when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi3~pavani

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Suddenly dayal phone rings
Dayal:excuse meeI will bee hear in a min

Out side
Dayal:ha tell mee shekar
Shekar:did u tell her
Dayal:noo I will talk now
Shekar:plzz try to convince her
Dayal:definitely I hope she agrees
Dayal came back
Dayal:rag I want to talk with u ??
Rag:haa dad tell mee
Dayal:voo actually…
Janaki:we have selected a bride for u if u see him nd …..
Rag stood up from table
Rag:iam very tired maa I should sleep nd tomorrow there an imp operation gd ni8 maa
Dayal:rag plzz
Rag:plzz dad I don’t want to talk in that matter
She left
Janaki:she should move on in her lifee
Dayal:still she is not ready it has benn 5years
Janaki:we will talk in morning don’t worry

Scene shifts
Sanky was thinking in his room about rag
Ap:r u thinking about swara
Sanky:noo maa (he explained her everything)
Ap:y she ran away ?
Sanky:that’s is wtI didn’t get till now y she ran
Ap:may be she is in a hurry or she got a call
Sanky:I don’t know there is something strangee
Ap:now stop thinking more about her if swara comes to know that u e thinking about someone else not her she will kill u
Sanky gave a sweet smile
Ap:ok now sleep more stress is not good for u
Sanky:ok maa he slept
Ap left after Sanky slept

Sanky was going to office nd his car was stopped at the signal
He is busy In his phone suddenly he saw rag beside his car on a vespa he is about to meet her signal given nd she moved in other direction
Sanky(in mind):I should meet her at any cost
He told the driver to follow her
They followed her to some distance nd missed her
Sanky(in a range):can’t u follow her waste fellow
They reached office
Swara:I have been waiting for u from an hour nd u r late ??really?mr sanskar maheswari is late ?
Sanky:iam sorry .
Swara:y r u late?
Sanky:I have seen her again soo I followed her but missed her
Swara:ohh myy godd u became late for a girll .I cant believe nd by the way from when did u started following girl’s that to other than mee.nd u never followed mee (suspiciously)
Sanky:no not like that I was just…
Swara:I was just kidding
Sanky gave a fake smilee

Scene shifts
Rag went to an orphan nd met a boy
Boy:hii dii
Rag:how r u my sweet heart
Boy:iam cool
Rag:I bought something for u…
Boy:I know its carrot halwaa
Boy:u bring this every time u comes nd yaa I know carrot is good for eyes
Rag gave a wide smilee
Warden comes
Rag:mamm this month check
Warden:tnk u rag iam happy that there were people like u who gives half of the salary for poor
Rag:iam not that much great iam only giving half of wt I have nd ha take care of rahul(boy in orphan)
Warden:yes I will don’t worry
Rag left from there

Sanky was fully involved in toughts of ragini don’t know y he was very curious to know about her.he went to beach to make his mind fresh and saw a couple were trying to jump from the clift he ran to them to save them but stopped seeing a girl standing there (he saw her back only)

The pair was about to jump
Girl:I think u will not die if u jump from hear nd haa u can die if u jump from that tall one
Boy:r u enjoying .
Now girl face is shown for us not for Sanky yes she is our ragu
Rag:yess ofcoursse its interesting I want to see how u will die
Girl:how cheap u r insted of stopping us u r supporting us to jump
Rag:y not it is ur decision to jump I never told u to jump
Boy:u don’t know how many problems we have
Rag:really wt were they
Girl:we love each other nd our parents were not alloweing
Rag laughed at them
Boy:y r u laughing?
Rag:this is the problem
She turned to girl
Rag:ok tell mee y ur parents didn’t agreed
Girl:he didn’t have job
Rag:obviously he should have job to take care of u what’s wrong in that
Boy:I was trying but.
Rag:u have courage to die but can’t u try more hard to get a job .for these silly reason u want to die??have u ever tought about ur parents mainly ur maa
Boy nd girl bend their heads
Rag:loving some one is not a mistake but dying for silly things is a very big mistake .first try hard to get a job then go and ask her parents if then also they didn’t listened then u run away .but don’t repeat it .life is very precious enjoy every movement of it heartfully
Boy:tnk u sis u r right we loved to live happily not to die .yes I will fight for it
Girl:tnk u nd give me ur no I will call u for our marriage
Rag:smiled at them iam happy now
Sanky is listening to all this he is very much impressed by her
Sanky:woww u r just awsome u handled it very neatly
Rag turned to see
Both are shocked to see each other
Epi ends screen freezes with shocking faces of sanky nd rag
Hope u like it
Precap:not yet decided ..

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