when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 23


Hiii darlings tnk u for ur wonderful support nd hii little princess darling sorry was not able to reply u in comment box so hear is my explaination ok u r saying that how can sanky leave his first love nd go back to rag when swara is alive ok tell mee till now did I ever show Sanky love rag ?he just started liking her that doesn’t mean he loves her nd u r saying true love na all love is not only taking care nd do what others want true love is a responsibility it is to make others do which is good for them nd change them for their good nd when a person is free he can roam around his wife nd take care of her but when he becomes responsle he may not guve time to her then also wife undestands him that is a true love u r thinking it nonsense but u can understand real meaning after ur marriage only .nd u asked that tani was trying to reunite ragsan but he never did like that but he is trying that rag was also imp member in his family nd he should come to know it .iam not hurt really I feel bad as the meaning of my concept was not reaching u its ok .nd don’t fell if my words hurt u nd iam happy that I gave my explaination nd its ur wish that u may continue reading if u really think my view is correct .nd not but least u also asked how rag love Sanky common she started loving him by seeing his nature nd heart nd it is sin if she forcefully get him but till now she didn’t done like that .
Ok if have any doubts u can ask u r always welcome

Screen shows tani leaving rags hand nd going towards swara .swara emotionally hugs him nd tani to receprocates and hugs her

At rag house doc came to see swara

Doc checked her
Sanky sat beside swara
Rag:is she complettly all right doc
Doc:ya she is fine but little weak do some exercises daily she will walk in a week

Dp:tnk u very much doc

Doc:bring her to hos I will make some tests

Sanky:is anything serious
Doc:no nothing like that thats just for formality

Dp:ok come I will drop u

Swara looked at tani emotionally .she again signed him to come near her .tani looked at rag who signed him to go nd tani went near her

Swara:wt is ur name?

Tani:tanish verma

Swara:do u know who iam ?
He looked at rag .rag gave him a pleading look
Fb shows
While returning rag took tani aside
Rag:tani do u love mee?
Tani:wt is this question maa
Rag:so will u do anything for mee
Tani:y not I can do anything for u
rag:from now call swara as maa nd mee as maasii
Tani was shocked
Tani:noo I can’t
Rag:u promised
Tani left from there angryly
Fb ends
Tani turned to swara
Sanky was shocked as he dont know that tani knows the truth nd he saww rag who is smiling by seeing swara nd tani

Rag saw Sanky who is seeing her in a questioning form nd she signed him that every thing is alright

Swara became emotional by hearing to maa word from tani’s mouth
All are happy to see swara is happy

Tani was sitting on a bench in the garden rag went near him Sanky saw them nd follwed but hided behind the pillar

Rag:angry on mee
Tani didn’t responded
Rag:that much anger(she came infront of him)
Tani turned his face
Rag:soo u don’t want this alsoo (tani’s fav astree)
Tani was about to goo rag hold him
Rag by holding her ears ok babaa sorry

Tani:sorry will not set everything maa .y u took promise by cheating mee

Rag :for my sister nd ur mom

Tani:but I can only imagine u as my maa not everyone

Rag:shut up tani she is ur own maa
Tani:she gave birth tso it doesn’t mean iam her son I got love nd affection from u only

Rag:what is her mistake if she was met in an accident .if she is normal she may love u more than mee

Tani:but that happened there is diff btwn us it I can’t accept her as my mom with my whole heartly as I consider u as my mom from my chaild hood the love nd affection was given to mee by u only what can I doo

Rag:but I will not bee with u for ur life long she will bee with u nd u should understand that

Tani(angryly):u will not leave mee u understand nd iam not ready to listen to ur words nd it is ur duty to make her undestand that iam ur son He left from there angryly

Rag hold her head with her hands nd sat there with teary eyes .suddenly she feels a touch on her sholder nd saw (ya he is our Sanky)

Rag immediately hugged as she is feeling very week .Sanky was shocked for her reaction but understand her situation nd consoled her .she feels relaxed by his hug nd hugged him more tightly

Swara saw rag hugging Sanky from far nd is shocked
Episode ends
Screen freezes with shocking face of swara nd painful faces of ragsan

I know its small one but sorry situation demanded
Love u all for ur support
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. superb yaar

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u snehaa darling do u know my cousins name was also sneha I told her to read it is that u ??

  2. little princess

    Hey dear…i am extremely sorry for my yesterday’s argument..i didnt mean to hurt u…so dont feel bad…i was just confused about some facts thats it… Thanks for clearing those confusions… True love has many definition according to each and everyone n all the definitions will not be same…yesterday i just wrote what that came in my mind…once again thank u for sharing a different meaning of true love…now i can understand ur point of view…i was a little disappointed abt ragsan pairing as i am a big fan of swasan….but its ok….i am waiting for ur next episode….one more think dont consider me as a critisizer bcz of my last day’s comment plz..just consider me as ur frnd…keep on writing

    1. pavani darling

      Hii little darling iam glad that u understand my explanation nd noo I was not hurt I wrote it just to clear my pov thats no I won’t consider u as a critisizer ya I understand as a swasan fan it is difficult for u to see ragsan u see iam also a big fan of ragsan nd it is very difficult for me to write an ff on swasan but for the first time I dared to write nd tnk u for liking my plot u r always like my little sis u are always welcome

  3. Bonding of tani nd rags is good u showed tani loves rags as her maa after knowing the truth also he is think ing as her mom i want to really appreciate that one

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u vishu darling

  4. Awwww…poor rags….wtng for nxt update….todays episode is awesome diii…n happy brthday tejaswiiiiii…yipppeeeee its her brthdayyyy.. love ragini .

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u fairy darling nd ya happy birthday to our lovely darling teju

  5. awesome

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u lovely darling

  6. please unite ragsan soon….ragini sacrificed her love and everything for tani and sanskar is now her husband so they should unite.

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u aradya darling

  7. fantastic pavani.

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u hema darling

  8. awesome

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u poonam darling

  9. Great update..
    What are the final pairs?

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u anya s darling the pairs will bee ragsan only

  10. Hey pavani when I stop commenting…. I think dt swara is dead.. Now only I came to know DT she’s alive…. I knw finally u w’ll pair rags an bt I don’t know hw when swara is alive.. It is btr she’ll die…otherwise San can’t love back ragini as wife if he truly love swara… Anyways you r not going to pair up ragini with any other… Just take it as a suggestion.. And I knew u r a rags an fan… Hope swara w’ll not become negative… Both swara and ragini suffered a lot in der own ways… Not more

    1. pavani darling

      Hey anu darling nice to see u back nd ya swara is alive rag took care of her till now nd don’t worry swara is not negative both have equal imp

  11. Pls yaar unite swasan they fr made fr eo..tanrags bond is nice dnt break it bt unite swasan

  12. Pls yaar unite swasan they fr made fr eo..tanrags bond is nice dnt break it bt unite swasan..

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u kittu lets see how it happens

  13. swara didn’t do anything so its not swara fault,so plz don’t injusticfied swara.swara is wife wife and one child mother then if u join pair sanrag then what happen swara life.how can she start a new life.but ragini can start a new life because she didn’t start her life.u can join raglak & swasan.plz don’t unjusticifies swara plz don’t put swara life a hell

    1. ppavani darling

      Hey jjj tnk u lets see how it happens nd what happens

  14. superb update nxt part soon

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u 123 darling

  15. Awesome Superb
    Loved Tanish and Ragini bonding very much
    Waiting for the next one……….

    1. ppavani darling

      Tnk u pp darling

  16. M a Ragini fan so naturally I want ragsan to be together.. but swara being alive them uniting is not fair.. I dont know what yu have kept for us.. but its ur story and yu have complete ryt to decide it’s track and pairs. You rock it dear.. if it’s swasan in end pls don’t make ragini negative.. Nd bring some one nice fir her ..kk laksh loves her a loott

    1. pavani darling

      Dont worry nitu I will not unjustify swara lets wait for what happens

  17. This is not fair pavani darling,u always make our princess cry(im just kidding)..superb update
    happy birthday to our angel teju

    1. ppavani darling

      Hey jjj tnk u lets see how it happens nd what happensha ha ha tnk u venni darling nd don’t scold mee as its the begining later it will bee hard for her

  18. Amazing epi aapi. It would be really tuff for tani to accept swara as her mother all of a sudden.

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u amna darling

  19. I’m a silent reader and I have to make my opinion on your story.. Firstly you don’t give justice to any character in this ff. it is true that by giving birth no one became mother. . but if it was. ot mothers fault a son can’t love any other as his mother. . if swara leave tanish in his childhood and ragini brought up him then what you said in your ff is right. . but it is not like that.. swara was in coma.. then every children will love their mother more . this is your main fault.. and love can happen . it is not in our hand.. but all have some values.. if swara was dead then there is some clarification in ragini’s love.. but swara was in coma.. so ragini’s love is little odd. . and for swara it is high injustice to her.. if you want to justice your story in anyway then you have to bring another hero for ragini.. else this will be the worst ff if you unite ragsan in this.. because it is a sin here..

  20. ragini is bad here.. sanskar’s wife is not dead.. you are making ragini characterless. .

  21. little princess

    Heyy…i thought that u may unite swasan @ last…but her u told that its ragsan…why it is so…. Even i agree with u that love can happen anytime and we dont have any control over it…its what that happened in case of ragini… After reading ur explanation i thought that it was me who misunderstood the idea that u conveyed to us as somewhere i felt u r correct..but after reading jjjjjj n niya’s comment i feel like they r correct in their point of view…even i feel the same…its ur ff and only u have the right to decide anything abt ur ff…but still as reader of ur ff i too wish to tell u that if u unite ragsan at the end then it wont be fair..i am telling this not only bcoz i am a swasan fan..but when we look from each n every corner it seems alittle unethical..i too agree with niya n jjjjjjj that it will be injustice for swara…dont take me wrong…i hope u will understand me if u considers me as ur little sis..if u think i am wrong then just correct me with ur explanation.. I hope u wont get hurt by me…i know that u may have written something which everyone will like n accept in the climax…so i am not telling much as i am waiting for it….i hope u wont disappoint ur fans….as u said lets wait n see that what u have decided for swasan n ragsan….

  22. Awesome

  23. Di….tdy is teju bday… U know if teju read this she l also love u…. As the scene of champ n cutie was out of the world…. My champ is as always hero…. Yippee at last my ragsan hug… Hey jolly

  24. Poor ragini… Plz unite ragsan…

  25. update nxt part soon

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