when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 4


A central jail is shown

A person came out from jail and another man is waiting for him

Man hugged the person
Man:welcome back bhai
Person:nice to see u purab(puurab from kumkum bhagya)
Purab:lets goo bhai

At purabs house
A women came running nd hugged him
Women:sanskar bhayya

Ya the person is sanky

Sanky:how r u bulbul

Bulbul:iam fine how r u
Sanky:see iam healthy
He turned to purab
Sanky:did u get the adress
Puu:yes but r u shure she will allow u to take him
Sanky:y not no one have a right to separate a chaild from his father

Scene shifts to rag
Dp:he is released from jail
Rag:soo what I don’t care about him
Dp:but he will definitely come hear for tanish .what will u doo?
Rag:I will give him the money he want
Dp:did u really think he will come hear for money

A bell rings
Servent opened the door

Servent:mam some one want to talk with u

Rag:who r u??
Rag was shocked
Sanskar:soo if u know mee soo u may also know why I came hear
Rag:I know u came hear for money only naa k ask how much u want

Sanky smiled
Sanky:people like u always consider money as main but for mee love is everything

Rag:smirked:u r talking about love??
If love is imp then y u married my sister forcefully .y u left her when she needed u the most .and mainly the chaild for whome u came even don’t know that u r his son

Sanky:(angrily):even tough I married her forcefully she loved mee .she made mee human .nd I didn’t left her at that time but our destiny seperated us .
By pointing his finger angryly to rag
Sanky: the chaild is memory of our love .he is the last indication of my love nd I don’t spare if any one try to seperate my son from mee

Rag was afraid :security!!!!

Gaurds came
Rag:through him out
They through sanky out

All this is seen by tanish .he didn’t understand anything but he understood that sanky made his mother cry

Screen freezes with crying nd afraid face of rag ,angry face of sanky nd hating face of tanish (towards sanky)

Sorry for not replying u
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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