when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 10

Hiii darlings iam really sorry for this delay actually after heavy rains in andhra there is lot of signal problemss at mymomss house so I was not able to open this nd also thank for all the darling who have commented in last episode nd also for reading my ff

Sanky :ok where shall we go first

Tanish:first shopping nd then dinner
Sanky:really shopping??that too with a girlll??will u bee finee . Nd looked at rag

Tani:yaa dad I will enjoy it as I will get the things what I want naa.nd the main reason is I will not pay / for it
He blinked at Sanky
Sanky:of course a millionaire can also couldn’t satisfy ladies demands

Rag:shut up u two ok we take much time as we have to select

Sanky:thats what we r saying y can’t u people select fastly

Rag:because in every matter In our life either father,mother,brother,husband etc will take the decisions which we should take soo that freedom we will get in shopping soo we don’t want to adjust in atleast that

Sanky:ohh my godd this was also our mistake ?? Very good u people will see the reason for blaming uss

Rag:shut up …
Tani:ok now u two stop fighting for unnecessary things nd lets goo
Sanky:ok today I will take u people to somewhere else
Rag:but today our shedule is to goo for shopping
Sanky:u can goo for shopping some other time .today we will meet my best friend nd we will have dinner there .what say tanii
Tanish:y not dad I too want to meet ur best friend and looked at rag

Rag:ok ok if you two have already decided then y u wait for my decision

Tanish:thank u mamma nd he kissed her
Rag:any thing for my champ

Sanky took them to purabs house
They welcomed them very happylyy
After soo much of bussiness meatings nd all rags felt happy for having some family time and bulbul became a good friend to her
Sanky nd purab were talking nd playing with tani nd bulbul nd rag were talking

Rag:which month (by showing her baby bumb)
Rag:is baby moving
Bulbul:haa he is kikking mee
Rag:how sweet can I see
Bulbul kept rags hand on her bump
Rag:hey he kicked
Bulbul gave a sweet smile
Bulbul:u r just like swara
Rag:yaa she is my role model
Bulbul:haa but diff is she is soft from inside nd out but u r rude outside but u r softer than her from inside
Rag gave a warm smilee
Bulbul:Sanky is also just like u he seems rude but soft from heart
Rag gave a fake smile
They had lunch nd left from there
While leaving bulbul gave a saree to rag
Bulbul:he is more than my own brother I know what he have done for mee nd one thing I want to clear u swarswaraes him a lott he is her life but he lost his love by helpimee mee he really .deserves a better life I hope u will fill swaras space in his life nd she applied sindour to her mang

They all left
Rag was thinking about bulbuls words nd she went to her room nd saw Sankys bag aside

Rag(in mind):I should thank him for making my day peaceful ok I will doo it by arranging his clothes in his cupbourd

She was arrengingnd she suddenly saw a saree (its a blue colour saree)she took it nd kept on her sholder

Rag:I think it will look good on me
Voice:how dare u to touch that saree
Rag turned,nd saw Sanky
Rag:I was just …
Sanky:what ever u didn’t have any right to ware this ok nd not even touch it
He dragged saree from her hand
Sanky:this is only for my swara
Nd he went out from there with that saree

Rag was shocked for his rude behaviour
Epi ends nd screen freezes with shocking face of rag

Recap:swasan story

It will bee for 3/4episodes
Tnk u darling nd sorry once again
Urs darling pavani

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  1. welcome back sis, end swasan story in 2parts, we want ragsan scenes

    make it long

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      Dry lovely as it is swasan story also I should give some imp to them also

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  3. Hw rude s sansky poor ragini

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      Hmm he still loves swara only that’s y he can’t see anyone in her position

  4. Hey its swasan ff too na thn pls give both equal scene.. Nd tani to get to knw that his mom is swara nt rags..nd swaras place is nt given to rags it unfair..as pr my view nd in last it swasan nly pls..

    1. pavani Darling

      Yaa they will get imp and tani will come to know about it nd about pairs let’s see

  5. awesome

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  6. Awesome epi…..waiting for ur updates…..

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