when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 16

Hiii darlings tnk for ur response nd from today we can see our fav couple

They admitted her in hospital nd police took away Sanky
Fb ends
Bulbul:after that u know what happened nd we tried many times to contact u but u were not in a mood to listen to us .nd I was reason ffor swara’s death

Rag:get emotional nd hugged bulbul
Rag:noo it is destiny nd dii is not dead she is alive


Rag:haa I tought u people were responseble for her death thats y I want to keep her away from u people

Bulbul:really wr is she now nd how is she y she didn’t contact us tilltill now??

Rag:she is in a shock from then .as her head was hitted to road blopd got stucked in her brain nd then by seeing all the fight happened there she was afraid nd went into shock .she can’t move ,she can’t talk .she is just like a life less body .I used to see her til our marriage happened but after that I don’t want Sanky to know about her thats y I shifted her to guest house nd kept a nurse for her nd bade papa was also living there only to take care of her

Bulbul:bhai will become mad if he comes to know about it .but will she bee like this only

Rag:don’t know doc said there were only 10 % chances only .but I know she will recover soon nd now I came to know how to make her happy .now see how she will recover

Bulbul:I didn’t get u?.

Rag:ohoo u r such a dumboo .dii’s happyness is in sanskar so now he will help mee to make her happy.ok bye now iam very happy nd now I have soo much of work

She left from there nd reached home nd was continously serching for sanskar nd reached her bedroom nd opened the door nd saw the room fully decorated nd there is a card on the table she opened it (it was a sorry card)

Rag:sorry ??? But y ??
Sanky:for being rude to u yesterday
Rag:really for that ??(with an exitement)
Sanky:haa but I want to clear u one thing plzz never again try to touch my bag

Rag:r they swara dii’s things
Rag:ohhhh how sweet nd she pulled her cheeks
Sanky:(first he was surprised for her act)wt r u doing??
Rag:u know how to impress girls nd thats y my dii fell for u

Sanky (in mind):wt happened to her suddenly she became so sweet towards mee

Rag:ok u impressed mee thats y I too want to tell u a good news
Sanky:good news to mee that too u r telling
Rag:hello sir if I tell u this news naa u will fly in clouds understand ??
Sanky:really what was that?

Rag:my… dii…. is alive..

Sanky(shocked ):ok its enough stop playing with my emotions

Rag:do u think iam lying????

Sanky(surprisingly):really!!!!! Is swara alive??????
Rag:yes dii is alive how many times I should tell u

Sanky face was glowing like 1000volts bulb .in happyness Sanky hugged her tightly nd kissed her on her cheek

Nd there comes a flash light at the same time
Rag was shocked by his reaction she was numb
Sanky turned too see wr the flash light came nd saw tanish with a camera.nd ran to him nd hugged him too nd kissed him

Episode ends
Screen freezes with shocking face of rag nd smiling faces of tanish nd Sanky

I hope u enjoyed it if I didn’t reached ur expectations then iam sorry
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani


  1. i am really happy to see ragsan after a long time! i am glad they are back! i think ragini will help sanskar to bring swara back and when they (ragsan) will try to bring swara they will fall in love with each other! but really happy to see swasan track finish and ragsan will start youpi! btw how are you di? all good?

  2. Fairy

    Awww….so sweeet…lovely scenes pavani dii…bt is it ragsan or swasan…whatever it will b ..i jst want ragini to b happy…n as usual u r amazng…love ragini love ragsan

  3. azure

    ragini did the right thing by telling him. but something tells me that swara wont wake up anything soon and in meantime while trying to get her to be better, ragini and sanskar will fall in love.

    • pavani darling

      Tnk u azure darling may bee ur assumption is right or only half of it is right

  4. Really this is cnt upto our expectations coz it was so short yar but one thing I enjoyed lot that ragsan cute scene..

  5. Amna

    Dii I read all missed part today. what! swara is alive then how could ragsan happen. THough i don’t like swasan a bit but yaar if swara is alive then isn’t it will be odd if he starts loving Ragini?

  6. nitu

    Finally ragsan…. M happy… Slowly ragini will start loving sanskar…. Poor girl.. She will have go through lot of emotional turmoil..

  7. S priya

    I’m late here…hmmm happy to c our ragini back here nw….ragsan oly in ending right….hmmmm

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.