when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi15 ~ pavani

Hiii darlings tnx u very much for ur love and support .iam really sorry for not replying in previous epi I was little busy

Laksh’s house
Rag was very excited to see him but she controlled herself nd knocked the door nd janaki opened it

Janaki:rag u.. hear..
Rag:voo can I come in ?
Janaki:ohhh iam sorry come inn
Rag was searching for laksh but didn’t find him
Janaki:searching for someone
Rag:noo noo I was just seeing ur house I came hear for the first time naa
Janaki:yaa come I will show u house
They went to all rooms but rag didn’t find Laksh she is very dissapointed .
At last they came to last room
Janaki:it was the room what u want??(naughtily)
Janaki:I know u love him I can see in ur eyes don’t worry we r not in hurry
Rag was shocked as she didn’t expected this
Rag:nothing like that aunty I was just
Janaki kept her hand on her head
Janaki:no need to denay the truth I can understand how imp this decision was for a girl in her life
Rag hugged Janaki

Rag:tnk u aunty
Janaki:ahaaa maa
Rag released the hug nd smiled
Janaki:nd ha he didn’t came till now it was just his room
Rag again gets little dissapointed
Janaki:don’t worry he may come at any time
Rag :tnk u maa
Janaki left from there
Rag entered his room nd saw it was soo messy
Rag(in mind):so it is my duty to keep this room neat . Nd clean after marriage
She started cleaninf it nd she saw a photo frame nd took it in hands
Rag(in mind):come fast I can’t wait any more time to see u nd she is about to kiss the photo

Rag was shocked nd immediately kept that photo on the table nd closed her eyes
Her heart started beating fast she slowly turned nd opened her eyes nd saw the prson for whome she is dying to see a bright smile appeared on her face

Yes it was laksh
Laksh:u hear???
Rag:voo dad told to give u this file pointing a fine on table
Laksh:ohh yaa iam sorry I forgot this to take
Rag:its ok she looked around
Rag:ok I will leave now
Laksh:ok bye take care
Rag(in mind):egoistic showing attitude
Rag was about to goo angrily Laksh hold her hand .rag’s heart started beating fastly

Laksh:I didn’t took the file intensionally
Laksh:voo I didn’t saw u going to college today in morning soo I just want to see u so I tought atleast for this I can come
Rag blushes (she is very happy )
Rag:wait… u mean u used to come to college daily
Laksh:yes how can I live without seeing u for a day
Rag blushes more .
Laksh hold her hand
Laksh:ok I admitted my mistakes now I can eat without guilty
Laksh:to follow u with out ur permission
Rag laughed
She is about to go again
Laksh:won’t u admit??

Rag:wt do u mean??
Laksh:y u came hear??
Rag:wt u think ?
Laksh:I know but want to listen from u..
Rag turned the otherside
Rag:to see u nd she ran from there
Laksh closed his eyes nd he was like he got everything he want

Rag was talking with dayal nd Janaki nd laksh reaches there after changing clothes
Rag saw him nd they two have an eyelock which was disturbed by dayal’s voice who is calling Janaki

Rag:ok aunty I will leave noww
Janaki:how will u goo
Rag:I brought my car nd looked at Laksh
Janaki:stay for today u can go tomorrow..
Rag(by looking at laksh):noo aunty I will get late to college I have special classes from tomorrow
Laksh smiled at her
Rag went out nd Janaki signed Laksh to go
Rag was about to start the car then saw there is no air in tyres
Laksh (in mind):thank god

Fb shows
While coming Laksh saw rags car nd was really happy so he want to take this opertunity nd took out air from the car Fb ends
Rag came out and saw tyres nd gave a deadly glare to laksh
Laksh:ok sorry but I don’t want to miss any of the opertunity
Rag:if I didn’t come??
Laksh:I will have a reason to drop them
Rag blushes
Laksh:u look great when u smile .I always want u to smile
Rag becomes emotional

Rag want to run nd hug him but stopped
Laksh went near her ears her heart starts beating fast
Laksh:I have no problem if u hug mee
Rag closes her eyes nd blushes
Rag opened the eyes nd saw laksh sitting in car so she went nd sat beside him

In car
Laksh:so wt r ur future plans
Rag:to become a gynic
Laksh:hmm so how many years are left for it
Rag:still one more
Laksh:nice ..after that??
Rag:leave about mee tell about u??
Laksh:my dream is to built a foundation from which we can help poor
Laksh:yaa I want everyone to join as the donators
Laksh:by my single donation I can’t help every one we should create an awairness to everyone that how they can be helpful for the people in need

Rag looked at him lovingly
Laksh:so is there any ambition like this for u ?.
Rag:organ donation …
Laksh:wowww that’s a great idea when will u start
Rag:very soon nd I think u will be the first person to sign
Laksh:yes ofcourse y not I can help someone after my death also
Rag:u r very understanding Laksh ..
Laksh stopped the car
Laksh:we reached ur house
Two of them stepped out from car

Rag waved bye .Laksh stood by leaning to car rag came of a sudden nd hugged him tightly
Rag:give mee some timee I really don’t wanna miss u
Laksh hugged her back
Laksh:I can’t loose u ..

Epi ends screen freezes with smiling faces of raglak
I want to end this fb may be tomorrow wt say guys ??

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  1. Varsha

    No di, pls 2 more epi needed, I wnt to see more of raglak love n ragsan friendship

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u varsha darling iam talking about flashbag not ff

      1. Varsha

        Ok but I want more raglak so atleast 2 epi r 1 as a mega epi pls

    2. Pavani

      Ok I will

  2. You’re amazing akka,

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      Tnk u lovely darling

  3. Megha123

    Oh ! Mine too awsm akka

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      Tnk u Meghan darling

  4. Awesome yaar ??and please don’t end this ff so soon. ?? I love raglak scene ?

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      Tnk u anjali darling

  5. Sindhura

    As your wish dwar today ones is epic

    1. Pavani

      I didn’t get u properly sindu dear

    2. Sindhura

      You can end this ff as your wish
      And today your update was super

      1. Pavani

        Tnk u sindu darling

  6. Omg this part was amazing… Superb fabulous ????
    Yar now its time for some romantic moments between them and u r saying to stop it…that’s really bad

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha I tought to end it today by giving surprise but I know u all will kill me that’s y I stopped killing him

  7. superb akka

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      Tnk u j darling

  8. Hemalattha

    awesome akka

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  9. Superb Akka….Raglak scenes were very good

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  10. No pavani gve some mre raglak part before ending fb…ill miss loving laksh..

    1. Pavani

      Hmm ok I will try my best to show some more scenes nd tnk u priya darling

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u crazy darling

  11. Shana98

    nice continue for few more episodes… and loved todays episode… <3'

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u shana darling

  12. Astha

    akka really reaally superb epi akka. i liked very very much. feeling saad that fb is going to end. i want to see ragsan scene but feeling sad for raglak scenes going to end. ragini told plaaying that u will be the 1st person to donate the organ but that going to be true……. she will recall this dialogue when she gives heart to san. waiting for next akka.

    1. Pavani

      Hmm tnk u very much Sanku darling iam very happy that u read every line of my ff that much carefully

      1. Astha

        ofcorse akka. i liked taht much…… ummma…. my policy is what we r done we have to done it perfectly. akka u gave na link that too is not connecting but dont wry akka i found it in search box. now i’m reading ur os.

      2. Pavani

        Ohh k I will check it again

      3. Astha

        akka i didnt mean anything wrong actually i said i’ll read very carefully only akka. dont mistake me.

      4. Pavani

        I didn’t felt anything wrong in it its ok Sanku darling

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u rafee darling

  13. Saanvi

    Akka I’m just loving Laksh’s character ❤️
    I actually dont want the fb to end ?

    1. Pavani

      Ha ha ha I too don’t want to end but kya karuu story to aise hai

    2. Pavani

      Ha ha ha I too don’t want to end but kya karuu story to aise hai .really every girl dreams to have a hus likerr him

  14. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Ur wish Di
    Any ways I just love it
    Waiting for the next one……..

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