when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 7


Tnk u akshata, poonam nd lovely darlings for ur support .nd poonam darling iam reading ur ff but not able to comment there due to signal problem iam sorry .

Rag:ok I will marry with only one condition
Sanky:what is that
Rag:u should come and live in my house
Rag:I don’t want to live in ur house
Sanky:ok but only for my son

He left
Rag(in mind):thank god he asked mee I tought that he will doo overaction nd will torture mee for marring mee

They married in register office simply only for the society .

Sanky came with luggage
Rag:u go nd sleep in guest room

Sanky:was that really guest room or a seevent quarter

Rag(gave a dedly look):iam not heart less like u to keep u in sevent quarter .nd by the way ur status is increased by marrying mee.soo now u r hus of ragini how can I wil allow u to live in servent quarter

Sanky:but I will live with u onlyy

Rag:listen I married u only for tanish don’t take it as an advantagee(by pointing her hand towards him

Sanky:madan just hold on no one is dying to sleep with u I just want to sleep with my son nd I want only my sons love nothing more

Rag:noo I won’t allow
Sanky:who r u to allow mee I will goo nd sleep first

He went to her room where tani is sleeping nd slept beside him

Rag tabbed her foot in an irritating way
Rag:stupid,idiot ….. how should I tolerate him for my whole life nd she went to her room

In her room she saw tani sleeping holding sanky peacefully.she felt happy inside nd slept in sofa


Rag:tani get up we should go for jogging

Tani:2 more min mammaa

Sanky:(in a sleepy tone):y r u spoiling our sleep

Rag:iam not talking to u .nd turned to tani
Rag:tani come fast it is my last call

Tani:ohoo mammaa I don’t understand every one jog to become slim nd fit then y u jog

Sanky:yaa he is right u r fit only naa now u too sleep and allow us also to sleep

Rag:just shut up u twoo .u r like just ur father (jaise baap vaisee beta).now stop ur nonsense
She hold tani nd went out nd sanky followed them

They came home after jogging
Sanky:I was very tired nd hungry now
Rag:tani now go nd have ur bath I will prepare break fast to u

At dining table
Rag was feeding tanish .sanky came running to dining table to eat

Sanky:where is my breakfast
Rag:(hiding her laugh )go nd prepare urself
Sanky:what???u didn’t prepared for mee
Rag:noo y should I prepare food for u
Sanky:ok I understood u r taking revange haa
Rag(laughing):what ever .if u want to eat go nd prepare breakfast ur self .hear servents are there only for our family not for outsiders

Sanky seriously went to kitchen to prepare something for him .but he didn’t found any thing

Sanky:what the hell
Rag:hear / food will bee provided only for the who will work not for the people who sit in house .plzz don’t mind if I am not strict by seeing u tani will also get spoiled so sorry for that .soo u can stay hear only if u get a job

Sanky sees her angryly

Episode ends
Screen freezes with smiling face of rag. Nd irritated face of sanky

Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. good one…she is making him responsible i think.

  2. Loved it dalrzzz, love ragsans cute irritating moments 😀
    And yeah please don’t make it swasan when swara comes back……. It wil be most depressing for raagu 🙂

  3. awesome yaar ragsan scences r so cute wow loved it hope soon sanky fall for ragini

  4. When swara comes back… Love triangle between ragsan and swara

  5. good one. ragini is just awesome…..

  6. Wow…super epi…..ragsan irritating moments are awesome ….waiting for ur updates ….

  7. ragini is cool

  8. Funny episode

  9. pavani darling

    Tnk u sindu darling
    Tnk u azure ya she want to make him responsible
    Tnk u priya ya swara will come but it takes some time
    Tnk u poonam darling
    Tnk u priya sis
    Tnk u sanam ya it will bee love triangle
    Tnk u akshita darling
    Tnk fira darling it will bee soon
    Tnk u lovely darling.
    Tnk u amna darling

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