when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 26


Hii darlings thank u for ur support nd love I know many were dissapointed as updates were small ya I will try to make it large

Sanky:wt r u saying ?

Rag:I want to go away from all
Sanky:I know u want to unite saw nd tani but its not the correct way
Rag(in mind):how should I tell u its not for tani its for u I can’t stay by controlling my feelings if u r near
Rag:noo if I go away then only he accepts swara
Voice :and how can u think like that momm
Rag turned nd saw tani
Tani:u r trying to leave mee nd goo
Rag ran to him nd about to hug him tani stopped her

Rag was shocked
Tani:ok u want mee to hate u thats it naa
Tani stopped her by showing his hand
Tani:ok there is no need for u to goo from today I will ignore u nd he is about to goo rag hold his hand he jerked her hand nd went angryly

Rag was broken
Sanky hold her shoulder to console her

Sanky:don’t worry he can’t be angry on u for long time
Rag:noo I too want this only .now I can goo easily nd she left from there

Scene shifts to swara when she woke up she saw both tani nd sanky are not there nd heared some sound nd acted like sleeping .tani entered the room nd saw swara sleeping

Tani:y is this happening how can she think that she can leave mee .how can she even think that I can live without her .he came near swara nd gave a peek on her forehead .I don’t understand whome to blame for my situation he started crying nd slept beside her holding swara tightly

Swara(in mind):wt is he talking about y is he crying a drop of tear escaped from her eye too

Scene shifts
Sanky:what ever it is u r not going nd iam not allowing u to goo understand

Rag :iam going nd no one can stop mee not even dii
Sanky:ur dii can’t stop u but I will I know u better (with a smirk)
Rag:all the best nd iam leaving wt in a week nd I think u should handle this company now
Sanky:what??have u lost it iam just a body guard
Rag:I didn’t appointed u nd by the way u r a graduate that time I accepted as u need a job to fulfill ur responsebilities Nd now ur responsebilities became more u have to tale care of my dii nd tani .
Sanky:nd u too
Rag:no thanks iam independent nd I don’t want any one to take care of mee
Sanky:wt ever but u r my responsibility too
Rag:iam not ur resposibility nd iam nothing for u
She is about to goo Sanky hold her hand
Sanky:wt ever u say the truth is iam ur husband nd u r my wifee
Both sees emotionally into each other eyes (they have a long eyelock)
They came to senses
Rag jerked her hand

Rag:that was just a deal nd now as my dii is back I am freed from this unwanted relation nd I can move onn nd she went from there
Sanky felt bad for her ans.
Sanky(in mind):she is right there is no need for her to live in this unwanted relation but y am I feeling bad nd he left to his room
He saw swara nd came near her nd stared her livingly
Sanky:I can’t cheat u any more I should tell u the truth .u have rights to know it .he went nd slept beside tani

Swara opens her eyes
Fb shows

Swara listened to their conversation (she can walk with that walking stand)
Fb ends

Swara(in mind):whats happening ragsan married but y???did Sanky moved on nd I came between them??I should come to know the truth but who will tell mee

She too slept by thinking all thesee

Breakfast table:
Rag was about to keep tiffin to tani he stopped her nd he did it by himself .rag fave him a warm smile but he turned his face in the mean time swasan reached there dp was also there

Rag:I want to tell u all something?
(Except dp all know what she want to tell )
Rag:actually iam going to lindon with in a week
Swara:what but y??
Rag:voo as u returened back I will handle everything to u nd Sanky nd I wil leave I will enjoy my life
Swara:ohh its ok u carry on

All were shocked
Swara:y all r staring me like that common she to have right to enjoy her life but u goo only after making sure that sanky have learned every thing

Rag :tnk u dii nd she gave a fake smile
Tani was fully avoiding rag nd rag is feeling bad

Tani:dad can u drop mee to school
Sanky:yaa lets goo
Swara:Sanky rag will drop him y don’t we go out
Sanky:out but Il…..
Rag:u stay hear I will drop him
Tani without uttering a word went from there
Sanky(in mind):ok now I will get time to tell swara the truth nd rag can talk with tani

In car
There was a silence
Rag broked it
Rag:won’t talk with mee
Tani:u too want this only
Rag:noo I want u to send mee happyly
Tani:I can do any thing for ur happyness but for that I should stay away from u ????
Rag:I will come hear nd u can come there
Tani:ok tell mee one thing can u live happily with out mee
Rag gave a fake smile :I know u will bee happy with dii then y can’t live happily there
Tani gets emotional
They reached school nd both step down from car

Tani ran to her nd hugged her
Rag released the hug nd cuped his face Rag:see into my eyes ok now tell mee don’t u love ur mom
Tani:I love u more than anyone maa
Rag:ok u will trust mee naa
Tani moved his head in yes
Rag:ok listen I will come back but it will take some time but I will return for sure nd one thing when ever u need mee u call mee nd I will be there in front of u
Rag: promise now u promise that u will keep dii nd Sanky happily
Rag:now smile

Tani:smiled nd went inside the school
Scene shifts
Swara :ok wr will we goo
Sanky:we r not going any where nd I should tell u a truth
Swara:about ur marriage with ragini??
Sanky was shocked
Epi ends screen freezes with shocking face of Sanky

Sorry if iam dissapointing u

Urs darling pavani

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  1. today episode is really good like game of emotions

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      Tnk u lovely darling

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  5. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Swara came to know the truth now what
    You r really really testing my patience and eagerness
    But happy that Tanish understood her
    Waiting for the next one…….

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      Tnk u spp darling

      1. SPP

        U r welcome dear

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    plZ don’t break my swasan relation …bring another guy for ragini

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    1. Pavani

      Ohh soo sweet of u tnk u for ur compliment nd ya its mee only astha have seen in fb I think nd yaa tnk u for liking my ff

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    m loving it

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  20. hey I was a silent reader till now but u make me comment…..I have a request for swaraa.plz don’t break her……. she suffured a lot till now.plz make her happy by any chance.

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      Iam really very sorry to disappoint u darling iam also a human I can’t satisfy every one

      1. Di am telling my views and my disappointments….i lyk ur ff di….sry if i hurt u…????

  23. nice superb episode…shanskar falling for ragini hope its true though swara will hurt a lot but i can’t just help want ragsan…anyway in serial swara got all the impotence n here ragini will get….
    Tanrag oh god there bonding i loved it.. waiting for next part

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      Tnk u sss he didn’t fall for her he just care about her

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    Eagerly waiting 4 sankys explanation & swaras reaction akka

  26. I think swara will be die because this, ragsan ff .in sanskar told to ragini you r my wife and me ur husband so l cannot allow u to London.but swara also his wife na how to they leave them alone she also his responsibility na so why I think swara will be die.please cannot do these. If u want swara rag sanskarr. Live. Together end up pair with swasaan and ragsan please di

  27. U told swara will be happy only.how the girl will be happy when the husband live another woman .sanskar told ragini. Is his wife I have responsibility for u so u will not leave u .but swara also his wife na how he will he leave her .u told circumstances will be changed so ragsan is pair.di will circumstances will be change but love and responsibilities will not be change.so rags ,swara they two r sanskar responsibility, then how u will only pair ragsan.you have. end up with swasan and ragsan.na sanskar character destroyed and ragini also betaral our di.but u r not plan by swara death.please di do not do this to swara.u r also girl di do not separate two pair please di.

  28. Pavani

    Hii jii darling I got ur point till now did u see Sanky neglecting swara then?? Lets see what happens

  29. Hi gm di ,I want to know if ur not plan to kill swara ma please don’t do that.I am not a fan of any one
    ragsan justify kilya swara kp math mark please.

    1. Pavani

      Noo she won’t die infact she will join them

  30. how di they will join them di.swara has no fault.but all confusion had created by only ragini it is her fault only di,because she knowns our di is alive ,so how they can marry jijjju and fall in love ,she is the betral of our di
    last chap rags told god will return my di and snatch every think.but di she only snatch every think to swara,our husband and son.how she selfish di.u all r told rags bear so much of pain in here childhood, had a pain but u all r not see pain of swara,because her mother murder in front of swara how much she had a pain di.now swara all alone because she join ragsan separate from her husband. she had be suffer life long di,bub ragini had all the happens di.it is unjustified to swara.please di don’t separate anyone di.l want two pair live happily in equal love,affection,care di.so please it make it swasan and ragsan ff.it will just did all pair its only happy ending di please di.and don’t make it only ragsan ff di please di .u will understand the felling of girls so don’t separate wife from hubby and mama from son.please di..because u also wife and may of someone.u can feel the married woman feeling of the small age .so don’t separate from any one.varna sanskar can cheater of swara,because marriage can not a joke he will promise her swara too.so sanskar give love ,care,affection to equally to give two wife without parsaliy it will be nice ending. Kiss I did not break all r live happily. please consider di at once.one more think di decision phele u urself consider in the same situation of swara please di how much pain ha na.bye ge

  31. Sorry di if my words to hurt u,but one more question di.if swara will join she to had got the love ,affection,care and all wife rights to will get from sanskar na and love from son na it will be good di.because u told is only ragsan ff and only ragsan is the pair.I got onemore idiea di
    If swara and ragini had meet with big accident but in this process ragini will be die ,rags parts organ will be changed to swara even had face except heart but taniv don’t no matter rags ,they will consider swara as rags.it will be nice ,because swara do lot for ragini even see will sacrifice her life to for ragini ,but ragini what can do sanskar move close to swara she feel bad.OK first she don’t like sanskar so they were disclose the truth of swara alive,but ragini told her son about swara as her mam,but she no told,suddenly they married sanskar.,its not a correct at that point.OK if she grow up tanvi has a own child,some more day she had here own child phere be she consider as a own child ni.because maa and massive ka difference ha .u all r to told divika is not own maa of khanaji ,but give her all love ha naa.but app yi mat bolna divika sirf sirf khanaji beta,another beta in has issliya divika all only give to khanaji,ya has difference. pavi di appko samjhi na may kiya told.issila swara ko equally rights ,love ,affection,care want to here hubby and son.di rights kaa mathlab samjhina appho,because u also married,and have son to so a ppko Mara point and swara point ko understand annaoga hana di ?????

    1. Pavani

      Hi jii darling I got u yes iam also a momm .as a momm I also want my son to be with mee only but as iam a mother I will doo the things from which he gets good future .for example we will send our children far away from us for studies altough we don’t like it as we want their future to be bright same way swara will give tani as she know he will bee more happy in rags hands

  32. hi di gm,OK I will understand but u also understand di u son finished studies return to yours ,but tani not return to mam it lot of difference di.tani told rags also my family papa will be understand this hana di.but qui tani appna mam ka feels not see.on this ff all are selsifh sirf appin kush paruma soocha,sirf swara appa sister and son kush paruma soocha ,this is called true love.one more doubt di sanskar really love swara or not r yoobi selfish .finally sanskar to leave swara alone. in this ff all are life will safe except swara.swara paruma soocha no person uska sathni all r only consider yourself and our happiness expect swara,its really heartbroken.sanskar sirf rags sath marriage ni kithi ,swara Kobe sath marriage kithi,so our responsibility ya two person not only one person. marriage worth yee kithi promise thoono ki complete karna chaya nor only rags sath.di appi mera point understand ooha na di.that’s why told hubby and son two are love ,care,affection equally to give swara and rags ,not only rags.thant only nobody koo injustice ni ooka .that why all are happily live our life.society koo bi good
    message ooka,ha di ek wife kiliya ek our wife leave not good di .this ff point swara and sanskar desinity. vajasi ek ooha,but rags and sanskar game vajasi ek ooha,so they two sath milkar desinity and
    game harrana chaya this is called true love.haana di ..

    1. I understand ur point darling but by giving him to rag he will not go away from her insted he will stay in front of her life long happyly.nd u r telling that every one were selfish but every one were trying to sacrifice their loves for others but destiny will play its game to unite .nd Sanky loves swara till now did he really gave more imp to rag than swara really???

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