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Rag left from there
Sanky stood there like a statuee

Rag:maa iam going to hospital
Janaki:dev called
Dayal:wt u told him ?
Rag:maa I just informed him how much I love laksh that’s it nd he understood my love but u..
Janaki:he don’t know how difficult it is to live alone
Rag:maa his memories are enough for mee
Janaki:but by knowing every thing we can’t be selfish nd spoil ur life .u should marry
Rag:maaa…. ok if I like them then
Janaki:u always rejects
Rag:ok if each and every one of our family members like him nd if he is ready to marey me after knowing that iam a widow nd I should like him personally
Janaki(with a little hope):I know there will be defneatly a person who loves u as u r nd will acceps our family as his family

Rag:ok now I should leave rag was about to go bell rings
Rag opened the door nd is shocked to see ap nd dp in the entrance
Ap:how r u rag
Rag gave a fake smile
Rag:u hear??
Janaki came near door
Janaki:who is that??
Ap nd dp greets her
Janaki was shocked to see them
Ap:ya we r the same people for whose son your’s sons heart is given
Janaki was happy to see them
JanakI:come in
Ap moves aside nd Sanky comes frount
Janaki sees confusingly
Ap:he is my son
Janaki becomes emotional .she remembers Laksh by seeing him nd went near him nd cuped his face
Janaki(emotionally):wt is ur name?
Sanky:sanskar … maaa.
Janaki starts crying by hearing to word maa she becomes very emotional she is about to fall Sanky hold her
Every one around starts crying
Sanky:wt happened ?
Janaki:once again call mee maa?
Janaki closes her eyes nd tears starts falling
Janaki:come in ..

In hall
Janaki:tnk u for coming
Ap:we should tell tnk u .
All talks randomly
Rag saw janaki nd dayal were happy by seeing Sanky nd feels happy
Janaki called rag
Janaki:u have seen her that day only naa .
Ap:I know her .we met many times
Rag was tensed that ap will tell Janaki that Sanky loves her
Janaki:u know each other well??(nd saw rag who gave a fake smile)
Ap(understood rags tension):haa vo iam her regular patient
Rag was releaved
Janaki(in mind):y rag is tensed by seeing them I think there is something fishy
Rag:I will bring some tea for u .u people talk
Janaki nd dayal started talking to Sanky they started liking him
Suddenly Sanky coughs
Janaki:I will bring some water .
Sanky hold her hand
Sanky:I will go nd drink maa u sit
Janaki:no problem I will bring
Sanky:it’s ok maa I will go tell me we is kitchen
Janaki shows the way
Sanky went to kitchen nd suddenly he feels someone draging him nd u know its none other than rag .
Rag:y u came?
Sanky:to see maa nd uncle
Rag:don’t lie
Sanky smiled
Sanky:y I will lie to u .?ohh wait r u expecting me to tell that I came for u ?(naughtily)
Rag:shut up?
Sanky:ofcourse iam selfih nd my first reason to come hear was u..
Rag(angrily):I already told u
Her words were cutted by Sanky
Sanky:I know his memories are enough for u .but if u can live happily wt the persons memories who is not alive then ycan’t I live happily by seeing the person whome I love who is alive for my whole life
Rag was shocked

Epi ends screen freezes with shocking face of rag
Sorry guys iam becoming irregular now a days but wt to doo I became very busy now a days with my son hope u understand .I will try my best to update daily

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  1. Awesome epi…..

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u fira darling

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      And cover pic omg it is dammnnnnnnn good with killing look of vk

      1. Pavani

        Kada naku kuda baa nachini a photo looking romantic kada

  6. Now I’m liking ragsan!! Confused soul hahah

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      Ha ha ha mee too now I really don’t know wt to write

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    awesome Ragsan…..Still i am missing Lucky

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      Hmmm he is unique naa tnk u shr darling

      1. Rafeee

        yes di… dnt u lyk???

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        Not like that its good

  10. Awesome dear love it. ???

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      1. I like the new my new name anju thanks ???

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  12. Awesome Di…Loved Sanky’s dialogue…Loved Ragsan…Very Good but short chapter…*pout face* I want a long Chappy… If possible please post a long Chappy..Please Di..
    Bye and Take Care Di.
    Love u loads

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u prakriti darling yep I know its very short sorry for that next time I will try for a long update nd love u too .r u from andhra??

      1. No Di..I am from UP

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