when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 5


Hiii darlings pavani here tnk u for the response

Rag saw tanish nd hold him tightly .she didn’t allowed him to go out for a sec
A week passed but rag nither she went to office nor allowed tanish to go out

Night in rags room
Tanish saw rag crying nd wiped her tears
Tani:mammaa y r u crying plzz don’t cry .that person is reason for ur condition naa I wil not leave him .plzz u stop crying

Rag:hugged him tightly
Rag:plzz don’t go with him

Tani:what r u saying mammaa y will I leave u .no one can seperate us not even god so plzz now smile

Rag smiled
Tani:thank god u smiled nd hugged her
Tani:love u mammaa

Colling bell rings
Servent opened the door
Police came in
Police:who is ragini hear
Rag:its mee y?
Police:u r under arrest
Rag:what r u talking ?u know who iam ?
Police:ya I know but I can’t do any thing I got a complaint

Rag(confusingly):complaint ??about what??and who gave it??



Sanky:yes I gave a complaint of kidnaping my son

Rag:what the hell .see inspector I didn’t kidnaped him he is my son

Police:soo( pointing towards sanky )he is ur hus

Rag:chee he is not my hus
Po:he told he is father of the chaild
Rag:nop he is lying u can ask the boy
Po to tani:see beta who is this man
Tani:I don’t know him
Sanky gets angry
Sanky lifted tani nd took him to swaras photo nd pointing to her he asked
Sanky:who is she
Tani:my badi maa
Sanky becomes more angry
Sanky:what u did u even didn’t told him who his real mother is nd how cheap u r.if u want a chaild go nd get marry .don’t try to snach my chaild from mee

Po:stop ur drama u will get the justice in court .mamm now we should arrest u

Tani ran to sanky nd hold his legs
Tani:uncle plzz tell them to leave my momm

Sanky:lifted him nd said iam not uncle iam ur papa

Tani:ok I will call u papa nd I will come with u plzz leave my mamma

Rag:shut up taniu come hear nd stay with dadu they can’t do anything with mee

Tani:noo mammaa plzz
Sanky:ok inspector sir tnk u very much for uniting mee with my son

Tani came down from his lap nd hugged rag

Tani:mammaa I won’t goo hee is rudee

Rag:don’t worry I will not allow him to take u

At the time Sanky hold tani hand nd dragged him

Rag was broken nd fell on her knees .dp consoled her

Sanky house

Tani was continously crying (mamma mammaa).sanky was irritated by this

Sanky(shouted ):she is not ur mamma .(showing to swaras photo)she is ur mammaa

Tani was scared nd ran to the corner of the room nd sat down nd started crying again
.sanky tried to feed him but he didn’t eat

At rags house
Dp:bee strong ragini plzz eat something
Rag:tani ate his food or not
Dp:sanky is his father he will take care of him don’t worry
Rag:noo I don’t trust him .I will file a complaint against him nd wil get my tani back

Dp:don’t bee foolish .he is his biological father no one canseperate them not even u

Rag hugged dp nd cried vigorously
Rag:I can’t live without him

Dp:there is one solution to solve this problem

Scene shifts to sanky
Bulbul:what happened y is he crying
Sanky:he want that devil .
Pu:plzz calm down he is a kid
Sanky:don’t know what she have done to him .he even didn’t know about his real parents nd he dont want to bee with them

Bulbul:she gave him the love
Sanky gave an angry look
Bui:yes bro she gave him the mother love which he want. Now no one can fill her place In his whole life,not even swara

Sanky:but I can’t leave him .he can bee with her or mee

Bulbul:I have an idea

Episode ends
Screen freezes with confusing faces of ragsan
urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. where is swara in ths whole story just because you used her as the mom of Tani it became swasan its really bad you know if its ragsan you should use only ragsan their are fair enough people who only read swasan so if its not swasan don’t use that word it. I started reading it thinking it would be swasan but its not. that guy don’t even know who is his mother its disgusting

    1. pavani clearly mentioned in the first episode it is ragsan, swasan ff, mainly focused on ragsan and swara is a key role, don’t blame her

      hope you understand.

    2. Hmm iam really sorry if I dissapointed u ria darling I told u rag will bee main that means rag is present nd about swara she is past u will see swasan scens in future (in flashback) if I hurt u then sorry if u want swasan scens then I will keep their photo as main when their scens come then u read them ok .nd tnk u for reading my ff

  2. and the solution is sanskar has to marry ragini.
    wow!! i really like ur ff.
    keep it up and update soon 🙂

    1. U r smart u came to know the solution haha ha nd tnk u darling for reading my ff

  3. Ria the ff completed only its 5 episode.there is more episode coming.in those episode u could read swasan scene but before that u declared the ff to be a disgusting one!how do u know that there won’t be any swasan scene in future

    1. Tnk u dhara darling for ur support its ok I don’t mind

  4. awesome yaar waiting for next part

  5. Awsm dii. Why she has taken tani from Sanskar

  6. Wow….awesome epi …..ragsan moments are awesome …..pls unite ragsan ….

  7. Awesome di I love this tanish a lot ???how sweet…..really di in ur ff he is the hero☺☺☺☺

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