when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 28

Hiiii darlings thank u very much for ur love nd support nd really very very sorry for dissapointing many of them hear no one can be mistaken its all destiny guys nd iam I want to say one thing to swara fans don’t show pitty on swara infact u all should be proud of her that she have guits to sacrifice her love insted of telling swara is suffering u should spread postively that shehas great heart.so I just want to say that bee positive nd u all know life is full of adjustments nd sacrifices some times we sacrifice our freedom for our parents nd some times for our siblings nd after marriage for our hus nd children that is life so be happy .tnk u for all the people who supported nd happy birthday anamica darling have a great day

Laksh turned towards ragini
Laksh:nice to see u after many days
Rag gave a fake smile
Sanky:u know her ?
Laksh:ofcourse very well
Laksh:thats a long story nd we should not waste our time I will tell that afterwards
Sanky saw rag confusingly rag gave a fake smile

They started their work
At 5 in evening
Rag to Sanky:I think u should leave now dii will be waiting for u on the way take tani also with u ??
Sanky:noo there is lot of work nd I will complete it nd willl go nd I know swara can understand mee
Rag:gave a smile nd continued her work in mean Laksh was continously staring at rag nd rag feels uncomfortable

Rag:Laksh plzz
Laksh:wt have I done??
(Sanky was in another room guys)
Rag:stop acting nd plzz stop all these
Laksh:I didn’t get u?(with a naughty smile)
Rag:ok let me clear u one thing iam not interested in you nd stop wasting ur time
Laksh:but y r u rejecting me now as ur sis returned there is no need to worry about tani soo??
Rag:plzz there is lot of work lets complete that nd ha tnk u very much for helping mee

She was about to go laksh hold her hand
Laksh:do u love him???

Rag was shocked

Scene shifts

Swara was waiting for sanky .
Tani:mammaa y maasi nd dad didn’t came to school
Swara:don’t know iam also waiting for them
Tani:call papa
Swara:but he is not lifting
Tani:call maasi
Swara:she is also not lifting
Tani:then they won’t come early today
Swara:what???but how do u know ??
Tani:as I know maasi very well she will not lift only when she is busy
Swara::but Sanky promised mee that he wil come early
Tani:y ?? Is there any urgent work?
Swara:ha he told he will take me out ?
Tani:ohh if u want I will accompany u
Swara:with a smile:really u will accompany mee ??
Tani:y not I used to go with maasi where ever she goes
Swara:do u love her
Tani:haa maa y not she is also my mother
.ok maa I am very hungry plzz I will eat
Swara:iam sorry I have totally forget about it come I will feed u

Scene shifts
Sanky opened the door nd saw laksh holding rags hand

Sanky ran to laksh nd released her hand
Sanky:wt r u doing Laksh
Laksh:we r talking??
Sanky:then y r u holding her hand?
Laksh:common Sanky we r friends nd its casual talk
Sanky turned to rag
Rag gave a fake smile
Laksh:ok now u tell me y u came is that any imp
Sanky:ya my work is completed just came to rag to ask her can we leave its already 9

Rag was about to talk
Laksh:actually we didn’t completed our work don’t worry I will drop her after completion of our work
Rag :looked at him angryly
Sanky(don’t know y he is not happy by their closeness):no problem I will wait nd he sat there only
Laksh came near rag nd told in her ears :ok we will continue our discussion tomorrow
Rag widened her eyes Sanky saw them talking closly nd felt bad

Scene shifts
Swara made tani sleep
Swara(with her self):y r u doing this Sanky nd u r avoiding mee??but y??I didn’t expected this from u .u were not like this then .u used to spend most of the tome with mee but now it became very diff for u to talk with mee .I don’t like this change I want my old Sanky who used to bee with me always

Scene shifts
They completed their work
Rag:ok we wil meet tomorrow for presentation
Laksh:after that we are going out nd don’t make any other plans
Sanky:out?? But where ??
Laksh:surprise for ragini ok now iam leaving meet u tomorrow ragini
Rag gave a warm smile
Rag(in mind):now wt is running in his mind how he comes to know that I love Sanky ok tomorrow after meeting I will come to know about it

In car
Rag:omg dii have called me 11 times oh noo I have kept it in silent .

Sanky:ohh even for mee I was busy soo I didn’t pick up

Rag:u should have picked it if it is emergency

Sanky:I know y she called I told her that I will take her out but I was busy soo

Rag:ohh noo now dii will be very angry I told u to leave but u….
Sanky:common I know how to convence her nd she will be happy that I became responsible
Rag:really but I don’t think sooo ??
Rag:as I know dii won’t talk wt u ?
Sanky:really?? I know her very well she understands mee well .and she can’t be angry on mee she don’t ask explaination for any thing

Rag :all the best I hope that happens (in mind):I don’t want any misunderstandings in btwn u two

They reached home
Swara was waiting
They entered
Rag:iam really sorry dii there is lot of work thats y not lifted ur phone sorryyyyy
Swara:its ok u go nd come fast Iwe will eat

Sanky:u didn’t ate till now .what is this swara u should be carefull

Swara didn’t talked to him
Sanky:u r avoiding mee???
Swara:don’t talk y u didn’t lefted my call
Sanky:I was busy nd u r continously calling mee y can’t u understand if I didn’t lift the phone that means iam busy so y u continously called
Swara:u forget ur promise?
Sanky:common swara don’t behave like chaild I know its my fault but u should understand that iam busy nd see I returned with lot of tiredness insted of talking lovingly with mee u started arguing .he left from there angrily

Swara:insted of telling me sorry u r blaming mee??

Rag came after fresh up
Rag :come dii iam feeling very hungry lets eat
Swara:I don’t want to eat u eat
Swara left from there

Rag(in mind):what happened to her suddenly
Episode ends .screen freezes with angry faces of swasan nd confusing face of lucky

Urs darling pavani


  1. Purvi

    |Registered Member

    Pls don’t separate swasan yaar…… I think swara is feeling insecure…… Pls continue soon…..

    • Pavani


      Ha ha ha she is not insecure but only saw loving Sanky till now but she should accept the him as he is if she really love him

  2. Unknown Fan

    Yaaar..y Sanky is bak.of Rag ??.he is nt Thinking abt Swara ?? Hw cn he ??Swara is still Alive bt still he is nakmof Rag..nt good..Poor Swara..Make SwaSan as Couple Plzz its a Humble Request..Plzz N RagLak as Couple..Poor Swara both Her Husband n Child likes Ragini ..den wat abt Swara ?? Story is nt going good ..y u brought Swara Bak if both her Husband n Child likes Rag da most ?? Make SwaSan as Couple at end Plzz

    • Pavani


      Hii unknown fan how can rag is bad nd she accepted him as he is it is true love she never expected any thing from him it is not rags mistake that they love her .

      • Unknown Fan

        Wen m telling its Rag Mistake..its jst ur story is nt going..if u wanted Rag San den y did u brjng Swara Bak ?? U cud have made her died in Coma itself…y simply u briught swars bak n showing Her Son n Husband both t behind Rag ?? Its totally Unfair wid Swara..chng da story..n Unite SwaSan n Their Son n Make RagLak..the story is really Unfair fr Swara POV…u cud have made Swara Die if at end u wanted Rag San ..

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Oh pls stop it….. It’s an FICTION story.. Can’t u people understand????? And btw Tani love towards rag is obvious….. Hare yar khanaji Ne bhi toh yasoda Maiya Se hi toh Zyada pyar kiye the….. I mean even though he is born to devaki he is called yasoda Krishna… Y??? It doesn’t matter that who gives the place n womb is ma… Ma vo hoti hai jo sanskar deti… Accha pal poshan karti hai… So rag loved Tani more than anybody in the world… So Tani loves her…. U people so disgusting guys….. U people can’t even think that it’s just a story….. And ya he is not hating Swara first of all… Pls read it carefully…. But Tani loves rag lot than Swara… Teek hai???? And ya… If u can encourage her then encourage… Don’t bash here…

    • Astha

      |Registered Member

      unknown fan ur cmnt shows u r very close to the story. its her story. if u dont like this plot then just quit it. ok. dont order her. swaragini team changed the story many times then u asked them to changed the plot? then y u now told her to change the plot. its her wish. got it.

  3. Mm

    Sorry fr asking like this u are saying abt sacrifice bla bla,if u hate swara character that then y did u make her character like this,if u are in position of swara will u leave ur child and husband to other woman,so plz dont make stupid excuses and plz plz make swasan unite, take ragini frm their life,i also like ragini and make her know abt laksh and make them couple

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Oh god… U people r so ridiculous…. Strdy only somebody Ask the same qn… Y People r asking that If u were at Swara place???? May I ask one qn… Pls don’t mind… Story padne waale aap jaisa log itna soch sakte hai toh…. Likhne waale apse 75%bhi nahi sochenge kya??? Pls think before speaking… Hare yar she would have think 1000times before writing it.. Aap logon ko Batane ki zaroorat nahi… Let her say her pov… Pls let her do it…

      And btw she is not making any stupid excuses…. Understand?? I won’t bear if anybody saying like this abt my sis…. Dear she is saying crct…. If u can’t understand it… Then that’s not her mistake…. Sab Aap logon ki soch mei hai… Pls stay calm… Bashing l not give u anything…. And btw if u see her excuses and explanations carefully u people l understand it…. Par aaplog toh swasan fan hokar hi sochenge toh usme unki koi galti nahi.. Galti sirf Aap logon ki…. Ek bar aapki swasan ko aside Karo… And then uski explanation ko pado.. U l understand….. Without doing that u people r always saying that my di is not doing ryt with ur swasan… Writers know what they should do…… And I request u people not to compare my di to ur so called Swara….

    • Pavani


      Hii mm ya I will not leave my hus if iam in her position as iam not mahann coming to story ya I don’t like swara but I want to give equal imp I don’t want to show her negative nd my view is diff to know it you should wait

  4. Ankita

    Nice part wow sanskar for jealous good start plz update soon ragini is so understanding still cares about her sister.

  5. Anu Ann

    Hey diii… Even though I’m swasan and swara fan I’m not asking u for make swasan as couple.. Ur story ur decision….I respect it… I know u hate swara and love ragini… Me vice versa..and thanx for not making her villian … And I see many comments that saying swasan fans r emotionless so they r not seeing ragini’s pain .. For them I want to say something those who r swara fans only see her pain and for ragini fans only her pain.. Its common.. And I don’t know how u r going to make rags an pair.. I alrdy said I hate dt couple.. Bt looking forward how u r going to do so.. I truly wish swara could be dead.. Rather than sacrificing his husband and son… Don’t feel bad about comments.. They r not bashing u only critisizing so be happy for dt …

  6. SPP

    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb
    Don’t know what Laksh planning
    Go on with your plot
    Waiting for the next one………..

  7. Sheeba

    U r making sanskaar a characterless man instead of this you can show swara no more………….. Am not opponent of ragsan bt your story is something which is unacceptable Sry if I offended you anyway carry on your story and all the best bye

  8. Akshata

    |Registered Member

    ragini is so caring and understanding. i can understand swara’s insecurities. may be destiny has store something beautiful for her, for all of them. but what is laksh upto?

  9. Kittu

    Hw cn shanky talk like dis wid swara..i jus dnt like him..1st he loves her nd thn marriage thn child n thn her accident..nly bcz of accident he nw move on or shud say dnt love her anymor hw cud he do dis yaar its nt done..i jus cnt take it any more.. Nd rags cn move on wid laksh as he loves her nd befr she love him so every1 cn live happily..bt as ur rags fan ur doing dis its nt done.. 🙁 🙁

  10. Kittu

    Hw cn shanky talk like dis wid swara..i jus dnt like him..1st he loves her nd thn marriage thn child n thn her accident..nly bcz of accident he nw move on or shud say dnt love her anymor hw cud he do dis yaar its nt done..i jus cnt take it any more.. Nd rags cn move on wid laksh as he loves her nd befr she love him so every1 cn live happily..bt as ur rags fan ur doing dis its nt done… 🙁 🙁

    • Pavani


      Hii kittu darling y can’t Sanky scold her she is his wife right every man expect that his wife should understanding if she only not understands him then wt can he doo

  11. Piya

    |Registered Member

    Awesome nd follow ur stry di… nd don’t explain ur self always… its totally ur pov, if someone doesn’t want to understand this… thn this is their prblm not urs…keep going

  12. Amna

    Yaar l want to ask something to all swara fans. Pls any swara or swasan fan can newer me this. Yaar tell me in serial when ka vita nterd the show u all said that she is becoming a hurdle on swasan life . U said that ka vita shld understand that Sanskar has move on with Swara and two years is a long time to forget sm1. So this is the same case here, why are you all getting hyper then? Sans kar thought that swara is dead and in that period he started having feeling for Ragini who was his legal wife just like swara in the serial. When he came to know that swara was alive he was happy for her just like he was for ka vita in the serial? But wasn’t he uncomfortable when ever ka vita came near him like swara is coming near him? And you cannot say he didn’t loved ka vita but just liked he loved swara in this ff? So do all ur justification for right and wrong depends on the fact the character is of Swara or ka vita or ragini? Pls pls answer me this who were a long comments in previous epi asking pavani appi that she was doing wrong.???

    • Piya

      |Registered Member

      Exactly yar point is same but answer changer according to change of character if its ragini thn wrong but if its swara thn its totally justified

    • sss

      i totally agree with u amna….if swara or swasan fan can accept the fect in serial than why not here in ff….if anyone think that it injustice toward swara than it happened with kavita in original serial but still everyone accept swasan also swara…
      but here they are blaming ragini for the situation n pavani for writing like that…seriously its total nonsense

    • Jwala

      |Registered Member

      in the show kavita was not sanskar’s wife.. but swara was his wife.. there is huge difference in between gf and wife..

      • Amna

        Jwala appi l respect u a lot but l totally hate this concept u shld be with a person or love a person whom you are married to. I know there is huge diff bt ween wife nd gf bt love is same in both conDitton. Nd l personally believe that it is not necessary u love the person whom u are married to.

  13. Piya

    |Registered Member

    Guys its just a story not reality… so why we r taking it so seriously… like di like ragini character more like me but it doesn’t mean we hate swara… swara is just a character… so take a chill pill..nd there r so many swasan story.. so read those nd stop bashing… nd it jst my opinion

  14. S priya

    Dear swasanians plz don’t read tis ff if u hve any prblm…..just don’t spread negativity….let her do her job in peaceful way …..I’m nt swasan hater…itz just tat I like ragsan r raglak mre….pavani akka nice episode loved it….luking forward to c hw u ill end up wit ragsan..

  15. siddhus

    Its very bad to see sanky avoiding swara.. He is doing wrong with her.. It was sanky who forcefully married her.. She had to face all unexpected in life.. Her love and son is her life now.. She was never at fault.. Again if she loses them means its ridiculous.
    Hope u got my point..
    Plz unite swasan n ragya.. N dont let sanky fall for rags.. Let him know its juz attraction n that his life is swara..

    • Pavani


      Tnk u siddhus I think u didn’t get my point I just want to how they understand each other nd love is also a responsibility

  16. Azure

    |Registered Member

    Nice epi. I liked how you have show the different places both Swara and sanskar are at right now. And it is real. For Swara she is still in the just married space as she would be. She was Just married for a year when she got hurt and as most husbands he was spending lot of time with her in the “honeymoon” phase. As happens when kids come in, parents become responsible and cannot be with each other always. Sanskar is in that phase now and Swara in honeymoon phase because time stopped for her during coma. Laksh doesn’t seem to have much understanding of ragini’s comfort discomfort as he pushes his wishes looks like.

    • Nistha

      Awesome. So sanskar is jealous seeing raglak’s closeness. Hope he will realize his love for ragini. Curious to know how sanskar will he realize his feelings towards ragini. Don’t bother about the bashers. Ur story is awesome. Keep going

  17. Kittu

    Bt it is fact that in serial he is nt married wid kavita nd nt having child wid kavita..so nw tell me here he is married to swara having child wid swara he loves bt nw he is nt understang her it totally nt..u shud compare kavita wid swara nd their is huge diff btween kavita n swaras situation….think abt it

  18. Jwala

    |Registered Member

    sorry to say.. you are making sanskar characterless.. he is a dumb , stupid and selfish in your ff.. i don’t mind if you write a ragsan ff.. but this one swara is already his wife and she loves him.. then if he leaves her then he is inhuman.. and please say if you were in swara’s place what will be your condition? how you can be so insensitive ? because you loving ragini you are doing this..

    • Azure

      |Registered Member

      is swara also characterless in the show then? she fell for her sister’s fiance first, then was married to sankar but didnt get over laksh. now she is sort of falling for sahil during her memory loss while being married to sanskar. she didnt consider her sister’s feelings when pursuing and acting on her feelings for laksh. she continuously misjudged her so called best friend sanskar who stood by her in every moment. isn’t that selfish and stupid both??

      I understand you are a big swara fan. if you don’t like the story do not read it. she is not forcing you to read it, is she? no everything in world can go only according to what you want and the story cannot go only your way because you love swara and hate ragini.

      you said sometime back to differentiate between reel and real when it came to helly and swara. i was impressed by that to be honest. what is happening to you now? why so much forcing pavani over a fictional story. is this seriously not obsession over swara by all swasan fans who are showing so much intolerance that they cannot let the author write the story she wants. when she is not even forcing anyone to read it.

      • Jj

        Hi di,how is ur hubby health.OK di u told swara is not understanding so it is not true love ,u wrong if she can’t understand mean no silently listen why u married rags,that she nows their any strange reason,so she trust sanskar full .OK CE to the swara call lot of time to sanskar after all one time pick it what happen to resign of call because now only she come out of comma and not to walk properly alown in house ,so it is any emergency matter,but he no cara a about her..,not only swara,he don’t care for her son ,because he not go to pick her son in school.so sanskar don’t care of anyone.he care for rags and himself ,he is so selfish. first of all swara look beautiful, hot and s*xy
        in him so he give lot of love not allowed to leave oneminiuit,but now he had no time.and how rags look like beautiful, hot and s*xys*xy in him eyes so he jealous of laksh closeness, because he already told one chapter rags is beautiful and s*x
        he only sees this not any love or stupid ,that only all r called he characterless. Swara and rags they were truly loves sanskar,but he is not in true for any one.di u r destroyed sanskar character fully.he around rags because he wants her .if he really care for his wife cnfirmily he attend the call.because in office he had no work,he simple sit wait for rags,that time also not call back to swara,she only ask why he not attend my call that’s it.he got angry.he want angry and shame for himself not others.and di what wrong swara come out comma now she want spend some time with her it is correct not wrong,but sanskar only not understand her.sanskar point of view is only care and responsible for rags,not swara and even son also.so that why he go and pickup his son school.that only all r told he us not responsible persons and characterless. He feels stupid jealous oh god .now I am OK swara don’t want thus type of hubby,not even she any women’s don’t want to have this type of hubby.now I am satisfied .because any one day they will rags also,that time also they r told the stupid reasons of care and responsibility. But I hate swara in this because she will destroyed rags life to give this stupid and selfish hubby.but one di swara love is only true and purr and any type of stupid attraction .but trust wrong person that’s only the biggest mistake of swara life.

  19. Venni

    Dnt disappoint darling….dnt bother about basher they always like this only…plz swasan nd swara mahan fans dnt read it plz plz..dnt hurt

  20. Siri

    Y dnt they(swasan,swara fams) understand ..it is a fiction not real..they wrote as they wish…

    pavani dear dnt hurt..they bash not only u thay also bash dhanya(varun wife) and namish also..i dnt understand wats their problrm

    • Anu Ann

      Here swasan fans r not bashing anyone .. And we don’t have any prlm with rags an, if swara is dead…. It is justifying… If swara is dead and it became rags an we don’t have any prlm .. We w’ll just ignore it and read swasan ff .. Many of swasan fans trying to say unite swasan only b’coz swara is alive nd swasan have a child… And mostly even though rags an married they have no marital relation and lucky loved ragini …pavani di said that till now san having no feeling for ragini …. So make it swasan and raglak .. Anyway I w’ll not say her to make swasan .. Its her story her decision.. I respect her feelings.. We swara fans feels swara’s pain and ragini fans feel her pain.. Its natural .. Anyway looking forward how she’s going to make rags an .. No hard feelings .. And all de best diii.. Don’t feel bad for any comments they r just expressing their feelings

      • Azure

        |Registered Member

        anu dear swasan fans are calling pavani insensitive, stubborn. they are implying a lot more things with their comments. if that is not bashing what is. just because some silly silly fans are bashing the actors (which is wrong) is no justification to start also bashing people here. and over what? FICTIONAL characters? please tell me how many of the swasan fans thing swara is going to come alive and be their best friend or stand by them when they are down or appreciate them when they do something good. the people here – the REAL people here who, if you really make friends with them, even when they are virtual will stand by you a lot more than swara, or sanskar or ragini or laksh will. fighting over a fictional character and a fictional story ending???? that is a bit too much!! would these same people who are doing this, be okay if the favour was returned to them? think about it. sharing opinion is one thing. ordering someone to behave only a certain way is quite another. think about it. i am not saying this about you. i know you are really sensible. but it is genuinely sad to see such behaviour.

    • Anu Ann

      And sorry to say siri dear.. Some fans of every fandom done bashing.. Helly varun tejaswi namish and dhanya became victim of it..

  21. Megha123

    |Registered Member

    Guys it’s ff nt real story u cannot impose any writer to write as u wish .it’s her story & let her be the writter stop interfering in story & impose her to write it as usual wish & first stop Bashing! ! If u want u r own one just write up u r own story & coming to this one characters aren’t responsible it’s the circumstances which r responsible 4 the outcome. & still u don’t like then stop reading it instead of bashing. Coming to today’s epi it’s awsm as always akka & don’t worry there r lot of people liking the plot.

  22. Arshiii

    Yaa it’s just a story think abt it dnt blame anyone and di it’s good dnt feel bad listn to your heart I think u justify both the characters at the end so we have to cooperate her she didn’t completed the story nd thanks di for the nice story

  23. SwaRaginiholic

    First tell me y did u bring swara character bak ?? To show her her hw her husband n Kid r going bak of Her Sister? To show Her Negative n Insecure Lady ?? To show her Suffering ?? If u hatr Swara it does nt mean u show any thing Stupid..if u wanted Rag San den y u brought Swara yaar ? Iski maar dete Coma main hi …I understand ki Sabskaar is moved on in life..bt showing Sanskaar fully Igniring n Kid too Igniring Swara is nt good…Swara asked in previous Part to sanskaar ds Truth..he cud have told her then n thr itself ki He Loves Ragini nw..y simply told Lie ?? Jst to Brk Her Heart ?? Simply Nonsense…jst chng da story n Unite SwaSan asap…srsly such an Irritating Story it is..

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Remember one thing… She is the writer of the story she should decide what she should do…. We People can’t say that… OK???? If u feel it’s nonsense and stupid.. Pls u quit this ff… Without doing that simply annoying with ur cmnts s not good dear unknown fan…. So don’t tell her to change the plot… Pls…… If u don’t like that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t write what she feels… She has a right to write what she want….

    • Pavani


      Ha ha ha tnk u very much for being irritated by mee I think it is waste to explain u as u will not get my point nd u can quit from this if u don’t like this its ok for mee I won’t bother

  24. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Oh god bashers… Aap logon na kabhi na sudharenge.. Explaining to u people is waste of time.. But ha I can’t see u people bashing my di…. Understand???? So pls…. Just stop bashing… I have said u one option.. . But u people r doing what u want… U people l read that in which u r not OK… . But after reading that u l bash….. Jaise ki my di is cmng to u n asking to read…. Ha that’s disgusting….. Just be calm n let her to tell her view….. Without listening to her u people r pleasing her to end it with swasan… Hare Bina koi idea ki koi bhai writer story likna shuru nahi Kartha…. They l have some idea.. Pls stay calm and let her do her work….. U people don’t know how much effort a writer put to write… U people l easily bash pls think once before speaking bcoz ur letting their efforts waste… Ur bashing l disturb them a lot… So pls.. If u can’t stay without bashing then stop reading…….. Sorry to say but pls stop bashing and be quite till the story ends.. I m sure u l be satisfied….

    Di it’s amazing part… I m damn happy that my sanky is feeling jealous…. But don’t know y that I don’t like lucky… But ha sanky toh aaj Mera dil jeet Liya di….

    And di u r not only a strong mother but a strong woman too…And a best sister too… Love u… Loads of hugs…… Ha continue my sissy u always rock…… Don’t worry abt those bashers….

    • Pavani


      Hey priya sissy don’t worry iam very strong I don’t bother about tjose comments I came hear after facing many circumstances soo iam not that week that I will fell for those silly comments ya it hurts a bit but when people like u are supporting then noo problem nd love u too urs loving sis

  25. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Ohfo bashers.. Just stop comparing di to ur Swara…. There is a limit for everything.. U people r asking what she l do when she is at the place of Swara.. She l leave her husband and child???? .. Hare don’t u people feel shame to ask that.. She is answering u people calmly… . That doesn’t mean that she l not be hurt… Sochne se pehle ek baat yad rakhiye…

    This is just a fan fiction…. It’s not a real life story…..

    And she l be hurt too… When u people ask like that to her she is also a normal HUMAN BEING like u people… If u people feel bad for that fictional Character SWARA… She is a normal lady like u…

    And di last thing my di is not like ur so called SWARA MAHAN

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      I know this l hurt u…. But think once how much she l get hurt when u people ask that qn… U people getting hurt to see one fictional Character that… But my di is a normal girl ryt… So pls guys don’t ask like that.. Think how much it l hurt them before speaking…..

  26. S priya

    I rem one tamil film..where first wife ill become mentally challenged aft giving birth to a grl…ten her sister married her hus fr child sake aft tat tey ill fall in love nd also tey ill hve another child tat time first wife ill return home…ten her sister ill act as if she s widow…but first one ill soon come to knw abt t truth…she knws both her hus nd her sister s innocent…she don’t want to feel tem guilty as if tey did something wrong wit her…so she ill pretend to b mental again nd ill b back to hospital…but her daughter finds she s acting but first one ill get promise frm her..leaving her hus ,her sis,her daughter …she sacrificed her life fr tem…in tis type of situation anyone has to sacrifice itz no ones fault but it z t pratical…pavani s doing t same so watz wrong in tis…

    • Astha

      |Registered Member

      priya u telling ri8 but after all this they repeat that only we want swasan in end. its our waste of time to explain them. they wont understand anything

    • Azure

      |Registered Member

      there is a old hindi movie shashi kapoor, rekha and rakhi – Basera on these lines. really good one. no one is at fault and you feel for all. but the story is good.

  27. Astha

    |Registered Member

    akka better nxt time u dont add swara’s character in ur story. bcos of cvs here many swara mahan ki fans hai. they all will think abt her only. after reading cmnts i started to hate swara
    u dont wry akka we all will be with u forever

    • Azure

      |Registered Member

      trust me there is so much intolerance shown by swara fans that if you were ever a swasan fan you start feeling ashamed to be associated with swasan anymore and you want to go as far away from the pair as possible. this is exactly what was happening in IF.

      • Pavani


        Ha ha ha its ok I don’t bother about those comments I have faced many things in my life so its not a big deal for mee

      • Amna

        Yup l too started hating swara’s character to a little extent. I have been a keen observer of bashing and l have always seen that swasan and swara fans are too much intolerant than other groups.

      • Anu Ann

        Azure diii happy to know dt once you r a swasan fan… Actually from starting I like swara dan ragini dts it.. Later when bashers toward swara increases I started to love swara aka helly and become a diehard fan .. I know both swasan and raglak fans r in fault.. Both done bashing… And coming to swaras character CVS made her character as mahaan.. Most of de serial lead w’ll be a mahaan bt here de prlm is there r 2 lead and they make one mahaan other negative.. If swara didn’t become mahaan everyone bash her saying selfish .. Till now I didn’t read any ragsan ff … I too feel bad for Laksh b’coz no.of swasan and rags an ff r more dan raglak and swalak .. Even though raglak is the official couple he’s getting importance in serial and ffs

    • Anu Ann

      Hey dear don’t say like dt even though ragini’s ragini’s character negative you loved her.. So there character is not necessary to love them

      • Indira

        |Registered Member

        She isn’t talking about the character graph in the show anu.
        She is saying about the negativity and heights of intolerance shown by some fans on IF. Really if u visit that forum u ll see it…so much bashing.

        Well m a fan of all d 4 leads and as l couldn’t handle such negative comments l too opted out of that site.

    • Anu Ann

      Azure dii y u say so . even though I’m swara fan I don’t bash any one.. I respect everyone’s feeling… If anyone said bad abt swara try to speak dem polietly

      • Azure

        |Registered Member

        i know you don’t dear. you are really nice and sensible. but not every fan is. there are a lot lot of swara fans who are behaving very extreme. i am being very honest. there are go to IF you will know. i was a swasan fan and even liked swara before the malkin track. but there was so much bashing of the raglak fans there that i start feeling ashamed to be a swasan fan. many felt the same way and stopped visiting the site. for my being good human being has to come first and foremost before any fandom. i still have good friends there who are swasan fans….but some aggressive swara fans spoilt it. what indira is saying is true. i deleted all my stories from that site because i dint even want to be associated with it any more. of course after the swara adarsh bahu transformation i also didnt like the character development of swara. but that was still a choice. the feeling ashamed part was just not even wanting to be part of the group anymore.

  28. Anu Ann

    Pavani dii don’t feel bad about comments once there was an ff named IT IS WRITTEN … There rags an r married couple ..and they had a child .. BT later she met with an accident and swara lost her memory .. So later it became swasan .. And there the writer get many bashing from readers .. They same only happened her .. Only difference their ragini dead swara lost memory .. Here swara is not dead and ragini married sanskar.. Every fans want their fav couple … So every fandom there r selfish people .. Plzzz ignore dis comment … Don’t bash me

  29. Zuha (SuNusZuRahLima Rocks >3)

    Excuse me Swasan fans, if u dont like this FF, then dont read and dont waste ur time.

    And I will not give a bhashan, but will just say, Life is very small, don’t hurt one, and spread and gather happiness,maybe your one mistake brings a single tear in one’s eye, and you cant even apologize.

    And di, there is a solution that you break ur FF into 2 one part you will write a story on swasan and in one part write on ragsan, this will bring justice to all, and will stop thinking one insensitive etc.
    Keep writing
    Keep smiling?
    Love u??

  30. Rasha

    Pavani I never commented in this ff from start coz every episode I had no words coz it’s complicated one but after today I want to put some words here… am ragini fan & I like both raglak r ragsan but never miss any single ragsan ff.. I wnt hate swara but always cvs makes her as a big mahan thats I really hate, when I start reading this ff coz of ragsan but u made me think al time for swasan well I know it was ragsan & will end up in ragsan only.. here no one is fault each & every character was realistic coz this was happening in this earth r v can say of god game also.. nowhere no ones fault I Dnt want swasan r ragsan but pls lets make it swasanrag will b much better coz tani deserves both motherly love thr is no any difference in both & he to very mature to his age anyhow swara is good means let’s she accept rag na & rag already knw the fact more than al this tani will b too happy… About sanky I had no words ya coz in this 5yrs he loved only swara & when rag touched swara belonging he yelled at her but when swara back he being away from her & falling for rag is his true love towards swaragini… but Wat swanky is doing that was the particle here everyone doing things.. Now this laksh he is so cute & sweet from long he is behind her but after long meeting her he understood of her heart for sanky & sacrifice character..

    Naaku thelsi miru yeppadu e ff start chesaro appadnuchi yentha mandi mimmalni thidthunaru kada really I feel so bad for that.. miru really chupinchali ani e ff start chesaru kani ss ff mimaltho chalane argue & disappoint & discouraging u.. that’s the reason I felt so bad to comment any thing here.. ur always doing some good work Ya just gohead…

  31. Fairy

    Diiii….its awesome loved it…lets see whts gonna happen nxt..sry 4 late comment..actually ma net is nt wrkng properly soo..love ragini..

    N guyz plz dnt fight n keep calm..

  32. shain

    hey writer I realy want to give one suggestion to u and I am not bashing u, second think I am diheart fan of ragini and also swara
    friend first of all I want to say that if we are writing story than that story and writer should make place in ur there heart for u but the way u are taking story iin which u are being criticised by more then 50% than u should think what is different between u and cv’s of this serial, friend if we are writing the story we should make plot in the way that bashers should stop bashin but u knowingly or unknowingly taking story in that way that bashers are bashing more story and many people are thinking that u are doing cheap things to get comment so please keep in point and I read message where u told that sanky fall in love with swara again so u should not criticise sanky character here but please note that sanky fall in love after 5years of kavita death and u know in 5 years married person also can fall in love with other person but here sanky falls in love with rags after getting to know swara is alive and there is no any lover who will fall in love with other person than whome he was madly love one time and another thing in serial lucky also fall in love again with ragini only after swara move on her life and same with swara she fell for sanky after lucky married her sister so please do not make ur story crap dear because this story is going with no sense
    other thing u replied one comment that swara should understand bad behaviour of sanky than u should ask urself if ur husband do not call u than why u becomes too angry so please think before commenting and friend u want ragsan so please end in that way but before take plot in way that swara should not hurt or she should get died and another think some are telling sanky is confusing in this ff so realy it is correct sanky is not able to understand swara and ragini feeling and today sanky chaeacter was not good it is 100% correct
    last thing if u read other writer ff eg. eva anu Anjali doli sree bushra meher etc. if they get one bashing comment than they modifie plot to get liked by bashers also and all writers ask to readers whether they are liking or not so please keep in mind we writs for readers entertainment not breaking there hearts and other THING WESHOULD MAKE GOOD IMPRESSION OF OUR STORY TO READERS NOT BED so try to understand problem of bashers and do not fight like kids swasan ragsan , it does not suit for writer
    sorry if hurts u but please keep in mind this suggestion

    • Azure

      |Registered Member

      you seem to be justifying bashing. that is a first! ……if i were to believe all the comments then helly has a lot of bashers in insta and twitter…should she quit acting?? tomorrow if terrorist attack a country are you going to tell the country to change itself?? or do you want the terrorism to stop??? bashing is nothing but terrorism at micro level.

    • Pavani


      Hey sahein iam pavani nd ya let me clear u one thing my hus will be frustrated sometime may be due to job stress ya I understands him thats y I will be calm then he scolds me when I irritates him by calling as he was busy in his work so it doesn’t mean my hus don’t love mee but matter is we undestand each other nd ya iam not writing my ff for comments as from 7th to 12th epi of this ff I got less than 4/5 then also I write as I will not stop for comments ya comment was imp but like this and one thing I don’t like is don’t compare one writer with others nd they may change their story but I can’t I will write what I want to they read or not its their wish I don’t bother

    • Amna

      Yaar how can u say sm1 to change her plot jst bcoz some people are not liking her plot. I believe that the writing comes from heart and if you don’t have your wish about the plot you will never feel good writing them. I m sure u don’t write any fiction as if u were writing u wouldn’t have said like this.

  33. Jj

    Hi di one more thank di u r not make it swasan,because in this chapter clearly view sanskar is good for nothing.ha di if swara call sanskar but he did not lift up,after returned home she ask question on his means she not understanding her so she love is not true.di all the wife ask the same question why not attend my call and u promise me to go out ,it same as natural.but sanskar only ask the sorry for what he did.but shocked not small amount if gulit in his activities it is really bad and totally destroy the character.please di don’t justified the character.which person not feel bad about this activities is not at all good.most rags at 5clock go he and pick to tani,but he wait for ragini,but not attention the call.but this story is not scarifies story di ,in my point of this story is based on how escape the hell,how destroy our own life.swara escape the hell,and ragini destroy own in our own hand,because good life come near rags for laksh but he choose sanskar .swara and ragini did the same fault to love sanskar.oh god di he is not a teenager lover ,he feels jealous and most probably he already done love marriage,but he act why I feel bad to closeness of laksh,oh god please save me.but please don’t justified his character di.because this issue for all the married women’s problem di.so u don’t told swara love is attraction,because previous chapter swara prove it her love is true.but it turn is sanskar how they will prove.he only busy in jealous, so he not good for nothing .don’t ragini fans soon some one days he will leave rags after child don’t worry.because pavani di his character shape like this di cannot justified his character at any more,because she is the writer,so she not unvoluntary justified the character

  34. Jj

    Hi di gm. Di all r not bashing u or. scolding u.but u don’t difference between the rights and love.care and responsibility is the basic rights of marriage not an love ,secondly true love us base on trust only.her swara already prove our trust to hubby.he told what ever without cross question she accept and blind trust him.but rags cannot,because she ask sanskar how will my do death,she us the basically a business she can’t that much of common sense. So u told ur hubby not pick the phone is busy time that all,,di her swara situation difference she now only come out of comma ,she want spend time and want to go out it is nature.but what he di she call her ,suppose if we need some urgent because health is weak and can’t properly walk and alone in the home,as a human just think aboutabout that, has work will,but important is wife ,one minutes call attend do have problem in our work .so OK after finished work u call her return but not. Wait for rags that he got any tied,and that stupid jealous oh god.Di here laksh love is true that why he can read her heart and mind,but sanskar fail in this,.her swara be confused our behavior. So laskhs and swara truly live her partners please di ragsan justified vajase do degreed her love di.di ur mind strike in ur plot so that only u can’t see any thinks,justify pairs to give this type of silly reasons.but I don’t now why u understand this .Di u know I am all r correct but u all r not accept this ,all are support only for fandom,they were not r about ur concept.di first study the all chapter of ur just only the viewers afterwards u will accept the thought of ours.l 100times confirm u r not justified ragsan,but u want justified only after the swara death,that only the remain. option.but the humble request please don’t show sanskar fall for rags.last swara death time only swara will be unite for our true love kasam se ,it is the only option because u. confess the chapter,because one time told aware is live pure,sanskar still love swara ,so u r ur self confessed what can do next.so this the nice one to justified ragsan.so I had no problem on it because sanskar only love swara,and he will want to proved that,that only he character can’t be destroyed otherwise totally. all characters can be destroyed, please di this only way ,please accept this as shake of our,so all leave without any guilt. Varna ragsan defeant fell guilt for leave alone swara,basically detrall,because as a human nature this.so consider at least this option di ,it only the right for all.And reborn for child of ragsan.it is only can justified, not the silly type resaob di.

  35. Pavani


    Ha ha ha the true love is how much we support our spouse when they need it neither Sanky did it nd nor swara she to didn’t understand him soo the fact is they don’t know each other properly

  36. Jj

    Please di don’t defamed swara it better u make it her die,but before die she gain the lot of love with her husband and son di.but don’t make sanskar fall for rags.after swara death last wist to move on with rags it is the only way to justified the ragsan,varna they were always feel about swara,it is the really human nature,so all r wants now this only.u have capacity to satisfied every on
    one ,because now all r want only swara death,please please at least do this much so all r happy ,so make ragsan pair without any guilt.that swara be happy about her love life,afterwards ragsan and tani will live happy without any guild and happy ending,so fans have no fight.it is simple solution for all the fans happy
    Swasan fans will be happy about her love,and ragsan fan will be happy about they unit in life.so all fan can happy nobody fell unjustified. Please di at least consider this only di because sake of all our ff fan,nobody have heartbroken.

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