when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi16 ~ pavani


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Rag releases the hug
Rag:iam sorry
Laksh smiles:y??
Rag blushes
Laksh:soo miss rag want to date the handsome hunk Laksh nd then decide to marry him or not
Rag blushes nd turned to go but laksh stoped her by holding her hand
Rag:laksh plzzzz this is road
Laksh:so u have no problem if I hold in ur room (naughtily)
Rag released her hand
Rag:tomorrow evening 4 at beach road will be waiting
She ran from there
Laksh smiles

Laksh was very anxious to meet he went to office to complete his work fastly nd reach the place an hour before .he completed his work nd the time is 2 nd he was about to go dayal comes

Laksh:dad u hear??
Dayal:voo I have to goo immediately as my friend expired so u attend the meeting today plzz
Laksh(in mind):ohh noo wt to do now
Laksh:but dad I ….
Dayal:for the first time iam asking ur help plzz
Laksh:emotional black mail …ok u carry on

He attended the meeting nd it becomes 7 he felt bad nd called rag but she didn’t lifted the phone he was really very irritated
He reached home nd was not able to sleep nd he saw the time it was 12 he took his cell nd car keeps nd went to rags house nd called her

Atlast she lifted
Rag(in a sleepy tone):hellooo.
Laksh:come out
Rag(didn’t saw no):who r u??
Laksh:I know u r angry on mee for not coming to beach but try to understand..
Laksh:ha plesecome out iam waiting there
Laksh cutted the call

Rag went out with a range nd hold his hand nd pulled him to garden
Rag:have u lost it .y u came hear? If anyone sees u hear mens
Laksh:I don’t bother about others I came to say sorry
Rag was confused
Rag(in mind):actually I should say sorry y is he saying .I didn’t went there nd he should be angry on mee
Her toughts were disturbed by Laksh
Laksh:voo my dad went out nd I had to attend meeting so I didn’t came
Rag(in mind):he didn’t came ohh he is thinking iam angry ok let him think soo I will behave as if I excused him)
Rag:its ok u are a busy person nd u have so much of work also Iam sorry I only expecting more from u
Laksh:no u r imp I too was very excited to meet u but suddenly..
Rag:its ok iam fine now we leave this topic
Laksh(surprised):really u are not angry?? U won’t fight with mee
Rag:noo its is ur wish whome u want to meet .(she was controling her laugh)
Laksh :so y u didn’t lifted the phone
Rag stammers :voo voo haa it was in silent nd I didn’t saw it
Laksh:thank god u are not angry on mee
Rag laughed loudly
Laksh gave a confusing look
Rag:u r mental
Rag:ha ha ha I too didn’t came to seee u I was stuck with my aunty she came after 5 years she didn’t allowed me to go
Laksh:so y u didn’t lifted the phone
Rag:I left it in my room nd didn’t saw
Laksh:u didn’t saw missed calls
Rag:I saw nd tought that u called to scold mee so I didn’t call back
Laksh:if it is urgent call?
Rag:common there, is no other reason for u to call mee naa
Laksh:May be if I really need a help nd I was met with an accident?
Rag closed his mouth
Rag:plzz don’t say like that?
Laksh:I just want to tell u r a doctor any one needs ur help just don’t ignore any call
Rag:ok now stop ur lecture nd goo its already late we will meet tomorrow
Laksh hold her hand
Laksh:soo u like to tease mee
He comes close to her
Rag:laksh !!
Laksh:now I will show how I will take my revangee
Rag was tensed :wt r u doing Laksh plzz leave mee
Laksh:hold her waist nd pulled her close
Rag was shocked
Rag:enough now don’t dare to do anything naughtily .I don’t like all those
Laksh:really but iam not in a mood to step back .
Ra(irritated ):leave me laksh
Laksh kissed her on her lips slightly
Rag was shocked nd jerked him at once nd gave him a tight slap nd ran from there

Laksh was shocked …

Rag got up nd saw her phone nd saw laksh missed calls nd ignored it nd went down and saw laksh talking with her family nd was shocked
Laksh smiled at her she ignored him and went to kitchen
Rag(in mind):y he came now.all men are same how can he kiss mee without my permission .yaa I too like to kiss him but not before marriage .he should atleast ask my permission before doing that he did it all of a sudden that’s y I hate men they will take advantage of everything

Her toughts were disturbed by knock
She saw the person nd she becomes angry again

Epi ends screen freezes with angry face of rag
I know its small nd boaring sorry

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