when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 2


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Rag :common tani we should goo fast its becoming late

Tani:haa mammaa coming .

Rag was in a hurry
Tanish by keeping his hand on his head
Tani:how many times I told u mamma eat properly altough u r busy .u have to get strength to fight with mee naa

He hold her hand nd made her sit nd feed her with his hands

Tanish:ofoo u have grown up tall like a giraffe but till now dont,know how to eat

Rags eyes are filled with tears by seeing his care towards her

He went to wash his hand

Dpto rag:he is like his mother naa

Rag:haa bade papa he gives mee the love which my dii gave mee nd she turned to the photo on wall with a garland

Rag:tnk u dii .he is my lifee now I can’t live without him

Dp console her

Tani returned after washing hands

Tani:ofoo ragu u again started ur emotional drama nd turned towards photo
Tani:I don’t understand y my mammaa cry every time after seeing ur photo .see badi maa it is ur responsibility to tell her to stop crying otherwise tell her that I wont talk with her

Rag with a broad smile by holding her ears
Rag:ok babaa iam sorry

Tani:ok nd come fast outher wise my principal is seeing for time to take rrevangeon mee so he will get a chance to punish mee

They left
Rag droped him in school nd went to officee .it is a very big building nd she is the md there.

Manager:madam police caught that person who is threataning u

Rag:ok iam.coming now lets goo

Police station
rag went nd slapped that person

Rag:actually u know what I cought u not for threatening that u will kill mee but u talked about my son.I will not spare if any one think of harming my son.so how u tought I will leave u after telling that u
will kidnap my son .she beat him hardly nd turned to police

Rag:nxt time he should not dare to think about me nd my son

Dsp:yes mamm

Rag left
Manager:mamm we have a board meeting with clintes

Rag:postpone it I have a very imp work than it

Rag:haa today there is a parents meeting in tani school
Manager:but it is project of 50 crores
Rag:I don’t care I want money only to satisfy my tani’s needs nothing more .I care when the matter is about him thats it

Rag left
Epi ends screen freezes with face of rag

Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Nice pavani Darling

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u darling

  2. Very nyc sis

  3. So tani s swasan son???nice darling

  4. Nyc.

  5. caring mother

    1. Hmm caring mother nd son

  6. Nice one dear. She is truly his mother.

    1. Tnk u very much azure .are u azure of red strings

  7. Awsm dii. Is he swara’s son

  8. So sweet mother son bond di u nailed it I m really in love with tanish character falling more day to day di????? I think when u write about there bond u l think u and ur son…. Am I right???? Bcoz that gives a great spark to the story….

    1. Yaa I want my son to bee like that nd tnk u priya for liking it

  9. Very nice pavani dii

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