when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi14 ~ pavani

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Rag was looking through the window
Sumi(seriously):wt is ur problem?
Sumi:y u rejected him ?
Rag:momm plzz I don’t want to talk in this matter .
Sumi:y u should tell mee the ans
Rag:I told u na we r not correct for each other that’s it now plzz stop arguing .
Sumi:it is waste to talk with u u won’t listen to any one
She left from there angrily

In hall
Janaki:ok bhayya we will leave now
Shekar:noo at this time I won’t allow u .stay hear for today
Janaki sees laksh
Laksh:its ok maa iam fine nd he turned to sekhar :don’t worry uncle they will stay

Scene shifts
Rag was seen in lawn looking at the stars by sitting on a bench
Voice:so enjoying the weather all alonee
Rag saw laksh nd turned her head (she really don’t know how to face him
Laksh:so u r ignoring mee noww
Rag:noo I was just…
Laksh:its ok nd y u r behaving as if u lost everything it looks like I rejected u
Rag gave a fake smile
Laksh:I don’t know y u didn’t like mee its totally ur wish nd I don’t want to this to distroy our friendship
Rag:u r not angry on mee
Laksh:y should I??it is ur life only u have right to select wt is right for u
Rag:u r very nice
Laksh:ok now stop trying to impress mee Iam not really ready to fall in love again
Rag looked at him
Rag(in mind):Iam sorry laksh I really don’t want to hurt u
Suddenly she came to senses by a ring in laksh phone
Laksh :ok my friend calling me he won’t leave that early so I will go now ucarry on
And he left

Scene shifts
Sekhar ,sumi nd sakshi
Shekar:wr is ragini
Sumi:don’t talk about her
Shekar:wt happened?
Sumi:she is soo stuborn not ready to atleast listen to any one
Sakshi:shall I talk to her ?
Shekar:noo I will go nd talk wt her

Scene shifts
Shekar comes nd sit beside ragini
Rag:daddd u didn’t slept till now ?
Shekar:I was not able to sleep
Rag:I know it is because of mee iam sorry
Shekar:can I ask u something?
Rag:wt is that question dad ?
Shekar:so tell me wt is in ur mind
Rag was silent for some time
Shekar:iam sorry if I asked u wrong thing
Shekar was about to go
Rag:no dad u have right to know about my feelings

Scene shifts
Laksh came there after the call but saw rag nd shekar talking nd he was about to go but stopped by listening to rag’s words

Scene shifts
Rag:I too love him dad
Shekar and Laksh both were shocked nd happy too
(Rag don’t know Laksh was listening to this)
Rag::yes I love him
Rag:I am just not ready to marriage .not only him Iam not ready to marry any one
Shekar kept his hand on her head
Rag:from when u left I just started hatting this marriage system nd men .I used to think all men will bee same.it was very difficult to accept everything at once.it takes some time for me to change my mind
Shekar gave a sweet smile
Shekar:u can say the same thing below I know Laksh will understand nd he will not force u
Rag:I know that is the problem.
(Laksh was listening from far away nd these two didn’t noticed him)
Rag:I know he will understand mee but y always he should understand mee nd y he should always get adjust for mee .I don’t know wt I will do in anger y he should bare mee .can he be like this life longg if one day he fels boared of me by my actions nd if he decided to not to bare me any more I will be completely broken

Shekar(cuped her face nd gave a sweet smile)
Shekar:in every relationship trust is main if u trust him then u can see a good future with him
Rag:will he always adjust for mee
Shekar:if u really love him then if he didn’t adjust for one thing then u get adjusted
Rag:don’t know I was really confused I need time dad plzz don’t tell this to anyone let him to move on I can’t make him wait till my mind changes

Shekar gave a sweet smile nd left from there .while going he saw laksh standing there nd smile to him Laksh too smiled nd shekar left from there

Rag was continuously thinking about Laksh
Laksh(in mind):u seems rough from out side but u are king inside that is wt made mee feel for u don’t worry I will not force u let u change ur mind I can wait for ur ans

Rag got up early nd got freshed up nd went to kitchen
Rag:wowww nice smell wt is breakfast
Sakshi:aallu paratha
Rag:woww I love them
Rag saw sumi not talking with her
Rag:maasi y some ones face became boiled potatoo
Sumi:wt u told .iam a boiled potatoo
Sumi chased her rag was running by seeing back nd she dashed Laksh nd was about to fell down he hold her nd they have an eyelock nd after some time they composes them selves
Rag :iam sorry
Then she saw his luggage
Rag:u r going??
Voice:yaa he came hear by leaving lots of work there
Rag:good morning aunty .ohhh
Dayal:ok beta we will leave now
Rag was not happy but she didn’t stopped them she gave them a fake smile
Every one left rag too went to college
Her whole toughts were filled with laksh she was not able to concentrate on classes
She saw every one talking peacefully .then she remembered how Laksh used help sumi nd made laugh .wr ever she sees she can only remember Laksh .she started missing him .her toughts were disturbed by sumI voice
Sumi:when did u came
Rag:now only she sat with them but her mind was full of laksh
Shekar observed her
Shekar:so missing some one (naughtily)
Rag was surprised to see her naughty dad
Nd she left from there
Days passed she was not able to concentrate on any thing she is badly missing him
Rag(in mind):iam missing him nd is he not missing mee .
Shekar:rag can u help mee
Rag:haa dad tell mee .
Shekar:voo tomorrow is presentation I checked this file nd should give this to laksh so can u plzz give this In his house don’t know he didn’t came today to office
Rag was very happy
Rag(with exitement):ofcourse dadd I will
She took the file
Shekar:I know y u r exited
Rag(with fake anger):iam not exited if u tease like this I will not go
Shekar:its ok if won’t go then I will return it
Rag:noo (shekar laughed) ok ya iam missing him nd want to see him once
Shekar laughted
Shekar:that’s y I didn’t gave this file to him in office
Rag hugged him
Rag:thank u daddd

Epi ends screen freezes with smiling faces of rag nd sekhar

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