when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 25


Hii darlings tnk u very much for ur support nd love

At dining table
Tani:iam not hungry nd he is about to leave
Swara:wait wt r u doing u should not waste food
Tani:noo maa really I don’t want to eat
Swara:but u should eat come I will make u eat
She started feeding tani

Sanky was also thinking about rag
Swara:u will eat or shall I feed u too

Sanky gave a fake smile nd started eating

After dinner
Swara:come we will sleep today
Tani:noo maa u take rest I will wait for maasi
Swara:felt bad :y u will not sleep with mee(with a teary eyee)
Tani felt bad by seeing swara
Tani:nothing like that maa I was just habituated to sleep with maasi .its ok I will sleep with u also
Swara felt happy nd they went to their room nd swara slowly got up (still she is week thats y she can’t stand)nd she is about to fall sanky hold her

Sanky made her sit on bed
Tani:I will bring water nd come
Sanky:u should bee careful swara if u need any thing u call mee don’t doo anything

Swara:ok baba k come we will sleep with tani

Sanky:u two sleep iam not sleepy now I have some work

Swara:feels bad:work?? Is that imp than mee

Sanky sat thee nd cupped her face
Sanky:u r imp in my life nothing more than u

Swara:ok then u too sleep

Tani returned three startde sleeping but tani nd Sanky were thinking about rag but slowly they went to sleep

Its 3am Sanky listened to door sound nd he got up nd went out

He saw rag who is fully drenched

Sanky:wt happened?
Rag(avoiding eye contact with him):nothing just my car stopped nd soo I ….

Sanky:don’t try to lie with mee .now tell mee wr u went

Rag:voo I have some work
Sanky:really work??.
Rag:ok I went out for some work now let mee goo
Sanky:stop I know u r upset but by doing all these wt u want to prove .we can sort out the problem .but don’t repeat it wt if any thing happens to u

Rag:plzz I told u already I went out with some work now stop behaving like my father nd I don’t need ur suggestions to slove my problems .nd haa don’t ever try to rule mee got it .

Sanky stood like that for her behaviour .rag left from there nd swara saw what rag said to Sanky

Sanky saw swara who stood there
Sanky:swara y u came out u take rest comee lets goo
Swara:wait what did she told don’t rule mee? How can she talk like that u come with mee she hold him and went to rags room

Rag shutted the door nd started crying again
Rag:iam sorry but I should do it
She heared a dook knock nd she wiped her tears nd ipened the door nd shocked to see swara there

Rag:dii u hear that too at this time

Swara:ok he has no right to ask u the question but I have a right naa now tell mee wr u went at this timee??

Rag:stammering voo I went as I have some work
Swara:don’t dare to lie to mee
Rag(tensed nd in mind :wt should I do now):I went to meet my friend

Swara:friend that too at this timee??
Rag:haa if u won’t believe then its not my fault noww if u both leave this room I should sleep

Swara was shocked
Sanky:we r sorry to disturb u ragini nd he took swara with him nd rag closed the door on their faces

Swara:u saw how she reacted ??
Sanky:hold her don’t worry she is little upset
Swara:upset??? But y ?? And if upset also she should not have done like this

Sanky:I know she is rude but I know she will bee crying inside for what she have done

Swara(little surprised as he know her betyer):but y??

Sanky:u don’t worry I will handle it . Now u stop crying nd sleep he made her sleep nd after she slept he went out of the room

He was thinking
Sanky:what happened all of sudden to u ragini y r u behaving soo rude I know tani’s matter bothering u but y I fell that it is not only the thing that is bothering u
His toughts were disturbed by a door sound whare rag opened

Rag opened the door nd saw Sanky sitting nd avoided to see him nd went to terrace

Sanky too followed her
Sanky:y r u doing this ragini
Rag:u again started ?
Sanky:now don’t try to act if tani’s matter bothering u then its fine I will tell the truth to swara
Nd he is about to goo
Rag hold his hand nd signed him noo with teary eyes

Sanky:now tell mee
Rag:ok I will tell u but promise mee that u will support mee in my desition
Rag:iam going to lindon
Rag:I will not return again
Sanky was shocked
Screen freezes with shocking face of Sanky nd sad face of rag

I know it is also a small but sorry situation was demanting

Credit to: pavani darling

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    1. Pavani

      Tnk u swetha darling

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    1. Pavani

      Tnk u priya darling ya I will try to update soon

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    1. Pavani

      ITs not a crap it is emotional nd if u don’t like it then iam really sorry u should see this more nd ya nxt time I will try to update little large one

  5. Azure

    Beautiful as always

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      Tnk u azure darling

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      Tnk tnk u lovely darling ya I will make it large next time

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    Nice emotional

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  10. Feeling sorry for Ragini
    She is acting to be rude so she can easily make Tanish bonding to Swara and she can go to London
    Waiting for the next one……..

    1. Pavani

      Hmm mee too tnk u pp darling

      1. U r welcome dear
        Forgot to mention the epi was emotional

  11. Amazing epi Aapi. U always potray emotions so well. I saw controversy of your ff in last chap but l feel that love can happen anywhere anytime. Love may be wrong in some aspects but we simply couldn’t stop our heart from loving someone.
    And you look really beautiful ?? 2 2 2 beautiful. Ur son has gone totally on you. ??

    1. Pavani

      Woww tnk u for ur compliment amna darling nd ya love just happens tnk u for liking my ff

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      Hmm poor rag

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    poor ragini hopefully everything will be good at the end

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