when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi21 ~ pavani


Hiii darlings Tnk for waiting nd iam gonaa end it in 2/3 episodes hope u like it

Days passed Sanky nd Janaki bond became strong rag was seeing all this she is happy nd tensed too

Rag(in mind):I should doo some thing he was disturbing mee yes

Scene shifts to Sanky house
Ap :hey rag what a. Plesent surprisee come in..
Rag gave a fake smile
Ap:want to say something ?
Rag:voo I want to talk u about Sanky
Ap:about what??
Rag:y r u letting him to spoil his life
Rag:haa aunty he is wasting his time by waiting for mee which can never happen
Rag:because Iam.not ready to love him
Ap:so wt do u want to say?
Rag:y can’t u force him to marry a person who loves him .tell him that I don’t deserve him .I think u too know swara loves him so y can’t u convience both of them to get married .he will listen to u

Rag looked confusingly
Ap:so u want me to convience him to marry swara ?
Rag gave a sweet smile
Ap:I trust my son nd he knows very well what is right for him .he never gave us a chance to point out him in any of his choices .
Rag was shocked
Ap:I know u don’t love him but trust mee u will fall for him defneatly as no one can reject him he is such a sweet person he seems to be arrogent but he is not like that
Ap was about to tell something
Rag :ok I will leave now
Rag left

Scene shifts
Swara’s house
Rag:can I talk with u ?
Swara:of course come in
Rag:do u love Sanky?
Swara(shocked):y r u asking like that
Rag:then y are u letting him goo
Swara:what do u mean?
Rag:y u didn’t convienced him to accept u how can u leave a person whome u loved
Swara smiled nd stood from there nd went to cupboard nd took out a card nd gave it to rag nd rag was shocked by seeing that

Rag:what is this?
Swara:my weeding card
Rag:u r marrying dev???but u love Sanky?
Swara(smiled):u have mistaken I loved Sanky not love
Swara:I used to love him but if he don’t love mee then y should I boather about him nd cry for his love nd iam marrying dev as,we know each other very well nd he too loves me back
Rag was numb
Swara:I should say one thing u r the luckiest girl Sanky never went behind any other girl like he is behind u now .he loved mee but never crossed his limits even tough I have given him that freedom .I felt bad as he rejected mee but after I realised that he is true may be I don’t deserve him or he don’t deserve mee we are just friends nd will always bee friends .
Rag was numb
After few minutes
Rag:I will leave now
She is about to leave
Swara:he loves u a lot he loves u more than he loved mee .it will be lucky to be a lover for him he really takes good care of the persons who are close to his heart

Rag left

Rag was continously thinking about Sanky nd at the same time someone knocked the door
Rag:Sanky plzz…..
She realises that she said Sanky nd raised her head nd saw janaki who is smiling

Rag:maa ??
Janaki:haa its mee not Sanky.
Rag:maa plzz now u don’t start
Janaki:wt happened??
Rag:he is disturbing my mind maa
Janaki:do u love him
Rag was shocked for her question
Epi ends with shocking face of rag

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