when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 1

Hiii darlings pavani here with a new ff.yaa it is ragsan nd swasan ff.and I want to clear one thing in my ff rag will bee main soo don’t bash mee if I show more about rag .and u know I wont give any intro so going to epi

A boy is shown sleeping peacefully.a lady wearing saree comes there (her face is not shown)

Boy:mamma plzzz let me sleep for few more min .

Lady:noo way if I excused u for one day u will continue this every day

Tanish:common mammaa did u see any where a 6years boy waking up this early nd going to jooging

Lady:noo thats y now a days all are becomig lazy soo I don’t want u to bee lazyy

Tanish:u know what dadu have did a wrong thing


Tanishgot up from his bed nd stood before her

Tanish:insted of keeping ur name as ragini he should have kept ur name ass hitler

(Yes lady is ragini)
Tanish ran from there nd hided behind an old person

Tanish:see naa daduu mamma is trying to beat mee

Nd face of the man is shown he is dp

Rag:bade pappaa plzz this time u don’t come in btwn he became very naughty now a days

Dp:ohoo common rag he is just a chaild

Rag:chaild.. u don’t know about him thats y u r telling like that

Dp:what he done

Rag:due to him his principle calls mee every day to complaint about him

Dp:princepal is jelous of him that his son is not smarter than my tani
(They both gave a hifi)

Rag:he is not jelous but he is angry on him because tani is flirting with a girl in his class and was caught redhanded by principal

Dp:really soo what why is hee taking it that much personally

Rag:because the girl is his daughter

Dp:gave an angry look to tani

Tanish:sorry daddu nd sorry mammaa

Dp:isn’t she beautiful.

Rag gave a what expression

Tani:noo daduu she is the s*xy girl in our class

Dp:then y r u saying sorry no need to say sorry

Rag:disgusting u two rrrr drowing mee crazyy nd she left from there
Dp nd tani gave hifii

Dp:now we should convence her

Rags room
Tani by holding his ears iam sorry mammaa fmammaaday I will not talk to pranithapranithaal dugher)

Rag started laughing
Rag:u know how to cool mee
She hugged him nd gave a peek on his cheek

Dp sees them lovingly
Episode ends
Screen freezes with smiling faces of rag ,tanish nd dp

Hwzz it if u like it plzz respond .Urs darling pavani
Tanish is my sons name I . Will imagine him
U can imagine any one

Credit to: pavani


  1. Wow di amazing tanish sweet name… I l imagine him too di……ragsan and swasan ????? Rag as main lead even I want that too di

  2. taiana

    Good start… i hav read all ur ff but sry i nevr commted… frm now onwards i will cmt regularly… Nd i also want lik in ur othr in this ff also ragini should be the main lead…

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