when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 22


Hii darlings tnk u very much for ur support nd love nd Angel darling if u didn’t see my reply on the comment then see hear really did I show tanish hating swara when I showed like that as per I know I showed that tani loves ragini more than swara that doesn’t mean he hates swara .nd he want to sanskar realise that ragini is not outsider any more now she is also his family that doesn’t mean forcing Sanky to love her or he forget his first love .nd I alredy told love just happens.its not a bussiness that we should love when there is aprofit it doesn’t bother about sircumstances nd lets see how he fell in love may be swara make him to realise it.nd if my story dissapointed u then iam really sorry for that darling I just gave my explanation nd hurting u if it hurt then excuse mee nd u r always welcome to write ur opinion I will try to explain my view nd tnk u for reading my ff

Boy:how dare u to beat mee
Rag:ya I did a mistake by slapping u with my hand actually boys like u should be slapped.with a slipper

Gang:she is full of attitude mann by ruiening her we will get a good pleasure

Rag:wt do u think I can’t beat u ??

Sanky returning nd saw the fighting he is about to come tani stopped him

Sanky:wt r u doing ?
Tani:let her doo some work dad y is it necessary that always a boy should protect a girl let them bee independent nd I know my mom she can handle them

Sanky:was shocked for his ans nd sat there to see what happens
Scene shifts to rag .

Boy:what u will beat mee(laughingly)
Rag :y not I have seen many like u
Scene shifts to Sanky
Sanky:what do people tease her before ??
Tani:not only one time many times
Tani:because she is hot(by wearing his cooling googals)
Sanky:hot…. that too ragini….. Really.?I think those all were taste less fellows (with an irritated face)

Tani gave a deadly glare to him
Scene shifts to rag
Rag:Iam warning you get lost from hear otherwise I swear the much u irritate the more u suffer

Boy:really he kept his hand on her sholder
Scene shifts to Sanky
Sanky:how dare he toughed my wife.
Tani:woww ur wifee???
Sanky:haa wifee only(sarcastically)
Tani:don’t worry see
Scene shifts to rag
Rag took a fork from the table nd pinned it to his ties it starts bleeding nd boy sat by holding his tie by crying

Another boy comes
She took a cooldrink bottle nd beat him on his head .his head starts bleeding nd he ran from there

Another boy comes she took a hot soup placed on another table nd poured on his face he too ran away

Scene shifts to Sanky
Sanky:really I don’t know till now that these items can bee used in this way also nd he observed a boy coming to rag with a rod from back and she is fighting with another boy he is about to goo suddenly he listened to the familiar voice shouting “raginiiiiii”.he is shocked to seee the person .

Scene shifts to rag
By listening to voice screeming her name she turned back nd saw the person nd is shocked too

Ragsan at a timee:swaraaaaa
(Yes she is swara by seeing some one trying to beat rag she shouts )(I know its little filmy but sorry)

The boy who came to beat rag was about to hit her on her head Sanky immediately took a plate from the table nd throughed on him nd the boy fell down rag leaved all of them nd ran to swara ,Sanky nd tani also ran to her

Rag reached first nd hugged her immediatly

Rag:dii u talked
Swara trying hard to talk nd move her hand
Rag:haa dii she hugged her again nd kissed her on her cheek

Sanky kept his hand on rags shoulder
Rag slowly moved aside nd Sanky kneeled on his legs he became very emotional nd kept his head on swaras lap nd started crying .swara with much difficulty kept her hand on his head to assure him that she is fine .rag sees them emotionally nd tani hold rags hand tightly

Rag :diii she showed tani to her
Swara signed with her eyes that is he my son rag too signed yes
Swara called tani by shaking her head to come tani hold rags hand tightly .rag leaved his hand nd told him to goo

Episode ends screen freezes with smiling face of swara nd feared face of tani

If bored u then sorry with love
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Nice.. Plzz update next episode 2day itself

    1. Tnk u pooja darling ya I will try to

  2. Plzz update nxt part ASAP akka waiting eagerly

    1. Tnk u megha darling nd ya I try to upload soon

  3. Wow amazing… I loved the way tani said..really the cute tani said a big dialogue which the youngsters know but never understand… But tani… Really aaj tumne mujhe bahut impress karliya hai vo dialogue bolke… Haha…and at last the swasan part gave a heartbreak??

    1. Ha ha ha priya darling sory.to broke ur heart nd ya y should only boys take the credit

      1. Ha..wt r u asking di??? I couldn’t understand di???

  4. awesooomeee awesomeee awesomeeeeeeeee …its jst awesomeee….loved d way rags fight… 🙂 ….n yaaaa shez hot sanky.. ;)… wow swara recovered….eagerly wtng for nxt update…post it sooon diiii plzzzz…

    1. Tnk u fairy darling ya I will upload it soon

  5. now what happened to ragini!!!

    1. Lets see what happens

  6. plzz update another episode today only…make it a long one

    1. Ya I will try for it div darling

  7. Wow swasan amazing…..swara is always sanskar’s love nd life rags was important bt swara is sanky love…

    1. Tnk u zara nd lets see how he fall in love

  8. So swara s back…oh no nw wat u going to show us nxt….interesting…

    1. Tnk u s priya darling

  9. Hi..I m silent reader..today’s episode made me to comment..plzz plzz made swasan pair at end…upload next epi today itself..

  10. Hi..I m silent reader… Today’s epi made me to comment.. Plzz plzz made swasan pair at end….Upload next epi today itself..

  11. wow raging became jhansi si ki rani
    i agree with shanky seriously those item can use in this way i got to know from ragini action hahaha
    swara started to talk now the realstory strat waitng for it
    update soon

    1. Ha ha ha tnk u sss darling

  12. Awesome
    Ragini’s fight was nice
    Waiting for the next one…….. eagerly…..

    1. Tnk u pp darling ya it will bee soon

  13. Awsm . I really sometimes feel irritated when all writers bring hero to save heroine. But this the typical thing. Why can’t we protect ourselves? U did something different. Proud of you Aapi.
    Oh god Swara is all right . Now what will happen to my Ragini.?

  14. not only tani but i am also scared.
    coming to this update as always fabulous.

  15. amazing pavani.nyce epi continue

  16. little princess

    Heyy i am a silent reader… i am a little bit confused abt the actual pair….swara was sanky’s first love n true love also his wife…then how could he develop some feelings for ragini….ragini very well know that sanskar is swara’s husband n swasan’s love for each other…tani is the symbol of swasan’s love…still knowing all these fact she is loving sanskar n feeling bad when she see swasan together…she herself says that she loves her didi alot n doing something thats wrong…what the hell is this..swara is tani’s real mother but ragini brought him up as a mother…they shares a mother-son relation..its good that she loved swara’s child like her own child n gave him motherly love…when tani came to knw the truth that swara is sanskar’s wife n not ragini,wht did he do…he thought of bringing ragini n sanskar together.. Everyone can understand that tani n ragini’s bond is much stronger but it doesnt mean that he can unite ragsan as per his wish ignoring swara..
    Swara is his real mother.. It was not her fault that she was in coma n couldnt raise her own child but how could he think of ragsan ignoring swara n swasan’s love for each other..nothing can be justified so as to unite ragsan n separate swasan..if sanky’s never loved swara or swara never loved sanky then it would have given some meaning in uniting ragsan…but here it seems like true love is nothing if something happens or someone comes in b/w 2 persons who are or were in love,it can affect their love n can get separated…true love is far beyond all these n cannot be justified by the reasons u r giving to support ragsan attraction…the seven rounds that we take during marriage and the symbol of a married women the mangalsutre n sindoor means alot for that them…a married couple is bounded for 7 lives…marriage n love is not a game..
    I just want swasan to be together… Whatever i said was my opinion nothing else…i think i am not wrong at my point of view..
    Each n everyone has their own opinion.. So i respect ur opinion..but i just said earlier was what i felt as alittle wrong n non sense…i am extremely sorry if i hurt u or other readers who wants ragsan….i really appreciate ur writing skill n keep on writing…

  17. Awesome nd tani dialogues nd ragini fight so good.. nd its not the fault of ragini tht she fall for sanky yar… its heart decision

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