when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi 9~pavani

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Swara eyes were red she didnt slept whole night
Door bell rings nd she opened it nd saw Sanky nd immediately closed the door
Sanky:swara plzz once listen to mee
Swara didn’t bothered .it was after noon she opened the door to go out nd is shocked to see Sanky there nd closed the door again with irritatation now she was curious to know y he was doing this .it’s night she saw from window nd Sanky was there now she opened the door
Swara:whats ur problem ?
Sanky:just give me one chance to explain
Swara:its over u said wt u want to say
Sanky:noo I love someone else
Swara was shocked
Swara:how can u do this
Sanky:iam sorry I don’t know when I fall in love with her.u know iam a practical man but when I saw her first time my heart reacted nd slowly I fell for her
Swara was in tears
Swara:now what do u want from mee
Sanky:my old friend .
Swara was confused
Sanky:I need my old swara who supports me in my every decision .I need her badly
He was in tears
Swara saw this nd hugged him
Sanky:iam sorry
Swara released the hug nd wiped her tears
Swara:I need some time to make my heart to accept the truth
Sanky hugged her ns swara.gave a weak smile

Scene shifts
Ap opened the door by hearing calling bell nd saw rag nd was shocked

Rag:hii aunty .how r u?
Ap was surprised :u hear??
Rag:can I come in?
Ap:ohh sorry come
Rag sat nd told ap to sit
Ap was about to go to bring something
Rag:noo formalities aunty plzz
Ap:u came for Sanky??
Rag:noo for u only .voo I ….
Ap:I know that he loves u…
Rag was shocked
Rag:nd u didn’t stopped him
Ap:y should I stop him?
Rag:u know na aunty iam a widow
Ap:soo what it was not ur fault
Rag:but I can’t love anyone .I still love my husband
Ap:he told mee but wt can he doo he is listening to his heart which is beating today because of u
Sanky:nd it is beating only for u
Rag turned nd saw Sanky and was shocked
Rag :ok aunty I should leave now
Sanky:y soo hurry?
Ap gave a smile nd left from there
Rag was about to go Sanky hold her hand
Rag:leave me
Sanky:so u came to give a complaint ??like a kid
Rag:I came to say that iam not interested on u .ok now plzz leave mee
Sanky:I can’t
Rag:have u lost ?y can’t u understand I don’t love u ?
Sanky:y can’t u move onn till when will u think about him
Rag eyes were filled with tears
Rag:for my whole life
Sanky:don’t be fool
Rag(gave a sweet smile:no one can understand mee nd my love for him .he is the reason y iam like this .he is my strength .he is the reason y iam still living altough he left mee.he tought me how to live
Sanky was little jelous inside
Sanky:when u met him?.
Fb starts
A girl stood near a clift nd closed her eyes suddenly a boy came running nd hold her hand nd dragged her from there towards him .
They have a beautiful eye lock nd their faces are shown as rag nd lak
Rag came to senses nd jerked laksh
Rag:wt the hell y u dragged mee?
Laksh:wt r u doing??y r u trying to do suicide?
Rag:what??iam trying to suicide ??
Laksh:haa u r trying to jump from this clift naa I know .but y?
Rag:suicide my foot .y will I jump from clift
Laksh:then wt r u trying to do
Rag:I like this place so when ever I get upset I come hear
Laksh:so u r not jumping from the clift
Rag holded her hands nd gave a deadly look
Laksh:ok then cool iam sorry
Rag gave a deadly llok nd turned back to go
Laksh:vaisee u look beautiful.
Rag blushed but didn’t turned to him
Laksh:can I know ur name?
Rag left from there without repling to him
Laksh:wowwwww she is beautiful
Epi ends screen freezes with smiling faces of raglak

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