when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi22 ~ pavani


Hiii darlings Tnk u for ur love nd support I know it became very late this time but wt to do due to these continous rains tanish became ill after that my in laws nd at last me I was fine now .from now I will be regular sorry once again

Rag:wt r u saying maa??
Janaki:then what is boathering u???
Rag was numb
Rag:nothing like that nd plz don’t start ur imazinations I was just irritated with my wORK
Nd she left

Janaki smiled
Janaki(in mind):I know u started loving him but y r u not accepting the truth

Rag went to hospital nd someone knocked the door
Rag:come in
She tought it was a patient nd saw the person and is shocked

Yes he is Sanky

Just then ap comes
Sanky:voo for mummy
Rag stood up nd ap smiled

Rag checked her
Rag:every thing is fine aunty
Sanky:from one week mom is telling me that she want to visit u once but I was busy then so….
His words were cutted by ap
Ap:noo need now we meat yesterday only
Rag was tensed
Sanky(surprisingly):when ??
Ap:she came to our house yesterday
Sanky saw rag nd saw her tensed face
Sanky(in mind):why is she tensed
Sanky:is there any work ragini?
Rag:haa noo voo actually… ha I came to see aunty
Ap was smiling by seeing rags face
Ap:I will tell u
Rag(in mind):iam finish now
She closed her eyes

Ap:she bought a match for u
Sa nky:what??
Ap:ha she want u to marry swara
Sanky was shocked
Ap gave an expression of “I don’t know anything”
Both looked at rag who closed her eyes
They both laughed silently by giving hifi
Still rag didn’t opened her eyes
(Yes guys they two were teasing her intensionally)

Sanky(fake anger):what is this ragini??
Rag slowly opened her
Rag:iam sorry… voo I tought….
Some one knocked the door
Rag(in mind):thank u god u saved mee
Rag:yes come in.
She is double shocked to see the person

Rag(in mind):I hate u god for this

Swara:Sanky?? U hear??
Sanky:for mom’s check up nd u hear?.
Swara:voo rag forgetted her purse yesterday

Fb shows
Rag kept her hand bag aside and forget that while going
And morning swara called rag nd told her that she will handover her handbag at hospital
Fb ends

Sanky:she came to ur house ?y?
He looked at rag with a doughting expression
Swara:haa vo actually ..
Rag:enough !!
Swara ,Sanky nd ap were shocked
Rag:I went to her house to convince her to marry u which can’t happen
Sanky:y r u doing all these ?
Rag:I dont like if someone wastes their time for mee
Sanky:who r u to decide what is right for mee?nd y r u boathered that much about mee?
Rag was numb
Sanky:I know u r afraid that u will fall in love with me .
Rag(shouts):noo nd she left from her cabin

Swara,ap nd Sanky were shocked but after she left they all started laughing

Swara:I think provoking was a good idea
Ap:lets go she may come again if she listens then our plan will be flop

at parking area
Swara:ok guys I will leave now if u need any help call me I will come
Sanky hugged swara
swara:common I have moved on nd settled now its ur turn
Sanky smiled

Coffee shop
Sanky:will this work for sure na maa
Now the womens face is shown nd she is Janaki
Fb shows
Ap told about rags arrival to Sanky nd what she told her
Sanky:but y is she doing this
Just then swara called nd told him about rag
Sanky was shocked nd then he called Janaki nd explained her everything
Janaki:yes I have seen her irritated don’t worry I know how to make her to realise her love
Fb ends

Scene shifts
Rag was returning to home she saw Janakis car nd stopped nd entered into restaurant nd saw Janaki nd Sanky talking from a distance nd went near them

Sanky:u know maa u should have seen her face when mom was telling what she did
Janaki nd Sanky were laughing
Suddenly Janaki stopped laughing nd her face became serious

Sanky:wah maa u kept the same face as rag kept when she saw swara .like choori pakadi gayi (he is still laughing)

Janaki:wt r u talking Sanky ragini?? From where rag came between our talk
Sanky:woww u r the planner nd now….
(He saw some weard expression in janaki’s face nd turned back )
Sanky was shocked to see rag nd stood up
Rag gave a dead glare to both of them nd left from there
Epi ends screen freezes with shocking face of Sanky nd angry face of rag

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