when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 8


Hiii darlings tnk u for ur support I think its boring story for all of u iam sorry may be this time I didn’t reached ur expectations.its ok I will try hard to create some intrest from next time

Rag went from there with victorious smile
Sanky:when my time comes I will teach u what is disciplinee

Rag was taking tanish with her
Sanky:I will take him
Rag:noo thanks I will take him
Rag didn’t listened nd left with tanish

On the way to school some goons stopped the car
Driver got down from the car nd was about to talk with them they attacked him

Rag was shocked nd she locked all the doors of the car from inside

They were trying to hit the glasses
Rag hold tani tightly nd said
Rag:don’t worry iam with u nd nothing will happen to u
She went to front seat nd started driving nd in a hurry she hitted the tree nd becomes unconscious
When she opened the eyes she saw her lying on her bed room
She stood up nd started shouting tanish ..tanishh..

Tanish came running nd hugged her
Tanish:mamaaa u r fine
Rag hugged him nd kissed him
Rag:u r fine .thnk god
She looked towards dp
Rag:who bought us hear
Dp:sanskar bought u hear
Rag was shocked
Tanish:haa mammaaa papa saved us
Rag:but howw
When she hit a tree goons weere about to take her but sanky came there nd fight with them .they ran away from there nd sanky brought rag to home nd called doctor
Fb ends
Rag(turned to sanky):tnk u
Sanky:who r they
Rag:may bee my rivels nd now I should take more care for tanish .who ever they will bee they did wrong by trying to harm my son .
She turned to dp
Rag:security should bee tightened nd a special body gaurd should be appointed for tanish plzz see those arrangements

Dp:not only tanish u also should bee careful

Rag:I don’t care about me I care only for my son nd she hold tanish tightly

Sanky felt happy by seeing the love of rag to his son

Day passed
Sanky woke up early nd did all his work before rag .rag was confused by his behaviour
While rag was taking tani to school sanky came nd sat in the car

Rag:what r u doing hear go nd doo ur job

Sanky:iam doing that only
Rag:what do u mean?
Sanky:iam the new body guard to u nd tanish
Rag:what???who kept u??
Fb shown
After the fight when sanky brought rag to home
Sanky:y they attacked.
Dp:due to rivalry
Sanky:will this happen every time
Dp:haa but not like this every time they only threatened but this time they attacked
Sanky:soo what will we doo now
Dp:we should tighten the security nd I think we should see a nice body guard for them
Sanky:why to search.others I will doo this .I too need a job soo my work will also bee done nd u can trust mee as they were my family
Fb ends
Rag gave a shocking look to sanky nd a deadly glare to dp

Tani:woww soo I can see cartoon daily in car also

Sanky:cartoon ??
Tani:haa tom nd jerry fight btwn u two .
Sanky smiled for his ans

Episode ends screen freezes with angry face of rag .smiling faces of sanky nd tanish.

Credit to: pavani

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