when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 6

Hiii darlings tnk u for ur response nd sorry if I dissapointed any of them u will see swasan love story but it takes some time nd their love story will bee for 3/4 episodes then plzz don’t mind ragsan fans

Dp:marry him
Scene shifts
Sanjy:what r u talkinh bulbul marry her .nd give her my swaras place never she can never bee my swara

Scene shifts
Rag:noo badee papa how can I marry the person who made my sisters life hell .today my sister is on bed from 6years due to him I will not excuse him

Scene shifts
Bul:but there is no other option .he will not live without her

Scene shifts
Dp:officially you can’t make him yours soo by marriying him you can make him yours

Rag:no I can’t spoil my dii’s life if she come to consious nd she comes to know that I married her hus she will bee broken

Scene shifts
Sanky:I love only swara .I can’t betray her by marriying her sis

Pu:don’t be fool swara is not there in this world .nd that too u r doing this for ur chaild only .its ur wish then

Scene shifts
Dp:swara is very understanding she can understand y u did it .nd if she gains councious u give divorce to him .

Rag:will hee agree to marry mee
Dp:he too have noo other option nd the plus point is he don’t know that swara is alive .

Both rag nd sanky start thinking about it

Rag get a call

Caller:meet mee at the coffee shop

Rag was waiting for the caller
A person came and sat with rag

Rag:y u called mee
Now the face of person is shown nd he is none other,than sanky

Sanky:I should talk to u

Rag:tell mee fast I have some imp work .nd how is tanish

Sanky:he is fine nd crying for u

Rag got teary eye
Rag:give him to mee I will give what ever u want

Sanky:ask mee what I can doo

Rag:then y u called mee .

Sanky:iam also not interested in talking with u but I came hear only for my son

Rag:what do u want to say
Sanky:marry mee
Rag was shocked as she didn’t expected this proposal from him

Episode ends
Screen freezes with shocking face of rag

Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani


  1. Omg Swara is alive!!!!! It’s unexpected di…….. But I couldn’t understand one thing u l show swasan scenes for 3/4epis or else ragsan scenes for 3/4epis…

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