when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 13


Hiii darlings thank you for ur support
.next day
In college
Swara was passing through a corridar she heared some one calling her nd turned to see.

Person:yaa its mee .hii my name is purab .actually I want to say tnk u yesterday only but it was totally different scene yesterday anyway tnk u very much

Swara:yaa that was a bad day for mee.by helping I got stuck

Puu:iam sorry
Swara:its ok nd wt r u doing hear
Pu:my love studies hear only
Swara:what???u mean his sister studies hear ohh nooo now I should bee careful

Swara:if he comes to know about my college he defnetly torture mee

Voice:I will not torture my love
Swara was shattered by seeing the person
Sanky:yaa its mee.
Ya he is sanky
Swara:u started again.ok let me clear u some thing iam engaged nd my marriage will bee after two monthes so it would bee time waste for u soo plzx leave mee
Nd she is about to goo Sanky hold her hand nd pushed her towards him

Sanky:I know u r lying to avoid mee
Swara was shocked by his move nd irritated too so she gave a tight slap again

Swara:how dare u to touch mee .nd y I will lie to u .it is true that iam engaged its ir wish weather u believe or not .nd never dare to touch mee
She left Sanky was shocked by her reaction.

Sanky called his goons and told them to get full detailes of swara

He came to know that she is telling truth but the guy who was marrieing swara was shourya (ek hasina thi).his friend .

Sanky:to him self how can it bee possible he loves payal then how can he marry swara

He called shourya nd told him that he want to meet him

Sanky:u r getting married nd u didn’t informed mee

Shou:oh sorry yar it happened unknowingly

Sanky:ok wr is payal I want to congratulate her to

Shou:payal was not my bridee

Sanky:u love her right?
Shou:noo that was just timepass
Sanky:soo ur marriage was also a timepass?

Shou:yes ofcourse otherwise who will stick for only one girl in whole life

Sanky gave a strong punch on his face
Shou:what the…

Sanky:due to people like u only girls are afraid of love nd were not accepting the people who love sinsearlyy

Shou:wt do u mean
Sanky:what ever don’t ever dare to spoil swara life I will kill u .understand

Episode ends
Screen freezes.with angry face of Sanky nd shocked face of shou

Tnk u for ur support
I want to complete this track fastly thats y iam lillte hurry

Credit to: pavani

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    1. pavanidarling

      Tnk u lovely darling

  1. Ha ha hmmm itz k darling no need to hurry tat much u take ur story in ur way….so tatz y sansky married swara forcefully ah k k

    1. pavanidarling

      Tnk u priya darling

  2. ??? nice

    1. pavanidarling

      Tnk u shivanyaashivanyaa darling

  3. Sry di I couldn’t cmnt n last two episodes….. I was busy as my neighbor uncle passed away I was really tired by dng all work I visited tu strdy nyt.. I saw ur ff as I felt so sleepy as I didn’t sleep day before day I couldn’t read… now I read ur 3 parts in one go… I don’t like swasan I just read it for u… That’s nyc di….. And di I scored 484/500 n 10th public xm….

    1. pavanidarling

      Woww congratulations darling its a nice scoree really feeling happy that u r liking my ff nd about swasan track I will try to complete it fastly .nd what r ur future plans got admitted in college when will they start

      1. Di CLG???I know in ap u l say 11as CLG na….but n tn that’s 11 std.choosed commerce group I m thinking to do ca and then want to do IAS…

      2. pavanidarling

        Oh well actually after thenth there will bee college for us nd all the best for ur future

  4. Nice swasan track

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