when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi 6~pavani

Hiii darlings thank u for ur love nd support I know from last 3updates iam boaring u all
Sorry for that

Ap:so u love ragini??
Sanky:iam confused maa my mind is showing swara nd my heart is showing ragini .u say maa what should I followw
Ap:I always said nd now also saying take decisions with heart not with mindd
Sanky:u say maa if I love ragini will u accept her nd wt about dad will hee?
Ap gave a sweet smile.we never opposed u for any of ur decisions as we trust u nd all we want is ur happiness
Sanky hugged her :I don’t know wt to doo
Ap:take some time nd listen to ur heart nd take a decision but don’t hurt anyone
Sanky gave a sweet smile

Sanky woke up with a broad smile on his face he feels different that he will see a new Sanky today
He got ready for office nd about to go to office saw driver didn’t came .Sanky became very angry but remembered rags words nd a smile appeared on his face
Driver:iam really sorry sir my wife is not feeling well that’s y ..
Sanky:its ok if u want u take rest I will go by my own
Driver was shocked
Sanky:y r u seeing like that ?
Driver:I have been seeing u from ur childhood but u r different Sanky today
Sanky gave a smile time: changes everyone nd everything .u go nd take care of ur wife she needs u now
Sanky left
He is very proud of him self
Sanky(in mind):it gave me a peace of mind by excusing him insted of scolding him she is right I should enjoy my every movement of life with love .

On the way he saw rag bd followed her nd saw her meeting dev nd felt jelous nd went to listen their conversation

Dev:haa ragini tell mee
Rag:plzz don’t feel that iam taking advantage of u
Dev was confused
Rag:voo I need a favour from u
Dev:yes I will do if that was in my hands
Rag:vo actually the land In which my aunts orphan was there was given as a gift by a great person ram dev verma but now his son our mla is forcing them to vacate that land so
Dev:u want me to hold this case
Rag:yes but they can’t effort ur fee nd I can give u the fee but if I give money then I will become great but u do it u will become a god for them .
Dev gave a sweet smile
Dev:so u want me to do some social service
Rag:y not if u r earning good then wt is the problem in donating some to others
Dev:u can also do that (naughtily)
Rag:my ones salary is not enough to fulfill the needs a person who were in need but by a group we can help them
Dev(gave a sweet smile):ok mamm I agreed nd from now iamm the member of ur group
Rag gave a sweet smile :tnku very much I know u will help
Dev:that much confidence on mee (naughtily)
Rag:hmm I can say the charecter of a person by seeing their faces
Dev:no one can win u in talking
Rag:he he I used to say this to laksh..
She stopped
dev hold her hand to console her
Sanky was seeing this from far he was impressed by ragini but was fuming when dev hold her hand
Rag:its ok iam fine actually he likes me when I smile by listening to his name soo I won’t cry
Sanky(in mind):who is laksh now?
Dev:I know
rag:ok then welcome to laksh foundation trust .from now u r also member of this foundation
Dev:nice idea
rag:its his dream to help poor
Dev:u love him soo much?
Rag:more than my life nd I can’t love any one else that’s y iam telling plzz say that u don’t liked me for my parents
Dev:can u live happily all alone for ur whole life
Rag:his memories are enough for me to lead my life but mom nd dad were not ready to listen to me hope u will understand me
Dev(gave a weak smile):so u r rejecting mee
Rag:nooo requesting u to reject me
Dev:ok I respect ur feelings nd we are always friends .hope u will not reject for friendship
Rag gave a sweet smile :how can I miss a wonderful friend like u
Rag left
Sanky saw this nd was shocked nd heart broken

Sanky was thinking about rags words
Ap:wt r u thinking
Sanky:nothing maa
Ap:from when did u started hiding things from mee
Sanky:voo thinking about rag
Ap:againn?? Wt ur heart said?
Sanky:she still loves her husband maa
Ap:it is difficult to forget .I can understand
Sanky:how can she love him that much maa that she is ready to bee alone for her whole life (with a teary eye)
Ap:girl loves lately but once she loves a person she will not forget him for her life long
Sanky:nd I didn’t became that luckiest person
Ap saw him crying
He hugged her
Sanky:my heart said I love ragini maa .for the first time I listened to it nd it breaked mee nd stared crying
Ap consoled him

Epi ends screen freezes with crying face of Sanky

I know its small nd boaring sorry situation demanded

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  1. Awesome

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u crazy darling

  2. awesome Akka, iam ragini fan so this ff is really treat to raglak and ragsan fans

  3. superb akka

  4. Nami

    Awesome di. Loved it

  5. Nice….

  6. Megha123

    Awsm loved ragini’s thoughts very much

  7. Nt at alll borng dii…it ws amaznggggg…..feelng bad for sanky..?….watng for nxt episode eagerlyyy..??

  8. aweeeee so emotional
    love teja

  9. Chaitali

    sanky’s change was good…nice episode di

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  11. Sss

    hi pavani Di..
    sorry i was busy with eid than some net problem so couldn’t follow this ff but I’m confused when ragini did get married laksh she loves shanky na i am totally confused moreover its episode 6 how come

    1. Pavani

      Hey sss darling its a new story.laksh was her past she still loves him .nd Sanky started loving rag by seeing her natire he dont know that laksh heart is given to him .nd rag likes him as he is having laksh heart

    2. Pavani

      Hey sss darling its a new story.laksh was her past she still loves him .nd Sanky started loving rag by seeing her nature e he dont know that laksh heart is given to him .nd rag likes him as he is having laksh heart .

  12. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Feeling sorry for Sanskar condition
    Waiting for the next one……….

  13. Pammy

    Hieee akkaa…actlly am srrY as i didnt cmnt on prev epi as i am lil bzy i am hardly getting time to read evn soo plz…. Nd ha its tooooo Gooodd feeling sad fr sanky

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    poor sanky…felt sad reading this episode akka 🙁

  16. Poor Sanky… Loved the epi

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