tak mujhe kisi ne nhi kiya jitna aaj tu ne wapis aane se kiya hai… such mein..?????❤???????????????
    Of course zahir si baat hai.. me yehi chaahungi ki tu continue kar.., even baaki sab bhi yehi chaahengay…! !!!!!! Kyun guyss???.☺☺☺
    Tu ab tu jaldi se epi post ker dy.. jitna jaldi hosake… becuz I can’t wait now… nd don’t u dare call urself a worst writer samjhiii…
    Tu toh best suspense story writer hai.. such mein.. itna suspense me ne aj takh kisi story me nhi padha jitna teri story me padha hai.. such me … toh ab ur oreo can’t wait.. post the next soooonest… jitni jaldi hosake…

  3. Sayeeda

    Hello… Knock knock…. Am I talking to the amazing +best writer “PAAVU”, who consider herself as the worst writer ???…… Babes! Just understand don’t try to underestimate my sweetie cute pie PAAVU….

    I hope u remember me ur Sayoo ; after soo long time I’m commenting on ur post as I wasn’t visiting tu anymore; coz of which I don’t know that u were not active on tu but I’m very very happy to see u back…. Thanks to the ppl who compelled u to come back to tu…. ??

    Listen it’s ur sayoo order that u will continue with ur ff…. Love you sooo much ??….

    1. Purvi128

      Hey Sayoo di..! I came here when you left TU..! I know you don’t know me but after seeimg ur comment., i m really happy like hell.. seriously i can’t believe ke I saw ur comment the best writer’s comment after a long tym… i rubbed my eyes to check whether I was dreaming or was it real nd yes it was real..
      Di plsss check ur pm….
      Love you??

    2. Paavu

      I m really so happy so kucky actually luckiest tgat the greatest best most veautidul writer cmmnted on my pist and literally I culdnt stop smiling that u r back hopefully pls and u cmmnted on my post first m soo lucky di…. And ok u scold me I love u scold too and who told u I dun remember u noo I cant even think to forget u got it di I accept ur irders to nt say anything abt ur paavu bt pls pls continue ur beautiful writings pls di

    3. Omg…sayu api app agayi.
      Haye allah kitne dino se apka wait kar rhi thi..abb please jana mat api.lobe u

  4. Presha

    Hey baby…
    Thank u that u r back….
    I m so happy for that…….
    Now thank u for the summary…
    I really needed that….
    Now asb jaldi se post it nd ur fs too…
    Love u baby…

  5. Baby

    oyeeeeeeee god ishu…….my muffin ♥
    my jaan dekh all are supporting even sayoo dii….♥
    plssssss u hv to come bck…….♥
    merko toh summary yaad tha..tu bas ab aage kaa post krde suspense queen…my miss.intelligent plssssss…….
    I am missing it mama mami…..plssssss hahahaa…… 😉 😉 😉
    merko baadmein daant suna liyo merko pta hai terko bhottt gussa aa rha hai abhi mujh par btt ab toh mein chupp nhi hone wali……..ek hi toh cheez ili hai mujhe……
    muuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhh………… 😉
    love u darling…….♥♥♥
    post soon…….♥
    well now m going to watch a movie see u later….. 😉

    1. Baby

      pinny mamii….. raman mama ko include krdio plsssss…….

      1. Baby

        srrrriiiiiieeeeeee long cmnt nahi kar payii………
        abhhhii kartii hun…….
        ruk jaa tu mujhe daanta kun nahi tu mujhe call krke daant…..
        scold me……….naaaa scold me scold me……naa………
        scold me plsssss……..

    2. Baby

      uhh..srriee for did blunder cmnts..
      galti se…..

  6. first of all warm welcome to u.happy to see u r back.I remember this ff.how can we forgot. please update it

  7. Ritzi

    Paaavvvvuuuu! Omg! U knw I had a horrriiiibbblllleee day today but yr ff didn’t even take a sec to change it to the most beaaauutiful day I swear….oh god! Stop ne! I can’t still stop smiling….thanks yaar…thanks for coming back…now pls pls continue soon….actually there was no need of the summary…I totally remembered yr ff…love u yaar

    1. Paavu

      Ooooooomf hi ritzi jaan yrr m soo happy u r cmmnting and soo happy that my pist made ur mood better babes yaar m soo happy u cmmnted I ll cont soooon

  8. Hey paavu u dont have the need to give summary i remember each and every part of this story so i want direct epi of this ff bcz i am eagerly waiting for ur ff so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soon nxt epi….. Ur ff is amazing…. Plzzzz soon give ur nxt epi…. Otherwise i will die while waiting for ur ff….. And sayeeda api i am soooooooooooooo happy to see ur cmnt u will not belive i am dancing to see that u cmnted and i hope now this time u r back and plzzzzzzzz if u r back then soon give something amazing of ur writing…. Plzzzz if u can then start ur ff i can’t stop loving u then plzzzz start it….. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz????????? i am joing my hands infront of u plzzzzz its a humble request plzzzz api…..

  9. Simiyy

    Hey Paavu
    I am glad your back
    I would love you to continue
    Take Care Xxx

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Eagerly waiting for next part

  11. Sameera

    Welcome backkkk paavu thanks for giving the summary ????now post the next episode soon ?????….
    Continue soon plzzzz

  12. Twinj

    Hey paavu
    Tujhe yaad na rakhe yeh hohe nai sakta n tere ff ka summary deneki jarurat he nai thi I remember each n every part…I am serious yaar…Saachi may…aur u just hurted me…why r u saying I am sorry to come back….yaar we missed u n we are happy to see u back…thanks for coming back….don’t call urself wrost writer yaar….u r one of the best writer of TU….Sachi u write so wellll….love u…now plzzzz plzzz post ur ff very soon….already bahat intazaar karchuki hu…aab aur nai…plzzz….plzzzz post soon…..plzzzzzz aur TU chodne ki baat aab kabhi bi maat karna plzzzz requesting u….

  13. SidMin23

    Welcome back waiting for more part do post soon.

  14. hey paavu di I was a silent reader
    recently I started commenting
    I have read your all ffs
    you are just awesome
    please post the next episode as soon as possible
    waiting to read it
    and don’t dare to call yourself a worst writer
    you’re a fabulous writer
    please post the next episode asap
    lots of love

  15. U know ishu i hate u..yrr main tujhe kitna message krti hun insta par but u know what u only love ur close friends i hate u ishu??????????????

    1. Paavu

      Ap hain kon yrr nd maine insta ka wo accnt disable kra hai so dun got any msgs

  16. Ramya

    Hiiii issshuuuuuuuuuuuuu my suspense queen u r back I’m on cloud nine
    I can’t express how much happy I’m
    I’m so happy I just want to dance but I can’t as I’m out as I Saw ur ff name n.a. my happiness have no boundaries
    But y u went ha koi itna bada shock deta hai kya I hate u for dis but still I love you
    N ha next time don’t say like dis else I swear I won’t talk
    N how can u say u r a worst writer
    Are u r d best writer suspense queen
    Ishu I have changed my hangout mail vo phne karab go gaya or sab delete
    So plss send me msg on ramyashree19081999 it’s my new mail
    Aur ek baat I haven’t forget ur any story
    So jase time mile plsss do post
    Love u alottr
    N even missed u alot
    Love u
    Keep smiling

  17. Please post the next episode as soon as possible pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I am eagerly waiting for it paavu di
    Lots of love ?????????????????❤???????????

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