when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 28


Hiiii darlings thank u very much for ur love nd support nd really very very sorry for dissapointing many of them hear no one can be mistaken its all destiny guys nd iam I want to say one thing to swara fans don’t show pitty on swara infact u all should be proud of her that she have guits to sacrifice her love insted of telling swara is suffering u should spread postively that shehas great heart.so I just want to say that bee positive nd u all know life is full of adjustments nd sacrifices some times we sacrifice our freedom for our parents nd some times for our siblings nd after marriage for our hus nd children that is life so be happy .tnk u for all the people who supported nd happy birthday anamica darling have a great day

Laksh turned towards ragini
Laksh:nice to see u after many days
Rag gave a fake smile
Sanky:u know her ?
Laksh:ofcourse very well
Laksh:thats a long story nd we should not waste our time I will tell that afterwards
Sanky saw rag confusingly rag gave a fake smile

They started their work
At 5 in evening
Rag to Sanky:I think u should leave now dii will be waiting for u on the way take tani also with u ??
Sanky:noo there is lot of work nd I will complete it nd willl go nd I know swara can understand mee
Rag:gave a smile nd continued her work in mean Laksh was continously staring at rag nd rag feels uncomfortable

Rag:Laksh plzz
Laksh:wt have I done??
(Sanky was in another room guys)
Rag:stop acting nd plzz stop all these
Laksh:I didn’t get u?(with a naughty smile)
Rag:ok let me clear u one thing iam not interested in you nd stop wasting ur time
Laksh:but y r u rejecting me now as ur sis returned there is no need to worry about tani soo??
Rag:plzz there is lot of work lets complete that nd ha tnk u very much for helping mee

She was about to go laksh hold her hand
Laksh:do u love him???

Rag was shocked

Scene shifts

Swara was waiting for sanky .
Tani:mammaa y maasi nd dad didn’t came to school
Swara:don’t know iam also waiting for them
Tani:call papa
Swara:but he is not lifting
Tani:call maasi
Swara:she is also not lifting
Tani:then they won’t come early today
Swara:what???but how do u know ??
Tani:as I know maasi very well she will not lift only when she is busy
Swara::but Sanky promised mee that he wil come early
Tani:y ?? Is there any urgent work?
Swara:ha he told he will take me out ?
Tani:ohh if u want I will accompany u
Swara:with a smile:really u will accompany mee ??
Tani:y not I used to go with maasi where ever she goes
Swara:do u love her
Tani:haa maa y not she is also my mother
.ok maa I am very hungry plzz I will eat
Swara:iam sorry I have totally forget about it come I will feed u

Scene shifts
Sanky opened the door nd saw laksh holding rags hand

Sanky ran to laksh nd released her hand
Sanky:wt r u doing Laksh
Laksh:we r talking??
Sanky:then y r u holding her hand?
Laksh:common Sanky we r friends nd its casual talk
Sanky turned to rag
Rag gave a fake smile
Laksh:ok now u tell me y u came is that any imp
Sanky:ya my work is completed just came to rag to ask her can we leave its already 9

Rag was about to talk
Laksh:actually we didn’t completed our work don’t worry I will drop her after completion of our work
Rag :looked at him angryly
Sanky(don’t know y he is not happy by their closeness):no problem I will wait nd he sat there only
Laksh came near rag nd told in her ears :ok we will continue our discussion tomorrow
Rag widened her eyes Sanky saw them talking closly nd felt bad

Scene shifts
Swara made tani sleep
Swara(with her self):y r u doing this Sanky nd u r avoiding mee??but y??I didn’t expected this from u .u were not like this then .u used to spend most of the tome with mee but now it became very diff for u to talk with mee .I don’t like this change I want my old Sanky who used to bee with me always

Scene shifts
They completed their work
Rag:ok we wil meet tomorrow for presentation
Laksh:after that we are going out nd don’t make any other plans
Sanky:out?? But where ??
Laksh:surprise for ragini ok now iam leaving meet u tomorrow ragini
Rag gave a warm smile
Rag(in mind):now wt is running in his mind how he comes to know that I love Sanky ok tomorrow after meeting I will come to know about it

In car
Rag:omg dii have called me 11 times oh noo I have kept it in silent .

Sanky:ohh even for mee I was busy soo I didn’t pick up

Rag:u should have picked it if it is emergency

Sanky:I know y she called I told her that I will take her out but I was busy soo

Rag:ohh noo now dii will be very angry I told u to leave but u….
Sanky:common I know how to convence her nd she will be happy that I became responsible
Rag:really but I don’t think sooo ??
Rag:as I know dii won’t talk wt u ?
Sanky:really?? I know her very well she understands mee well .and she can’t be angry on mee she don’t ask explaination for any thing

Rag :all the best I hope that happens (in mind):I don’t want any misunderstandings in btwn u two

They reached home
Swara was waiting
They entered
Rag:iam really sorry dii there is lot of work thats y not lifted ur phone sorryyyyy
Swara:its ok u go nd come fast Iwe will eat

Sanky:u didn’t ate till now .what is this swara u should be carefull

Swara didn’t talked to him
Sanky:u r avoiding mee???
Swara:don’t talk y u didn’t lefted my call
Sanky:I was busy nd u r continously calling mee y can’t u understand if I didn’t lift the phone that means iam busy so y u continously called
Swara:u forget ur promise?
Sanky:common swara don’t behave like chaild I know its my fault but u should understand that iam busy nd see I returned with lot of tiredness insted of talking lovingly with mee u started arguing .he left from there angrily

Swara:insted of telling me sorry u r blaming mee??

Rag came after fresh up
Rag :come dii iam feeling very hungry lets eat
Swara:I don’t want to eat u eat
Swara left from there

Rag(in mind):what happened to her suddenly
Episode ends .screen freezes with angry faces of swasan nd confusing face of lucky

Urs darling pavani

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  1. Hi di one more thank di u r not make it swasan,because in this chapter clearly view sanskar is good for nothing.ha di if swara call sanskar but he did not lift up,after returned home she ask question on his means she not understanding her so she love is not true.di all the wife ask the same question why not attend my call and u promise me to go out ,it same as natural.but sanskar only ask the sorry for what he did.but shocked not small amount if gulit in his activities it is really bad and totally destroy the character.please di don’t justified the character.which person not feel bad about this activities is not at all good.most rags at 5clock go he and pick to tani,but he wait for ragini,but not attention the call.but this story is not scarifies story di ,in my point of this story is based on how escape the hell,how destroy our own life.swara escape the hell,and ragini destroy own in our own hand,because good life come near rags for laksh but he choose sanskar .swara and ragini did the same fault to love sanskar.oh god di he is not a teenager lover ,he feels jealous and most probably he already done love marriage,but he act why I feel bad to closeness of laksh,oh god please save me.but please don’t justified his character di.because this issue for all the married women’s problem di.so u don’t told swara love is attraction,because previous chapter swara prove it her love is true.but it turn is sanskar how they will prove.he only busy in jealous, so he not good for nothing .don’t ragini fans soon some one days he will leave rags after child don’t worry.because pavani di his character shape like this di cannot justified his character at any more,because she is the writer,so she not unvoluntary justified the character

    1. Pavani

      Sanky scolded its not a big matter in every couple it happens even in my married life I too faced it

  2. Hi di gm. Di all r not bashing u or. scolding u.but u don’t difference between the rights and love.care and responsibility is the basic rights of marriage not an love ,secondly true love us base on trust only.her swara already prove our trust to hubby.he told what ever without cross question she accept and blind trust him.but rags cannot,because she ask sanskar how will my do death,she us the basically a business she can’t that much of common sense. So u told ur hubby not pick the phone is busy time that all,,di her swara situation difference she now only come out of comma ,she want spend time and want to go out it is nature.but what he di she call her ,suppose if we need some urgent because health is weak and can’t properly walk and alone in the home,as a human just think aboutabout that, has work will,but important is wife ,one minutes call attend do have problem in our work .so OK after finished work u call her return but not. Wait for rags that he got any tied,and that stupid jealous oh god.Di here laksh love is true that why he can read her heart and mind,but sanskar fail in this,.her swara be confused our behavior. So laskhs and swara truly live her partners please di ragsan justified vajase do degreed her love di.di ur mind strike in ur plot so that only u can’t see any thinks,justify pairs to give this type of silly reasons.but I don’t now why u understand this .Di u know I am all r correct but u all r not accept this ,all are support only for fandom,they were not r about ur concept.di first study the all chapter of ur just only the viewers afterwards u will accept the thought of ours.l 100times confirm u r not justified ragsan,but u want justified only after the swara death,that only the remain. option.but the humble request please don’t show sanskar fall for rags.last swara death time only swara will be unite for our true love kasam se ,it is the only option because u. confess the chapter,because one time told aware is live pure,sanskar still love swara ,so u r ur self confessed what can do next.so this the nice one to justified ragsan.so I had no problem on it because sanskar only love swara,and he will want to proved that,that only he character can’t be destroyed otherwise totally. all characters can be destroyed, please di this only way ,please accept this as shake of our,so all leave without any guilt. Varna ragsan defeant fell guilt for leave alone swara,basically detrall,because as a human nature this.so consider at least this option di ,it only the right for all.And reborn for child of ragsan.it is only can justified, not the silly type resaob di.

  3. Pavani

    Ha ha ha the true love is how much we support our spouse when they need it neither Sanky did it nd nor swara she to didn’t understand him soo the fact is they don’t know each other properly

  4. Please di don’t defamed swara it better u make it her die,but before die she gain the lot of love with her husband and son di.but don’t make sanskar fall for rags.after swara death last wist to move on with rags it is the only way to justified the ragsan,varna they were always feel about swara,it is the really human nature,so all r wants now this only.u have capacity to satisfied every on
    one ,because now all r want only swara death,please please at least do this much so all r happy ,so make ragsan pair without any guilt.that swara be happy about her love life,afterwards ragsan and tani will live happy without any guild and happy ending,so fans have no fight.it is simple solution for all the fans happy
    Swasan fans will be happy about her love,and ragsan fan will be happy about they unit in life.so all fan can happy nobody fell unjustified. Please di at least consider this only di because sake of all our ff fan,nobody have heartbroken.

  5. Megha123

    Awsm epi akka & sincere request to all bashers if u don’t like ff just don’t read it

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