when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 29


Hiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support .I am glad that many of u understand wt iam trying to say tnk u .

Rag left from there
Rag(in mind):I think thse two fought with each other now what should I doo

On the way she saw Sanky sat on a bench sadly

Rag:soo dii is angry on u ??
Sanky saw her nd gave her a weak smile
Rag sat behind him
Sanky:I tought she knows me well
Rag:common she knows u
Sanky:then y she didn’t understand mee .I was busy then nd she is talking as if I did it intensionally
Rag kept her hand on his shoulder
Rag:she need some time to adjust .she know u love her but now only she came from coma she don’t know whats happening around her u have changed .u became responsible but for her u r stil that Sanky who used to love her

Sanky:I didn’t done any thing intensionally .I don’t want to avoid her but situation demanded .as a hus I expect that my wife should understand mee but…

Rag:do u understand her feelings really .do u know wt she is feeling nd now she too want some support but ..

Sanky saw her helplessly
Rag:I know its not ur mistake but insted of being angry on her u can say it with love then she can understand u .

Sanky was numb .he was thinking
Rag:plzz once try to speak with her nd clear ur misunderstanding

Sanky gave a sweet smile

Swara room
She sat on bed nd was crying
Sanky came there
Sanky:iam sorry
Swara turned other side
Sanky:sorry baba really I didn’t done it intensionally (he explains about the problem)
Swara:by wiping her tears :but u scolded mee y??

Sanky:sorry yar little stress due to work

Swara:ok but don’t repeat it
She got up nd hugged him he too hugged her nd saw ragini who is standing at the door

Sanky:with eyes:tnk u
Rag gave a warm smile but she is hurt tooo

Sanky released the hug
Sanky:ok now come fast iam very hungry
Swara:lets go
Rag saw this nd went away from them

They had their dinner
Swara:ok come Iam sleepy now
Sanky:u carry on I will come
He went to rag room who was standing near window

Sanky:r u not hungry??
Rag saw him with a plate in his hand
Rag:wt r u doing hear u should be with dii
Sanky:I know I came here for her only
Rag gave a questioning look
Sanky:if she comes to know that her sister didn’t eat then she will give that blame also to mee
Rag gave a warm smile
Rag:my dii is not like that
Sanky:ya I know u nd ur dii very well .now eat it otherwise u will fall during presentation u didn’t ate anything from morning
Rag:tnk u nd don’t worry I will eat u goo
Sanky:ok but eat for sure
Rag felt happy for his care
Rag:how do u know I didn’t eat anything
Sanky:as I know u love ur dii that much that can u eat when ur dii didn’t eat
Rag:very smart nd haa this is last time next time don’t dare to upset my dii
Sanky:really wt will u doo??
Rag:will stay with u for life long to trouble u??
Sanky:at once felt happy but ignored it nd said:noo plzz don’t give mee that much punishment

They two were laughing swara see this from out

at dining table
Rag nd Sanky were busy with their files tani was having his breakfast

Swara became perfect she walks now
Swara:Sanky doc told that today reports will come nd I should goo

Sanky:ohh ok then I nd rag will go in one car u take bade papa with u

Swara(felt bad):u won’t come
Sanky:I can’t come today if there is no problem we can go tomorrow today it is an imp presentation
SwarA gets angry : no need I will go alone
Rag:its ok u go Sanky u come after visiting doc we will requeat them to wait

Sanky:but ..
Swara:no need nd there is mo need for u to interfear in our matter
Sanky rag nd tani were shocked
Rag:dii ??
Swara:went from there angrily
Sanky went to swara
Rag had tears in her eyes
Sanky:wt happened to u swara y u behaved like that
Swara:wt wrong I told she is controling u nd how can I bare that
Sanky:common she was concerned abt u .
Swara:I don’t want any ones concern
Sanky:u have gon mad there she always thinks about ur happyness nd u are blaming her
Swara:plzz just leave me for some time I want to be alone nd u go
Sanky left from there angrily

When he returned he didn’t found rag nd tani
Sanky:wr is she??
Dp:she left with tani nd told u to not to come to office
Sanky:what the???ok papa plzz take swara to hospital I wil come directly from office after presentation

Dp agreed nd Sanky left

Rag went to office laksh was already there
Laksh:gm rags (he saw back)wr is ur darling
Rag gave a deadly look
Laksh:sorry I mean Sanky
Rag:he is busy he won’t come we should manage
Laksh:but I didn’t have any knowledge about graphics
Rag :we should manage
Mean time their sponcers came

In meeating hall
They presented
Sponser:ok wt graphic effects are u adding can u explain
Rag nd laksh were tensed
Voice:yes y not
Raglak saw Sanky
Sanky to sponsers
Sanky:sorry for late can I continue

He presented sucessfully
After meeting laksh went with them to drop them

Ragsan in rags cabin
Rag:y u came
Sanky:shut up just shut up y u left from there
Rag:she is misunderstanding me I don’t want her to suffer more soo
Sanky:so by leaving her misunderstanding will be cleared
Rag:then wt can I do
Sanky:u should face her nd she also should face the reality she can’t blame others

Voice :whats happening can I know
Episode ends
Screen freezes with angry face of swara sad face of rag

Sorry for small one nd ya my hubby is fine now
Urs darling pavani

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Hope the misunderstanding gets cleared
    Waiting for the next one………

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u spp darling lets see what happens

  2. Nitu1992

    Was literally waiting fr ur update.. I want to see a jealous sanky… .
    Feeling bad fr swara…

    1. Pavani

      Hmm poor swara tnk u nitu darling

  3. Tis s t reality…u handling both swaragini character v well

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u very much priya darling ur comment mean a lot to me

  4. awesome, please post one more part

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lovely darling nd ya I will try

  5. Superb

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u crazy darling

  6. Dear pls dnt try to make swara some negative shed in later it’s looking forward same to that.. Really ragini is doing very good & laksh wow I love him then sanky I wnt speak about he is not doing anything better…

    1. Pavani

      Hii rasrasha darling don’t worry I won’t turn swara negative this will be the reaction of any wife that doesn’t mean she is negative nd tnk u darling

  7. Oh shanky become sandwich between them nice part love ragini concern for evryone and swara behaviour is normal as she is just came out of coma.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u ankita darling

  8. Wat kind of Story r u trying to Show? ? Y Spoiling Swara ka Character Yaar ?? If i dnt like Swara n Wanted Bhai Behen Rag San Jodi as Couple den u cud have Killed Swara ..y simply brought her Character Bak n Spoiling her Image ?? Jst to show ur Fav Couple u cnt Show anyhting Rubbish..Think Practically yaar..hw will a Women Feel wen bith Her Husband n Son r Loving Other Woman more than Her ..M nt telling its Rag’s Fault or Sanskaar’s bt Sanskaat r shud understand Swara too..He is Ignoring Swara as if She No one to Her..he cn he Behave wid Swara like this..Simply Nonsense…He even did nt Care to go wid Her to Hospital? ? Is this da Love He used to do wid Swara ?? Hw Cheap..Jst chng da Story into some Sensible One or END IT Plzz..Cnt See Such Useless n Nonsense Story on SwaSan ???..Dnt knw wat r u trying to Show or Trying to Give da Msg to Others aht First Wife ?? SPOILING Swara’s Character fr ur Fav Jodi..Ridiculous

    1. Priya15

      Hello can’t u understand eng…. We said to quit.. Accha teek hai…. I l say u in hindi…

      Agar tumhe yeh story pasand nahi hai to mat pado… Padke kyun tumbhi stress lerahi ho aur di ko bhi hurt Kar rahi ho???

      And u just mind ur language tumhe tameez nahi hai kya bat Karne ki.. Tumhare yeh baato ko tum apni swasan ff ke saath rakhlena.. Yeh negativity yahan mat leya… And my ragsan is the best… Not bhai behen Jodi… Dekhne waalo ko Pata hai koun bhai behen jaise lagti hai samje…. And by the way.. Don’t u dare to say this senseless accha Agar apko yeh senseless lagti hai toh phir yeh senseless story padte kyun hai aap??? And by the way if u feel this is a nonsense story on ur so called swa-san… Then y r u reading it and wasting ur precious swa-san timing….

      One more thing this story is not ridiculous.. U r ridiculous… Aaj mujhe Pata chal gaya swa-san fans ke saath kaisa behave karna hai sorry sorry.. Swa-san paglon ke saath Kyunki swasan fans Mei bhi accha log hai…. Ha disgusting people….

      1. Astha

        priya usko hindi me nai koi lang me patha bhi samji nai. usko uska swasan thats it..

    2. Dnt dare to say anything about ragsan…if u dnt like then y r u read..plz dnt read..

    3. Pavani

      Hii unknown darling I didn’t showed swara negative it is the reaction of every wife nd I know it.nd why u think Sanky didn’t bothered he bothers about her thats y he told sorry first nd he didn’t went as work is imp also he didn’t left her there is someone there to go with her nd in anger also he told dp to take her he didn’t ignored her so he cares don’t tell he dont care about her nd ha iam not giving any messages to people I just say my view in this ff

  9. Dis is for all swasan fans… Even me too a diehard swara and swasan fan… Dis was my first may be de last rags an ff … I too feel bad for swaras condition…. But plzzz don’t blame pavani diii for dis ff .. We can give suggestions bt not compel her to give swasan as final pair.. Its her story ..and her decisions .. We should respect her feeling … Anyway she’s not going to change pairs.. She alrdy said about it… So plzzz ignore dis ff rather than compelling her to make swasan as final pair.. We have many swasan ff to read.. . It really hurts when other fans hate our favorites due to we fans.. I really feel hurt when some hate swara due to we fans… Plzzz take it as a suggestion.. Plzz plzz

    1. Pavani

      Hey anu tnk u darling nd don’t worry swara won’t become negative

    2. Anu thank u so much…itz nice hear frm one swasan fan…atleast u understood it

  10. Hi di I am really sure swara will acting.so sanskar go close to ragini it is very confirm.because u told swara is the main lead so swara and laksh were acting,so they were go close to each other that is.but why sanskar not go to hostipal with swara,after ragini told only he toldafter finished meeting we have go to hospital, it is very bad.why he were first told na di after finishing meeting we go.work is important, but swara also want important for us ,why he are not consider .she also human office full join with ragini,after coming home he give time to swara na ,but no ragini saath sweetly speak,but swara saath anger.why he can do this.but 100%sure swara will acting,that’s only sanskar angery on him ,and feel bad for ragini.so the closeness can be grown,because I observed this only in this chapter.di I am correct or not

    1. Pavani

      Hii jj swara is not acting but it is the reaction of every wife nd ya she will act later nd Sanky care about her one read the epi with heart then u can understand he cares or not

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u j darling

  11. it was awesome episode
    one message to all those who thinks their should swasan at end gues answer me one question in show first sanky loved kavitha(forget that she turned negative later) he fell for swara as he thought kavitha was dead but when kavitha returned he was left with no feelings for her he moved on he was loving swara know at that time we all wanted swasan in her story also its some what like that ragini hided from him that swara was alive and her reason r justified sanky married ragini thinking swara as dead he moved on with this truth he had started devolping feelings for ragini as she was his wife and his sons mom he was respecting her then he came to know about swara being alive but it was to late know as he had no more feelings for her understand that fact don’t bash her i read many comments who crticise pavani its simple undeestand her plot she’s good writer pavani just don’t care about such comments listen to ur heart ………………

    1. Pavani

      Hey poonam darling tnk u very much nd ya I don’t care about those its ok

    2. Astha

      u asked the ri8 qn dear. they should ans this qn.

  12. Awesome darling
    sanky caring towards ragini superb
    ragsan rockzzz

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u veeni darling

  13. awesome , superbbb….plz one more part…plz ….

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u cute darling ya I will try

  14. awesome , superbbb….plz post one more part…plz ….

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u cute darling

  15. Priya15

    Di it’s awesome…. I loved it… And u r the best….. One of the best writers ever….. And di this ff is nyc… And u r just amazing… U r strong.. After the bashing of each n every basher many time.. U r strong….. That’s the spirit di…. U r the best…..

    I m proud of u di….

    1. Pavani

      Hey sissy tnk u iam not a kid to cry for those comments ha ha ha but I fell funny by seeing those

  16. Priya15

    Astha di I agree with u for wt u said n last part… Even I hate swa-san just bcoz of those fans of them…. Even though I hate Swara from first.. I never hated swa-san…. But their fans made me to hate them after that…

    1. Astha

      u r absolutely ri8 priya i never hate swara when cvs changed the pair n showed rag as neg but after seeing cnmts only this happened………uff…..how…..i’m not ready to talk abt them n not ready to waste my energy. just waiting for pav akka’s new ff. i’m damn sure she wont include swara in that. that my obligation too.

  17. Priya15

    One slap qn to each and every Swara fans here… Guys u r taunting my di just bcoz she made ur Swara negative no no she didn’t made Swara negative… U people think that of ur self okay no prbs… And she is making it ragsan.. .. Can I ask u people one thing….

    Actually here there r some ff(I don’t want to say the name of ff and not the writer name)…. There they made ragini negative… That too n really bad way… Y u people didn’t oppose it???? Aisa toh koi bhi cmnt nahi ta vo ff’s par…. Yy so??? U people say that we love swaragini…. Listen it’s just for saying… Not from ur heart…. U people love only love Swara not ragini… I mean ya some people opposed there… But not that people whom cmntng nahi bashing my di here for making Swara like that when she didn’t do like it… But u people r saying that u like ragini then y u people opposed those writers???? Bolne ke liye kuch mat boliyega.. My di accepted that she don’t like Swara… But u people say we love ragini too…. But Aisa dikhayi nahi deta….

    And y u people r bashing di just for one fictional Character…. Look guys.. It’s just a fiction… And one more thing WE RAGSAN FANS DIDNT BEG U TO READ IT… If u people read this for a story.. U people l never bash… Hare yar pado pasand nahi toh quit Karo… Tumhara bhi time waste Kar rahi aur Hamara bhi.. Pls guys don’t post any bashing cmnts over here again..

    And tu page created fictions just to encourage one writer…not for bashing them…. Hope u people l understand…. Swara fan ho toh Jaake Swara ff pado…. Agar ragini pasand nahi hai toh yahan aake tamasha mat karna pls…..

    1. Pavani

      Hey sissy feel iyyava

    2. I agree with u ☺ let’s slap together ? hehehe

  18. Priya15

    Sorry di for those harsh cmnts.. But I can’t see the people bashing u n ur story…. I can’t hear any word against my sis…..

    Pls forgive me If u have affected by my cmnt….. But that unknown fans cmnt is really Making me out of control… Sorry once again di..

    And happy to hear that jiju is fine now….

    1. Pavani

      Hey sissy not all are like that its ok don’t worry about me iam fine don’t react to them nd iam happy that they were not scolding mee like others its ok u don’t waste time by arguing wt them so chill mill nd love u sorry if my words hurt u but I really care abt u

  19. Akshata

    awesome as always, i was waiting for this update. ragini is so understanding and caring sister.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u akshita

  20. Superb Yaar feeling good for ragini day by day sanskar supporting her by the way felt bad for swara bt it’s not her fault the situation demanding her so waiting for next episode plz soon as possible and ya once again the episode is superb

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u very much aarishi darling

  21. It’s awesome!!!!loved it…u know I recently got to know about ur ff and when I read this episode,i quickly searched for all the past episodes so as to get an idea about the story..it’s jst awesome!!!?

    1. Pavani

      Ohh tnk u very much tinker darling

  22. Piya

    Awesome nd great going…

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u piya darling

  23. Azure

    nice one as always. 🙂

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u azure darling

  24. Nice update dear

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u.ammy darling

  25. nice superb episode like evrytime…..I’m feeling so bad for shanky bechra got traped between two wife….he has to people can’t handle one wife he has two two wife….shanky future situation pakka suicide hoga…I’m sure now he can’t even think about marriage even in his dream hehehe……ragini she such understanding sister how much she care for swara..i think more than.swara she care about her sister..
    waiting for next awesome part as always…

    one request to swara or swasan fan plz stop bashing also telling ur point of view…i mean evrytime same think swara suffered most swasan deserve another all that u said it many time even i got memorized it reading in many comment so no need to tell more…way see the ending how it happen or else stop reading ignored but plz not again those comment…its really annoying…its a humble request

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha it is true it is very tough to handle 1 wife imagine 2wifes who loves him a lot he he nd tnk u sss darling

  26. so much intense
    it’s amzing
    next part pljjjjjjj hurry

    1. Pavani

      I will try to update soon lisa darling

  27. Hi pavane di
    I was a silent reader of ur ff but now I couldn’t control myself
    I must say I’ve become this ff big fan n u r amazing writer n the people who hate ur ff are in real jealous of you because they know that they can’t write like u ?
    May be m the one to say that I hate swara not helly n n there will be no one happiest then me if u make her negative ??

    1. Oops small mistake *pavani di ?

    2. Pavani

      Ha ha ha tnk u yashal darling

    3. Yashal

      I registered as a member but I don’t know what does it mean can anyone tell me plz

  28. Awesome awesome. Loved it

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u chahat

  29. Hi di ,I want know how end up with swara character, because ragsan is the pair.so I want now that.all r hate him so she will stay away alone,or any one or take care and love swara,or she one more child but all r not aware of this and went away aboard she will happy with this child,because sanskar and son love ragini,so swara want to live her life for anybody else na.sirf I want now that di please till me di

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