when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 15


Hiii tnk u for ur ressponce nd I don’t want to trouble u more last epi of swasan Nd dp is brother of shekar (azure)

Swara:I know dad u a thinking iam doing wrong but one day u will say that yes she is my swara nd I choose my husband only

Shekar :ok u told ur decision then listen to mine also ok from today never show ur face to mee nd don’t ever try to talk with mee or my one nd only daughter got it
Nd he left
Swara was broken nd Sanky went to console her she jerked him nd after some time they reached Sanky house

Raj nd sakshi were shocked first but welcomed them happyly

Bulbul took her to Sanky room
Bul:if u need any thing u call mee babhi
Nd she left
Sanky gave her space she want nd a month passed and slowly swara started accepting the family nd started liking him

Nd one day she came to know that shekar health was not well so Sanky took her to hospital there they see dp

Swara came running nd hugged dp
Swara:bade papa
Dp:how r u ?
Swara:iam fine what happened to dad
Dp:nothing lserious minour heart stroke he is fine now
Swara:it was all because of mee nd I want to meet him
Dp:if he sees u he will get tensed nd it is harmful for him so plzz…
Swara:its ok .nd did rag came
Dp:noo she has exams now thats y I only came nd she may not come untill she complete her first year
Swara introduses Sanky to dp
Dp ignores him
Nd they left
Swara:I can’t able to see my dad
Sanky:iam sorry
Swara:hugged him nd started crying
Sanky consoled her
Sanky:I can’t bring ur family back but I will bee ur family from now
Swara:can u do one thing for me
Swara:I lost my mom in a fight that is held btwn hindus nd muslims .my father is hindu nd my mom is muslim they married against their family but my dads family accepted them but moms family increased grudge on them nd after rag birth they killed my mom infront of mee nd were about to kill my dad,mee nd rag but in the mean time dads relatives came nd stopped them nd send them to jail .nd I can’t understand one thing how can be they so cruel that they even killed their own daughter .thats y I hate the people how fights .so plzz leave this fighting and all .I lost my mom nd now iam not ready to loose u .if any one who hates u will harm u what will I doo nd I can’t imagine my life with out u plz never leave me Sanky hugged her

Voice:y not we all will leave nd we will shift to other place by changing our identities nd leade a peace full life

Raj:haa I too want to give my wife’s some peace before we die
Sakshi:raj don’t talk like that
Raj:ok we will shift our place but I have some court problem hear after clearing that we will leave this city

They lead a happy life swara became pregnent nd bulbull started loving puu raj accepted him too .

After 8 months
Raj:our court work is cleared we will leave tomorrow
Swara was very happy
Swara saw bulbul going somewhere she followed her nd saw bulbul meating puu
Swara:ufuu u can come to home purab y u call her hear
Pu bul (shocked):babhi ??
Swara:I tought y u came here this much night

They had some chitchat pu left nd Sanky called swara explained him
Sanky:u know we wil leave tomorrow y u r soo carelesss u left wtout any security u know any one can attack us

She was about to talk she saw some one following them an they ran very fastly as swara is pregnent she can’t run more she stopped

A goon came nd slapped her hardly nd her head was stomack hitted the road
Swara shouted loudly .laubour pains started to her .goon was about to kick her stomach sanky stopped them nd beated all
He went to see swara she became unconsious nd one goon was about to hit him Sanky In an anger stabbed a lnigh in his stomach nd that goo died

Every one shocked
Screen freezes with shocking face of bulbul ,unconcious face of swara nd angry face of sanky

Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  8. Awesome part dear… Sorry to say from now onwards no comments from me I knew It is a swasan cum rags an ff… And I’m diehard swasan and swara fan .. Nd l hate rags an as a couple BT like ragini.. I can’t accept dem as a couple… Sorry dear ..Anyway u r a good writer .. So all de very best for later chapters

    1. Tnk u anu iam happy that u liked my ff nd will miss u from tomorrow I can understand y don’t read from tomorrow

  9. Swasan story was long & major part also we can say but u well written in short to satisfy ragsan fan to end this swasan.. so from next part is ragsan waiting for that..

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