when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi2~pavani

Hiiii darlings Tnk u very much for ur love nd support .nd ya I want to clear some things it is rag based ff u may not see more swara hear nd u can see love stories of raglak nd swasan but pairs will be ragsan

Swara :now plzz comee naa we will go for shopping .plzz Sanky

Sanky:is it necessary
swara:ohoo common
she dragged him with her

In shopping mall
Swara is selecting dresses
Sanky was just behind her(u know how much time it takes for girls in shopping)
Sanky saw a dupatha on hanger nd liked it nd pulled it to show it to swara suddenly someone shouted on him

Voice:how dare u ??
Sanky saw he pulled some ones dupathaa
Sanky:iam really sorry mam I tought it is dress I didn’t noticed u .iam really sorry
A women near:I know people like him come to malls for this only

Girl:its ok aunty may be he is true leave it
Girl:wt if he is really didn’t done it intensionally
She turned to him (till now she only saw his back)
She is shocked to see him
Sanky:iam sorry miss nd tnk u
Girl ran away from there
Sanky was shocked for her reaction

Scene shifts
girl ran to her room nd closed the door nd went near cupboard nd opened it nd took s photo from it nd sat on bed nd started crying by holding it .
Girl:I miss u nd I need u.. she started crying

Scene shifts
Swara:wt r u doing hear .
Sanky explain her what ever happened
Swara:are wahh I thought u r boaring but u r also naughty haa??
Sanky:shut up yar I don’t understand y she ran away by seeing mee ??
Swara:ofoo leave it naa come
They left from there

Screen shifts
Some one knocked the door
Girl wiped her tears nd opened the door
Women:wt happened u came running
Girl:nothing maa just forget my file
Women:ok today I made ur fav dishes come if u returned then go after eating it
Girl:noo maa they will be waiting for mee
Women:yaa sekhariam with ragini
(Yes she is rag nd sumi nd sekhar are her parents)
Shekar:wt is going on hear
Rag:going to my home dadd
Sekhar:its not fair u came Friday nd today is Sunday
Rag:haa u should thank god that they leave mee otherwise u know them naa they won’t allow mee to go anywhere
Shekar:haa goo u only care for them
Rag:that’s not fair I never showed partiality
Sumi:shekar do one thing u go with her nd stay there only
Shekar:that’s not a bad idea I think
Rag:ok dad I will leave now I should attend an operation now so I will go from there
She is about to goo
Voice:atleast eat it I made it especially for u only
Rag:ohooo gulabjamuun thk maasi I love them
Boy:u always love her more than mee maa (with a pout face)
Maasi:y not she is my lovely daughter naa
Sumi:that’s not fair sakshi my purab is more sweet than her
(Yes sakshi is step mother of rag nd purab is step brother of rag)(sakshi from ek hasina thi)
Rag:ok tnk u bye
She left

She entered inside a house like a theif suddenly all the lights glow
Rag closed her eyes
Lady voice:u r latee
Gen voice:nd y u came hear u forgot about us naa
Rag:iam sorry actually there is an imp operation that’s y iam late mari janujanu
(Yes she is janaki)
Rag turned to man
Rag:wt did u say I forget u ..uuhave no right to talk with mmee.maa tell him how many times I called for him .he is busy in roaming with his friends nd saying mee

Rag turned her face aside
Man hold his ears nd said sorry
Rag:that’s not enough .y u didn’t lifted my phone haa r u avoiding mee

Man:noo baba after many years I have met my friend ram soo enjoyed with him soo sorry
Rag:its ok
Janaki:dayal now come lets have food iam hungry now
rag:u people didn’t ate till now
Dayal:we know u will come today so how can we eat without waiting for u
Rag:u know na I don’t like this u always do this
Janaki:ok now stop ur lecture nd plzz come iam very hungry
They had their dinner
Epi ends
Screen freezes with smiling faces of rag,Janaki nd dayal

Hope I didn’t bored u
Y rag ran after seeing Sanky ?
Who r Janaki nd dayal nd how r they related to . Rag ??
Any guesses

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  1. interesting superb akka

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u j darling

  2. Interesting concept akka

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lovely darling

  3. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Loved Ragini’s act very much
    Waiting for the next one…………

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u spp darling

  4. Sindhura

    Sansky dual role
    Where is my heart with u
    Upload naa big one

    1. Pavani

      Hmm I updated it yesterday it posted now I will update that soon

  5. Akshata

    Interesting, but i am so confused. maybe sanskar is suffering from memory loss (just a guess) update soon

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u akshata hmm u r wrong

  6. minxblowing .
    and interesting ..

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u cuty darling

  7. Saanvi

    Dayal and Janki are parents of Swara..I am just guessing it akka 😛

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sis

  8. Snehahari


    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sneha darling

  9. nice next part soon

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      Tnk u nikky

  10. Superb diiii☺☺☺

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u fairy

  11. Nice & and interesting.i like the concept

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u ammy darling

  12. Awesome akka

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u rags darling

  13. Megha123

    OMG ! ! ! too much of suspence Can’t wait for next epi BTW today’s epi was totally awsm akka ……
    Keep smiling ???

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u Megha darling

  14. Superb. I think Sanky and Rags know eachother from collage

    1. Pavani

      Ur guess is wrong crazy darling nd tnk u

  15. Interesting. .. waiting fkr doubts to get cleared. Update ur other ff also..

    1. Pavani

      Yep iam thinking how to end that I will update that soon tnk u nitu darling

  16. Fabulous….. so many questions hope u would reveal it soon 🙂

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u ashrita dear

  17. Interesting

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u piya darling

  18. Dharani

    oho so much suspense

    1. Pavani

      It will be revealed soon

  19. Astha

    akka ……. i have no guesses…..i’m totally confused….i’m mean im eager. san only proposed to swa…??? is he misunderstood rag as swa???? over suspence is not good for health so plz…save ur sissy from heart attack.

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha don’t worry Sanku darling I won’t allow u to die u will come to know it soon

  20. Vryy intrstng..,

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u mansi darling

  21. Priya15

    Sry for not cmntng in last few parts. Couldn’t Visit ff’s as I was busy with my xmz preparation.. But trust me I read all.. It’s amazing.. Oh its ragsan happy with it di.. Love u di if I couldn’t cmnt also I l be reading ur ff pakka padungi.. When I l cmnt I l surely cmnt abt it too.. I l try to cmnt di… Love u..

    1. Pavani

      Don’t worry sissy I know u were busy I can understand nd tnk for giving ur precious time

  22. Azure

    interesting……loved the start. i wonder if rags was with laksh before and janki and dayal are his parents. she stays with them may be. and when she saw sanky she felt the presence of laksh? either that they are sanky’s parents who he has separated from because of some fight or something…may be rags was the cause of it and now she is taking care of them.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u azure darling half of ur guess is right they were parents of laksh onlyonly tnk u azure darling nice to see ur comment after many days.u returned from trip??

      1. Azure

        at the airport right now. back tomorrow

  23. Confusing.. But interesting yaar.. Update nxt part soon..

    1. Pavani

      Itnk u sanam darling ya I will try to update it soon

  24. superb ff
    love rags

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lisa darling

  25. nice concept di

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sherin darling

  26. Yashal

    Superbo n I think suni n shekar refused to accept ragini as their daughter so dayal n janki adopted her ☺☺

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u yashu baby but it is wrong guess

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