when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 21

Hii darlings tnk u very much for ur support nd love nd Angel darling if u didn’t see my reply on the comment then see hear really did I show tanish hating swara when I showed like that as per I know I showed that tani loves ragini more than swara that doesn’t mean he hates swara .nd he want to sanskar realise that ragini is not outsider any more now she is also his family that doesn’t mean forcing Sanky to love her or he forget his first love .nd I alredy told love just happens.its not a bussiness that we should love when there is aprofit it doesn’t bother about sircumstances nd lets see how he fell in love may be swara make him to realise it.nd if my story dissapointed u then iam really sorry for that darling I just gave my explanation nd hurting u if it hurt then excuse mee nd u r always welcome to write ur opinion I will try to explain my view nd tnk u for reading my ff

Tani went to rag who is crying
Rag saw tani nd at once hugged him nd started crying
Tani (to divert her mind)
Tani:wowww mamaaa u know what I have seen a 8th wonder

Rag gives a confused look
Tani:really its a wonder the strong women who shouts on others is crying nd u know what if dadi nd dada seeing this from god then they will defnetly fell happy

Rag again gave a confused look
Tani:yes mom they will praise dad as the work which they were unable to do dad did this nd will fell hapy

Rag gave a deadly look to him
Tani:ohoo with much difficulty I cracked a joke to make u smile but it backfired mee u bacame serious again ok then I will also sit like u only see (he pouted his face cutely nd sat beside her

Rag smiled for his action
Rag:oyee dramebazzz stop ur drama now nd iam fine now

Tani :tnk u mammaa plzz don’t cry ever I can’t see he gave a peek on her cheek nd went away

Rag smiled nd got ready for office

Rag tani were waiting for sanky in car
Sanky came nd sat in his car
Rag fully avoided him .
Sanky:iam not the driver come nd sit front
Rag didn’t replied
Tani:I will sit papa
Nd he sat
Sanky was continously staring her as she is angry on him
Tani:papa mammaa will bee hear only stop staring her nd drive properly

Sanky:iam not seeing her
Tani:common papa u have done a mistake nd atleast I didn’t say sorry nd u expect my mom to talk with u normally

Sanky:ohh helloo half ticket it was her mistake she should inform mee

Rag to tani:tell him that it happened just like that I didn’t done it internationally nd insted of felling happy for swara dii he is fighting with mee
Sanky stopped the car aside
Sanky to tani 😮 hoello tell ur mom that hear no one is dying to fight with her

Rag(this time directly to Sanky): what u r not fighting u know what u intensanally sees for a chance to fight with mee nd I think u can’t live with out mee(angryly)

Sanky was shocked for the word “u can’t live without me” nd they have a pleasent eyelock

Tani observed this
Tani:ohoo stop ur romance now small boy is sitting hear

They came to senses nd felt embarrassed
Tani:now start driving the car iam getting late for school

There was a pindrop silence from then tani was enjoying as he got a chance to tease them

Tani went inside the school
Sanky:u come frount
Rag didn’t replied
Sanky:ok babaa iam sorry for scolding u nd that time I was little angry nd plzz from next time u better inform mee if any thing happens

Rag:felt happy in side but didn’t showed :its ok I excused nd from next time I will inform u

They reached nd rag became busy with her work

All reached home
Tani:mamaa what is badi maas fav item to eat
Rag nd Sanky at a time :biriyanii with chicken gravy
Tani:woww mammaa thats my fav too mamma plzz do it for us
Tani:mee nd bade maa see this smell makes bade maa to come near us
Sanky:I will make it she likes the biriyani
that is made by mee
Rag:noo she likes my biriyani she didn’t eat it from years
Sanky:I will make it,thats final.
Rag:noo I will make it
Tani:not again.u two plzz stop it there is no need for anyone to do it it we will go out

Rag:good idea di will get some fresh air also it will be a chance for her

Sanky:actually u know what ur brain started working now

Rag gave a deadly look to Sanky
Sanky:stop staring mee nd lets goo

Sanky stopped the car near a daba
Rag:wt is this
Rag:but y hear we will go to some nice restaurant
Sanky:common fresh air means not shifting her from one ac room to another ac room but she should feel the atmosphere nd should see the surrounding

Rag:ok then iam coming hear only for my dii .don’t know how the food will bee

Tani:lets taste hear also mammaa

They all went inside nd saw a table free nd sat there nd (swara in wheel chair)

Sanky:u two stay hear I nd tani will bring some food

Rag nd swara left
Rag:u know wt dii Sanky is ver nice guy nd u know what I like fighting with him he is very cute while fighting
A smile comes on swara’s face
Rag:wow dii u have smiled too wait I will first tell it to our kadoo hus otherwise he will get one more chance to fight with mee
She got up nd was hitted to boy who is passing the way

Rag:iam really sorry I didn’t saw u

There were a gang of six boys who were in a drunken state

Boy:noo problem a s*xy girl like u hit mee also it is ok for mee

Rag:excuse mee??
Boy:haa u want to hit again
Rag:shit up nd fet lost from hear
Boy to others:oh noo baby bacame angry nd they saw swara
Boy:hey guys see her also she is also hot mannbuti I think she can’t walk but no problem we can adjust

Rag gave a tight slap
Rag:don’t dare to talk about my sister understand (by pointing her index,finger to him)

Epi ends screen freezes with angry face of rag nd shocking face of boy

I know its boring but I should make it for the development in story

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  14. Cute nokh jhok of ragsan…tani acts to be innocent ah??i know ur plan haha and di wt qn angel di asked…y this explanation… And ha di dont get hurt if that cmnt is like swara ko kyun???swara fans l always ask abt swara like ragsan fans ragsan..(this is my POV it is not meant to hurt anybody)

    1. Tnk u priya darling nd ya there were few for whome my story is sense less thats y I gave explanation

  15. HW can u separate swasan I mean rags is good bt u can’t make it rags nd sanky…..when swara will be recovered than HW will she face that situation to see her husband wid her sis nd I was a just a situation when rags entered in tani life bt hw will swara feel…after all she is also a mother nd above it a wife…sanky’s wife…

    1. Commonn zara darling I didn’t seperated them till now nd u people telling me that I was pairing wrong .nd y should swara feel bad she should feel happy that her son got the love he deserves altough she didn’t gave it

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