when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 3


Hii darlings tnk u very much for ur responce .

After parents meeting
Dp:soo see even tough he is naughty he is topper

Rag:y not after all he is my son

Tani:ok I got good marks soo wr is my party

Rag:ok tell mee wt u want

Tani:a car race


Dp:don’t involve mee in these crazy things
He got down
Rag:ok but with whome

Tanish:pointed towards a car beside their car

A handsome boy is waving his hand

Rag:laksh!!!!.soo u both have already planed it .ok lets goo

They have a race nd rag wins

They reach home

Dp:I think every time u knowingly looses in rags hands

Tani:noo daduu u r mistaken he only looses the race with mamma because while racing with mammaa his concentration was full on mamma soo how can he ride

Laksh:woww such a smart kid .even u understand mee but ur mamma

Tani:how dare u to flirt with my mammaa .what do u tought my mamma don’t have any one to defend her .iam there with her .iam will bee the pillar (with a fake anger)

Laksh:ohoo sir jii stop ur drama

Rag came down after changing her clothes
Rag:whats going on

Laksh:I want to talk with u
Dp took tani with him

Rag:see Laksh I already told u I will marry only if ur parents also agree that tani as their own grand son

Laksh:iam ready for it but my parents are not agreeing soo if u have noo problem I will marry against their will

Rag:noo laksh I don’t want to goo against parents .I know how a father feels when his loving chaild left him for some other .so I think u should listen them and move on in ur life

Laksh left

Dp:u will not marry??

Rag:only when hee accepts tani

Dp:if u love any one

Rag:then also he will come in my life only if he loves tani too

Turned to dp with a warm smile
Rag:no one can come in between us nd no one can suserate us not even god

Screen freezes with smiling face of rag

Plzz support mee I know iam dragging but I just want to show their bonding
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Di u r not dragging that’s so sweet really Tani is just awesome..

  2. amazing,make it long plz

  3. Amazing just loved it but plz introduce Sanskar soon

  4. beautiful beautiful epi.

  5. plz post next part soon . I am impatient to read it.

  6. Awsm…………poor lakshya

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