when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 12


Hiii darlings I think I have dissapointed u very well that’s y there is not even one comment its ok I will try hard to make it better .ha ha ha its very funny really I didn’t got a single reply nd tnk u for all the readers who r reading my ff

Sanky was mesmerised by her beauty his goons were about to come Sanky signed them with his hands to stop

Swara:how dare u beating the poor guy in public what u tought no one will come to stop .

She made puu stand nd asked him what happened.

Puu:I love his sister .she rejected mee but I want her to know that I really love her soo I was trying my hard but..

Swara turned to Sanky
Swara: soo u are a tipical possesive brother .what happens if he loves ur sister .love is not a sin .if really his love is fake ur sister will not fall for him don’t worry but if his feelings r true not only u not even god can stop her to fall in love .soo it is better that u better stay away from their matter

Sanky was just enjoying her beauty

Swara waved her hand

Swara was shocked for his sudden proposal
Swara:what thee …. nd she was about to goo Sanky hold her hand nd pushed her towards him

Sanky:noo need to avoid mee iam telling truth nd if my love was true then no one can seperate us not even u (and winged at her)

Swara was hell shocked
Sanky left her and gave a flying kiss nd said bye to her

Swaras house
Shekar:dad of swara nd ragini
Shekar:how was the day
Swara:its worst
Shekar:what happened
Swara:nothing serious(in mind noo I should not tell this to dad he will get angry)

Shekar:ragini called for u
Swara:really woww I will goo nd talk to her

She called rag
Rag:hello dii how r u .iam missing u very much dii

Swara:don’t lie if u really miss me then u won’t leave me and go

Rag:plzz dii not again u know its my dream to study hear
Swara:thats y I left u otherwise I would never leave u
Rag:ok now don’t become senty mare maa .now tell mee how was the day

Swara explained her everything

Rag:woww howw cutee dii
Swara:cutee??he is just like u crazyy nd its my fault want is need for mee to slap him

Rag:ha ha ha its destiny dii nd all the best for ur new love story

Swara:shut up nd leave it nd tell mee when will u return

Rag:its only one mounth completed dii from now u r asking about return .y not u come hear in ur vaccation

Swara:not a bad idea ok it is fix that I will comee nd remember keep the room clean nd don’t fight with others unnecessarily

Rag:ohooo ok mare mom. Nd I don’t understand y u fear of fightings

Swara:because due to these fightings I lost my mom nd I now I don’t have strength if anything happens to u ok

Rag:ok dii I will take care nd will miss u nd love u byee
Rag cutted the call.

Swara was thinking about Sanky
Swara:crazy guy
Scene shifts to Sanky
Sanky:I love u miss .if my love is true our destiny will bring us together

Epi ends
Screen freezes with irritated face of swara nd smiling face of Sanky
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Akka idi mass movie story a ga

    1. pavani Darling

      Noo that was totally diff movie

  2. hi di its good but i don’t like swasan so much that why i don’t read (sorry) but i love your ff! i am just waiting this swasan track finish and ragsan start! di once again i am saying i love your ff!!!

    1. pavani Darling

      Tnk u anamicaa I know what u feell I too will doo the same thing many times its OK and u like my ff that’s enough for mee and sorry to dissapoint u all but only for few episodes

  3. Pavani darling…I posted comment on last episode..isn’t posted???btw episode was superb as usual

    1. pavani Darling

      Tnk u priya Darling actually I have expected that first only that’s y I didn’t fell for that I felt it very funny and yaa after I posted this I saw 4 comments and I was happy for that

  4. missing ragsan akka

    1. pavani Darling

      Yaa I know I too want to end it fastly let’s see what happens

  5. Nice swasan scenes..

    1. pavani Darling

      Tnk u ayesha Darling

    1. pavani Darling

      Tnk u s Darling

  6. I miss ragsan.. 🙁

    1. pavani darling

      Mee too nitu darling they will come soon

  7. Thanx for swasan part…. Loved it

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u anuann darling

  8. Actually I don’t like swasan that’s am not reading now when it finishes I will read
    And I like ur fanfiction very much….

    1. pavani darling

      Hmm tnk u pp darling,nd my friend name p priyanka we used to call her pp nd u remined mee all those funny days

  9. Nice dear…..hope Ragsan come back soon….want to know what happens next with them

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