when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi12 ~ pavani

Hiiii darlings Tnk u for ur love nd support sorry for not replying as I was busy in writing ff hey astha darling no need of sorry nd ha I too tought about that moviee but left as I got some new concepts nd ya after this I will see for it

Laksh left from there rag was shocked
Rag(in mind):am I really that cruel that I didn’t understand my mother ??
She went to her mom’s room nd saw from out side of the room that sumi was crying by holding shekars photo a tear escaped from rags eyes nd she left from there
She went to her room and sat on bed nd started crying
Rag to her self :how can I not notice my mom till now wt a daughter iam I became soo much selfish that I never cared about my mom’s feelings no one should have a daughter like mee iam sorry maa I don’t deserve ur love I also hurted u for my selfishnesss there is no difference btwn me nd him she cried for whole night

Rag went to Laksh room nd knocked his door nd he opened it nd his eyes are red from this we can assume he too didn’t slept whole night Laksh was surprised to see her she draged him out

Laksh:wt r u doing??
Rag:take me there.
Laksh: where?
Rag:to the person who send u ?
Laksh gave a broad smile
Laksh:u want to meet ur dad??
Rag:not my dad but my mom’s hus
Laksh face again becomes pale
Laksh :stubborn..(he murmered)
Rag:I know it
Laksh was about to go in rag hold his hand
Rag:wr r u going ?don’t tell to mom
Laksh:relax Iam going to get fresh up that’s it

Laksh:ha if u want to hold my hand life long also there is no problem for mee (with a naughty smile)
Rag left his hand
Rag:if u r the only boy remained in this world then also iam not ready to hold ur hand
Laksh gave a naughty smile :lets see wt happens
Nd he left to change his dress
Rag smiled at him after he left
Rag:crazy guy

They reached shekar home nd rag was hesitated to go in Laksh hold her hand to strengthen her nd take her in nd she saw shekar who is reading news paper .she becomes emotional as she have seen her dad after many years but she controled her self Laksh saw her nd he understood her feelings nd tightened his grip to assure her .Shekar saw rag and stood up there speech less nd he ran to her nd hugged her

Tears escaping from rags eyes .Laksh released his grip he want to give space to them
Shekar:iam sorry betaa.
Rag didn’t replied
Shekar released the hug
Shekar:how r u ?u came hear? Is there any problem ??where is sumi ?is she fine?
Rag was really very happy to see his concern but didn’t showed it

Just then sakshi enters with a cup of tea for shekar she is also surprised to see rag nd at the same time she is happy too

Sakshi:rag how r u??how is sumi ??
Rag was speech less to see their love
Rag(in mind):the persons whome I hated has benn loving mee .I improved hatred towards them nd they are increasing love for mee

Laksh was enjoying this emotional scene
Rag just raised her head nd surprised to see her nd her dad’s vhaild hood photos all over the room nd becomes emotional .
Shekar started telling about their memories of the photos rag was not able to control herself so she ran nd hold his legs with guilty .Shekar was surprised nd he hold her shoulders nd made her stand
Shekar:that was not ur place (nd by showing his heart) hear is ur place
Rag hugged him emotionally nd cried
Rag:come with mee dad plzzz I need u nd maa she really need u
Shekar saw sakshi nd purab nd bend his head
Rag understood wt he was thinking

Rag:maasi did u ever ate halwa made by mom
Sakshi nooded no
Rag:so won’t u tase it
Sakshi ,shekar nd purab were confused
Rag called sumi
Rag:maa plzz make halwa I am bringing a surprise for u
Rag:haa bee ready .k will talk to u later,
She cutted the call nd looked at sakshi nd signed her is she ready
Sakshi becomes emotional nd cuped rags face
Sakshi:ur heart is pure like ur mom’s
Rag:no iam not so pure like my momm it was that I just realized the true meaning of love from u people .plzz iam so sorry for wt I did nd how I hurted u but my mom really needs u all it may take some time for me to accept heartfully but I assure u that day is not soo far
Sakshi hugged her and gave her a peek on her forehead

They all reached home nd sumi was surprised nd happy too ´she saw rags nd said thank U
Rag:anything for u maa nd sorry for hurting u all these days
Sumi gave a peek to rag
Purab:every one giving love only to dii wt abt mee
All have a group hug
They have some quality time
Rag went to drink water nd from there she saw all talking happily nd felt happy

Voice:soo at last u agreed
Rag turned nd saw laksh
Rag:thank u
Laksh:its my pleasure nd sorry
Rag gave a confused look
Laksh:for saying lot to u yesterday
Rag:you r right iam a selfish till now but u made me realize it .
Laksh:no u r not selfish
Rag:yes iam iam doing all this for my mom s happiness
Laksh :so u mean u r acting
Rag:noo my love to them was genune but the fact don’t change that I went there for my mom only
Laksh gave a sweet smile
Rag:u looks good when u smile
Laksh:ohoo flirting haa
Rag laughed at him
Rag:really do u think I should flirt with u to impress u ??
Laksh:ha ha ha ofcourse not I already became ur dewanaa
Rag looks at laksh nd they have a beautiful eye lock
They were disturbed by sumi’s voice calling rag
Rag:haa maa coming
She is about to go laksh hold her hand
Rag turned to laksh
Laksh:u didn’t gave my ans
Laksh pulled her towards him her frount hitted his frount
Rag was shocked by his reaction
Laksh:so u don’t know wt iam taliking about
Rag bent her head nd blushes but composes her self .Laksh hold her chin nd made her see straight in his eyes
They have an eyelock

Laksh:soo did u remembered wt happened yesterday

Rag :haa u made me realize about value of a family(she knows wt he means but just teasing him nd she was controling her laugh)
Laksh:soo u r testing mee??
He tightened his grip
Laksh saw the person nd was shocked
Epi ends screen freezes with shocking face of laksh

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  1. Nice akka

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    2. Plz update your ff (my heart belongs to you) dear

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    Ooooo who’s this mystery person can’t wait to read more xx❣❣

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  3. awesome

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  4. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it Di
    Lovely epi
    Loved Raglak scenes too
    Waiting for the next one……….

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u spp darling

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  5. Want more raglak scene before laksh death

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      Yep I will try it

  6. superb Akka update soon

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    Superb akka..but I’m feeling sad that such a beautiful love story ended that too because of Laksh’s death ?

    1. Pavani

      Hmmmm I too feel that actually in this ff I want to laksh charecter as memorable nd hilet him that’s y

  11. Akshata

    outstanding, i really dont want to end this beautiful love story but laksh is already dead. feeling bad for ragini, laksh was a gem.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u akshata darling will try to give some more beautiful scenes btwn thEm before the tragedy

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    sry for the very late cmnt. hope u will see this. akka really amazing epi. loved lak to the core. i liked him very much but i cant leave my sanky akka, i want his scenes too. hope soon i’ll see ragsan scenes. in mid of FB. i’m waiting for brindhavan ff akka.

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