when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 17


Hiii darlings tnk u for ur support

Tanish:ohoo dad now stop kissing mee ok .whats the matter y r u soo happy ?

Sanky was about to tell but stopped
Sanky(in mind):noo I should not tell him he is kid he can’t understand any thing nd he will get hurted if he knows the truth

Sanky:nothing just like that

Tanish(questioning naughtly):ohooo so u kissed mammaa just like that.

Rag was still in.a shock
Sanky realised wt he did nd turned to rag
Sanky:iam sorry I didn’t done it intensionally
Rag didn’t responded nd he tab on her sholder

Rag came to reality
Rag:how dare u to kiss mee
Sanky:I alredy told u naa iam sorry for that.I didn’t done it intensionally
Tanish:no mamma just now papa told me that he kissed u just for fun…

Rag gave a dead glare to Sanky

Sanky:oye liyer when did I told like that

Tanish:just now ne told mammaa nd turned to Sanky nd blinked his eyes

Sanky was shocked
Sanky:(in mind)so he is taking revange for not bringing icecream for him.this morning

Rag gave him a deadly look nd started scolding him nd sanky closed his ears nd tani was enjoying all this

Night when they were about to sleep tani was not there
Sanky:soo where is swara nd y she didn’t came till now
She explained everything
Sanky :I should see her
Rag:we will go tomorrow nd bring her to home
Sanky:tnk u
Rag:for what??
Sanky:for saving her nd for taking care of our son

Rag felt bad by hearing to word “our son”

Rag came to senses
Rag:y thanks I did my duty nd more over I saved my own sister.who took care of mee like a mother soo what ever I do for her was a small thing nd about tanish he is not only ur son but he is my son too .he didn’t came from my womb but he is every thing to mee.he iis my life.I can doo anything for him.those two were my life so plzz never try to made them cry
Rag became emotional nd started crying
Sanky hold her hand to console her

Tani entered the room nd saw rag crying
Tani:wt happened maa y r u crying maa nd he looked at Sanky angrily

Sanky:I swear Iam not responsible for it

Rag:wiped her eyes :see iam not crying dust went into my eyes thats y tears came out

Tani:noo mammaaa u r lying I know he only made u cry

Sanky:thats not fair u always take care of,ur,mamma only .

Rag:soo some one is jelous ??.

Tani:ok papa iam sorry for making u angry nd he kissed Sanky on his cheeks

Sanky:ohh if I get this kiss daily for being angry then I will bee abgry for whole life

Tani:noo papa don’t dare to doo so u should always smilee

Sanky:y ??? Do u love my smily face that much .

Tani:noo not like that I can’t tolerate ur angry face u just seem like an angry bird that too red wala(with a funny expression)

Sanky:you…nd he started chasing tani

Rag birst out laughing
Both Sanky nd tani turned towards her nd felt happy

Tani:at last u laughed nd he ran nd hugged her nd kisssed her on her cheek

Sanky smiled by seeing their love

Epi ends screen freezes with smiling faces of rag sanky nd tanish

I know its a.small one plzz don’t be angry I will update one more episode today for sure

Credit to: pavani

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