when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 27


Hiiii darlings tnk u for ur wonderful response nd sorry if I dissapointed any one nd iam also a human nd I can’t satisfy every one

Sanky:u know it ?
Swara:I listened to ur conversation yesterday
Sanky:actually iam really sorry swara …..
Swara:did u moved on
Sanky:wt r u talking ?
Swara:noo plzz if that is the reason y u look sad .nd if yes then plzz tell mee I won’t come in between u two
Sanky:wt r u saying swara (he explained how they got married )
Swara:really u don’t love her
Sanky:noo I just care about her thats it nd now she is also my responsebility
Swara:thank god I was afraid that u two love eachother nd she hugged him
Don’t know y Sanky was not uncomfortable so he released the hug
Sanky:ok madam now ur dought clarified nd u r not angry on us naa??
Swara:yaa I was what is necessary to marry u can pretend as u r married in public
Sanky:y do u feel bad ??
Swara:y not iam ur wife I feel bad if someone calls u as her hus
Sanky:soo u r jealou?
Swara:y not I love u ??
Sanky:ok sorry for our mistake atleast now plzz excuse
Swara:its ok
Sanky:ok now as ur doughts are clarified I will go to office I have soo much work
Swara:noo today u stay in home plzz
Sanky:common swara now stop behaving like a kid I have some work I will return home early then we can goo
Swara:ok come fast I will bee waiting

Sanky left
Swara:u have changed a lot Sanky first u used to wait for mee to talk with mee for some time but now…

Rag sat in her cabin nd was busy in work
Sanky entered her cabin
Rag:u came??
Sanky:haa tought to help u
Rag:u should give some time to dii she need ur company
Sanky:but I should not neglect my work aftral iam doing this for them only nd sme one said if I won’t work I may not get my meal (by folding his hands)
Rag remembered that incident nd smiled
Sanky:u look good when u smile
Rag :tnk u (they have a beautiful eyelock)
They were disturbed by a voice

PA:may I come in mamm
They come to senses
Rag:come in nd she signed Sanky to sit
PA:mamm they were not ready to postepone the meeting
Rag:wt to do now ??
Sanky:can I help in any way ?
Rag:voo actually we got a deal to prepare a new video game software .we have worked very hard nd prepared a software but???
Rag:our manager stoled it nd soled to our opponents
Rag:haa nd our sponcers are coming to see our presentation tomorrow now I don’t understand wt to doo
Sanky:(thinking):ok I have a friend who is intrested in playing video games nd he used to prepare a soft ware also so we can take his help

Rag:but it atleast take a weak to prepare that
Sanky:but we can make a presentation in one day naa .so first we will give our presentation nd then we will ask some time from them
Rag:not a bad idea but will ur fried help us
Sanky:yes we r best friends from our chaild hood nd we two used to work as a team he prepares software nd I work in (graphics
Rag:wowe then call him immediately
(Sorry I don’t know about all these but situation needed thats y wrote some blunders sorry)

After an hour
Voice :may I come in
Rag saw the person nd is shocked
Sanky:hey luckyy come in mann
Laksh:hey Sanky how r u (they hug each other)
Sanky:tnk u for coming to help mee
laksh(by looking at ragini):if u don’t call me also I will.come to help mee

Episode ends
Screen freezes with smiling face of laksh tensed face of rag nd confused face of Sanky
Sry for delay actually my hus not feeling well Urs darling pavani

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  1. Awesome.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u chahat darling

  2. Take care of ur husband dr….I love ur story….

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u priya darling

  3. Fagmeetha

    It’s soo intresting. I am a silent reader .I am still confused about the pairs

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha last it will be ragsan only don’t worry darling

  4. Seems a new twist in the story

    1. Hmm lets see wt happens

  5. Awesome

    1. Tnk u crazy darling

  6. Awesome

    1. Tnk u jjjj darling

  7. Interesting

    1. Tnk u ammy darling

  8. Don’t break swara heart

    1. Don’t worry I won’t

  9. really waiting for your update di, nice

    if possible make it long

    1. Tnk u lovely ya I will try to make it large

  10. Fagmeetha

    Tq di.ur profile photo is nice

    1. Tnk u fag darling

  11. Swara is ri8 there is no need to marry ragsan ragini cn take care of tani as maasi too thn y the hell get ragsan married its officially nt allowed thn y? Anyway 1 thing is that sanskar nly cares fr ragini…bechari swara wht is her fault in all that 🙁

  12. In last it shud be swasan nly yaar pls,.bcvz swara deserve it n they hav official ri8 on eo n they love eo they hav their son thn hw it b ragsan its nt done yaar..bcz ragsan r at mistake nt swara pls make swasan

    1. Hii kittu darling let me clear u how can it be rag fault she married without telling that swara is alive because she tought that he is the culprit nd when she comes to know the the truth she started liking him nd eventually it became love nd after that also she never tried to snach him from her sister nd thats y she want to go away from them now also she told Sanky to give some time to swara then how it will be rarag fault nd coming to sanky wt is his fault in all this he waited for her till now he also married unwillingly nd slowly he started to become a responsible person nd he care about rag because she is the one who saved his family when he was not there nd love he still loves swara

      1. Ohk i agree bt still swara is nt at fault thn y she shud bear punishment of departing frm her child nd husband its totally wrong…shanky shud no need marry ragini nd shanky loves swara so it shud b swasan nly i dnt understand y r u making it ragsan its totally unfair 🙁 ..pls yaar end up wid swasan

      2. I agree wid Jj..

  13. Piya


    1. Tnk u piya darling

  14. sorry if I hurt you, but what is ragini mistake! she want tani with her so unwillingly marry sanskar with out love, she has a choice to marry laksh leaving tani but she cares for tani

    coming to ragsan love may happen anytime, we can’t judge it na

    1. Tnk u for ur support lovely darling

  15. App release yoga sanskar leave swara,because when swara hug him he feel uncomfortable, what a nonsense, konsa pati second wife kiliya first wife leave kardiya,after he not give time to swara.he told rags is her responsibility, but swara konsa responsibility. I know lucky entry only only ragsan ek kiliya.has di ur fan of ragsan issilya appko right and wrong in samja.hohow would feel when wife is hug hubby,that hubby is feel uncomfortable, it lot of heartbreak of her.sanskar satisfied the two wife with lot of love and. care equally.di lucky loves rags deeply if sanskar ni thoo luck ha usski sath ,but swara sath abb koninai app sanskar vo swara neneglect karna shrukariya it sanskar ka love .isskamathlab sanskar isskobi true love ni karsktha.q swara hug isski uncomfortable voga.I cannot digest not a fan a women ki vajaise I cannot tolert.di first kaa story continue phele u r urselve just image in this situation. if u r i n coma,ur hubby married someone OK latter y accept the marriage for the circumstances ,but u can’t heartbroken, if tum hug ur hubby he uncomfortable. I am really sorry di for hurt u. di all person will committee sin all sin behind reason ,but di it is cheating di u r told the wrong to plubic for the fandom .has di u ff kaa message all people u told love can happen it any time at anybody,no di only love our life partner not anybody. has y told rags is also life partner.first may tell marriage ek betrale for rags.she told lie to everybody swara is not alive.it is the biggest sin of ragini,at least after marriage she would told to sanskar na ni .sanskar is not a good person after swara death he can move on with some one but they don’t. appbi ragini cannot understand how much they love her di,it is our second mistake.all mistake committee only ragini.but sasaa swara,I feel bad of him di.sanskar kiliye swara against her father to marry him.which person someone love vajaise u wife hug bi uncomfortable chii di,it is not a good message di.u satisfied ur fandom vajaise wrong message mathkaro di.I am really sorry di but really di ragini place swara haana appbi may told the same di.i f u remove the fandom mind of ragsan di.please di two pair be live happily with comfortable.,not uncomfortable this chapter is the example.please di discuss with u hubby also in this topic di.q sanskar told ragini is my responsibility and care,but swara hug he feel uncomfortable it not a nice di.please confirm u discuss with u hubby.haa di u told u don’t satisfied all,no di u r wrong u can satisfied all di.two pair lice happily with love and affection with comfortable all r will be happy.it. is only the justify of all the character. OK takecare of ur husband samjkana di.


    1. It will be ragsan jezz darling

  17. Akshata

    in ur ff, every single person is right on their places. swara loves sanky bcoz he is her husband. ragini feels that she should not come between swasan and tani. sanskar knows his responsibility towards ragini. and tani he loves everyone but rags more. nobody at fault but the situation is not right. this ff is really becoming interesting day by day. you are such an awesome writer.

    1. Tnk u very much akshita darling really this is the comment iam waiting for

      1. Akshata

        i am glad that i made you happy. you are always welcome sis. love you.

  18. SPP

    Nice one Di
    Take care Di
    Update next when you are comfortable
    Go on with your plot Di don’t worry about anything else
    Will be waiting for the next one ……

    1. Tnk u spp ya I will stick to my plot only

  19. No lovely sister, it is wrong ragini knows sister is alive ,but what necessity to marry sanskar.she loves sanskar is biggest betray of our di.swaraswara give ragini ko maa ka pyar ,return rags what can do she will snatch everything of hers.now swara alone without hubby and son love.it is the biggest heartbroken.now sanskar will neglect swara.he only care for ragini not swara it is mistaken if sanskar.he had two wife they will be see her equally,not only once.all r support only ragsan q fandoom ki vajasi please com out of your thoughts. it all r not corrected ,swara it at her faculty.it only faculty of ragini.seriouisily now hate sanskar in this ff.no a days swara ko hubby love want but they were leave alone. swara hug vajase uncomfortable is not a good hubby.sanskar not love heartily with anyone.ragini wife now I have care and responsibility, but who r swara .she also his wife he to take care of her it is also his responsibility, but he not do this.it is the biggest sin of sanskar.remove the fandom thought ,please two pair live happily with lot of love equally. Wife ko husband is necessary for good and bad times, that why I told. ragsan and swasan live together lovingly married couple jesa please.it one justified all the character of this ff.

    1. Hiiii jj ha ha ha we met again really do u think iam doing this for fandom u r mistaken then if I really want that then I won’t reveal the pairs first only nd as I know there are more swasan fans than ragsan fans nd I write it because I love RAg the truth is I don’t like swara but iam trying my leavel best to show her positive nd coming to story yes iam also a girl even some times I too feel uncomfortable when my hus hugs mee that is as that time I may be feeling stress or I have hided some thing or may be some guilt that doesn’t mean I don’t love my hus he was uncomfortable due to stress thats it

    1. Tnk u darling

  20. Nd i totally agree wid Jj…

    1. Pavani

      Its ok nd iam really sorry to disappoint u nd in life every one can’t get what they want some one have to sacrifice to for the happy ending nd I agree its not swaraswaras fault but she have that lovely heart that she can sacrifice her love so as a swara fan u should feel happy that I have presented swara’s charecter very nicely nd if u really think I am doing this for fan’s then I am sorry I can’t change ur view nd I know who iam nd for whome iam writing iam sorry if I hurt u nd tnk u very much for reading my ff

  21. Awesome as always darling

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u venni darling

  22. Jwala

    sorry if i hurt you.. but you are writing s very sensitive issue.. and only possible way to justice ragssn here is by turning swara negative or killing her.. else this story will not be justified.. you are also married na .. just think here if you were in swara’s situation what how it pains.. if you were in coma and your husband marry another girl then you rescued from coma.. then what will be your condition?’ will you unite them ? by your story many people are hurting.. not because its pairs but its story is very sensitive and injustice to all characters.. especially swara.. if swara was not his wife then it will be ok.. vut here.. sorry if i hurt you.. but if ragini was there on swara’s place then also i will say the same.. just think from swara’s side.. you are slso a wife hei na

    1. Pavani

      Hii jwala ya as a wife I will also feel bad if iam in swara’s situation .I know many people were hurting but I want to give equal imp to both swara nd ragini .nd the most difficult part in love is sacrifice thats what swara is doing her love is puree that she can sacrifice her love so I want to say swara is main lead so u should bee happy

    2. It is a fiction darlng..not real..dnt think that much deep..

  23. Im a silent reader..1st time im commenting…im too ragsan fan..ur ff was awesome
    coming to swasan fans..guys in serial sanskar first loves kavitha,nxtt swara..after kavitha returns sanky feels uncomfortable na..thn wat is wrong in this ff..swasan fans dnt bash..and stop ur swara mahan

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u siri darling

    2. In dt case sanskar is not married to kavutha and they had no children… But here de case in entirely different

      1. Its not about marriage and children..its about love

      2. so you r saying dt if we love nd marry someone and having children… after dt if we fall for someone .. den he can leave her wife…nd marry the otherone….. I KNOW ITS AN FF … nd I’m not here to fight anyone.. just give a reply… sorry dear if i hurt u

      3. Azure

        i can try to answer it a bit. here the situation isn’t as you described either. the situation is that he is married to both. it is not him falling for ragini when he is married to swara and then leaving swara and marrying ragini. he has already married ragini for tani and vice versa. in this situation it would be justified for either swara or ragini to backout. ragini is already doing that. but the situation isn’t as simple either. tani loves her like his mother. sanky is falling for her. it is neither ragini’s fault nor swara’s. because swara was in coma and ragini is not doing anything to act on her feeling. nor has she tried to make sanskar fall for her.

        if you are asking of real life, there are cases of what you are saying happening as well. with the person leaving the spouse and going with the new love. and it happens with both men and women. we don’t like it. it is not ideal. but it happens in real life.

      4. Pavani

        Hii anu nice to see u I know swara is not fault nd even rag nd Sanky were also not at fault nd u should wait to know how can it happen

  24. Awesome di…love ragini

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u fairy darling

  25. nice ….and lovely story …

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u cute darling

  26. Hi di,so the truth is u don’t like swara OK di I got ur point but I am not a pair of fans ,I read all ff.but di u don’t like swara,di if u like r not like di but all the writers have some responsibility di q ki lot people’s study the ff,some people mind is connected to the ff story.so as a write u r responsibility have to fulfillment, so u r delivered to good message to public not a fans.so ur like and unlike please throw it di.all r blame situation, but that type of situation created by ragini.laksh love ragini then rags speaks to him to grown up tani.but rags that not done,OK at least tani tell the truth na starting swara as her maa she not do,is suitivation create only ragini.but suffer only swara.di OK she want to go away from them for di,but q tell the truth to sanskar I am coming return,all the ragini only told lie na this time only why tell the truth,so that why he feel guilty haana di,OK ragini will consider sanskar as the culprit,is dad daughter marriage ek culprits saath karvya OK,ragini after nows the truth. Of sanskar q on the. time kobi swara is alive truth not told it is our biggest mistake ,afterwards love ek bar not think about our di ,it next mistake.di app rags fan but u destroy the character. Laksh now also love ragini,u told sanskar still love swara.but ragini love sanskar na is only an attraction for our care that it ,that care ragini pyar samjeha.di appko swara don’t like,but di life is not like and dislike ni.it is based upon social message dii.u r supper writer so u only deliver the correct message to the public.if not swara and u like rags u one more ff ,that ff u will make it swara negative I can no problem.but this ff 4life will be affected of u r decision.but two of them were happy,but another two ka kya.now be laksh love rags,please di rags attraction for sanskar ki vajaise not reject the love true love di.if please di app come out of ur plot,reconsider u decision ,and understand too rags not love sanskar,it sirf sirf of attraction.q na di suddenly anybody mera care karthana suddenly usski sath attract boo saathaka it is not love.u r told sanskar still love swaraswara,just stress or guilty vajasi uncomfortable voga,pher q stubborn u pair ragsan di.rag second chance agya return laksh.I want good message and happy wala ending.but ur stubborn and plot vajase not good message and not happy wala ending because silently two heartbroken, laksh lover kiliya,and swara sister kiliya it is not good,reconsider ur decision and dislike to swara.please discuss with u hubby,and not ur mind ,u heart di this is life not a joke di.if my words appki heart hurts will I am thousand time sorry di.

    1. Jj….no offended but this is story not life! It is FICTION. And there is no great message to the society via two marriages. Would you suggest the same thing if situation was reversed and Swara was married to both sanskar and laksh? Would you recommend she stay with both?? Please enjoy the story without bring favourite in. What is shown is not far from reality. Watch the movie Basera if you want to se how it can be handled well.

    2. Priya15

      Excuse me …y r u living this story???i mean this is just a fiction.. Not a story of any real person or any real life story.. Its just an imagination story..pls dont go that much deep… And feel its an real story…real aur reel ki farakh hai jj..

  27. Your ff is so nice it has love sacrifice understanding everything to ahead whatever in your mind and listen to your heart don’t affect by ppl.

    1. Tnk u ankita Darling

  28. I usually never comment on such things but there is a limit to how much an author is being forced her to only accept one person’s view. Let her be. I can understand people explaining their view once. That is fair. I can understand that if the author is not clear about their story telling them what you see. But it has to stop somewhere. It cannot get to a stage where someone starts to literally shove their view down the author’s throat. If you don’t like the story don’t read it. But please stop bullying her into writting only the end you want. Why not give her a chance to present what she wants. It is her story and her baby. Why judge that it is going to be wrongly done right in the beginning. Let her share her story peacefully!!!!!!!

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u azure for ur stand nd nice to see ur comment after many days

      1. Azure

        i love your story dear…sorry i have been missing. one request to you…just take that “swasan” name out of the title. it will save you some of these bashers hopefully.

    2. Pavani

      Ha ha ha I too think so I kept it as both the pairs have equal importance

  29. Hi di, love is scarifies swara love is ture.but I want ask one think if ragini love is true not di,rag sirf attractions to sanskar that’s all,u think how may told it attraction.because my life and rags life is same.my father died in when I am 2years old,my maa age is only 24.massi grow up me .when my massive marriage will finish may return to maa.first difficult than but merit release yoga this one my real maa,happily live.but I miss father affection.my maa without salt eat food.may ask why maa this kind of food eat,my maa only reply tum baddi vogana app u all understand,I think u all are understand my maa feelings Hanna.over may college joint kiya app boy meri lot of care kartha. me consider is love,may bohath kushi.but one may life problem voga but that time nobody friends meri sath ni,but ek insane meri sath,that person meri friend kobi ni,but they support me,that time I am happy.that person muji 1yr love ki app muji understand voga this the love,that ladka saath meri sirf attraction that.because swara will come to now about ragsan marriage,she react ni kiya,they want speak to sanskar to now about truth of marriage,it is called true love.but ragini at least one time sanskar saath confront ni kiya,after marriage sanskar voluntary tell the truth to ragini.pher isska care misunderstand as love.that’s only told it is only ragini ka attraction towards him.now laksh return agya it to swara and laksh plan to unite ragsan.two appini partner so lot love karthya.sirf sirf ragini ki attraction vajasi don’t separate the true love di.in this ragsan unite ki process rags identified karnovoga laksh is true love.this is called the happy ending di ,this only all character ko justified voga.I know all do not get what they want ,but life seconds chance give her please ragini use karnavoga,this is also sanskar love swara return he will use second chance at correct. di is good message of love and attraction,scarifies di,and good wala happy ending di .in this climax really suitable for ur ff and the title also di.di this please consider at once ,because it my personal experience di,there lot of here these type what is love,what is attraction.di u will message to all the people what is love.sacrifice always cannot suit for love di,this type of sacrifice only destroy life not give any one happy di.it is the good for all.please di consider my di because ur amazing writer this type climax touched all heart not anyone hurt.writers only wants to touch the hearts not any of the love feeling hurt.please di one more time please consider bye di lf my word hurt ur feels I am sorry.lot of pressure u na di for my thoughts because I cannot control di my personal experience, iss tara lot of people be live in the society what is love and affection.that only I told di that people app denoted this ff di please di merliya because I am not a writer,but app ff read bath q this ff vajase people will now different between the love and affection,because lot of ff only consider pair romance issilya may choose app ff di because it the correct suitable for the title and character

    1. Pavani

      Hii jii iam sorry for u but I want to say one thing I may not know the pain of loosing a mom nd I may not know the pain u went through but I know the clear diff btwn love nd infactuation how can u say rag love is infactuation her love is metured love nd she loved him with out expeexpecting anything from him nd may be swara love is infactuation u can see that in next episodes u should wait till then

  30. Nys..,
    Waiting fr d nxt part

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u mansi darling

  31. Hi azure sister,i read ur comments.sister how many people read the ff minimum 100people that is the great news na sis this message reach the people .how many house told this film,and serial not for good it will be affected ur mind and heart because they were not give good message to the peoe haana sis,that’s only I told because u r north side I am south side of India.but humtwo chatting as a friends.because this web suit lot of ever used.you ask one more question na sis suppose swara married sanskar and lasksh,u told live together. My answer is not swara first married lasksh usska son be ha but swara lucky consider as died,second family pressure secondly married sanskar,but swara isskilye no feelings.but ragini love sanskar at one side.suddenly luck return swara will no about alive ,confirmly swara return to our love first hubby,because sanky saath no feelings ,but sanky love because of her son and care vajase.but swara had no feeling that is unwanted relationship,so lucky and swara live together.ragini love sansakar so is love phir second chance karro.it type of rules may ff told,because pavani di told sanskar still love swara,this ff sanskar sirf mind confession and guilt vajasi next stop ki karro ,because sanskar love towards swara,and sanskar care towards ragini,it is the problem of sanskar,abb told who sacrifice our love swara or ragini.sis I am not fan any pair I only see the situation of character and the solutions of problem sis simple abb u told sis me right or wrong u only consider the pair sis not me.swara suitvation ragini ha abb bi may this solution .so sis this time u told sis I am correct or wrong sanskar love swara,laksh love ragini.abb which pair why separate the lovers.pavani ff clearly told sanskar love swara,and laksh love ragini.sirf ragini vajase why all are separated,why swara wants to sacrifice.OK sis thank u please if my words hurt ur heart I am so soory sis bye nice to chat with u.

    1. Azure

      Jj if serials affect the mind and society, the first serial you should stop watching is swaragini. And the first person who you should stop supporting would be Swara. In this serial they have show one sister falling in love with other’s fiancé and wanting to marry him. One sister trying to kill other. One sister who is married to her ex-love brother being still in love with him and confused abut her husband. Latest is her losing memory and falling for someone else. There serials are not a reflection of society either! The truth is relationships are complex. You cannot have one fits all solution. India has population of 1.2billion! 100 people reading a story will not change the society! Education and tolerance towards other person’s view will. That means live and let live!

      About this story, why don’t you read it without trying to continuously change it and the ending. You might be surprised when in the end it make sense.

      I asked you the Swara laksh sanskar question because yesterday you were saying all three should stay together!! The truth is that in real life it is quite possible that the older relationship can sacrifice as much as the newer one. Which is why I am saying let her present her story her way!

      You have already come up with so many options and ending and writting so much here that my honest situation to you is to write your own story and end it your way.

    2. Pavani

      Hi jj darling don’t feel bad azure didn’t criticized u but she is telling let the writer to tell her view don’t force her thats it if those words hirt u then iam sorry on behalf plzz don’t take her wrong

  32. Priya15

    Excuse me all bashers if u people don’t like the concept…. I fold my hands to u people pls stop reading it…. Y r u wasting ur time By reading those stories which u don’t like Haan??? And If u read this for ur time pass.. Just read it don’t bash OK??? If u think my di is doing injustice to ur so called swasan… Pls go to swasan ff’s n njy ur swasan justice love story… Without doing that sitting n bashing stories… Look I don’t mean to hurt u people but I m just saying that if u don’t like it then pls don’t read.. If u want to read then pls don’t bash…. She had given u explanation… Tab bhi aap logon ko samaj Mei nahi Aata kya??? I m seeing these type of bashing from many days still I was quite… But aaj aap sab ne apna limits cross Kar diya…. Guys here u want swasan but that’s not happening then y u people r waiting and bashing the writer.. Listen if u people can’t encourage somebody at least don’t bash and discourage them…. Plsss…. I beg u..

    Di sry I didn’t mean to lessen the cmnts here but di they r crossing their limits… Pls don’t get disappointed with those bashers.. They doesn’t have any job instead of bashing… So pls don’t fall weak… We all r with u.. N we love u… But I can’t bear this swasan scenes ????haha par sanky is getting uncomfortable happy with that???but di still u r worried abt that… We sisters l ofc support u for ending this with swasan…

    Guys u people agree with me ???pls say me …..
    We l wait for next ff of ragsan from our di..i m damn sure she l…say na di????u l ryt???u know i m sure my di is strong..better ignore those swara fans….love u loads… Big big teddy bear hugs to u?????

    1. Priya15

      And di take care of jiju….

      1. I agree with u priya dear
        give me a hi-fi

      2. Pavani

        Ha ha ha tnk u for ur hug darling ya they were little dissapointed for swara but they should wait to know what iam saying nd tnk u for ur support nd I think they r little frustrated but don’t mind they will understand that very soon nd I can’t change my plot for any one I will show what I want to show that’s y iam trying hard to keep my view nd ya I will write another ff based on rag but it may be ragsan or raglak I will think after this nd I will end this soon nd love u darling

  33. I also want swasan buz they love eo ha i agree nw sanskar needs time bt still he loves her nd she too they r married n hav their child too so hw cn he leave her…its nt done nd in dis raglak also love eo na in start thn they cn unite nd both couple wil live happily tani cn get both mothers love nd thn it said to be happy ending..so lastly its upto u nly bt its kind rqst think on it..

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u kittu

  34. i just don’t understand what’s the prblm of swasan fan…they always bash the writter with baseless logic like seriously its the decision of written whom she want to pairs or lead or how the story will go…why to poke ur nose in there story if u don’t like it just for pairs just don’t read it…there is limit to but no if u want the story will go with ur point of view or pairs than why don’t u make story of ur own why are u asking pavani Di to wrote that….that just too much…..i never care the besher but today just ignore it sorry pavani Di n don’t worry about the besher they are just like that….

    the episode was nice n laksh reentry thats a major twist mean upcoming episode there a lot to be happen….waiting for it

  35. Hi Pavani sis , iam silent reader but iam commenting today because I can’t spare the swasan fans comments,plz don’t change your mind,let it be ragsan.your story is just amazing.. continue it don’t worry abt this bulshit comments

  36. Please unite ragsan

  37. Megha123

    Akka bashers gurinchi pattinchukovvaddu u r concept is awsm so just keep writing.

  38. Zuha (SuNusZuRahLima Rocks >3)

    I don’t understand what is the problem, look it is a story and those who are living it so I guess they are foolish (sorry 4r hurting) And I don’t know what is the beliefs in different religions, but in Islam, a man is allowed to marry 4 times and can also love her! No offence!

  39. yaar if you don’t like how is the story going then stop reading and stop imposing what you want! stop wasting your time on reading stories you don’t like and then bashing and imposing your pov! its riddicule! yaar if you love swasan then go and read swasan stories! you guys know at the end it will be ragsan and you know its a ragsan ff! so why are you bashing and di said that she love ragsan and don’t like so much swara par phir bhi she is showing swara positive and mahan and imporant she made swara the lead! this is di’s story and she is the writter she will decide what she want and don’t want in her ff so stop imposing your wishes or your pov! stop bullying her please! if you can’t understand that this is a story and not real life then i can say just one think : you don’t have brain! seriously people don’t understand reel and real! they think reel is real! stupid people! di just don’t care about bashers! bashers don’t have brain! di you are doing a great job! writing is not easy! you are a fabulous writer! just continue! di in life you will find to type of people 1st type is: they like you and the 2nd is: they dont like you if stay blocked on people who don’t like you than you will never go far in your life! just erase all the negative person from your life then you will see your life beautiful!!! di i love your ff, your stories! di just continue! you are awesome! biggggg hugsssss! lots of love and take are di!

    1. Di 16th june is my birthday!? And thats today! I am so excite for my birthday!

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