when I fall in love (ragsan nd swasan) episode 33 LAST EPISODE

Hii darlings tnk u for ur support

Swara:y r u surprised .this should happen at any time
Rag was numb she is in a shock
Sanky:but. What is the need
Swara:need??u r talking as if u want to bee with her only
Ragsan were shocked
Rag:noo dii he was saying as u are telling all of a sudden naa thats y
Swara:u know him better
Rag was shocked again
Sanky:wt do u want tell it clearly
Swara:it is clear as I returned so there is no point for rag to be with u.nd she too have a life nd she can’t waste her life in this hope less relation

Rag:u r right dii .divorce is the right thing actually it is my mistake that I have not tought about it early
Swara:ok fine we will go to lawyer tomorrow then
Sanky was shocked he didn’t understand wts going on nd wt to do
Swara(in mind):wt is this I tought someone will stop it but these two are soo stuborn

All left Sanky nd rag werr left
Sanky was starting rag she didn’t see him she was completely involved in her world nd she too left from there

Scene shifts
TanI:maa do u think they will confess
Swara:I hope so
Scene shifts to garden
Rag sat there on a bench nd was fully broken
Sanky see this from far don’t know y he too feeling sad
Rag was crying Sanky went near her
Sanky:r u ok
Rag wiped her tears nd smiled at him
Sanky:r u crying?
Rag:noo y will I cry .everything happening as I expected .
Sanky kept his hand near her eyes nd hold a tear nd saw her (signed with eyes what was that)
Rag:voo happy tears at last every thing becoming perfect
Sanky saw doubtfully
Rag was not able to control her self hugged him at once .Sanky was shocked for her sudden reaction but he felt happy nd hugged her tightly
Swara saw this from far with teary eyes nd tani hold her hand to console her swara saw him and gave him a warm smile nd hugged him
Tani:r u ok maa
Swara:haa nd took him away from there

Scene shifts
Rag:if I won’t tell it to u I may not be able to tell it in my whole life

Sanky was about. To release the hug
Rag:plzz I can’t tell this by facing u
He hugged her again .
Rag:I know it is not a right thing but don’t know when it happened (she was crying only)really I don’t want to come btwn you two iam sorry but I should tell u now only.y u came in my life Sanky before u came it was routine nd I don’t know anything about love u tought me how to love .she closed her eyes painfully (I LOVE YOU SANKY)
Sanky released the hug (as he was shocked)rag relesed the hug nd ran away from there with out seeing him

Sanky sat there only it started raining he started crying some one kept a hand on his shoulder Sanky turned nd saw swara
Swara:y u didn’t stopped her nd told her that u too love her did I came in your mind(with a teary eyes)
Sanky hugged her nd stared crying

Next day
Tani:maa wr is mammaa
Swara:she may be in her room see
Tani:noo I saw now only she is not there in house
Sanky listened nd saw swara she too saw him .immediately he ran nd checked all the rooms nd found a letter

“Dii Sanky learned every thing nd now there is no need of me there so iam going I know if I tell u will stop mee that’s y iam leaving see u soon .iam sorry tani I didn’t say goodbye to you but I kept a gift for u in ur room plzz forgive mee .love u guys byee ”

Sanky eyes were filled with tears nd he left the letter

After 4years
A boy is shown seeing the pictures of tani from chaild hood with rags
(Yes he is tani )
Tani:mammaa u promised mee that u will come when I need u noww plzz come back

Sanky:tani come fast iam getting late
Tani:yes baba comming

They left
Sanky dropped him nd left from there
Tani was about to goo but don’t know y he felt someone calling him he turned back nd saw rag standing there (yes rag came as she is missing tani a lot she came to see tani)
Tani ran nd hugged her
Tani:mammaa u kept ur promise
Rag hugged him tightly
Rag:y not after all I gave a promise to u??
Tani:how r u(still hugging)
Rag released the hug nd cupped his face
Rag:how can I live with out u
Tani:plzz don’t leave me again
Rag:sorry I should goo nd I promise I will come when ever u call mee but u too promise mee that u will not tell about mee to dii nd Sanky
Tani was shocked by seeing someone on rags back .rag turned to see and is shocked to see the person

(Yes Sanky came back as tani forget his carriage box)
Sanky gave a tight slap to her
Rag nd tani were shocked
Sanky:how dare u left mee when I need u
Rag was confused
Sanky hold ger hand nd dragged her towards him nd hugged her tightly nd started crying rag was shocked by his reaction but she released the hug by seeing the person at the back of Sanky

Rag:dii nd ran nd hugged her
Swara released the hug
Swara:who is she jiijuu
Sanky:ur sister
Swara:ohh she returned back to you woww
Rag was fully confused
Rag :what??
Sanky took her aside
Fb shows
on the day of operation
Swara:Sanky today I will tell u truth that by this operation I will loose my memory
Swara:will u promise mee one thing
Sanky:promise u ask anything I will do it
Swara:when I gain my conciousness then plss don’t tel me about my past let me live my future happyly
Swara:I don’t want to remember all these complimentary situations plzz

After operation
Swara:who am I
Tani:my maasi
Tani:haa my mammaaa ‘s sister (by showing to rags photo)
Sanky was numb he was fully broken he dont know what’s happening
Swara:who is he (pointing to Sanky)
Tani:my dad
Swara:y is he sad
Tani:mamaa was angry on him nd left him
Tani don’t know wt to say
Tani:he slapped her thats y
Swara:how cruel u r y u slap my sister .tell me about my sister otherwise I will give complaint
Tani:naa naa maasi he is nice but maa misunderstood him nd went away she will come soon
Swara:ok then till then I will take care of u
Fb ends
Rag was shocked nd tears were rooling from her eyes
Rag:This much happened nd I don’t know anything about all these iam sorry
Sanky was about to talk
Swara:ohoo di dii excuse him naa poor guy waiting from u from 4 years .u know how many girls tried for him but never took advantage plzz come back
Rag hugged swara
Rag:y not I will always bee with I only
Swara:not with mee with jijuu
Rag gave a fake smile
All went home
Rag was sleeping with tani
Swara:ofoo budhuu they met after many days give them some privacy nd u come with mee
Rag:noo need swara I like to be with him
Swara came near her nd say in rags ears
Swara:I know u too want to enjoy dont worry I don’t mind nd she took tani with her

Rag was tensed
Sanky closed the door
Rag :I know u r acting for dii its ok iam ok .u sleep on bed I will goo after they sleep
She was about to goo Sanky hold her hand tightly
Sanky:again u r running away from mee .how many times I should tell u to not to leave mee .he pulled her towards him she was collided with him
Two were facing each other
Sanky(by seeing into rag’s eyes ):I am not doing this for swara iam doing this for mee as I came to know that iam not complete without u .yess “I LOVE U””ragini nd I can’t live without u
Rag became emotional nd hugged him tightly
Lights off
Movie over (ha ha ha)
End of this ff all e happy
Tnk u very much for ur love nd support plzz read my next ff “but my hear is with u”
Urs darling pavani

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  1. Awesome dear

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u crazy darling

  2. Divyanshri

    Nice end. …..But swara should also get someone na

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u divyansri ya she will get soon as my story was about ragsan nd swasan I stoped hear only sorry to disappoint u

  3. awesome but why u ended so sooon that’s not fair
    awesome story loved it will miss it

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u divyansri ya she will get soon as my story was about ragsan nd swasan I stoped hear only sorry to disappoint u

      1. Pavani

        Sorry poonam darling voo actually I started a new one nd I can’t handle two at a time soo I ended it sorry

  4. Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Surely will read ur ff

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u pp darling meet u there then

  5. akka ndku twarga end chesav!

    anyways perfect

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lovely darling

  6. Rafeee

    wow its superb waitng for ur nxt ff…. i hope u ll start that nxt mission soon☺

    1. Pavani

      I already started darling

  7. aaww such aamazing emotional happy ending…sorry i couldn’t comment in previous episode i was busy so…but i miss this ff n will but loved the ending at the end its ragsan n ragtan that too with Swara a new start of her like…everyone got what.they want so perfectly so nice…..i will miss u take care…

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sss darling ha ha ha happy ending nd ok meet u there

  8. awsome ending was too good beyond the expectations.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u very much ankita darling

  9. Zuha Fatima

    Awesome episode Pavani di, but I am sad that it ended, but koi nahi, I’ll try to read ur other FF as well after all it is written by a wonderful writer 😉
    And this was an u expected ending, justified to both Swasan and Ragsan fans…
    Good job di! I am proud of you 😉
    Best regards,
    Zuha Fatima.

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Spelling error , “unexpected ending”

    2. Pavani

      Tnk u very much zuha darling tnk u for all ur love nd support till now nd meet u in my next ff

  10. Priya15

    amazing di…see pm once…i had sent u msg…loved it so much…

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u priya darling ya I will see it

  11. Yeah nice……nd the dialogues in garden smwt resembld my fav films scene brindavanam…anyway its nice

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha tnk u pammy darling I too love those thats y I added

  12. Nami

    Awww finally got to see some Ragsan. It was awesome. Loved it

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u naima darling

  13. Fagmeetha

    Super di here after I am going to miss your ff please wrote another ragsan ff
    I miss u

    1. Pavani

      Iam already writing it darling

  14. Yu lyk ragini tat much to destroy the a innocent character lyk swara am nt talking abt fandom bt character in yur story if yu giv a proper story it’s fine even if yu portray swara character to ragini and ragini and swara to ragini also I ll tell it’s wrong am nt bashing bt just my point of view first she lost her husband and son to her sister and at last lost herself too what a grt justification hats off

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Look kiya she did justice, look she (Swara) herself wanted to reunite Ragsan, so what is he problem, and she was aware of the memory looss after the opperation, and it is a story, and yeah if it happens in real Swaragini will u go and speak like that to CVs , and just look at the current track of the serial, Swara has a partial memory loss, but still remebers the scene Sanky shooting her but where is Rajat in that scene, and she is so much stubborn that instead of listening to her family she is listening to the stranger Sahil, and accusin her dear hubby! When you can watch such a disgusting track then I would say this story is better!!

    2. Pavani

      Ha ha ha its ok if u don’t like then sorry iam also a human I can’t satisfy every one nd not a judge to justify a real charecter its ok tnk u for ur pov

  15. awesome …..

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u anu darling

  16. Sindhura

    Nice climax yar

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u very much sindu darling

  17. Snehahari

    super ending dear

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sneha darling

  18. Happy happy ending?

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u apra darling

  19. nice.. but u unite ragsan.. but swara is alone…

    1. Pavani

      Don’t worry she can move on

  20. I m sry for saying this y Swara had memory loss she lost her husband child and memory also so sad for swara sry for saying this

    1. Pavani

      Hmm sorry but she can move onn

  21. Hemalattha

    nyce ending sis.i like the way sanskaar emotinol speech towards ragini.tq for an amazing ff.waiting for your new ff “but my hear is with u”

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u hema darling I have already posted its intro u check “my heart with u only”

  22. Superb ending

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u veeni darling

  23. Gayathri

    Tune toh meri dil Tod di Pavani di. Kyun stop kar di itni ? NARAZZ HUN TUJHSE. ??

    1. Pavani

      Hmm itnaa naraz hoo

  24. Yashal

    So emotional di but at last a happyyyyyyyyyyyyy ending
    U will miss this ff so much
    N I will be waiting always for ur next ff like I waited for this one ☺?
    n thank you di for SUCH an amazing ff ? (friendly Kisi)

    1. Pavani

      Ohh tnk u very much yashal darling

  25. Awesome dear.waiting for your next ff

    1. Pavani

      I already posted it darling

  26. Fagmeetha

    Which one di.did u posted.I didn’t found yet

    1. my heart with u only. idhu akka oda pudu ff title. ippo adhu page no 7 la iruku. ni inda msg padikum podu terila. nan unku pm sent pannirukrn par

  27. Im silent reader of your fanfic,good story unexpected ending

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u isha darling

  28. r u kidding me this was the best story i cam across and u ended it
    why did u stoped ahhh hate u
    but love the story

    1. Pavani

      Sorry lisa plzz don’t hate me

      1. so give us another good ff:)

  29. awesome dii….finally u united Ragsan i am very happy….nice epi….keep witing….

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sherin darling

  30. Appi u said u will end it soon but didn’t said you will end it in nxt update only.??Anyways it was a perfect ending with all the initial story justified. Nd take some rest appi you update chapters too fast.?

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha sorry

  31. Megha123

    Amazing akka chala awsm ending.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u megha chelli

  32. sry to say your end story was injutices swara because she was a mother how can use change mother and children sorry to say your story end very worste

  33. hey friend ending was good but what message did u gave from this story that if we are married also or if we have child also than we can not trust our husband it is seen in story because he will fall in love of other girl and will leave to us and u spoilt jija sali relation in this story and remember one thing if a person is married than even if anything happen that person must live woth his original wife and u can take example of u in real life that what happens when ur own husband storts loving other people
    I know u will tell it is just story but friend remember here many girls and boys are reading story and it is not good to show this type of story

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha ya I can say u the concept of the story it is 1)the women who gives birth is not only a mother
      2)love is not only to be with our loved once but also to make our loved once happy
      Nd about Sanky nd rag love happens no one can stop it hope u understand it now

  34. friend can I ask u onething in ur ff sanky started loving ragini within a month only and forgot his wife who has one child but when rags left him for 4 years than he must had fallen in love with swara again because she is his wife and she is his first love
    do not think that I am swara fan so telling but I am telling because the way u portrayed sanky character in this story that way he must have fallen in love with swara again and this time his love rags was not with them please think before bashing my comment

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha ya I can say u the concept of the story it is 1)the women who gives birth is not only a mother
      2)love is not only to be with our loved once but also to make our loved once happy
      Nd about Sanky nd rag love happens no one can stop it hope u understand it now

  35. Azure

    nice….but y did you end it so quickly

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u azure darling

    2. Pavani

      I can’t handle 2 at a time

  36. SwaSanFan

    Finally u did wat u wanted ryt ?? Rag San ko unite kardiya n Forgot da First Wife who Spent Her whole Life fr Her Husband n Kid ??..Srsly wat a Stupid Ending …u wrote a Stupid Story wich showed First Wife is nthing infornt of 2nd Wife..Ok i agree Sanskaar has Moved on n Loves His Sali nw den y did u bring Swara’s Character bak ?? U cud have made her Die in Coma itself..bt No Wanted to Spoil Swara’s Image ryt ?? Srsly Nonsense Story..Rag San cn never beat SwaSan…M Happy finally u ended da Story..finally no more torture of Rag San Jodi..Thnks fr Ending it Soon..

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha how insecure u r for ragsan if they can’t beat swasan then y u wasted ur time in reading my story nd its my wish to write a story nd I don’t need ur judjment for it iam happy with them who like it nd ur torture started again as I came with one more ragsan ff nd in that also swa is lover of Sanky nd I seperated them ha ha u want u can read that also

      1. Yashal

        Hahahaha nice reply dii ??

      2. Pavani

        Tnk u darling

      3. SwaSanFan

        Watelse we cn expect frm u Guyz…Anywyz m nt interested in ur story n who told i read ur story fully..i dnt have tym to read all these nonsense..i jst go through da end part dats it..to knw hw u ppl cn show or make Rag San as couple to compete wid Swaasan…anywyz nw u r strtinf new story na so i wish dat too ends soon b4 it strts…n Yes M Insecure fr SwaSan n M Proud of it coz They r Best n it cn be seen on TRPs…Coz of SwaSan Swaragini is going on still nw..u Accept it or nt SwaSan r Best..fr ppl like U Sacch is alwyz Bitter bt its True..SwaSan r Best n will be Best..Writing in FF doesnt mean Rag San will be Pair..

      4. Pavani

        What ever it is ur wish to read or not iam also not interested in ur fav couple u be happy by praising them I am not against them nd I like ragsan its my wish nd about cvs and all bulshit I don’t bother I write as I like them .be hapy live hapy with ur swasan goodbye

      5. Priya15

        Love u so muchhhhhh di…. Super duper reply…. Ha I just loved it…….And ya swasan fan good bye to u and ur hurtful cmnts… Haha love u di…. Ummah and big hugs to u my best di….

      6. Pavani

        Ha ha ha tnk u sissy

    2. Yashal

      Yessssssssss finally u r going yipeeeee
      Now we will fell fresh on this ff before i always used to smell something burning
      And yeah we don’t care about u , ur life or ur so called swasan n we don’t give a damn to the trp’s
      Swaragini trp’s are high cause of raglak to so u better shut ur mouth

      1. Pavani

        Ha ha ha nice one yashal darling

      2. Yashal

        Thanks di

      3. SwaSanFan

        Lol..Who is Burning ?? N dat too wid Rag San Jodi n their Fans..we r nt soo Free to Get Jealous of U all n ur Bhai Behen Jodi..We have mny other wrk also n cnt waste time in getting Jealous of u n ur Bhai Behen Jodi…ur Reply will nt Effect Me at all..Let ur Soo Called Readers Support U..i dnt care coz SwaSaninas t Much More Pwerful n Strong n its been Probed many times so i dnt need to Reply to All ur Nonsense Comments n Replies…so Bye Bhai Behen Jodi n their Fans…n dnt think we r Jealous of Ur Bhai Behen Jodi..we dnt need to be Jealous or Burn Jealousy happens wen dat Couple or Person is Famous bt here Rag San r nt at all Famous also n infact cvs never showed Rag San as Couple they showed dem Brother n Sister wem Rag called Sanskaar as Bhaiyyia wen she was Evil ???. ..so this itself shows Rag San r Bhai Behen Jodi ?????

    3. Yashal

      Ufff shukar hau ab ye chali to gaye bye kehte par koi bharosa ni Ye wapis bhi à sakti hai aur koi lecture de ne ??
      N from one side u r saying that u don’t need to prove n on the other side u r saying ragini said bhaiya n all to sanskar
      I don’t know what you call this but for me u r proving ??

  37. Awesome ending

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u piya darling

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