when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 9


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They left tanish at the school
Rag to Sanky:u too stay hear nd take care of tani I will go for a meeting

Sanky:iam coming with u

Rag:noo need of it u stay hear

Sanky:in school he will bee safe nd I already informed to principal that don’t allow tani untill I reach hear .now u need security most


Tani:mammaa papa is right I will bee fine nd will not come out untill dad comes nd see yesterday they attacked u so u should bee more careful nd haa if u don’t want a body guard I too don’t want

Rag:with an irritation :ok

And they left
Rag(in mind):from today he will torture mee the whole day

Sanky to driver:driver bhayya from tomorrow there is noo need for u in this car

Rag:(irritated):what do u want

Sanky:as I will always bee with u soo I can drive the car soo no need of driver naa .

Rag:(by smirking ):soo by removing driver u want to save money

Sanky:no no I just want to earn more money now .see if I doo driver job also I will get his salary too now I need the more

Rag:y do u need that much money

Sanky:because iam married now I should take the responsibility of my wife nd my son .(by blinking his eyes)

Rag gave an angry look

They reached office sanky was sitting outside nd rag was busy with her work

Carriage came from home to rag .while eating she remembered about sanky nd saw him sitting out side her cabin nd told the peon to give it to him

Poen to sanky:sir this carriage for u

Sanky:for mee??who told u to give it to mee

Sanky went inside the cabin
Sanky:noo need of ur sympathy I can eat food with my money nd kept the box on her table nd left from there

Rag :how dare hee I was concerned about him nd he is showing mee attitudee .its ok don’t worry if he don’t eat he will bee angry what for u (to herself)nd she opened the box nd ate it

Rag:lets goo we have to take tani with us

They reached home by taking tani with them

Sanky to dp:soo sir where is my salary
Dp:today only u joined naa
Sanky:I want daily payment nd haa from tomorrow I u should give mee drivers salary also as iam her driver from tomorrow
Dp:laughted at his behaviour ok

Rag nd tani came down after fresh up
Rag:come fast we should leave now

Sanky:now only u came wr r u going now

Tani:uffuuu papa today is saturday soo it is outing day we will enjoy this evening by roaming

Sanky:ohh soo till Saturday u will doo hard work to gain money nd in Saturday u will doo hard work to spend that money woww nice concept

Rag gave a dedly look

Sanky:what I did .
Rag:ok as u want to take responsibility of ur son nd wife so today is ur turn to prove that .soo bring ur monthly salary we should doo shooping nd she left from there

Sanky was shocked
Sanky(in mind):patindi madata (tit for tat).she is taking revange for afternoon scene

He turned to dp with a pleading face
Sanky:plzz give mee some more money u can cut that from my salary .

Dp:gave a warm smile nd gave him money

Sanky went uot nd saw rag nd tani waiting for him in car

Sanky(in mind):by seeing her why iam feeling that she will finish mee this day .(aaj too baj gayi maari band)(eeroju naku badita poojee)

Rag smiles evilly by seeing Sanky
Episode ends
Screen freezes with feared face of Sanky nd evil face of rag

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Credit to: pavani

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